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Welcome To The Matrix

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“The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us.” (One of my absolute favourite quotes.)


My last post regarding the real identity of Native Americans, inspired such vitriol, indignation and affirmation I knew at once it must be for a good reason. People emailed me telling me off, calling me names, demanding where this “new” information came from and telling me if I don’t like it here, maybe I should go back to Africa. Only truth can inspire such hate.

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I had a thought. It’s the same thought I’ve had on and off for about 20 years when I was becoming awake and realized that this world we live in is manufactured and nothing that yurugu tells us is real. Nothing they say can be trusted and only reason and logic stemming from my third eye and inner ear can lead me to my truth.

I used to watch with amazement a TV show called Antique RoadShow.


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Whites would swarm these “professionals” claiming to be experts on rare antiques and tell them, with much delayed, heart thumping anticipation, if the Henry V hankie they found in their mother’s basement is worth ten million dollars. I began to realize how much whites prize the past and make much sacrifice to conserve it…as long as it benefits them.

Then I began, thanks to Neely Fuller, to question a topic that would haunt me for many years.

Where are the slave ships?


Where are these ships that housed my kidnapped, raped and tortured fore-parents from Nigeria?

Don’t tell me that whites, who love reminiscing about the hundreds of millions of blacks that they brutalized on a daily basis for pure shits and giggles, didn’t keep a tiny piece of the slave ship in some heavily armed museum so they can sigh and groan with pleasure about how good it was when niggers knew their place.

Where are the slave ships????

And why haven’t we seen them? Why are they not readily available for Tourism in Charleston?

Why is it that they only picture I’ve seen is this one?

Image result for slave ship drawing

I don’t know about you, Black Family, but logic tells me that:

Whites, who love money more than their own children, will piece together anything that serves their purpose just to make a buck.

Whites, who choose destruction over togetherness, will go to any lengths to preserve their past as (temporary) victors over huemanity.

Whites, who wrote their-history as lies to confuse us, will continue lying for as long as it takes to preserve their stranglehold over this planet.

Have you ever wondered the same?

Where are the slave ships?




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20 thoughts on “Welcome To The Matrix

  1. Honey, honey I asked the same question which I posted on You Tube and the person who replied to my comment stated there is a relics in some museum. Now…I didn’t believe him then or now, unless it’s hidden somewhere in Europe with the rest of stolen treasures. On another note: The ancestors make sure you hear something that may be valuable later on. As I was sitting on the bench after work today one of the nurses sat down next to me we began small talk when another worker came up to ask her where was she going on vacation this year. Well, the nurse first said she wanted to go to France for her anniversary but changed her mind due to violent rapes going on in Germany (which she said is not being reported) figured as much, so the other lady responded in amazement with I haven’t heard about any of this. The nurse knew because her husband apparently travels for his job and I suppose he must be in some sort of law enforcement because she said all he does is walk around all day. The other coworker immediately said it must be IsIs but she wasn’t sure, now they’re doing rapes in France. I need someone to do some investigating then post what they’ve heard, I’ll do some digging around to see what’s happening.

  2. These Gentiles time of rule is coming to an end and they know it. Plain & Simple. Why do you think there has been so many attacks against anything Black by them. But this is a new age (as of 12/21 or 22/2012) & now these Gentiles must suffer for the consequences of their actions. All nations (ethnic groups) have had the opportunity to rule kingdoms, countries, etc.; but out of all them, these gentiles are the worst. They will “attempt” to destroy the world, if they can’t rule it, but it won’t work. They are losing their jobs, their homes, their health, their wealth, etc., & their racist actions are actively displayed through social media. What’s in the dark will come to light regarding the real truth about slavery in the Americas. And…….while they are losing, we should be moving towards creating production & distribution channels & owning tangible assets, i.e. land/property, transportation hubs, etc. Shalom.

  3. We are living in a fake materialistic lifestyle, a world ruled by white people
    such as Caucasians, Arabs, Turks, Asians is just an illusion. All of those aforementioned races believe that the earth is their heaven, they don’t believe in spiritualism, this is why they’re fond of this materialistic life. I marvel at the insanity of these gentiles how they stole our ancestor’s writings the “Bible”, and mess up with the geneologies to shoehorn themselves to make themselves the focal point as the biblical figures spoken of in the bible! They’re not descendants of Adam, Shem, Abraham, Isaac those white demons know they are alien to this planet not to mention they have recessive traits which are akin to animals we all know the Rhesus Monkey blood! Those whites were walkin’ on all fours and had their tails waggling like dogs, they were extremely hairy and their straight stringy dog hair collects lice! No way those beasts in hue-man like flesh came from us!

    The Most High abhors recessive traits they’re abomination, the sun is heating up the globe, and the sun is really what the bible calls the lake of fire or hell, one day The Most High will cause the sun to collapse on the world that whites created and burn the ish out of those demons! We all know that God’s Kingdom is a world without white people! But rest assured Black negro people that the Most High will save you once again from the clutches of the wicked ones.

  4. @Donna Boyd

    Yes you’re absolutely right! The book of Revelation speaks of a woman riding the beast destroying the world! Guess who is this woman? If we translate the women in our ancestors shemitic aramiac language, it is pronounced “O’men”, or Omen which means “Gentiles”! Those gentiles know that they’re unfit to rule this world, therefore they’re fighting their counterparts in order for who’s eligible to rule this world but at the same time they’re destroying the world! Those gentile demons are descendants of fallen angels they’re appointed by Satan to rule this earth over the true descendants of Adam, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob whom we all know are negroes who should’ve been the true rulers of this world!

    The time of the gentiles will be fulfilled when they destroy this world, and then the gentiles will be sent back to the hell hole, or the abyss where they came from, and sealed there forever for judgement! In the book of revelation it speaks of ZION new heaven and new earth there’s no more night, no more death, no more sorrow, no more pain, no more unclean abominable things exsist. Yes this is the world were only us negroes will rule forever!

  5. angel9loveu on said:

    Honestly, I believe all they need to see to reminisce on when the n*ggers were obedient are the shackles and chains.
    It’s been said the Moors traveled the seas and world before these white people did.So there were black natives already in the Americas, maybe even the Caribbean.

    However,there’s been evidence of chattels and other possessions from the slave trade found on the Ivory Coast and Ghana.Also biblically the Most High said we would be taken into captivity and spread to the four corners of the earth.That they did.
    I don’t know how they transported our ancestors but I believe they did, I would think also they would’ve atleast saved one ship/slaver cause they’re that sick.But looks like they may have sunk them or stripped them to make other ships.

    Not surprised about them trying to hide their evil pasts or twisted things, they’re trying to rewrite history books now claiming that the slaves, voluntarily came with them to America to work for free and make them rich.



  6. DOAN,the show 60 Minutes did a show about slavery 2 weeks ago. There will be a new Black museum dedicated to the slaves who got lynched opening in Washington DC soon.There is a slave ship off the coast of Mozambique that is being raised. In their research,the investment in African slaves was worth more money than businesses,infrastructure, banks and railroads in the Americas and Europe.Remember just the investment, we didn’t to the plantation yet.Georgetown University are giving descendants of African slaves first priority, due to the fact that the University sold slaves to keep from going broke.White people’s debt with black people is getting larger and larger.GOD BLESS

  7. @ sevenkings and all

    Thank you for the info and links.

  8. I’m still chewing on this theory, not quite sure where I stand on it yet. But for me the question of where are the slave ships is probably the most interesting one that’s got me the most intrigued. I would think that something as big and expensive as a slave ship would have been meticulously accounted for by it’s owner, most likely a major corporation or some wealthy family. We know the names of the three ships Columbus supposedly sailed in on when coming to North America but we don’t know the name of not one slave ship used in a system that lasted hundreds of years? That does strike me as very, very odd.

  9. @ Cynic

    My sentiments EXACTLY.

  10. Also, the book They Came Before Columbus by Ivan van Sertima would probably shed more light on this.

  11. DOAN,I think a lot of information we seek is back in Africa.I think we as blacks should visit every black history museum in the world.We also should look at any PBS show on slavery because there is information on these shows that is not in history books or even black history books.Black Brazilians still visit slave plantations in Brazil.Henry Louis Gates has already documented black slaves accomplishments in the Caribbean to Central and South America. Everything is coming out.The dances Tango and Flamenco ,also well as the music genre Fado has African roots.GOD BLESS

  12. Idk about this one Negress. I fear these attempts to be Native American are another form of running away from being West African and harboring shame about being bantu ppl. I can’t support theories that are escapist. Hebrew Israelites and AA’s who wish o be Ethiopian, Egyptian, Moorish, and anything other than black west africans are alarming. We can not give in to this new form of self-hate. I say all of this respectfully Negress.

  13. @ me548

    Valid points. But…

    What if it’s another “branch”, tribe, root of the same African family with a new name to confuse us and to deny giving us reparations?

  14. @ sevenkings

    There is only one source of everything hueman on this planet.

  15. They are upset because they KNOW it’s the truth. They know what lengths they have gone to in order to keep this land and attempt to erase our identity. What they fail to realize is that we still exist and therefore, our ancestors can still communicate with us (along with other spirits) and in turn, we will always come to the realization of who we are despite the time frame. This is why so many are in the process of tracing their heritage, speaking with their elders and tribal chiefs. I am encouraging all so-called Black people in the Americas to do that as well. I have also done a video on this very thing if you are interested in checking it out as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JofMhxwudNI

  16. foreverthinkin on said:

    I’ll just say, we are indigenous to this entire planet. If we knew this as a collective, there would be no more “ruling” over us. Its funny because only recently they have been referring to us as African-American. Before, it used to be colored then negro, and progressed to black and now it’s african American. Doesn’t anyone find that a bit odd? Shouldn’t the slaves be named after the place where they originated from? Why call them colored? Just food for thought. I found the book this book very interesting:
    They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America (Journal of African Civilizations)

  17. @ forever

    I’ve wondered that too by the way. And also why we answer to what they call us.

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  19. foreverthinkin on said:

    Great question. Thanks for the reply. I think that answer can be speculated along with why we choose to still live alongside the defected without a nation of our own.

  20. qnubian528 on said:

    Expose the slave ships in museums or not, does not change anything,because some blacks and other colored people will not change their opinions about them!
    Because these people have done everything to get out of it clean from their crimes!
    Anywhere in the world as they passed, they just left a long trail of genocides and deathst,today no one gives more importance about that!
    Because in the end “WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEING, LOVE DOESN’T HAVE COLOR!” Ok, so what about my ancestors? What they have done wrong to be treated worse than beasts? No,there are no answers to these questions, because there will never be!
    Despite their hands are stained with the blood of so many innocent people, some people also make them as Saints, as the case of Maria Teresa of Calcutta a normal white woman, that I think she didn’t do nothing so special!
    Here is looks like, more your hands are dirty of blood more good you are!
    Because we live in sick world, where if you are white, you are good despite your hands are stained with blood and your personal history is only made of genocides everywhere in the world!
    If black people will see these slave ships in museums this will not stop them to married a white person! Racism is alive but black people still like sleep with white person!
    But my oly hope is the nature will take its course, because in the end even if you are powerful, no one can escape from his destiny!

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