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More Budget Survival Tips



It may not feel like it, but summer is almost over. Soon, you’ll be searching your closets for that thick blanket and flannel pajamas. One of the things I’ve learned about “Dropping Out” is you NEVER stop working. Summer is the time to prep for winter and winter is the time to plan for summer planting. Right now, firewood, LOTS OF IT, is on my daily agenda. So is picking up brambles and twigs to store for easy lighting.

If you choose to get a wood burning stove, make sure it has burners:



Like this gem. Then you can cook right on top of it when they turn off the lights. On Craigslist, I found a similar model for 75.00.  Not bad for cast iron.

In this post, instead of focusing on large gardens with big pieces of land, I’ll focus on tiny spaces, budget ideas and maintaining food supply through the winter season. Up top are just a few pics from my veranda.  As you can see, herbs play a large role in my diet. Not just for cooking, but for tea or to chew on when I need a quick and delicious pick me up. I grow mass amounts of herbs and sell them, as much as I can, to local buyers like nurseries, food shanties (also called ‘dives’ in the US) and to people looking to go organic at the farmer’s markets. I make sure that by October, they are washed, dried and ready to be store in containers.

Patio planting is a great and cheap way to grow food even for beginners. I highly recommend the staple foods, like herbs, tomatoes, beans and potatoes. Yes, potatoes:



This is called a Potato Grow Sac but you can build a Tater Box with simple plywood and two by fours. To save even more money, use discarded pallets.

This box is just the right size for your patio or deck and looks like a bench when closed. To insulate the box and grow potatoes even until December, paint the box black to absorb heat. Then wrap the box with a large wool or flannel blanket.



This is a simple yet effective Lard Fat Candle.

I make about 5 or so dozen of them to keep on hand for dire emergencies. Lard is simply pig fat. Us country folks render down the fat from any butchered animal and use the fat for candles and soap. Fresh lard from a healthy pig DOESN’T smell bad but I add droplets of lavender essential oil for a pleasing and light fragrance. Simply melt the lard til it’s runny then pour into a heat safe container along with your wicks. Allow to harden and your done. Store in a cool dry place or in the refrigerator til needed.

Wicks can be made out of tiny, skinny pieces of old cotton cloth if money is tight or you simply wish to “do for self.”



Did you know that dishwashing detergent washes laundry clothes super clean?

For roughly .99 you can stock up on dishwashing liquid and store them away for emergencies.


I make my own laundry soap from my own recipe:



When liquid is added, it gets thick and gelatinous. A tiny scoop will wash your entire load on a budget. My 5 gallon bucket of laundry soap lasts for about 4-6 months depending on load size and frequency.




Alfalfa Sprouts are not just great for eating, it absorbs toxins in water!

Simply place a handful in your ALREADY boiled water and leave overnight. When finished, your water is cleaner and safer for drinking. Discard the sprouts in your compost pile.


Did you know that Collard Greens come back each year?


This awesome super food is rich in vitamins and grows back each year by itself. In the islands, we grow and eat its “cousin”, callaloo:


We literally lived on this African Water Spinach! Great tasting, easily cooked and makes a great callaloo sandwich with coco bread, this was a staple part of our “poor man’s diet”.


I highly recommend this nourishing leafy green.


P.S. Squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, birds and deer LOVE this and will fight you for it. Put up easy chicken wire to ward them off.


When I found out how easy it was to make homemade crackers:



I make them now almost weekly. Easy as 1,2,3 and tastes MUCH better than the store, this goes great in soup, salads, as a snack or with peanut butter. Store in an airtight container and these will last. Make a lot by doubling the recipe and freeze unbaked dough. Then you’ll always have snacks on hand.


Prepare now, Black Family…

If you have anymore ideas, please list them here.

The more you prep, the LESS afraid and anxiety-stricken you’ll be. Those that panic won’t make it and Evil is hoping that you’ll panic.






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9 thoughts on “More Budget Survival Tips

  1. I have deleted all white owned and asian owned social media. NO facebook and NO instagram. Most non-blacks don’t use social media WHY? They are on the red pill, stormfront, chimpout, reddit, erasingus and they are prepping in private. We are all over the place and all over social media.

  2. Thank you

  3. Me548m, you are right about the social media I deleted my facebook page a couple years ago, long before ever knew about this blog. I never had my picture up . So many people have their picture on facebook. instagram and even blogs, also some of them even have pictures of their kids or other family members on their facebook page. Too many people like all eyes on them. All this going and putting ones picture on social media is making themselves identifiable and a target.

    Negress you mentioned not to tell strangers about your prepping, I think it is wise not to tell family members, who are not conscious, because unconscious people divulge too much information especially in casual environments. Also it is not wise to divulge to people who are extremely social and always have a lot of people around them, they too divulge everything in casual environments. It is best not to divulge to anyone unless they are highly conscious, not by talk but in their day to day practices. And the highly conscious person is a rare person. Inactuality we don’t have to divulge this information to anyone. I remember a black woman I knew , who wanted to move up in her chosen profession and she went to night school part time for 4 years and never told anyone at her place of employment while going to school. she did acquire her masters and applied for thesupervisory position and got it. The whole work place was shocked when she got her degree and applied for the position. The concensus was ” I didn’t know you were taking courses” I didn’t know she was going to school ” etc.etc etc. If she would have told them, while taking courses they would have tried to sabotage her efforts. (Get the picture, people don’t have to know everything about you, or anything about you).

    Does anyone have experience or direct me to a blog regarding growing herbs indoor during winter months, in places that have snow type weather. I have sprouted alfalfa indoors during the winter months and that turned out fine.
    The lard fat candle is quite wise, I used to purchase beeswax sheets andj just roll them, but beeswax is very expensive nowadays.

    Negress thank you for this list, and you are correct, the more one preps the less anxiety and stress we have in our life. in other words, stop living for today only and start living for the future (e.g.like the Chinese who plan for several generatios)

  4. Black families should consider going on camping trips to test living “off grid” for a weekend to work on certain skills. We also should be focusing on learning a trade skill carpentry, plumbling, masonry. ALSO consider learning indigenous african languages such as ibo and twi or creole “just in case”. You can grow alfalfa seeds in 3-4 days in a mason jar but you will need a sprouting lid. Also learning aquaponics could be helpful. Harvest tilapia and micro greens at the same time. Every serious black person should buy chickens for eggs and look into bee-keeping and edible landscaping.

  5. @ cedi:

    1. http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/

    2. http://www.motherearthnews.com/

    Try these 2. They’re great for reading.

  6. Negress thank you for the resources, it is much appreciated

    Me548, you must be reading my mind thank you for the tip on camping, I used to camp a lot when I was much younger, this is the time for me to get back into it. Thank you for helping me to remember what I used to do and should get back to doing. I am learning French at this time, purely for business reasons, about a month ago I was speaking to some French speaking Africans, and I was asking them about an authentic African language, one could learn and Ibo and Twi was among them. I also learned that Swahili is NOT an authentic African language, go figure. So thank you it is nice to know there are some of us on the same page. I once in awhile think that I am the only one that thinks in those realms, it’s nice to know that I am not the lonely wolf.

  7. foreverthinkin on said:

    Baking soda. It’s cheap and multipurpose. I just recently started making deodorant and toothpaste out of it. It’s the little stuff in our pantries we overlook, that can save us money and space. I shop discreetly because I don’t want to catch attention to my family and myself. I’ve learned that ‘they’ listen to what you say and look at your spending habits. Incognito is very important. Buying in bulk will definitely catch suspicion so, try buying piece by piece. If anyone is having trouble growing food, start off with black eyed peas. They are extremely resilient and thrive almost anywhere.

  8. @ forever

    Thank you for this.

    I love vinegar too. And lemon juice.

    And not only do they watch us very closely they tell others to watch out for us too.

  9. foreverthinkin on said:

    You’re welcome-Very true. Paranoia is seen as negative but it can be a lifesaver.

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