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How 5 Percent of the World Controls the Other 95 Percent

A letter from my reader:

“Dear Truth,

I don’t know if you’ve written about this before but I have to ask. How does a tiny minority of whites rule over the black majority of the world? I mean, how did that happen? Can you point me in to a book, movie or something that explains how this is possible?”

Signed “X”

Dear X,

My simple theory:

  1. We sold out for fame, money, power, glory and it backfired big time.
  2. We shared our entrusted secrets due to our naivete and poor understanding of the enemy or were tricked into sharing them and it backfired big time.


Blacks also do not understand that spells are being casted on us DAILY via:

  1. The Media that is owned by Joos
  2. The Food that is owned by Joos
  3. The (fake) music industry that is laden with subliminal messages that is owned by Joos
  4. The poisonous cotton that make our clothes that is owned by and manufactured by Joos
  5. The poisonous water filled with fluoride that is owned by Joos
  6. The banking system that is designed to enslave us by never ending debt that is owned by Joos
  7. The pornography industry that is designed to tear apart the sanctity of marriage that is owned by Joos
  8. The education system that is designed to fast-track us into the prison system that is owned by Joos
  9. The prison industrial system that is designed to separate and destroy families that is owned by Joos
  10. The esoteric, Satanic, anti-Nature, demon-conjuring words that make up the entire English language that was invented by Joos originating in Albion-Germania-Khazaria which is now called The Caucus Mountains.
  11. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, the stolen Ethiopian-Cushite-Egiptian scroll that was rewritten and reworked and reworded that is now laden with vast contradictions within a contradiction to coax us into eternal submission that we now know as The Bible.


But, X, may I say that blacks have to accept 50% of the blame?




Whites can only do what we permit them to do.


They can only keep their foot on our necks if we allow them to do it. Their pockets remain full of black dollars because we give to it them in a desperate attempt to have them “like us” and talk to us and grin with us to soothe our battered black egos. The same battered black egos that they created in the first place.

Whites can only continue to talk one way in front of us (“let’s have peace and put this behind us”)  yet do the exact opposite behind closed doors ( “how can we kill niggers and get away with it?“)  because we want approval from a group of people that have shown us from day one:

  1. That they lack empathy for us
  2. That they lack even the tiniest morsel of huemanity for their own tribesmen
  3. That they believe that their self induced pathology called White Supremacy coincides with the Laws of Nature.
  4. That they really, honestly and truly believe that an abnormal skin condition makes them superior, more beautiful and smarter than everyone else.
  5. That Nature, the tangible manifestation of GOD, made a mistake creating dark skin and woolly hair FIRST to live in the hottest place on Earth.
  6. That they are entitled to the very best on earth simply for being white.
  7. That they have earned the right to kill, rape and enslave anyone they wish because their God has ordained it. And we should just accept it.


The fact that we want to be loved and accepted and admired by such a creature of such a low and amoral and ignoble Nature tells me that blacks are the ones that are truly insane.


It’s the insanity that insanity begats.


It’s this insanity WHY we are ruled by a minority of “un-People”-humanoids and are happy (some of us) to accept it.


I hope this post answers your question.


~ TruthbeTold







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42 thoughts on “How 5 Percent of the World Controls the Other 95 Percent

  1. BINGO! BINGO! Finally. Someone with the “balls” to tell the truth. Yes. We are complicit in our own downfall. And some of us wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for this post and confirming that I am not crazy.

  2. Negress.. You have been a calm in the storm for me. After all these years I finally realized after trying to integrate and assimilate the #1. Reason for my depression was being black in a racist system and my continued participation in it. I am a debt slave. Currently paying off $17000. 00 of consumer debt. I kept buying and buying to fill my void, to feel worthy and until I read your 21 harsh truths I never knew ot didn’t matter how much “stuff” I owned. I look at the news and I see how they treat us. I go on facebook and I see how we are killing each other everyday because we hate ourselves and this place is hell. I look to ghana and nigeria and I see they are still white worshipping when it comes to expats. Still being treated like slaves in South Africa living in townships while whites enjoy a multitude of wealth. In san diego I see how whites live in Del Mar, La Jolla, Encinitas, Poway and I lok at how blacks and mexicans live in the southeast and I feel shame. Some days I hate myself, my black skin and I wonder why I was brought here to suffer. Whites will never care because they feel like they saved us from disease, ignorance and filth and we should be gleeful we are allowed to stay here. I no longer beg for acceptance and I am fighting mybway out of debt daily, prepping and trying to figure someway to go off-grid in this prison planet. May the most high have mercy on the black race and give us strength.

  3. @ me548

    The day when we stop begging is the day that we regain freedom.

    How do we beg?

    1. Please hire me for this job.
    2. Please feed me.
    3. Please give me a mortgage.
    4. Please educate my child.
    5. Please have sex with me.
    6. Please clothe me.

    When we can say to them,” You have absolutely NOTHING that I want or need” is the day that whites will disappear from our realm.

    That’s the real reason why they resent, fear and hate the Chinese.

  4. when i grow up, I want to be able to drop gems of knowledge like you do.

  5. @ blackmystory

    And I wanna be a intuitive as you…

  6. Negress let us say that we have a service business, and one approaches whites to offer our service to them. I do hope you do not view that as begging, because in business the bottom line is green. Their is no friendship involved. I personally buy from blacks as much as possible, but sell to everyone. I personally know of a couple of blacks who own businesses and do not want to offer their products to whites. In my opinion that is stupid, because when one is in business, to make a profit, why would one discriminate against others. I can understand these 2 blacks not liking whites, but if the white has the money why not sell the product to them. This is not about friendship, or liking or disliking certain people,.

    In the reply you wrote about begging ,could you give alternatives regarding, please give me a mortgage and please clothes me. Because I would like to find out more about how one can find some sort of solution to somewhat try and alleviate those 2 practices.

  7. @ Cedi

    Up here, hispanics pool their money together and buy duplexes, triplexes and mini farms ( 1-10) acres of land. Fifty of them. Yes, fifty, get together and all contribute 200, 1000, 5000 dollars and buy these falling down buildings. Then cousins, uncles and friends come up and they rip off the roof, add hardwood floors and fresh tile and Voila! A new house emerges.

    They have ZERO mortgages because they buy in cash only. They shop “For Sale by Owner” and have little contact with the banks, only a lawyer to iron out the details.

    The Indians from India do the same and have turned a tiny section up here into “Little Bombay.”

    As for clothing, I buy a bolt of fabric from various African shops and sew my own clothes, potholders,shower curtains… I’m even learning how to make shoes.

    Unfortunately, you will have to have some contact with yurugu and his cousins for some items such as rubber, glass etc…they monopolize as much as they can. But we can alleviate our dependency on them if we stick together like the other races do.

  8. Brave post. I agree with a lot of it. Cediblog has a point. There is no way black businesses can thrive as a collective group without at some point having to sell, borrow or buy from non-black entities. Its not good business sense to sell or buy from a source based on the colour of their skin. Cost/product quality is everything in the world of commerce.

  9. Thank you for the advice regarding the house, because one in my opinion does not really need real estate agents. I have gone to for sale open houses in the past and no agent so far has given me any profound or any unique knowledge on any property. Secondly most real estate agents generally do not know anything about the construction of houses they are selling.

    I wish I knew how to do things like carpentry, basic plumbing, basic electrical etc, because getting trades people to renovate properties, or even fix your present property is very expensive,. Well it is not too late to learn the basics of property renovation. Yes you are right that For sale by owner can be a good way to go,if one is able to cut out the middleman why not.

    I may not be able to get most of my people to assist me in buying properties, but maybe one or two quality family members , could be just as good. I know that banks are not ideal institutions to deal with, but they do handle forclosed properties, and you could get good deals with forclosures. ( handling forclosed properties ,could be a good business venture, depending on the laws and where one lives and the up front capital involved in opening that type of business).

    In regards to the fabric, buying a bolt of fabric is a very good idea, my only challenge is sometimes I want to wear outfits with a western design. i.e an ankle length skirt with small pastel flowers, many African stores I deal with only sell African designs, which is fine for me sometimes, Ideally an African store that sells both African and western fabrics, would be great, Some East Indian stores nowadays are selling both East Indian and Western Fabrics.

  10. It’s a tiny home that you finish yourself. For under roughly 15,000, you can have your own home mortgage FREE.

  11. Me548, I have gone through similar emotions like you. Nowadays I feel better, this is not to say that I don’t feel depressed anymore, once in a while I do. You are probably going through these emotions because you are cleansing spiritually and mentally. It is not unusual when you start the journey of consciousness to feel greatly depressed, but let me tell you it does get better. Once you know who and what you are dealing with. Your 17k debt I know feels like a burden and let us be honest it is a burden , but let me tell you it can be paid off, I personally deal with having a frugal, luxurious lifestyle, being frugal for me is not about deprivation or cheapness or stinginess. It is about living a good life no matter what your income level is. Your mind has to change first though. For e.g I do not eat out at restaraunts, I do not view restaurant food as a treat, I used to work in restaraunts and I can tell you many of those trendy spots are unclean and have unhygienic practices ( Yes they do fuck with people who they do not like, food orders). and I would not order anything from the Chinese especially, they are not clean in my opinion. Actually you may want to avoid going to non-black restaraunts, especially when as you stated many of whites don’t like us. ( I use the restaurant ex. because so many of us get caught up with eating out). The healthiest, cleanest meals should be prepared right at home in your kitchen,. Remember food prepared with love at home, is superior to food prepared outside for profit.

    It is not uncommon to anaesthethize onseself by shopping, other ways could be by smoking, overeating, which is why so many black women especially have obesity, and so many other things that have been marketed to us. For the past 2 years on and off I have been decluttering, I did not have a lot of stuff, and to many people I do not have a lot of stuff, but to me I really began to look at what I truly needed and I realized that it was not that much. I donated the things to charity for new refugees, you can do the same or you can have a garage sale if you choose to get rid of things. A lot of material things made me feel like a debt slave also, with fewer possessions I feel a lot better. I do purchase from black businesses, as much as I can and I will admit that the price can be higher, but I realize that small businesses do not have the buying power to buy in mass quantity at a greatly reduced price. but that is OKay, because I have no problem, purchasing from black companies at a higher price if the service and quality is good, and besides I’m supporting my own who is trying to do a good business.

    Do not hate your black skin, take care of it , eat healthy, wash it daily, mositurize it with natural oils and love it. I am a dark skinned black female and I am learning to take care of myself rather than hating myself. (I too have hated myself)

    548, dropping out of the system the best way you can is a good start. There are alternative ways to live a fulfilling life without always spending money. I have more money now that I am bypassing a lot of the lies told to me about how to live.

    If you or anyone is interested in living frugally and paying of debt, you should google frugal living sites. I know that many of them are written by whites, but hey that is Okay,there is no sin in learning from them,to navigate in their system and by the way some of those sites have some really good practical information, we cant always throw the baby out with the bath water.

    548 please remember this is not the end of the world, but a beginning of the hjourney of a good life and I believe you deserve a good life. and always remember that money is just as good in your hand as it is in the white mans hand.

  12. This year I learned to live as an immigrant. I put a halt to all my endless consuming. I paid off a . $7500 in debt so far and paid a car off early last year. ( made a mistake buing a new car but luckily it was only $11, 700. I started a garden and learned to cook at home. In addition to paying down debt I have been saving money to handle the Trump storm. Since January I saved $6, 012. 00. I worked two jobs. I recently left a white family owned company. I made them over $300,000 in sales but never felt apart of a team or family. There is no pride in tokenism because no mater what you do you will be niggerized and reminded that everything you have in life is courtesy of the white man. Now I am back in school and working part time to make my way to Haiti, nigeria or Accra by 2019. It is lonely being awakened. I have no friends or family who understand. Depression is a daily battle. I will overcome racism and western society by forging my own path. It will not be easy but by the grace of the most high I will prevail and be free just as nature intended for me

  13. Thank you @cediblog for all of the tips and encouragement.

  14. It is lonely being awakened. Yes you are right about that and most people around you, friends and family won’t understand. Yes it is lonely being conscious, but I wouldn’t trade it for the way I used to be. For years I knew I was different and silly little discussions about drinking and supposedly cute guys were not of genuine interest to me, but I tried for many years to fit into that lifestyle, but I became bitter angry and hated most people. Now that I have stopped fooling myself I can tolerate people better and know exactly what I want from them. I realize that for me most people I thought were my friends, never were my friends (how many friends do most people have anyways?). Most people to me are just acquaintances , I don’t expect them to be conscious anyways. One of the things I did and it helped me to cope with my depression at that time,was to lower my expectations of people, but increase my expectations of myself. You stated that you worked for a white family owned company and you never felt part of the team. The reason could be that you never were really part of the team and you may haee had unconsciously high expectations of the people who you were working with and they just saw you as someone who could dramatically increase their bottom line (there is nothing wrong with the thinking by either party). You may have been unconciously looking for acceptance from who you were working with and working for (there is no shame in that), but they let you down. Even though I do not know you, your story is not unique especially with black women and some black men, who worked hard to increase the bottom line for most of these white and non-black owned companies, they work for. 548 if you can produce 300k in a year for the company, I’m sure you could pull in at least double that amount if you had your own company.

    In my opinion many black peoples depression is linked more to events and situations more than hormonal.

    Take care of yourself Everyone and please lower your expectations ,when dealing with non blacks, but always increase your expectations of yourself.

  15. Negress. that link you sent regarding housing options, shows that if someone wants to live without the trappings of a mortgage, it is very attainable

  16. 548, I forgot to congratulate you on leaving that company, because you deserve better. This is the time for you to do for yourself and in my opinion you are free to heal and be happy. You are now unstoppable, once again congratulations you deserve he best.

  17. Dear Diaryofanegress,

    White Supremacy (racism) is a business so what does this non-white person (if it is really one !) expect from them except making benefits on the back of the victims pf this insane business ?

    Thank you to remind to these non-white people, as we are classified as non-white black people ( We are first people) in this world government system anyways, the situation in which we are all for us a prison. We are Prisoners of War. And must work to get out of the prison. Business by the way is not a color business is business. So let’s stop talking of Black Business (VGG) business is neither white or black or yellow, business is creating value.
    One more thing the white people don’t hate non-white people, they are running the world and don’t care of us, they don’t see us, they consider us non existent as a person, tehy see us as slaves, which is different, so we have to do the same and look forward to better our situation by having and using a counter racist code of behavior sustained by a logical appproach rather than emotional reactions to them.

    Yes we are in a war and such strategies should be expected from people (white ones who believes in racism, the other ones are racist suspects nevertheless they are all racists suspect as we don’t really know who is and who is not a racist among them) who dominates and mistreat other people (non-white people) by controlling everything that they do, and first of all their minds by filling it up with the confusion which is the major and chief weapon.

    Thank you.

    In The Production Of Justice.

  18. Dear Diaryofanegress?

    Comment :

    This idea or thought of “Contempt” is an error quite commonly made by a large number of non-white/black people, wether they admit it or not, and is confusing in regards to their relationship with white people and to the extent of and during the existence of the system of white supremacy (racism).
    Non-WHite/Black people are and are not subject of “Contempt” from the white people and racists one, for the simple reason that non-white people do have within this ideological system of white supremacy (racism) no real existence before the gaze of some white person whatsoever, this single principle justifying the existence of this system.
    What they take for contempt is actually a way of thinking, an education that every white person receives from birth within this system, that wether it likes it or not, from his birth and in each institutionn, circumstances, and by education, directly or indirectly trained within this unique operating system in place on Earth, and this education teaches by osmosis to any white person that it is able to him or her, to decide the fate of the people non-white people, being by «belief» ideologically «on their top» having power over every non-white person.

    Thank You .

    In The Production Of Justice.

  19. @ Cedi

    Affordable housing with no mortgage is possible if we’re willing to make sacrifices like smaller spaces, less stuff and living off the land.

  20. Whites are dropping out of the system at an all time high. Retreating into the mountains and reducing their dependency on the system. They KNOW America is on her way out. We need to plan accordingly to survive the fall.

  21. Also once whites isolate themselves to preserve numbers we will be at the mercy of Hispanics and Asians who WILL NOT support the African much or at all. These hard truths have to be accepted. If the black collective does not learn to sustain itself claude Anderson’s permanent underclass theory will become true.

  22. @me548

    Hang tough, “were there is a will there is a way”.
    Food for thought/research…Lajolla was historically black inhabited, they were pushed off the land/coast…land stolen outright, Poway was historically “native-american”, same scenario, however when the housing boom started in the mid 90’s these demons desecrated the land, a fired drunken on the job demon blew the whistle. Also, flooding happened and most are haunted for disturbing the burial sites, the mexican house cleaners have been looting the homes of demons for years. I lived in Poway years ago, the stories are numerous none to their favor (my parents, family never had a problem) as far as the CURSES… Del Mar suffers as well.

    On the other hand, I always felt solice and took 4 buses to get to southeast SanDiego every chance I got…only could relate to my own kind of people. When my friends from SE SanDiego would travel to Poway to visit, they would frequently ask, don’t these demons bother you? My reply, I don’t see them, please ignore them don’t waste your time or attention this is god’s country!

    The point of sharing this with you, the grass is not greener on the other side!!! It looks beautiful, nicely manicured lawns , huge homes etc…but when given the chance to go inside (helped mother clean homes in those areas throughout high school) they are demon invested dysfunctional sociopathic xenophobic savages! More liquor dog and cat food then human food! The list goes on and on…

    Lastly, hold your head up high you are on a journey to finding out that you are to BLESSED to be DEPRESSED!

  23. me548, not all white people are dropping out of the system and retreating to mountain living only some are> Nobody truly knows what the future brings, but I do personally believe that the whites will blow the place up, before they would ever hand it over to Asians.

    Also as Pwrhouz stated the grass is not greener on the other side and there is a lot of dysfunction, even though I live in a different country, I can relate and have seen similar things. The other thing is there is also more liquour, dog food and cat food than human food, probably because they don’t have the teeth to eat nutritious veggies and such,. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were doing questionable sex acts with their pets. Who knows,who cares as long as you or I are not engaging in those acts,.

    As I previously said me548 lower your expectations of others and have high expectations for yourself. Focus on what you want and do it, you know the score, you know what to do. Please do not concern your precious energy regarding, whites and non-blacks, and unconscious blacks.

  24. Breaking news! The city of Flint is not picking up trash for their residents. They no longer have a waste management contract.

  25. Does anyone have experience living in a motor home or Rv ,? Because I have understood that can also be a mortgage free way to live. and you can travel of course with it. Though at this time I have a permanent residence, who knows what the future brings, so I would like to find out about more alternative ways to live.

  26. TheOriginalBlackWoman on said:

    Great post, truthful and accurate as always! I been seeing for sometime now that black people aid and abeit to a great degree in our own MAAFA.

  27. angel9loveu on said:

    All those who can’t “let go” willingly will be forced to let go cause these evil pale faces have declared open season on our black people.
    My mom always says,”If you can’t hear, you will feel”.

    Yesterday I was leaving a store to go to my car and this nasty SOB yurugu clearly watched for when I was leaving and backed out it’s car without stopping right as I approached as if to run me over out of nowhere.And sped off. These cowards have been getting so brazen, it’s not safe to walk out your house without being even more vigilant than before.
    Another one was walking in the middle of the road like she was on crack and when I was about to turn instead of jumping to the side walk this crazy bitch jumped infant of my car.And then when I asked if she was coherent she stood there like a zombie, then again it’s the sunny state of weirdos.

    These sudden attacks on black people coming out of the wazzu, is a sign.They are cooking up their devices to bring out more false flags to destroy us.And if you think leeching off them to learn their practices are making a difference, it’s not.What’s the sense sticking around to profit off them when they’re plotting to permanently remove you off the face of the earth anyway.
    As the heat from the sun turns up this summer Toubob/yurugu is turning the heat up on us,baiting, creating situations to kill us.
    An example of them baiting is this recent knowledge of a site, developed where YT people can donate to for reparations…if this isn’t a set up like #BlackLivesMatter funded by the rich yt elite. I don’t know what is. They’re coming out of pocket with these set ups.

    I don’t see how making all this preparation in the land of our captivity amongst our enemies will profit us.If they take your land, that’s it, they already claim they own everything,including our land and things.The first thing they’ll do is oust us off our lands.

    Going to places where there’s less of them might help a bit more than staying where they’re the majority.I never get why black people would move into a town where they’re are the minority.For instance moving into some hillbilly town in Texas where there’s only one black family. Just mental illness. Who’s gonna help you when they all realize they have nothing to lose and move in on the one or two black families?

    They call this the time of ‘Jacob’s trouble”. And yurugu or Al Satan and his spawns like a roaring lion is seeking to devour us more than ever.

  28. angel9loveu on said:

    *infront not infant sorry spell check keeps changing my words

  29. @angel9loveu these meth heads have been out of control. You have to watch them

  30. @ angel9loveu

    My family has a history of living where we want..this is god’s country! For instance my great great granpa was a dairy farmer, raised thousands of livestock for a living. Also, he lived in the middle of KKK country…he let them know from the start, shot of his guns acted crazier then demons, they left him alone. My aunties, uncles, and father has this attitude as well, my point, so do I! We don’t have
    problems because they know that we are crazier !

    However, I would not recommend this living situation to black people who are not strong warriors Harriet Tubman style! You must be willing to die fighting!

    The benefits of living on acres, raising own food (livestock), huge gardens, canning food for storage etc… is worth it to me!

    On the other hand, I hope to find land in the countryside near my own, perhaps to start Co-ops in the near future…farming is my greatest contribution to help my people! I dream of teaching ourchildren this self sufficient skill…

  31. POWRHOUZ, your reply reminds me of a saying in the movie Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living or Get busy Dying” . You and your family obviously Got busy Living . I applaud you. I just like yourself, have not given up, on having a good life and our ancestors would not want us to give up. Thank you for reminding me of why I AM HERE.

  32. angel9loveu on said:

    @pwr houz
    Why was Harriet Tubman trying to getaway from white people again? Remind me. I remember them trying to get away from them not run into yurugus arms.She didn’t have much choice but to fight and she was wise.The stubborn house and brainwashed kneegros chose to give her up or stick around and slow down the movement wanting to be under massa’s watch.Typical stockholm syndrome

    And MLK Jr(eventually ),Malcolm X,Marcus Garvey all stressed separation etc… Two lost their lives and another imprisoned for trying to get stiff-necked negroes aware and to wake up, of who they’re truly messing with, integration was a joke, mores to the white man.
    The bible also says to separate, does it not.Always we get so many warnings but still choose pride and selfishness. Anyway do what you will. I’ll choose wisdom, cause a powerful mind is mightier than any sword.
    And that’s why I love negresses posts she’s a truth speaker no sugar coating. Following blindly has gotten us nowhere.So I know why I say my truth about this country that hates us so much if we go missing it’s very unlikely anyone will know or care unless you’re a pretty yt you’ll be overlooked. And I know the masters of tricknology aren’t stressed over a negro by themselves throwing threats. They just regroup and plan a passive aggressive attack.

    Anyway, stay safe.

  33. angel9loveu on said:

    @Cediblogs Shawshank Redemption girl great movie. But weren’t you more for befriending yurugu, being stealth and learning their cursed ways.Things our ancestors taught them initially, you keep giving yurugu way more credit than they deserve or over your own people without realizing they got to where they’re at by tricknology,lying stealing and pillaging from everyone.They’re only skill is being crafty.I have faith in my people to know we can do anything we put our minds too and we don’t need to involve your pale skin buddies.
    So, I can’t take you serious no way, can’t have your cake and eat it too.
    Bout “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying” hahahaha *standing ovation* love it though, hope you mean it.

  34. angel9loveu on said:

    And just today this got published. I guess I don’t know what I’m writing/talking about.Just out here making unfair assumptions for no reason.Not!
    Moving closer to them isn’t a movement, it’s mental illness, a toxic environment eventually will take it’s toll. Even if takes years it’s effects are already in motion.

  35. To Negress and others on this blog. In my opinion know one really knows what the future will bring, of course there are signs, speculations, theories, visions, biblical prophesies etc.etc.etc. Things are not good for us, and you know what things aren’t great for Yurugus either nowadays. But I am black and care only for my black bretheren, which in my opinion it is natural to care for your own. A lot of racism, environmental catastrophes, man made diseases, massive corruption, genocide, suicide, murders you name it, all over the world is in chaos.

    Let us remember the following as Black People:

    *We have to remember who the true enemy is and it should never each other.
    *We have no allies, but that is OK
    *In my opinion, a mental prison is worse than a physical prison, firstly find ways to get out of a mental prison, everyones path may be different, but we all can arrive at the same finish line.
    *Stop lying to ourselves regarding certain situations, but do not dwell on the injustices of these situations, but try and find logical, practical solutions to situations you can control.
    *As someone mentioned we should have a counter racist code of behavior that is logical rather than emotional and I fully agree with that thinking (In my opinion, this code of behavior may be different for everyone, but in the end the result is be effective and positive for us).
    *White supremacy in my opinion is part of the white cultural code of ethics, they have been indoctrinated since birth and is carried out till death for them. Will they change ? In my opinion No! Why would anyone give up their privilege. If we had a privilege, would we give it up. No!. All is not lost for us, our own personal counter racist code of behaviour will help us.
    *Have faith in black people who are like minded like yourself. BUT have the highest amount of faith in your individual self only.
    *There is no system that is going to please everyone.

    *Lastly in my opinion, we can disagree with each other, because we are different people with different views and upbringing, but remember we as conscious blacks are seeking ways to escape this so called prison, be it a mental prison or a physical prison, it is both in actuality. In my opinion, even though we may not like what each other says at times, there is still some truth and wisdom in what a person you disagree with says, as my mother used to say, pick sense from non sense. Do not interfere with each other,but support each other when we can. Let us try and learn from each other . Once again our goal is to escape from prison.

    Black people have been knocked down in life, but we get back up, we are some special type of people,


    P.S Negress, in your Dropping out of the system, you talked about growing your own food, you know I have been growing my veggies for a a few years now. For this year for some reason. I have grown the most lush juiciest lettuces and spring mixes, carrots, peas, never before have my vegetables been so lush and abundant.
    Just thought I would pass this news along.

  36. Very well said @cediblog Thank you

  37. qnubian528 on said:

    “Whites can only continue to talk one way in front of us (“let’s have peace and put this behind us”) yet do the exact opposite behind closed doors ( “how can we kill niggers and get away with it?“) because we want approval from a group of people that have shown us from day one:

    That they lack empathy for us
    That they lack even the tiniest morsel of huemanity for their own tribesmen
    That they believe that their self induced pathology called White Supremacy coincides with the Laws of Nature.
    That they really, honestly and truly believe that an abnormal skin condition makes them superior, more beautiful and smarter than everyone else.
    That Nature, the tangible manifestation of GOD, made a mistake creating dark skin and woolly hair FIRST to live in the hottest place on Earth.
    That they are entitled to the very best on earth simply for being white.
    That they have earned the right to kill, rape and enslave anyone they wish because their God has ordained it. And we should just accept it.”
    This is truly beautiful thank you, I really I appreciate! People out there are free to procreate with them, me I will never give to them the power of my genetic heritage just to please and give another more chance to survive “their w supremacy!”.

  38. angel9loveu on said:

    Exactly , they’re forked tongued and professional backstabbers.

  39. foreverthinkin on said:

    You know, I’ve been getting more and more confirmations to just give up in “living” in this sick society. The little incidents that happen in my life every single day just reinforces need to separate myself. It’s hard to describe but it’s just something that is literally speaking to my mind through incidents that are happening in my daily life. I am listening and I will continue to move towards my goal of becoming self-sustainable. Also, I really would like to find black owned fabric stores. I haven’t had any luck finding any and it’s really frustrating to only have the option of going to an overly crowded place where the energy is horrid, flithy and dense, so thick and umwelcoming that I have to take a shower afterwards. I really would rather shop online in bulk for my fabric, hemp fibers, beads etc.

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