Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Clinton Continuation

The Joke’s on You, You Foolish Americans!

Last night, as I drifted between sleep and consciousness, The Spirit whispered in my ear. When this creature is cast upon us as our new President, the black world will be forever changed.

Hillary’s husband, whilst wearing dark shades and sporting a saxophone, grinned with black people and ate in our restaurants in Harlem. He played in a black band and admitted to smoking reefer. While we basked in the glow of finally being acknowledged and  dubbed him, “The First Black President”, he flung our men in prison more than any other president ever selected.

William’s Reign of Terror focused entirely on our men.

Hillary’s Reign of Terror will focus on the black female.

Some things to come which you must prepare for as told to me by my visions:

  1. This Margaret Sanger Award Recipient will try to pass laws that will make vaccinations MANDATORY. These vaccinations will be laced with arsenic and other cancer-producing agents that will accelerate our deaths. Be forewarned, black women, to staunchly reject your doctor’s advice on any vaccinations no matter how tempting (or fearful) they make it sound.
  2. The modern day Slave Catchers now known as The Police will begin to set their sights primarily on black females. More deaths, rapes and beatings will occur in our communities and they will be TELEVISED and Clinton will exonerate them.
  3. Over the counter drugs in our communities will be laced with toxins. That means Aspirin, Children’s Cold/ Cough Medicines, Chest Rubs and Asthma Inhalers. Be warned, my black family, that Monsanto is in the process of buying Bayer. No good can come of this.
  4. Whites, angry that their “dick-swingin’, pussy-grabbing, foul-mouthed, angry, tell-it-like-it-is, white man lost, will set their sights on us once more as the cause of their failed election. The selection of a female president will enrage white males who feel as if their rightful place as Master’s of the Universe is being threatened and they will place their misguided ire on women.


I write this post to accomplish 2 simple things:


1.To warned you, yet again, that the white race is now on High Alert and is in Full Survival Mode and is to be taken VERY seriously. Please be aware of your surroundings and with whom you keep company.


2. To prepare you for the up and coming storm. I can’t MAKE you take heed. That is up to you. All I can do is tell you cold truth that most of you do not want to hear.


And finally, now is a great time for you to sit and ask yourself what is it that you want out of this life. When you find your answer, you need to ask The Great Mother and Great Father for help. Tell them EXACTLY what you need accomplished and they will hear you and accommodate you.

The Most High is ALREADY passed judgement on America for her racial and moral sins.

The window for penance has thoroughly closed and no amount of shallow “kindness” and window dressing “unity” that our mortal enemies show us will make up for what they’ve done. There is naught any of them can do now to avoid the Final Act of America’s Long Awaited Demise.

Frankly, I think it’s about fucking time.







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22 thoughts on “The Clinton Continuation

  1. angel9loveu on said:

    We need to dig deep from all the centuries of hurt and spill our request into nature so they can all start dropping like flies. Cause it’s done now.It’s all or nothing.Since they’re not human. Why can’t we do to them like diseased livestock and put them down? Lock and load cause obliterating them is doing nature and the planet a huge favor. These commentaries are similar to

  2. My Black Queen and Empress I agree 100% with the vision and demise of America! We will live to see it and I only submit this that we have to go from survival mode to dominion mode! Much love!

  3. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    I for one am eagerly awaiting the destruction of America

  4. Triah Good on said:

    Oh god help us all something is wrong with white peop

  5. @ Angel

    Great video! Thank you. And yes, we really need to put our energy in the destruction of our enemy.

  6. @ major

    Most grateful to be of service.

  7. I think they’ll use the media (including using Black males like Trick Daddy, in the most incident) to de-feminize Black women and turn them into men, this way they can justify the brutish “man-handling” of Black women.

  8. qnubian528 on said:

    Their biggest mistake was to to challenge God! All their lies that they went to preach around the world, are turning against them, like animals and nature!
    The planet Earth itself is shouting to their final purge!
    Their most fear that the world has not gone according to their calculations, but that the world will return to the roots!
    They can do anything, but in the end they are nobody,because no anyone have right to challenge Nature!

  9. I have not in my lifetime seen

  10. I have not in my lifetime seen as much of a disconnection amongst my own people as I do now. Lately, I have seen the most evil things being done by my own people. I’m not sure if this is happening everywhere or just in my area but the black people where I am are rude, hateful, and live to compete with one another. Right now unless the most high leads me to connect with anyone I have completely distanced myself. I am stalking as much as I can to make sure that my family is prepared for what may come. When I talk to other family members about getting prepared they think I’ve gone crazy or I am too radical. It’s like when Noah was trying to warn people that the flood was coming they thought he was crazy laughed at him while he was building that arc but then the flood came. I understand what will be will be but I cant just lay down and die and If I do have to die better believe I am taking some whites folks with me. You asked a very good question of what we want to get out of this lifetime. Working till I get old and unable to enjoy myself isn’t one of them, continuing to watch the mistreatment of our people isn’t one of them, continuing to watch this world become more and more evil isn’t my idea of living. I want to know what its truly like to live and be free, that may not happen in my lifetime. However, I’m willing to fight so the next generation can have that chance. So I guess the answer to your question about what I want out of this lifetime is strength, endurance, and courage to withstand what is to come. It is no coincidence that the creator put us here on this earth at this time. Peace and love to all. May the fall of America come and may it come greatly.

  11. I agree that black people in america, especially the black male/black female relationship, are under severe attack. The white supremacists love to fool their victims and pretend to care about them while devastating them. Hillary is probably laughing her A off that so many black people are flocking to the polls to vote for her.

    I believe Hillary will be (s)elected, much the way Obama was (s)elected and it will become evident to black people (those who are not sleepwalking, delusional or insane) that we will be under greater attack.

    Only time will tell

  12. MGTOW, the alt-right and white supremacy will be in full swing. There will be MORE mass shootings of women and MORE Dillon Roofs. I have my passport read for when the cup runneth over. In a way I slightly want Trump to win so if America falls they can’t blame it on “the blacks”. Terrifying times are here. This week feels like the calm before the storm. Last days of pseudo-normalcy.

  13. Reblogged this on Black Girls and commented:
    I hinted at this in an earlier post, yet she does a beautiful job describing what I believe white feminist/liberal/Hilary clinton supporters got up their sleave for black people, and it’s no better than what the republicans have been allowed to do to us. Finding our own sufficient ways of finding our own information with the advance of the internet has help take the mask of amerklan off. Ones we get this, there is no turning back!

  14. Mr. Militant Negro on said:

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

  15. your blog is promoting the truth so never stop posting. im a teenager thats under 18 but im more aware of how blacks are treated and how other races truly feel about us then most black teenagers my age. I go to school with very little black people and I used to be popular but then i realised the only reason i was popular is because i was trying so hard to fit in with white people and i was doing everything they told me to do. At the moment there are only 30 other black kids in my school and majority of them are boys . I have now started to lose my popularity at this white school because i no longer want to associate myself with them and im not acting like how they want me to act. I have noticed that other races will treat you better if you act like the stereotypical black so for example if your loud , argumentative , rude , unattractive they will treat you better because thats what they expect of a black , but if your goodlooking (you don’t even have to be goodlooking) but if your goodlooking, smart , earn more money then them, act independent , don’t ask for their help they will look at you and be surprised a black person can acheive so much I honestly think alot of other races were so surprised of black peoples success that they made things like the illuminati up. Other races will treat you badly until you become one of the stereotypical blacks just so they can end up still being seen as better then you. Because blacks want to be other races so much they will also be surprised and act like white people when they see a black person achieving something. Its not just whites many black people seem to only target whites well i have experienced these same problems with asians, indians , and latinos that have been at my school infact the white kids were more nicer to me then all the other races. Its so annoying when girls from other races call black girls jealous well from my experience when i have received any attention at school from boys even black boys they got jealous and started giving me evil looks and spreading rumours about me so i think they are the jealous ones but black girls aren’t all innocent either I can understand why other races would call black girls jealous because im black and even i have experienced some jealousy from them. I have also had enough of black actors/actresses why do black people choose to play stereotypical ‘black characters’ but then complain about another celebs saying something racist. To be a popular black kid in a non black school you have to either only date non black people , be rude to teachers, bully other people MAINLY other black kids and much more not worth it things. I hate black boys that date their non black girlfriends when all their non black girlfriends do is talk bad about black girls but befriend the non threatening, ugly ones to be seen as not racist when alot of the time their mixed daughters usually grow up into beautiful light skin black women that they end up hating. Alot of the time these non black girls will date ugly black men and the reason for that is because if they have kids with the man they are hoping the child will take after their dad and result in even more less attractive uglier black people so they can feel superior knowing their race is better looking ( usually these mixed people are called black and they know that). It might seem messed up but thats how i see it thats the reason why non black girls gets so angry when they see this hashtag #blackgirlsrock. And if these non black people do end up having good looking mixed children then all they do is show of their baby to promote more relationships and alot of the time these other relationships babies are not as cute as their mixed child so the non black person feels proud knowing their pure race still has better looking people while even the mixed blacks are still ugly. goodlooking mixed race people aren’t treated any better then goodlooking pure black people. And when a non black person does date an attractive black person it is only to make the black opposite sex jealous. I could go on all day and i haven’t even been on this earth for 20 years lol

  16. Things are only going to get worse for the Black Americans (all Black people in the western world) until we wake up and take back what is ours. What is ours? you might ask. This land. We need to separate from this system or allow it to take us down with it. It’s clearly built off our backs and survives off of our death and exploitation.

  17. I have followed you with enthusiasm for at least 3 years. I support your views and your position in this universe. I hope you will take a look at my work and provide me a little feedback as I love to learn and grow. Most importantly I just need to maintain a positive connection and you are my number one choice!

  18. @ major

    You love poetry.

    Write from the heart. Keep the pen moving and don’t worry about mistakes and disjointed sentences. After awhile, what you write will begin to come together and things you never knew you had in you will begin to come out.

    That’s what happened to me.

    I do my best writing when I’m not trying to think about anything. Just write on feeling and intuition.

    Good luck, major.

  19. Thank you very much!

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