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Locked, Stocked and Ready to Roll

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Are you paying attention, Black Family?

Up here, just recently, there was a 3 day gun show.

It was packed beyond belief.

Hordes of white males gathered with their families, friends, neighbours and acquaintances to show off their second most prized possessions:

Image result for falling down

Trump flags, banners, stickers, hats, T-shirts and yes…Trump doggie clothing were abundant. Motorcycles, pick up trucks and skateboards littered the driveway of this most anticipated event. NOT ONE parking space was available in this Evangelical community. Male hormones were so high, I felt dizzy, anxious and sick looking at them; Hordes upon hordes of bulging bellies, peach fuzzed cheeks, hairy arms and legs and sun burnt angry faces.

ALL white.

Mostly MALE.

And very ANGRY.

Why such anger?

Because the blackening, not the browning, but the blackening, of the planet is pissing them the fuck off. Jobs are gone and they ain’t coming back. The heating bill is skyrocketing, little Josh needs braces, milk is 4.21 a gallon, a piece of steak is almost 12.00, they can barely pay the rent and their daughter might have googly eyes for some black guy.

What happened to the good ole days?

Y’know…when everyone knew their place.

When whites were at the top, earned a salary good enough for 3 people, could afford a house, 2 cars, a boat and a bangin’ retirement fund.

Where did it go?

Why are things changing so rapidly and not in their favour?

Why are so many white females fluttering their eyelashes for black males and wanting children by them?

And finally, when did niggers get so uppity? Refusing to stand for the national anthem of this great nation that their founding fathers built by pulling up their bootstraps?

Y’know…shit like that.

“I want my cunt’ry baaaaaccccck!!!!”

And believe you me, Black Family, they are gonna fight for it.

I see it. Every day. They are not playing with us.

I’m lucky to have blogger friends and faithful followers that send me various information. From my understanding, there may not be an election in the next couple of months. As this PLANNED event gets underway, things will get even harder for the most priviledged people on earth. Hardship is something that entitlement cannot handle. The pot is simmering and they’re getting ready.

Are you?

Black men, regardless of the manufactured friction called The War of the Sexes that our mutual enemies have placed betwix us, we need you to protect and fight with us. For us and by us. Our race is in for the fight of our lives and we cannot do this alone. That means getting ready to defend what is rightfully yours by any means necessary.

Black Women, regardless of the manufactured friction called Male Supremacy that our mutual enemies have placed betwix us, we must place our bitterness and anger aside and fight with our men. I know it’s hard but we have to do it ’cause we cannot do this alone. That means defending your birthright as the Original and Rightful Power of Nature.

All it’s going to take is a spark.

What kind of spark?

A financial collapse.

A staged police shooting that invokes so much ire it gets out of hand.

Skyrocketing food prices.

A manufactured natural disaster…like this one:

Image result for hurricane katrina bodies

It’s all underway as I type this.

It’s coming.

And so are they:

Image result for angry trump supporters

After the Obama presidency, whites, who feel as if we “got one over on them”, will seek vengeance. More black jobs will be lost, more blacks will be imprisoned, more black will be homeless and anti-blackness will skyrocket as the white world will attach their ever-growing failings onto black skin.

Get ready…

They are.

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31 thoughts on “Locked, Stocked and Ready to Roll

  1. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    Famille, Jacob’s trouble is hitting a fever pitch. These next three years are going to be very crucial. It’s time to go to the war room.. This is WAR….

  2. angel9loveu on said:

    They’re that angry and amped for Trump to become president.Imagine the level of evil they’ll get to when they find out Obama won’t be going anywhere…
    Best thing to do is to move away from them and not be alone around a bunch of them.Cause if we think they’re bad now, I hate to imagine what they’ll be like at the next level.

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  4. I have been saying this for years, starting with the real reason Obama was (s)elected — to put a BLACK FACE on all the things that infuriate white america, and to make black people go back to sleep after making so much “progress” – celebrating the election of a “first black” president who doesn’t even talk to us.

    And putting black faces in office as Attorney Generals who want to take white folks’ guns away

    And programming black males via mass media white supremacist entertainment to think black females are garbage but white females are the top of the heap

    and we’ve all seen them parading their white prizes around all these angry white males and like an oblivious prey animal who does not realize there are killers following his every move.


    Sorry to say this but black females will have to accept the hard reality that we will have to PROTECT OURSELVES and some of that protection will be against angry and frightened black males who will make us a target because they are too afraid to confront their real enemies

    You will not protect someone you do not value and you cannot value anyone black when you don’t value your black self.

    There is a huge price for staying asleep. I’m afraid the time may have come for us to pay it.

  5. atumnova on said:

    This is a serious question, why after all these generations have black people not realized the “manufactured friction” our enemies have betwixt? I’m sorry but this discord is a choice. We choose to be divided, stop putting so much power in someone else’s hands, it makes you sound like a coward. It also makes me question your belief system. And it implies that you think black people are not mentally capable with the hand of the creator to free themselves from the “Spell”.
    So what if black people are killed. Life does not end on this plane, and for those of us who are black in our spirit, life will go on elsewhere. This nonsense is cyclical in nature. And from what I can tell in my neck of the woods, black men have no problem defending or cowering behind their nonblack queens and leaving us to dust. So who do you think has power right now?
    My answer: No human. This is a time of truth. The truth is coming out and we are re-segregating ourselves.

    I do not know if you have mentioned their talk about Isis. You do talk about their war against the black womb and how they are destroying our planet. Well the truth is out. Isis is us, and our creation. They want to destroy us. Old news. But like I said death is not the end and fear is not the answer. The blacks who are willing to fight would more than likely be betrayed. This nation is crumbling, but if this destructive behavior continues unchecked then the problem will destroy itself.

  6. @ nidotopian

    Many of our people do not understand that they are in a war to begin with.

  7. @ angel

    Sorry, luv, but there’s no place to run and hide.

  8. @ TrojanPam

    I’m finding out that you may be correct. I see it already with the ultra nasty comments that are left in my box and the accusations that I’m (black females) are the real problem.

    It will be interesting to see what will happen when we’re faced with it…up close and personal that is.

    Dr. Kambon’s dire warning comes to mind about us not being very serious. I can tell you for a fact that up here, whites are forming alliances with each other and clubs that teach how to survive in the wilderness. They speak to each other when they think I’m out of earshot.

    They put aside their tribal hatred for each other and band together for the common purpose of genetic survival.

    Why can’t we do the same?

  9. @ atumnova

    Yes, we do have a choice.

    But metaphysics isn’t as simple as you make it sound. When I see chemtrails being dropped on our farm and 20 minutes later, everyone’s mood has changed, it makes you wonder about not just choice but “controlled choice” that puppeteers give you. Experiments are being done on us 24/7 beginning with food and ending with sexual stimulus. Reproduction plays a very large role in their metaphysics.

    Yes, we are re-segregating and that is very good if we connect with a purpose towards constructive action.

    Calling me names is unnecessary.

  10. @ Negress

    you said, “They put aside their tribal hatred for each other and band together for the common purpose of genetic survival. Why can’t we do the same?”

    Because our instincts for survival have been destroyed. While I would like to think that some spiritual force will pop up and save us, I am reminded of the laws of nature:

    Survival of the fittest.

    When an animal’s habitat and food supply are threatened, it must adapt for survival. It doesn’t sit around and wait for “someone” to save them. The animals who understand the danger best and go to safer ground – unified with a single purpose of survival — may be the odds.

    Now, compare that with an animal whose survival instincts have been destroyed to the extent where it does not even recognize its natural predators, and seeks to follow and bond with them (??) over unifying with its own kind

    what are the odds for its survival?

    That I cannot even convince most black people that there is a war against us, or that COLOR DOES MATTER in a white supremacy system, or that there is even a white supremacy system where color rules supreme over cash

    speaks volumes as to the IMPOSSIBILITY of restoring the instinct for survival or love of one’s own species within the black collective.

    Because that restoration is damn near impossible when our people are OVERDOSING DAILY on white supremacy CRACK via mass media entertainment, that shows white people as the smartest, prettiest, handsomest, smartest, kindest and most valuable people on the planet

    And our black boys and young black males who will one day be the BLACK MEN OF OUR COMMUNITY are being brainwashed to put more value on a white vagina than on their own survival, the survival of their mothers and sisters and communities, one cannot help but fear our future

    Because without men who are ABLE and WILLING to lead, provide and protect, there will be no safety or prosperity for anyone

    But, I could be wrong. Perhaps, I’ve become too jaded and cynical.

    Only time will tell…

  11. angel9loveu on said:

    I’m not saying to run and hide versus remaining in their company and being an easy target.
    I know we can’t run and hide, I’ve been writing that for awhile. They’re everywhere.I’m simply saying they’re getting together and conglomerating on how to eradicate us. They know the strength in numbers. Why is this so hard to understand? If anything I thought you would get it.
    They already have all their kind on one accord. White people are in it for their survival and are going balls to the wall.
    We are the ones in disarray.
    Wouldn’t it be wise for black people to do the same and come together.They’ve kept us near them to spy on us forever. And have definitely put to use keeping their enemies closer. But while they’ve been keeping us closer they’ve also been plotting our demise.
    I thought the purpose of your blogs was to awaken black people so we could come together.
    It’s time for us to unite and get together rather than be far apart and think to stay with the enemy and be isolated.So they can knock us off one by one.

    Hence I say why are we thinking to buy land and build in a society that is hell bend on destroying us anyway. That’s counterproductive and madness,f*cking mental illness indeed.We’re thinking to sing kumbyah and pretend like the big white elephant doesn’t exist.All these plans to grow our own and share in the community is great but the demon possessed YT pipo are set up to destroy anything we build.
    Shouldn’t we first eliminate the problem ? If not we’ll never enjoy or even taste of the fruits of our labor.

    The adage, “United we stand divided we fall.

  12. All it’s going to take is one spark or some event too noticeable to ignore? Well we have already experienced that when the white monster Dylan Roof gunned down nine innocent black people after sitting in prayer with them. And the icing on the cake was him being treated to lunch by the police who arrested him.

    Here’s what I witnessed. Deflection. Instead of getting outraged over the actual horror that had transpired, black people collectively turned their rage to the confederate flag, because of what had transpired was to horrible to comprehend. Here’s the numbers. There are a little over 40 million black people dispersed through out this country with almost as many ideas and values. There are over 200 million white people, who are making an effort to unite to take their country back. That’s a ratio of 5 to 1. The odds are not in our favor. We need to get real.

  13. @ Ben

    Deflection is part of denial. I’ve actually run out of ideas and am contemplating to just let things be…good or bad, just let them be.

  14. Negress,I don’t worry about wp.What wp still hasn’t realized is that GOD’S judgement on this country is going to be more brutal than any weapon they can get their hands on.White people are going to continue to scream and holler,because as I said they put everything they value including their skin color above GOD’S Kingdom.God is a jealous God, and he is showing wp just how jealous he is.White men suicide rates are reaching epidemic proportions, their drug use is so bad that law enforcement isn’t pulling them off the streets.Actually white men in Eastern Europe are leading in new cases of HIV.It’s funny how wp are looking at us as their enemy ,but Isis is constantly tearing up Europe and the USA,with a possible attack on New York.I want our people to focus on our survival,and not so much on wp.The USA and Europe to this day is still exploiting Africa, but the US and Europe is on financial collapse. When it comes to wp,I just add on to their enormous debt.Law enforcement handcuffing Dr.Dre,and arresting Chris Brown based off lies wp told is just adding to their debt.I do have some advice for wp,GOD is pulling the cover off every lie the US stands for.Nobody told whitey to illegally invade countries and overthrow democratic elected governments for their own use.GOD BLESS

  15. Hello to my extended family, and may we have eyes to see and ears to hear the wicked things that have been prepared for us – because we have been on our knees getting them ashy, and not out there preparing ourselves for the inevitable…either get busy living, or stay prayerfully apathetic, and stand in line to be the next to die.

    @Pam – “to put a BLACK FACE on all the things that infuriate white america, and to make black people go back to sleep after making so much “progress” – celebrating the election of a “first black” president who doesn’t even talk to us.”

    You are soooo right on that one, ALL of the Ills, shortcomings and fuck ups that ‘murica has been complicit in, has been blamed on the Negro of the house…the white house…
    and speaking of house nickas…since the 35 percentile (100 million) of the overall population of ‘murica is an angry white male, and all of the BS has been blamed on BO, most house nickas are siding with the AWM and blaming our Sistas for that bullshit and flocking to “Amber and Buffy” as well as each other’s assholes for comfort in droves that has been unheard of in history, even if the enemy wants to put a violent to them!

    I truly feel that a FEMALE face will be put on all the things that infuriate the AWM and disenfranchise our Sistas even more so (the children will suffer this time), and be the final straw to permanently polarize our people…and that treacherous heffa won’t talk to you or I either. But the face they will despise the most will be the black and brown female face.

    Now is the time to learn to get tactical, there are self-defense, martial art and firearm courses that are taught at the grass roots level in most major cities, and perhaps instead of having the Sistas with wine, food and big hats clubs it could turn into wine, food and GATS clubs. The time is winding down…DOAN has been screaming this to our readers about food, water and essentials storage, but more importantly remembering that self-preservation is the first law of nature.

    The first thing to do in an emergency is to find dry shelter, fire or an energy source, clean water and a food source with a way to sanitize it and remove waste…plus how to stay prepared in defending it. And knowing that an endless source of ammo and weaponry is readily accessible from the untrained and unfamiliar opponent (you know, most that hang out at all them damn gun shows)…they are buying it for you to take – with the proper strategies.

    It is time to go to class…the 5 P’s – ponder, pre-plan, prepare, practice, and persevere.

    “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Tim 2:15 pretty much sums it up for me.


  16. Get your guns, passports and stocknup on food water and the essentials BEFORE Obama leaves. Yurugu will be in full war mode. Their numbers are slipping and they are INSANE. Any video on youtube in inundated with nigger this and nigger that. Interracial couples are being harrassed and shamed down to the children. The hatred in Yurugu’s heart runs deep. I have been to these gun shows and their gun shops the aura there is WHITE supremacy. The Dillon Roofs of the world want us all DEAD and for the ones remaining to live like blacks under apartheid in South Africa. You MUST prepare yourselves time is running out! We are NOT paranoid. This is a very real threat. Non blacks tell me I always look “worried”. I know the oyibo’s plan. TOTAL DESTRUCTION of everything they can not control. BLACKS AND MUSLIMS ARE THE #1 TARGET WORLDWIDE.

  17. White people are enemy of their own race, you don’t believe me? Show me in a his-story, or in a melaninated cultures historical black genocidal figure who murdered millions of his/her own people! The results will be shocking you won’t find one! White people are lying, theiving, criminal, vermin, they are carnal. They’re not hue-mans! It’s in their genes to lie, cheat, steal, murder! Let’s take a look in his-story and see white genocidal figures who murdered their own people just to remain in power! Vlad the impaler, Elizabeth Bathory the blood countess, Ivan the terrible, Mary 1st the queen of england dubbed “Bloody mary”, The spanish inqusition, The salem witch trails, Stalin, Hitler who purportedly murdered 6 million jews and many more!

    As for other white genocidal figures who murdered black people. Let’s start with Cecil rhodes whose troops colonized Africa, and slaughtered 5000 Africans just to plunder the diamonds of Africa. We have the german shark islands concentration camps in Nambia before the holohoax. Oh last but not least King Leopold of Belguim massacred 10 millions of Africans, and amputated their hands so he can extract rubber! Now we understand that white people are incompetent to be the inheritors of this earth because of their ancestor’s generational murderous crimes they don’t belong to this universe their sole exsistence is a sin! I hope we get to live in a world full of melaninated people, without the exsistance of this recessive pale cave beast race!

  18. qnubian528 on said:

    We black females we are nasty for them specially for angry white men,because when us black females we have the conscience to decide to whom should we give our womb for procreation, we choose the best and strongest men, even men of color are genetically more strong than weak angry white men,but men of color they are not still stronger as black men!
    When intelligent black women realize that having a son with weak angry white men,that I consider suicide for our wombs!!
    Yes,We black women are the problem,cause of our wombs! For our physical and genetic characteristics we are the only ones capable of destroying them!
    For this reason Albino females are elevated as trophy than melanated women!
    In my life I have been appreciated by nasty white men, they were so angry with me because I have been smart to not want a child with them!
    Only stupid and black women without brain can choose to have a child with nasty white men!
    We live in the world that married melanated people or people of color it is a crime,because Albinos Caucasoide tell us who we should married!
    I am not into their Eurocentric culture or traditional, because it’s not healthy,finally I realized that since I no longer have social contacts with them,
    I feel more human!!

  19. angel9loveu on said:

    Beautiful Royal Black Family,
    I’ve read the comments and I’m trying to make sense of this that we should arm ourselves or get busy living and forget the fact that only a divine intervention or pure stroke of luck will save us. They have weapons, strength in numbers wise they’ve got us beat if they waged a war tomorrow.
    The Yurugus have been collectively gathering weapons since the beginning of their existence. They remained busy preparing while we slept and they helped keep us sleeping.That’s a few centuries head start..They’ve got a pile up of weapons of mass destruction. Whenever they’re ready they could wipe us off the face of the earth in a blink. Nothing’s stopping them, so for those who aren’t spiritually inclined that there’s more happening than what meets the naked eye you’re sadly mistaken. They have a phenomenal head start of destruction. Our little last minute gathering of whatever we can get our hands on will be like someone going unprepared into an interview.

    We must’ve forgotten who owns nuclear weapons and who owns the gun stores and distribution.
    And while your pandering and pondering, ponder what earthly reason do they have to be more angry now than before.They had the imbecile Bush starting false wars for no reason.Now they have two yurugus running in office again.If you think they’re threatened by Hillary winning that’s far from the truth.
    Negress already said there’s NO difference between the white male and white female.They don’t care if Hillary or Trump wins.The world is their oyster even though they seem to be dying out(not fast enough) or losing their jobs and homes. That still hasn’t set them back tremendously.

    You’ve already lost before you hit the battlefield from the moment you ejected the Most High and His promises from the equation.Like the breath in our body that keeps us alive but we can’t see it so is the Spirit dimension. Every battle begins in the Spirit first before it manifests in the physical. Yurugu knows this their witchcraft and rituals have them covered to do the nasty things they do but the veil is lifting.

    We get attacked and lose faith and begin to trust in self because we refuse to get under our covering.

    The angry yurugus are pressed because there’s an event they’re preparing for which will blow open the spiritual and physical and it has a lot to do with them knowing who the rightful heirs of this planet is and always has been.Every thing has time and a season. So all the doubters who prefer to walk in the flesh and deny the spirit cause they’ve believed the lies told by their captors .

    Now is not the time to lose hope.Yurugu’s time is coming as well as all the evil who supported their rule for so long (regardless of skin color).

  20. @qunubian,Well according to Swirl girl Christelyn Karazin and black men and women like her,that is not flying.But as I said before,when GOD strips wp of everything, people like Christelyn and Tommy Sotomayor got a lot of work ahead of them.GOD BLESS

  21. “All it’s going to take is a spark.

    What kind of spark?

    A financial collapse.

    A staged police shooting that invokes so much ire it gets out of hand.”

    As of September 20, 2016, your words have already proven prophetic.

    However, I’m not afraid nor am I dismayed. All of this is playing into the hands of God.

    Something is coming for White America. It will hit them worse than Katrina.

    When God is against you; there is no place on earth you can hide.

  22. @ Truth

    Do you think it will coincide with the election?

  23. Negress,like my mother said,she hopes Donald wins,because he’s going to give wp everything they deserve.The GOP already own the House and Senate.If Donald wins,the GOP are already on record to raise the eligibility of Social Security Agency to 70,or privatize SS and Medicare altogether.Imo that’s another Ponzi scheme.We as black people better save our money. I think Hillary is a better candidate, but I see nothing but grandfather clauses.GOD BLESS

  24. It could. Something is going to happen. We all know this, Negress. God’s divine power is in all of this.

  25. qnubian528 on said:

    @Sevenkingblog that two are annoying people with no education, where they believe that whiteness is a symbol of purity!
    Their ignorance is only their conviction! They hate so much themselves,that
    they throw all their hatred to black people that their only desire is to purify, eliminating completely every trace of their melanin up to their fifth generation, where there will no longer even a trace of blackness!

  26. foreverthinkin on said:

    Karma is going to take its toll on America. Big time. This country was built on death and destruction and it will end with it. The time now is to be prepared because it is going to be hell for years leading up to the new decade.

  27. thefourthangelsbowl on said:

    Why such anger?

    Because the blackening, not the browning, but the blackening, of the planet is pissing them the fuck off. Jobs are gone and they ain’t coming back. The heating bill is skyrocketing, little Josh needs braces, milk is 4.21 a gallon, a piece of steak is almost 12.00, they can barely pay the rent and their daughter might have googly eyes for some black guy.

    What happened to the good ole days?

    Summed up very nicely!

  28. Well Negress haven’t heard from you in awhile I assume your at home preparing for this next election lol. I anxiously await your posts because it’s a lonely road out here for the awakened. I have begun taking your advice and have started to stock and prepare as I can. I’m not worried about God’s judgment on America I’m worried about the black people who won’t take heed soon it’s going to be to late and I worry about the children who will have to live during this time. Like you always say we’re going to need to mediate get out in nature and so forth. It’s been heavy on my heart lately to mediate and to connect with my ancestors we are going to need all the help we can get. God bless you my sister and to all the brothers and sisters who visit this site may God bless and protect you all.

  29. @ bluebonnetsite and All

    Thank you for the well wishes but I’m on a much needed mental break. I would advise that all of you get prepared as much as possible for what’s to come.

  30. As a young African man, I was INTIATATED(I was trained and taught how to be a MAN by my ELDERS) into MANHOOD and ever since it has been a PRIORITY to look after those under my care.

    Whites/Europeans/Asians do what they do because we allow them. As Dr. Amos Wilson explained that ‘The European is our creation to a great extent.’ In pre-colonial times, we Africans have defeated Europeans using spears and arrows against cannons and guns. Our ancestors in South Africa were able to defeat the most powerful empire in the 18th century, the British empire. This was a great feat considering the astronomical odds stuck against our ancestors.

    As a direct descendant of the Xhosa Kingdom, I believe that it is impossible to accomplish REAL POWER in society and to overthrow the white supremacists and therefore impossible for the people to establish political power without revolution. At a face value these racists look powerful, they are nothing but cowards. I reject the idea that Africans are powerless because it allows African people to maintain their role as societal victims. This is a role of BLACKMEN as PROTECTORS and PROVIDERS of the BLACK FAMILY.

  31. chroniclesofelonga on said:

    Dear DOAN! I would also like to wish you all the best on your mental break. Please, get your strength back. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all that you’ve done and for having shared your wisdom with us. I have been reading your blogs almost religiously since about a year and when I noticed that it had been over a month since your last blog entry I felt compelled to write you this small “get well message”. You have touched people around the world. I’m a Congolese-Dutch living in Japan.

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