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Required Cinema for Melaninites 8

A friend told me about this film awhile ago.

Nightcrawler is a gritty, violent film about a man who is so desperate to rise to the top, he’ll create problems just to capitalize on them. When I watch any movie made by Jooish hollywood, I watch intently looking for clues and subtle answers to my questions.

Even though the script was about a “charming psychopath” and his quest for money and even more money, I focused on the backdrop of the news station, the stories they chose to air to the public, why they chose to air them and on the relationship the main character had with his non-white, hapless, desperate and gullible assistant. 

Much can be learned about the power of propaganda in this film.

Please do not spend money on this film. Many movies are available for free online or at your local library.

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7 thoughts on “Required Cinema for Melaninites 8

  1. Dear Diaryofanegress,

    Thank you , and as you know for these people this is business as usual, as in their system that i use to call the system of White Supremacy everything a White Supremacist choose to do or not do is to reinforce the system of White Supremacy.
    Keep inform us about you researches and observations.

    In The Production Of Justice.

  2. mmm…will check it out!

  3. White people are inborn psychopath and this describes their very nature.

  4. He used the brown person, underpaid him and when he was of no more use to him…. He killed him. This is what is next for black ppl.

  5. Another melanite film to study should be ‘Blackfish’a documentary on Seaworld. Starting from when they would “hunt” orca’s and steal their babies to the end where they were partly blaming Tilikum(an orca) for killing and drowning 3 yurugu’s. THEN yurugu had the audacity to protest he be released to the wild after holding him captive and stealing his sperm to fund and reproduce captive orca’s for the multimillion dollar industry that is Seaworld. Really eye opening into the madness of white supremacy. In one scene a fisherman was telling of how they would chase the orca’s into a dead end and they stole the babies as the mother orca was wailing and crying to be with her child. This yurugu started crying and said just THEN he realized what he was doing was wrong! In the aftermath of stealing baby whales three mother whales died and yurugu split the whales open, filled them with rocks and sunk them. The definition of SICK! I truly believe those whales drowned those instructors to get vengeance for being put into slavery to be a circus act. One instructor he only scared he grabbed him by the ankle and plunged him to the bottom of the pool 3 times threatening to drown him. White supremacy does not coincide with nature. Even beasts of the ocean wish to be free.

  6. @ me548

    Thank you for the film recommendation.

  7. I saw Nightcrawler last year. It really shows how the news media operates. The media is very corrupt and racist. It lets you into the mind of the sick people who are in that industry. I found the film very disturbing…but educational as well.

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