Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to Myself

To uphold the Sanctity of Nature

To protect my family from the Tentacles of Evil

To treat each hueman with Kindness and Compassion

To live in accordance with The Earth

To show kindness to all Animals

To fight for justice in the name of The Great Spirit

To uphold all laws and codes as given to me by My Sacred Eye, My Third Ear and My Inner Voice

To live my life with Humility, Strength and Nobility

To the best that my Earthly Body will Allow

So help me God





I realized, just as I was typing this new Pledge of Allegiance, that we’ve been living under the same slave codes and slave laws as our ancestors. I feel that we, as Originals, need our own new laws, new codes and most importantly, a new Constitution.

As America rightfully crumbles, those that struggle to hold on to a diseased and degenerate past will write new laws for themselves and their children. As per usual, they will assume that the world will follow.

I, for one, will not.

The time has come for us to make our own laws, rules and pledges that our people will follow.

I’m asking all of you, Black Family, to leave the slave mentality of The Evil Ones behind and come up with our own set of personal codes that we must abide by.

If you like my new Pledge of Allegiance, please pass it on and spread it to as many people as possible so it can catch on. Print it out and put it on your wall.

I’d love some help coming up with our new Constitution. It must be everything that we stand for as Originals and it must be rooted in Nature.

Ponder it. Let it stew. Then tell me your ideas and we’ll put it into motion.

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7 thoughts on “The Pledge of Allegiance

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  2. angel9loveu on said:

    Thought you might want to see this, they don’t report much on it. But they don’t think what they put out will come back to them. They have a rare disease only white people get but black people and heavy set people are immune.

  3. Karma. Plan ole karma.

  4. This country is not ours. We should have separated as soon as Lincoln emancipated us into 100 years of Jim Crow. I feel my ancestors pain, humiliation, shame, depression and indiginty. I wish to restore strength to my ancestors through myself being the first free African. Free of poverty, free of non-black employers, free of consumerism, free of anti-blackness, free of the need for non-black acceptance, free of offering the fruit of my womb up for slaughter/mistreatment. By freeing myself I can free the ancestors . I chose to not have children. I just couldn’t pass down anymore generational trauma. The ancestors need rest the children need stability and peace and there is a fight ahead globally for black ppl who largely do not know what to do when the ebt cuts off, aid from the west stops rolling in, medicine from the west stops and gentrification pushes us all into shacks out in the country. There is so much work to be done and many will perish. Our new sun will rise and we will be invigorated. I no longer fret over whites. Heroine, meth, suicide and mental illness is snatching them up. Our issue is how to stop this global black suffering. We need to grow food, build homes, maintain our communities and finally live in peace with one another.

  5. foreverthinkin on said:

    I will just like to note that it’s been 85 degrees on average over here in the Mid-south for 6 months straight. We broke all kinds of temperature records. I started noticing this change in 2012. It’s been getting warmer and warmer. You should see how crazy they are looking over here.

    I agree miss negress, right now is the perfect time to start our own REAL lives and drop from the cycle of “work, sleep, work, consume.” And turn it into “Produce, conserve, Produce, cherish.” Easier said than done but thinking up an idea and a code is the first step to productivity and towards this very achievable goal, in my opinion.

  6. @ forever

    It ALL begins with a code and an idea. They know this to a tee which is why EVERYthing that they do is CODIFIED.

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