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Required Reading for Melaninites

I dusted this off my tiny library nook and settled in with a cup of tea and re-read it front to back. While the world is entranced by the Olympic Games in impoverished Brazil, those that consider themselves to be superior than the rest of the world’s populace are plotting. How do I know? Because they’ve been telling us that for centuries and Robert Greene confirmed it in his first book, The 48 Laws of Power.


Law 37: Create Compelling Spectacles



Striking imagery and grand symbolic gestures create the aura of power—everyone responds to them. Stage the spectacles for those around you, full of arresting visuals and radiant symbols that heighten your presence. Dazzled by appearances, no one will notice what you are really doing.

People do not always want words, or rational explanations, or demonstrations of the powers of science; they want an immediate appeal to their emotions.





Give them that and they will do the rest—such as imagine they can be healed by the light reflected from a rock a quarter million miles away.

#23 Strategy: Weave a seamless blend of fact and fiction: Misperception






***Brazil’s Favela. This is how innocent, hapless black people in Rio are living. Poverty stricken, hungry, terrified of their government ( and of their white counterparts ) and victims of extreme and debilitating racism…the kind that whites tell us is over since the population there is “Mixed-mulatto-mestizo-coloured-pardo. “***


Make it hard for your enemies to know what is going on around them. Feed their expectations, manufacture a reality to match their desires, and they will fool themselves. Control people’s perceptions of reality and you control them.



I must say that I simply admire Robert Greene.

It’s not every day that Yurugu tells us in PLAIN ENGLISH what is going on around us. But it is up to us to study and decipher it.

When I read his “48 Laws of Power”, I almost wept.

Duped and swindled and made a fool of, ALL of the laws applied to me DIRECTLY.

Whilst reading “33 strategies of war”, I felt my temperature rising.



Because I know for a fact that while we sit bedazzled, tongues wagging and heart thumping at who will win the next gold medal at this PLANNED and RIGGED and very ESOTERIC-Luciferian spectacle, they are plotting their next attack that we’ll never see coming because we choose not to.

I urge you to get this book and study it. Turn off the TV, my melanin rich family, and start getting prepared.

Election day is almost here and electricity is in the air.

And I know that (some of) you can feel it.



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  2. TO DOAN: I refer to you as my “Sista from another Mista” kinda like our “Brotha from another Motha” term of endearment…whenever I read your observations, I am honored, mystified and spiritually renewed from the similar patterns of thought that seem to manifest in the topics of the day/weeks/months whenever I come by and visit your house. I thank the Creation for you and those that are bold and courageous enough to be like-minded and like-spirited to implement a plan for the future of our existence.

    I had to take a sabbatical as well, from the months of March until now, and had been a project manager for a solar power farm that was averaging triple digit temps each day with humidity in the double digits. One day, I recorded 154 degrees under a solar panel with a wet-bulb thermometer – and let me tell you, that was egg frying HOT, but still I rose…

    I must add that most of the supervisory staff (the white hats like their skin tones) sat in their A/C’d offices all day, traveled around the site in their A/C’d vehicles occasionally, and would hardly ever tour the site (until a dignitary or VIP would show up). Most eventually quit their jobs from the heat or misconduct from mistreatment of the crews.

    Needless to say, the array was completed and working efficiently with very few glitches.

    Even with the successes, I was constantly questioned of my credentials and education, yet took the time to be out there in it with the installers – which by the way were ALL Black and Brown. There was a mass recruiting effort with the temp labor agencies nationwide, and these folk were literally modern day slaves that were underpaid and overworked in brutal conditions with the only respite being ice and water with portable shade tents.

    Could any of you work in 120-degree temps for 10 hours a day for $15.00 an hour? Well they did, and got the job done…I found that the white counterparts were paid $18.00+ and were dropping out, passing out and falling out never to return, because RA was tearing their asses up. One of the aforementioned was so delirious from the heat, he got buck naked and took running into the mountains nearby and was MIA for two days – go figure.

    I have wrapped up this phase, and returning to school for this Sustainability and Green Technology grad degree for the fall. As I have delved deeper into the understanding of the Sun, I have found that we are experiencing a 4.9 degree warmer temperature globally, and it is affecting every climate trend, which includes hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, rain, snow, heat, drought, even the tidal patterns – because the earth, sun and moon are ALL working in harmony to restore the devastation that our counterparts have bestowed upon this planet because of their greed and exploitation. (If those deities can do it, why cant we?)

    As you said, you can feel the electricity in the air…

    Now on to your latest observation:

    What I call the 48/33/24…, which are the 48 Laws of Power, 33 Strategies of War and the 24 Rules of Seduction. Our readers need to study each of these concepts because they may save a life or two if applied accordingly. If you don’t mind, I would like to post all three in three separate blogs for our readers to copy and paste for future reference. I had posters made of each for personal use as well as for teaching purposes, and glance at them daily.


  3. The 33 Strategies of War

    1: Declare war on your enemies: Polarity
    You cannot fight effectively unless you can identify them. Learn to smoke them out, and then inwardly declare war. Your enemies can fill you with purpose and direction.

    2: Do not fight the last war: Guerilla-war-of-the-mind
    Wage war on the past and ruthlessly force yourself to react to the present. Make everything fluid and mobile.

    3: Amidst the turmoil of events, do not lose your presence of mind: Counterbalance
    Keep your presence of mind whatever the circumstances. Make your mind tougher by exposing it to adversity. Learn to detach yourself from the chaos of the battlefield.

    4: Create a sense of urgency and desperation: Death-ground
    Place yourself where your back is against the wall and you have to fight like hell to get out alive.

    5: Avoid the snares of groupthink: Command-and-control
    Create a chain of command where people do not feel constrained by your influence yet follow your lead. Create a sense of participation, but do not fall into groupthink.

    6: Segment your forces: Controlled-chaos
    The critical elements in war are speed and adaptability–the ability to move and make decisions faster than the enemy. Break your forces into independent groups that can operate on their own. Give them the spirit of the campaign, a mission to accomplish, and room to run.

    7: Transform your war into a crusade: Morale
    Get them to think less about themselves and more about the group. Involve them in a cause, a crusade against a hated enemy. Make them see their survival is tied to the success of the army as a whole.

    8: Pick your battles carefully: Perfect-economy
    Consider the hidden costs of war: time, political goodwill, an embittered enemy bent on revenge. Sometimes it is better to undermine your enemies covertly.

    9: Turn the tables: Counterattack
    Let the other side move first. If aggressive, bait them into a rash attack that leaves them in a weak position.

    10: Create a threatening presence: Deterrence
    Build a reputation for being a little crazy. Fighting you is not worth it. Uncertainty can be better than an explicit threat. If your opponents aren’t sure what attacking you will cost, they will not want to find out.

    11: Trade space for time: Non-engagement
    Retreat is a sign of strength. Resisting the temptation to respond buys valuable time. Sometimes you accomplish most by doing nothing.
    12: Lose battles, but win the war: Grand strategy
    Grand strategy is the art of looking beyond the present battle and calculating ahead. Focus on your ultimate goal and plot to reach it.

    13: Know your enemy: Intelligence
    The target of your strategies is not the army you face, but the mind that runs it. Learn to read people.

    14: Overwhelm resistance with speed and suddenness: Blitzkrieg
    Speed is power. Striking first, before enemies have time to think or prepare will make them emotional, unbalanced, and prone to error.
    15: Control the dynamic: Forcing
    Instead of trying to dominate the other side’s every move, work to define the nature of the relationship itself. Control your opponent’s mind, pushing emotional buttons and compelling them to make mistakes.

    16: Hit them where it hurts: Center-of-gravity
    Find the source of your enemy’s power. Find out what he cherishes and protects and strike.

    17: Defeat them in detail: Divide and conquer
    Separate the parts and sow dissension and division. Turn a large problem into small, eminently defeatable parts.

    18: Expose and attack your opponent’s soft flank: Turning
    Frontal assaults stiffen resistance. Instead, distract your enemy’s attention to the front, and then attack from the side when they expose their weakness.

    19: Envelope the enemy: Annihilation
    Create relentless pressure from all sides and close off their access to the outside world. When you sense weakening resolve, tighten the noose and crush their willpower.

    20: Maneuver them into weakness: Ripening for the sickle
    Before the battle begins, put your opponent in a position of such weakness that victory is easy and quick. Create dilemmas where all potential choices are bad.

    21: Negotiate while advancing: Diplomatic war
    Before and during negotiations, keep advancing, creating relentless pressure and compelling the other side to settle on your terms. The more you take, the more you can give back in meaningless concessions. Create a reputation for being tough and uncompromising so that people are giving ground even before they meet you.
    22: Know how to end things: Exit strategy
    You are judged by how well things conclude. Know when to stop. Avoid all conflicts and entanglements from which there are no realistic exits.

    23: Weave a seamless blend of fact and fiction: Misperception
    Make it hard for your enemies to know what is going on around them. Feed their expectations, manufacture a reality to match their desires, and they will fool themselves. Control people’s perceptions of reality and you control them.

    24: Take the line of least expectation: Ordinary-Extraordinary
    Upset expectations. First do something ordinary and conventional, and then hit them with the extraordinary. Sometimes the ordinary is extraordinary because it is unexpected.

    25: Occupy the moral high ground: Righteousness
    The cause you are fighting for must seem more just than the enemy’s. Questioning their motives and making enemies appear evil can narrow their base of support and room to maneuver. When you come under moral attack from a clever enemy, don’t whine or get angry–fight fire with fire.

    26: Deny them targets: The Void
    The feeling of emptiness is intolerable for most people. Give enemies no target to attach. Be dangerous and elusive, and let them chase you into the void. Deliver irritating but damaging side attacks and pinpricks.

    27: Seem to work for the interests of others while furthering your own: Alliance
    Get others to compensate for your deficiencies, do your dirty work, fight your wars. Sow dissension in the alliances of others, weakening opponents by isolating them.

    28: Give your rivals enough rope to hang themselves: One-upmanship
    Instill doubts and insecurities in rivals, getting them to think too much and act defensive. Make them hang themselves through their own self-destructive tendencies, leaving you blameless and clean.

    29: Take small bites: Fait Accompli
    Take small bites to play on people’s short attention span. Before they notice, you may acquire an empire.

    30: Penetrate their minds: Communication
    Infiltrate your ideas behind enemy lines, sending messages through little details. Lure people into coming to the conclusions you desire and into thinking they’ve gotten there by themselves.

    31: Destroy from within: The Inner Front
    To take something you want, don’t fight those who have it, but join them. Then either slowly make it your own or wait for the right moment to stage a coup.

    32: Dominate while seeming to submit: Passive-Aggression
    Seem to go along, offering no resistance, but actually dominate the situation. Disguise your aggression so you can deny that it exists.

    33: Sow uncertainty and panic through acts of terror: Chain Reaction
    Terror can paralyze a people’s will to resist and destroy their ability to plan a strategic response. The goal is to cause maximum chaos and provoke a desperate overreaction. To counter terror, stay balanced and rational.

  4. 48 Laws of Power

    Law 1: Never outshine the master
    · Make those above you feel superior. Do not show your talents too much, it’ll make them insecure. Make the master appear more brilliant than they are.

    Law 2: Never put too much trust in friends, learn to use enemies
    · Friends will quickly betray you. Hire former enemies, they’ll be loyal.

    Law 3: Conceal your intentions
    · Keep people off-balance. They cannot prepare if they don’t know. Guide
    them down the wrong path.

    Law 4: Always say less than necessary
    · When trying to impress, the more you say the more common you look and
    less in control. Be vague. Powerful people impress and intimidate by little

    Law 5: So much depends on reputation – guard it with your life
    · Reputation is the cornerstone of power. Reputation alone will make you win.
    · Destroy enemies by attacking their reputation. Then stand aside and let the
    public hang them.

    Law 6: Court attention at all cost
    · Everything is judged by appearance, what is unseen counts for nothing.
    · Never get lost in a crowd. Be mysterious, appear more colorful than the

    Law 7: Let others to do the work for you, but always take credit
    · Use the skills of others to do the work for you, never do yourself what others
    can do for you. Your efficiency will appear god-like.

    Law 8: Make other people come to you – use bait if necessary
    · When you force others to act, you’re in control.
    · Make opponents come to you. Lure with gains, then attack.

    Law 9: Win through your actions, never through argument
    · You never win through argument. The resentment last too long.
    · It’s more powerful to agree with actions. Demonstrate, do not explain.

    Law 10: Infection: Avoid the unhappy and the unlucky
    · You’ll die from other’s misery – emotional states are as infectious as diseases.
    · The unfortunate draw misfortune on themselves and will draw it on you.
    · Associate with the happy and fortunate.

    Law 11: Learn to keep people dependent on you
    · To maintain independence you must be needed and wanted.
    · The more you’re relied on, the more freedom you have.
    · Make people depend on you for happiness.
    · Never teach them enough so they can do without you.

    Law 12: Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim
    · One sincere move will cover over a dozen dishonest ones.
    · Honesty can bring down the guard of suspicious people.
    · Open their shield with honesty, then deceive.

    Law 13: When asking for help, appeal to people’s self-interest, never to their mercy
    · Do not remind people of past deeds. Find something that will benefit them
    and emphasize it out of proportion.

    Law 14: Pose as a friend, work as a spy
    · Learn to probe and find valuable information. Ask indirect questions.
    · Every occasion is a chance to spy.

    Law 15: Crush your enemy totally.
    · More is lost through stopping halfway. Crush your enemy in body and spirit.

    Law 16: Use absence to increase respect and honor
    · Too much circulation makes the price go down. If you are already
    established in a group, temporarily withdraw to make people talk.
    · Create value through scarcity.

    Law 17: Keep others in suspended terror: cultivate an air of unpredictability
    · Being predictable gives control to others. Behavior that isn’t consistent will
    wear people out, and they’ll stop trying to explain things.
    · When used to the extreme, you’ll intimidate and terrorize.

    Law 18: Do not build fortresses to protect yourself – isolation is dangerous
    · Isolation cuts you off from valuable information. Its better to mingle.
    · You are shielded from your enemy in a crowd.

    Law 19: Know who you’re dealing with – do not offend the wrong person
    · Never assume everyone will react the same way.
    · Choose your victims carefully. Never offend the wrong person.

    Law 20: Do not commit to anyone
    · Fools rush to pick a side. Do not commit to a cause but yourself
    · Maintain independence. Make people chase you and play people against
    one another

    Law 21: Play a sucker to catch a sucker- seem dumber than your mark
    · Don’t be stupid, but make your mark appear smarter than you
    · Making them appear smarter hides your motives

    Law 22: Use the surrender tactic: transformer weakness into power
    · When you’re weaker, never fight just for honor but surrender
    · Do not give them the satisfaction to win, surrender
    · Turn the other cheek to infuriate them

    Law 23: Concentrate your forces
    · Intensity defeats extensity every time
    · Find a fat cow that’ll give you milk for a long time

    Law 24: Play the perfect courtier
    · Master the art of indirection. Assert power gracefully

    Law 25: Re-create yourself
    · Create an identity that commands attention and never bores
    · Be the master of your own image. Use large gestures and actions-your
    character will seem huge and you’ll gain power

    Law 26: Keep your hands clean
    · Never appear soiled by mistakes. Use others as scapegoats to disguise
    your involvement

    Law 27: Play on people’s need to believe to create a cult like following
    · People want to believe in something
    · Become the focal point of this and offer them a cause, a new faith
    · Keep your words vague but full of promise
    · Emphasize enthusiasm over rationality
    · Give your new disciples rituals to perform and ask them to make sacrifices

    Law 28: Enter action with boldness
    · If you’re unsure then don’t do it. Timidity is dangerous
    · Any mistakes your commit through audacity are easily corrected with more
    audacity. Everyone admires boldness, no one honors the timid
    Law 29: Plan all the way to the end
    · The ending is everything. Take into account of scenario
    · If you plan, you won’t be overwhelmed. Guide fortune by thinking far ahead

    Law 30: Make your accomplishments seem effortless
    · Conceal the clever tricks. Make your success seem natural
    · Do not reveal how hard you work. Teach no one your tricks

    Law 31: Control the opinions: get others to play with the cards you deal
    · The best deceptions seem to give the other person a choice
    · Give options so no matter their choice, you win

    Law 32: Play to people’s fantasies
    · The truth is unpleasant, avoid it
    · People that manufacture romance are like oases in the desert
    · There’s great power in tapping into people’s fantasies

    Law 33: Discover each man’s thumbscrew
    · Find other’s weaknesses
    · Its usually insecurity, uncontrollable emotions, secret pressures

    Law 34: Be royal in your own fashion: act like a king to be treated like one
    · The way you carry yourself determines how you’re treated
    · Appearing vulgar or common will make people disrespect you
    · Kings respect themselves and inspire the same in others
    · By acting confident you make yourself destined to wear a crown

    Law 35: Master the art of timing
    · Never seem in a hurry, always seem patient
    · Sniff out the spirit of the times, find the trends that’ll give you power
    · Learn to stand back when not ready, and then strike

    Law 36: Disdain things you cannot have: ignoring them if the best revenge
    · Acknowledging petty problems gives them existence
    · When you acknowledge an enemy you make them stronger
    · The more you a mistake visible, the worse it gets
    · If you want something but can’t have it, disdain it
    · The less interest you reveal, the more superior you seem

    Law 37: Create compelling spectacles
    · Striking imagery and symbolic gestures create the auro of power and people
    respond. Dazzle by appearance
    · Stage spectacles for those around you and heighten your presence

    Law 38: Think as you like but behave like others
    · By flaunting your unconventional ways people will only think you want
    attention. They’ll punish you for making them feel inferior. Blend in

    Law 39: Stir up waters to catch fish
    · Anger and emotion is counterproductive. Stay calm and objective
    · Make enemies emotional while you stay calm. Rattle your enemies

    Law 40: Despise the free lunch
    · What’s offered for free in dangerous.
    – Pay your own way to avoid guilt and gratitude
    · No cutting corners with excellence
    · Be lavish with your money, keep it circulating
    · Generosity is a sign and magnet for power

    Law 41: Avoid stepping into a great man’s shoes
    · What happens first always appears better and more original than what’s next
    · Following great people means you must double their power
    · Gain power by shining in your own way

    Law 42: Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter
    · Trouble can be traced to a single individual. These people will influence others
    · Do not negotiate but banish them. Strike at the source of the trouble

    Law 43: Work on the hearts and minds of others
    · Coercion will work against you. Seduce others into wanting to move in your
    direction. Seduce others by operating on their individual psychologies and
    weaknesses. Soften them by working their emotions and what they fear.
    · Ignore the hearts and minds and they will grow to hate you

    Law 44: Disarm and infuriate with the mirror effect
    · When you mirror exactly what your enemies do, they cannot figure out your
    strategies or next plan of attack.
    · The mirror effect mocks and humiliates them, making them overreact
    · Hold a mirror to their psyches and you’ll seduce them and they’ll think they
    share your values
    · Mirror their actions and they learn lessons

    Law 45: Preach the need for change, but never reform too much at once
    · Everyone wants change but too much is traumatic
    · When new to power show you respect old ways
    · Make change feel like a gentle improvement on the past

    Law 46: Never appear too perfect
    · Its dangerous to appear like you have no thoughts
    · Its ok to admit to small defects

    Law 47: Do not go past the mark you aimed for; in victory know when to stop
    · When going to far in victory, you make more enemies
    · Set a goal, achieve it, then stop

    Law 48: Assume formlessness
    · By having a visible plan you open yourself to attack.
    · Stay adaptable and on the move
    · Accept that nothing is certain and now law fixed
    · Everything changes and never bet on it

  5. 24 Rules of Seduction

    1. Choose the Right Victim

    Everything depends on the target of your seduction. Study your prey thoroughly, and choose only those who will prove susceptible to your charms. The right victims are those for whom you can fill a void, who see in you something exotic. They are often isolated or unhappy, or can easily be made so—for the completely contented person is almost impossible to seduce. The perfect victim has some quality that inspires strong emotions in you, making your seductive maneuvers seem more natural and dynamic. The perfect victim allows for the perfect chase.

    2. Create a False Sense of Security – Approach Indirectly
    If you are too direct early on, you risk stirring up a resistance that will never be lowered. At first there mist be nothing of the seducer in you manner. The seduction should begin at an angle, indirectly, so that the target only gradually becomes aware of you. Haunt the periphery of your target’s life—approach through a third party, or seem to cultivate a relatively neutral relationship, moving gradually from friend to lover. Lull the target into feeling secure, then strike.

    3. Send Mixed Signals
    Once people are aware of your presence, and perhaps vaguely intrigued, you need to stir their interest before it settles on someone else. Most of us are much too obvious—instead, be hard to figure out. Send mixed signals: both tough and tender, both spiritual and earthly, both innocent and cunning. A mix of qualities suggests depth, which fascinates even as it confuses. And elusive, enigmatic aura will make people want to known more, drawing them into you circle. Create such a power by hinting at something contradictory within you.

    4. Appear to Be an Object of Desire – Create Triangles
    Few are drawn to the person whom others avoid or neglect; people gather around those who have already attracted interest. To draw your victims closer and make them hungry to possess you, you must create and aura of desirability—of being wanted and court by many. It will become a point of vanity for them to be the preferred object of your attention, to win you away from a crowd of admirers. Build a reputation that precedes you: If many have succumbed to your charms, there must be a reason.

    5. Create a Need – Stir Anxiety and Discontent
    A perfectly satisfied person cannot be seduced. Tension and disharmony must be instilled in your targets’ minds. Stir within them feelings of discontent, and unhappiness with their circumstances and with themselves. The feelings of inadequacy that you create will give you space to insinuate yourself, to make them see you as the answer to their problems. Pain and anxiety are the proper precursors to pleasure. Learn to manufacture the need that you can fill.

    6. Master the Art of Insinuation
    Making your targets feel dissatisfied and in need of your attention is essential, but if you are too obvious, they will see through you and grow defensive. There is no known defense, however, against insinuation—the art of planting ideas in people’s minds by dropping elusive hints that take root days later, even appearing to them as their own idea. Create a sublanguage—bold statements followed by retraction and apology, ambiguous comments, banal talk combined with alluring glances—that enters the target’s unconscious to convey your real meaning. Make everything suggestive.

    7. Enter Their Spirit
    Most people are locked in their own worlds, making them stubborn and hard to persuade. The way to lure them out of their shell and set up your seduction is to enter their spirit. Play by their rules, enjoy what they enjoy, adapt yourself to their moods. In doing so you will stroke their deep-rooted narcissism and lower their defenses. Indulge your targets’ every mood and whim, giving them nothing to react against or resist.

    8. Create Temptation
    Leave the target deep into your seduction by creating the proper temptation: a glimpse of the pleasures to come. As the serpent tempted Eve with the promise of forbidden knowledge, you must awaken a desire in your targets that they cannot control. Find that weakness of theirs, that fantasy that has yet to be realized, and hint that your can lead them toward it. The key is to keep it vague. Stimulate a curiosity stronger than the doubts and anxieties that go with it, and they will follow you.

    9. Keep Them In Suspense – What Comes Next?
    The moment people feel they know what to expect from you, your spell on them is broken. More: Your have ceded them power. The only way to lead the seduced along and keep the upper hand is to create suspense, a calculated surprise. Doing something they do not expect from you will give them a delightful sense of spontaneity—they will not be able to foresee what comes next. You are always one step ahead and in control. Give the victim a thrill with a sudden change of direction.

    10. Use the Demonic Power of Words to Sow Confusion
    It is hard to make people listen; they are consumed with their own thoughts and desires, and have little time for yours. The trick to making them listen is to say what they want to hear, to fill their ears with whatever is pleasant to them. This is the essence of seductive language. Inflame people’s emotions with loaded phrases, flatter them, comfort their insecurities, envelop them in sweet words and promises, and not only will they listen to you, they will lose their will to resist you.

    11. Pay Attention to Detail
    Lofty words of love and grand gestures can be suspicious: Why are you trying so hard to please? The details of a seduction—the subtle gestures, the offhand things you do—are often more charming and revealing. You must learn to distract your victims with a myriad of pleasant little rituals—thoughtful gifts tailored just for them, clothes and adornments designed to please them, gestures that show the time and attention you are paying them. Mesmerized by what they see, they will not notice what you are really up to.

    12. Poeticize Your Presence
    Important things happen when your targets are alone: The slightest feeling of relief that you are not their, and it is all over. Familiarity and overexposure will cause the reaction. Remain elusive, then. Intrigue your targets by alternating an exciting presence with a cool distance, exuberate moments followed by calculated absences. Associate yourself with poetic images and objects, so that when they think of you, they begin to see you through an idealized halo. The more you figure in their minds, the more they will envelope you in seductive fantasies.

    13. Disarm Through Strategic Weakness and Vulnerability
    Too much maneuvering on your part may raise suspicion. The best way to cover your tracks is to make the other person feel superior and stronger. If you seem to be weak, vulnerable, enthralled by the other person, and unable to control yourself, you will make your actions look more natural, less calculated. Physical weakness—tears, bashfulness, paleness—will help create the effect. Play the victim, then transform your target’s sympathy into love.

    14. Confuse Desire and Reality – The Perfect Illusion
    To compensate for the difficulties in their lives, people spend a lot of their time daydreaming, imagining a future full of adventure, success, and romance. If your can create the illusion that through you they can live out their dreams, you will have tem at your mercy. Aim at secret wishes that have been thwarted or repressed, stirring up uncontrollable emotions, clouding their powers of reason. Lead the seduced to a point of confusion in which they can no longer tell the difference between illusion and reality.

    15. Isolate the Victim
    An isolated person is weak. By slowly isolating your victims, you make them more vulnerable to your influence. Take them away from their normal milieu, friends, family, home. Give them the sense of being marginalized, in limbo—they are leaving one world behind and entering another. Once isolated like this, they have no outside support, and in their confusion they are easily led astray. Lure the seduced into your lair, where nothing is familiar.

    16. Prove Yourself
    Most people want to be seduced. If they resist your efforts, it is probably because you have not gone far enough to allay their doubts—about your motives, the depth of your feelings, and so on. One well-timed action that shows how far you are willing to go to win them over will dispel their doubts. Do not worry about looking foolish or making a mistake—any kind of deed that is self-sacrificing and for your target’s sake will so overwhelm tie emotions, they won’t notice anything else.

    17. Effect a Regression
    People who have experienced a certain kind of pleasure in the past will try to repeat or relive it. The deepest-rooted and most pleasurable memories are usually those from earliest childhood, and are often unconsciously associated with a parental figure. Bring your targets back to that point by placing yourself in the Oedipal triangle and positioning them as the needy child. Unaware of he cause of their emotional response, they will fall in love with you.

    18. Stir Up the Transgressive and Taboo
    There are always social limits on what one can do. Some of these, the most elemental taboos, go back centuries; others are more superficial, simply defining polite and acceptable behavior. Making your targets feel that you are leading them past either kind of limit is immensely seductive. People yearn to explore their dark side. Once the desire to transgress draws your target to you, it will be hard for them to stop. Take them farther than they imagined—the shared feeling of guild and complicity will create a powerful bond.

    19. Use Spiritual Lures
    Everyone has doubts and insecurities—about their body, their self-worth, their sexuality. If your seduction appeals exclusively to the physical, you will stir up these doubts and make your targets self-conscious. Instead, lure them out of their insecurities by making them focus on something sublime and spiritual: a religious experience, a lofty work of art, the occult. Lost in a spiritual mist, the target will feel light and uninhibited. Deepen the effect of your seduction by making its sexual culmination seem like the spiritual union of two souls.

    20. Mix Pleasure and Pain
    The greatest mistake in seduction is being too nice. At first, perhaps, your kindness is charming, but it soon grows monotonous; you are trying too hard to please, and seem insecure. Instead of overwhelming your targets with niceness, try inflicting some pain. Make them feel guilty and insecure. Instigate a breakup—now a rapprochement, a return to your earlier kindness, will turn them weak at the knees. The lower the lows you create, the greater the highs. To heighten the erotic charge, create the excitement of fear.

    21. Give Them Space to Fall – The Pursuer Is Pursued
    If your targets become too used to you as the aggressor, they will give less of their own energy, and the tension will slacken. You need to wake them up, turn the tables. Once they are under your spell, take a step back and they will start to come after your. Hint that you are growing bored. Seem interested in someone else. Soon they will want to possess you physically, and restraint will go out the window. Create the illusion tat the seducer is being seduced.

    22. Use Physical Lures
    Targets with active minds are dangerous: If they see through your manipulations, they may suddenly develop doubts. Put their minds gently to rest, and waken their dormant senses, by combining a non-defensive attitude with a charged sexual presence. While your cool, nonchalant air is lowering their inhibitions, your glances, voice, and bearing—oozing sex and desire—are getting under their skin and raising their temperature. Never force the physical; instead infect your targets with heat, lure them into lust. Morality, judgment, and concern for the future will melt away.

    23. Master the Art of the Bold Move
    A moment has arrived: Your victim clearly desires you, but is not ready to admit it openly, let alone act on it. This is the time to throw aside chivalry, kindness, and coquetry and to overwhelm with a bold move. Don’t give the victim time to consider the consequences. Showing hesitation or awkwardness means you are thinking of yourself, as opposed to being overwhelmed by the victim’s charms. One person must on the offensive, and it is you.

    24. Beware of the After Effects
    Danger follows in the aftermath of a successful seduction. After emotions have reached a pitch, they often swing in the opposite direction—towards lassitude, distrust, disappointment. If you are to part, make the sacrifice swift and sudden. If you are to stay in a relationship, beware a flagging of energy, a creeping familiarity that will spoil the fantasy. A second seduction is required. Never let the other person take you for granted—use absence, create pain and conflict, to keep the seduced on tenterhooks.

  6. @ William

    I’m equally grateful to be of service.

    Yes, up here is blazing hot yet I really don’t feel it. I’m outside daily digging and pulling up weeds, getting ready for the winter season, cutting firewood and loading up on my dried herbs.

    Thank you for posting them.

    I do hope that some of us take this seriously because the Election is months away.

  7. angel9loveu on said:

    Thank you…noted.:)

  8. angel9loveu on said:

    Wow these strategies send shivers up my spine and mirrors the mind of a narcissistic sociopath. I’m not one but I’ve been studying them and if there was a school for narcopaths The Art of War would be their textbook.And this book describes society,government,military,law enforcement etc…
    However, there’s no doubt the Olympics is another diversion in the ptb plot creating a diversion to conceal the hidden agenda before the fireworks hits this election.They’ve been flooding the media with images of union in competition.

  9. As America begins it’s new goal of UNBLACKENING everything that the “soldouts, holdouts, foldouts and boldouts” hold near and dear becomes wrested from the hands of those wretched, maybe then and only then will they take this mass orchestration seriously. They are being played like a dollar store whistle, and are too entrenched to see it.

    Attrition numbers will be great, casualties too many to count and the spoils of war will be ripe for the taking.

    No matter what our people do good, bad or otherwise – it’s ALWAYS our fault, and we will never be good enough for them. When the scarlet harlot slithers into office, it will become the woman’s fault next, because those white boys are desperate and bloodthirsty, and have to blame SOMEONE for their fallacies, inadequacies and shortcomings.

    This is some serious shit when we have been continually subjected to the 48/33/24 mindset of the ruthless and relentless. Think about all of the false flags, fake candidates, spectacles, phony celebrity worship and pseudo-heroes that are being promoted and pushed in our faces 24/7 and getting worse as we speak. Is it not strange that BET, Centric and so on has the most commercials on TV? Or magazines like Essence, Ebony and Jet are now nothing but ads? Or that Motown is now “Notown”. Because everything that our leaders held near and dear had to be validated and approved by YT…right? And we worshiped their true god “the all-seeing eye of the almighty dollar” so much, we couldn’t hold on it for even one good circulation in our communities to benefit ourselves.

    I had a YT boy tell me recently “even though you make over twice what I make, and you know much more than I do, you can’t tell me what to do – because your boss looks like me” and what he said was insane, but true…but my reply may have hit his wallet and ego, but didn’t even faze him – “it may be true about someone that looks like you being my boss, but the painful truth is that I am YOUR supervisor right now, and by being non-compliant to the contract that you signed, terminates your employment immediately”. His final statement was “at least I don’t have YOU trying to tell me what to do anymore”…

    These examples are becoming the norm in all facets of our co-existence, because it violates their concept of supremacy and genetic survival. They would rather starve, die out or even destroy this divinely ordered existence, than to be supervised or subservient to us.

    This site is not a “conspiracy theory, doomsday prepper or chicken little” way of thinking, it is a place where facts are being presented, theories being proved and observations being confirmed because the Creation is putting two or three witnesses together so that truth can be confirmed.

    Take heed, pay close attention and get prepared for an “inclement forecast”.


  10. @ William

    ” They would rather starve, die out or even destroy this divinely ordered existence, than to be supervised or subservient to us.”

    I know this to be a fact.

    I personally know some of them that would rather die than have equality because they know they wouldn’t survive on an even playing field.

    As for conspiracy theory…

    When I became aware of what’s happening all around me, I immediately lost friends who refused to comprehend that our demise has been planned from the moment “they” knew who we were.

    I get harassed almost daily by BOTH sides and challenged by those who are anxiety stricken and don’t know how to process this information.

    I recently met a black woman who told me that she feels “something is coming” but couldn’t properly describe it.

    I checked out, as much as possible, from this hellhole and am working on distancing myself even further but it’s damn hard!

    New rules are being put into place to keep us bound to the system and it’s very difficult to form alliances with black people.

    We’re so deep into our own issues and our shit that when we get together and TRY to do something, all hell breaks loose.

    Fighting, quarreling, competition and envy are usually the end result and I’m too tired for that shit anymore.

    Sorry for the rant.

  11. I read the 48 Laws of Power. I have not as yet gotten the other books he’s written. I’ll add this one to my list.

  12. @ truth

    Let me know how you like it.

  13. A lot of these strategies are within me intuitively. I didn’t realize it until I read The 48 Laws of Power. I’ve been doing a lot of this innately when dealing with people. What does it all mean?

  14. I feel ya. You’re not alone.

  15. @ truth

    It means you’ve adapted and now know how to maneuver yourself in war.

    It’s all apart of the learning process.

  16. I was a child, D. Seriously. And I was very quiet as a little girl but for some unknown reason, I knew how to respond to things innately–even those that were frightening. God is in all things. I give him the credit for directing me. These are his laws in truth.

  17. @ DOAN – it is never a rant, sometimes we have to clean out the closets and cellars in order to make room for a new season. I hate being longwinded, but when we hook up, its like a family reunion, and miss our dialog.

    I can relate totally to a loss of friends, family and foes because of our not being caught up in the “okie doak” of commonality, or the curses of being followers. You know as well as I, that it is extremely profitable for the masses to stay below average or common aka dependency…because the most disadvantaged are always the most taken advantage of. Thinking outside of the box creates isolation, resentment and hostility many times.

    Years ago, I had an epiphany when watching the movie “The Spook Who Sat By The Door” at the neighborhood theater that showed many of the blaxploitation movies of the 70’s. After the movie, I had to read Sam Greenlee’s book of the same title, and there were references to many aspects of enlightenment within, which impacts me even today.

    I checked out long ago, but will continue to obtain the insight, education, training and strategies from the mainstream to become better prepared to survive, and help others to do the same. It has been a hard battle to keep your eyes open and mouth closed while learning all you could from the oppressor, to figure a way to obtain the keys to unlock the restraints and free yourself. From military survival training, first responder and hazmat ops, trade schools, colleges and numerous seminars and studies abroad (while helping my sisters and brothers) – have prepared me for the inevitable…we will have to fight for our freedom, and it is true that many that look like us will be some of our worse enemies, because they are complacently comfortable with the status quo.

    My daily mantra will continue to be “They can’t out think me, out pray me or whup my ass, so what do they have?” And I share it with anyone that is within earshot needing it.

    It’s damn hard to be a leader DOAN, but you were properly equipped by the Creation to do just that…SO KEEP LEADING! And there are others that are here, that are leading and learning to lead, so it is not futile if only one sista and brotha actually get it and make it. It may be up to them to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the Earth…then our living won’t be in vain. Stay encouraged my Sis!!!!

    I would like to share the 36 Rules of Engagement from Sun Tzu from the Art of War, and would be interested in hearing from our readers how they compare with Greene’s 33 Strategies of War.


  18. Sun Tzu – 36 Rules in the Art of War

    1. A leader leads by example, not by force.
    2. You have to believe in yourself.
    3. Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.
    4. If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.
    5. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.
    6. Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.
    7. If the mind is willing, the flesh could go on and on without many things.
    8. Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
    9. To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.
    10. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
    11. Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?
    12. Even the finest sword plunged into saltwater will eventually rust.
    13. Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.
    14. If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.
    15. Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory:
    16. He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.
    17. He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces.
    18. He will win, whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.
    19. He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.
    20. He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.
    21. Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.
    22. Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
    23. There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard. There are not more than five primary colors, yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen. There are not more than five cardinal tastes, yet combinations of them yield more flavors than can ever be tasted.
    24. Opportunities multiply as they are seized.
    25. When the enemy is relaxed, make them toil. When full, starve them. When settled, make them move.
    26. Know yourself and you will win all battles.
    27. Move swift as the Wind, and closely formed as the Wood. Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain.
    28. Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.
    29. When strong, avoid them. If of high morale, depress them. Seem humble to fill them with conceit. If at ease, exhaust them. If united, separate them. Attack their weaknesses. Emerge to their surprise.
    30. All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.
    31. There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.
    32. The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.
    33. Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.
    34. Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.
    35. All warfare is based on deception.
    36. When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard.

  19. I feel it. All around me. Babylon is preparing to purge us under the direction of Donald because he will win. I have been preparing to flee to a black country. I am afraid. I must find strength.

  20. @William Tell I too have left babylonian energy efficiency. These devils get funding from the gas and electric companies and the state to pressure ppl into buying defective solar panels and LED’s from China. Yurugu pockets the majority and mexicans take the scraps

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