Observations of an Invisible Woman

Dear Diary #9

Did I ever tell you that my neighbour is a white man from Poland?

He and I struck up a friendly chat once many years ago about farm life, life in Poland and how different America is from every other country in the world. He spoke of blatant racism against him from white Americans and how he grew up being called a “dumb Pollock” and an “oven dodger” even though he’s not jooish. Teachers ignored him in class and expected him to drop out. He spoke of pain and isolation and humiliation of being “white…but not an American.”

I listened intently not really saying anything but nodding occasionally to show him I understood.

Over the years, he and I spoke more and more freely til he was comfortable enough with me to tell me how much he hated white people. “They’re lazy”, he flared. “These fat ass Americans only want you to do their dirty work. And the majority of them couldn’t put in an honest days work on the farm if their lives depended on it.” “Aren’t you white?”, I questioned as I took in his dirty blonde hair, pale skin and light, bluish-gray eyes. He looked sharply at me. “I’m Polish! I’m not white!”

So we continued over the years…

Him driving past my property when he saw he outside to make small talk and complain to me about these “motherfuckers that can’t do shit except tell other people what to do with their lives. You know what they lack? Accountability. They finger point that ‘we’re coming over here to take their jobs away from them’ but the majority of them won’t do the jobs they want us to do! Lazy…that’s what they are. Lazy fuckers.”

Over the decades, I’ve honed and sharpened my inner voice. I listen intently when it speaks to me and mostly stay quiet awaiting instructions. For the past 9 years, when this “fed-up Pollock” has told me naught but disdain for this “fucking slave country that works you to the bone then discards you like trash.” He’s told me little else except how “one day ‘Cletus’ (his name for white backwoods hicks) would get theirs.” He’s complained to me of how “he wanted to shoot one of them that came into his yard and tried to tell him what to do with his property that he bought with his hard work, sweat and tears.”

So you, Black Family, can imagine my (mild) surprise when I saw this on his front yard:



An excessively large banner draped across his deck for the whole world to see.

I stopped to stare for about 10 seconds then drove off.

Over the course of my awakening and innerstanding of white supremacy, I’ve learned more about psychosis, phobias, irrational fear and self hatred than any college course I’ve ever taken. I’ve learned that no matter what whites proclaim PUBLICLY, they will always choose to do the wrong thing, the backwards thing, the anti-Nature thing, the hateful thing, the self annihilating thing just to preserve their stranglehold grip on this planet. 

I’ve learned that it takes very little convincing from their cousins to sway them away from the Divine Truth into the Anti-Light forces of Death. I’ve learned that even though they are presented with cold hard FACTS, they will always choose to believe their truth, their perception and their way of life even though it conflicts with Nature HERSELF and leads them to certain death, degradation, despair and destruction.

Was I sad to learn that this white man from another country who complained to me incessantly about his utter disdain for white Americans now believes the lies and propaganda, the same propaganda that invaded his country in 1939?


I’m not naive or blind enough to believe that whites can learn from the past or change for the better. Only truth and self acceptance can inspire change.

But I was caught…let’s say, a bit off guard.

Just a bit.







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18 thoughts on “Dear Diary #9

  1. awakescapes on said:

    I actually saw a White “woman” with Black grandchildren posted all over her facebook photos, proclaim her love for trump. Her Black in-laws expressed shock, considering she seemed to like her grandchildren. I ignore these”people” as much as humanly possible. My goals are to live in a country hostile to whites.

  2. Dear Diaryofanegress,

    May i suggest you ( if you don’t have it) to get the new revised and expanded version 2016 of the United Independent Compensatory Code/system/concept, a textbook/workbook for thought speech and / or action for victims of Racism (white supremacy) From Mr neely Fuller Jr ?

    I do understand your apparent surprise but untill now we have to understand that a white person wether it likes it or not to us remains a usual suspect as long as the system of white supremacy will not be replaced by a system of Justice. They are ALL racist suspects as no one can tell who is and is not a racist among them with precision.

    As racism is practiced by at least one white person and nobody knows who. Any white person who is able to be sa racist is probably one. Except newborn babies and senile white persons.

    So i do believe we should be very rational to keep up with this situation and less emotional as i use to say. We must be scientific and less emotional.

    Racism which is white supremacy is an ideology and therefore has nothing to do with emotional responses.

    To get the book : http://www.producejustice.com

    In The Production Of Justice.

  3. @ awake

    “My goals are to live in a country hostile to whites.”


    Can I come?

  4. The truth will out!

  5. That’s how they are. He was probably just mad that day. They will ALWAYS choose them over us (or anyone else for that matter). I don’t trust anyone of them any further than I can throw em. They are wicked and everything about them (from their genetics to their behavior) is anti-Nature. That’s why even Nature is trying to purge the Earth of them. I’m not sure if you’re paying attention to the weather but things are definitely getting heated. Even Sandra Bland’s town was flooded but they threatened the people of the city and told them not to say anything. I got this information from an insider. They can’t come over here, do what they did to our Ancestors, and have greatness in return. They put up the >illusion< of "greatness" but they are truly suffering and their suffering will not come to an end until they are completely destroyed. Our ancestors and other spirits are not pleased. It is a war happening in more than one realm and they will not win. Period.

  6. I’m scared of interacting with whites that I don’t understand how we still bother to still do sometimes? I remember seeing a white person for the first time and how much like a ghost they looked that it didn’t surprise me that they get to sneak around like they do, so as to be so transparent they sneak through everything (and steal our resources at that).

    It was just utter fear I had for them. And it’s never gone way. Even before I met a yurugu I knew it was bad news. I hope I can live some place devoid of white people soon, they’ve become so much to put up with that reading something like this does not surprise me in slightest.

    I’d expect more THIS more than the so-called ‘good white’ at this point, lol.

  7. @ ayaba

    Not only are weather patterns erratic where they are but animals are attacking them too.

  8. Slavic whites (Poles, Russians, Czechs, Slovaks etc etc) are EXTREMELY white nationalist in outlook, thought and deed. Just because they suffer some slight mistreatment at the hands of their Anglo-Saxon, Teutonic, and Latin brethren doesn’t mean they like us. Quite the opposite in fact

  9. @ samson


    Once they, like the Irish, weren’t even considered white.

  10. I don’t doubt it for a moment. But Euro trash will always play up their tribal differences as a way of getting us to not treat them as a collective (e.g. “my people were never involved in the slave trade”/Dutch speaking Belgians claiming they had nothing to do with King Leopold’s murderous plunder of Africa etc) threat…even as they seek ways to divide and rue us so we don’t come together as a collective to confront them. Any one of them that wants to give me a sob story about how one or the other of their white brethren mistreats them can go suck lemons for all I care. They are ALL the same!

  11. Negress,as I said before, they put everything they hold dear,including their skin color above GOD’S kingdom, and he is now showing them how special they are.They are not happy are they?

  12. @ sevenkings

    Nope. Never will be.

  13. angel9loveu on said:

    They will NEVER go against their own kind for us. No matter how sweet of a story they sell or complain to you about each other or claim they’re anything but white.Now a days they all want to be Cherokee Indian as if lying to us makes the lie more believable.
    If black people would only learn that and quit defending/protecting them tooth and nail, hoping they’ll change. We need to instead have an unbreakable unity and even if we hate each other come together for the greater good.
    One minute they’re with black movement, the next minute they’re all for white supremacy.They’re great ACTORS with a forked tongue. They good at selling a dream and shattering it in the same breath.
    Now they’re killing us almost daily, a white demon hit into a black woman and came out his toppled car with his shotgun and ended her life while she screamed for help. Another black man got killed for not opening a door for a Becky, another black man was shot when he called the police when his wife was robbed at their residence…etc…

    They call this time Jacob’s trouble and truly pushing a race war and hence why I say we shouldn’t be isolated or stranded around them in their greater numbers, the demons have quadrupled in them and they just want the slightest excuse to kill us and then have the media not broadcast it or show the white perpetrator in a positive light while the victim’s background is dug up.
    Every time Donald Duck Trump opens his beak they feel empowered.

  14. qnubian528 on said:

    They do the same here in UK,where white English people are racist with Polish and other East Europe people! After Bretix, they feel right to throw out their shift!
    I don’t pity this man and other whites, they never had have compassion for us!
    Really, I don’t give shit about their feeling!
    Did you remeber the WWI AND WWII? Where whites killed each other in an indiscriminate way and without brakes! Also in US war of Secession, where white America killed each other for what? They talk all the time of black on black crime so what about white on white crimes? All these WARS should be include inside white on white crimes!
    One more thing,someone should remind to white crak Trump, that him and other white crack America people are living illegally in US and then they should pack up and go back to Europe where they belong!

  15. Absolutely. And I love every minute of it.

  16. Black Onyx on said:

    I wish it didn’t have to be this way… sometimes i wish i can live back in historic africa and just know the feeling of trusting someone because honesty is better than quarreling. black ppl need the feeling of knowing how to trust our own, and for some, they may never experience this at this height of our brainwashing now.

    so i simply just trust white to be white people. sometime it is good to go to the other side though, and get close to people enough to get disappointed from them, just to see what’s on the other side, and gain some knowledge; confirmation.

    you don’t always have to be right, but at LEAST you can know.

  17. The Black Panther on said:

    They can never change, never.

  18. I laughed thinking that the story was going to go the other way. I should’ve known better. They are the masters of deflection.

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