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Surviving the Storm: 10 Simple Things Black People Need to Have Readily Available Right Now

So I got a letter from a reader asking me what should she buy RIGHT NOW to prepare for the up and coming storm. For those of you that are wondering the same things, here’s a short, compact but efficient list. Most items are available in stores now or can be ordered through Ebay or Amazon. If you’re on a budget, try flea markets, Craigslist and yard sales.



A. A really good tent that can sleep 4-6 people (don’t skimp on price, get the good kind) and a sleeping bag that has removable thinsulate lining.





For those that live in colder climates, when they shut off your heat to spite you, you will freeze to death. When we had the blizzard this past winter, NYC was divided. Upper class whites had their power on the next day, street cleanings were back in full force and farmer’s markets were OPEN for business. My buddy told me that he saw whites walking their dogs sipping gourmet coffee like it was any other day. In the lower income neighbourhoods, blacks had trash on the streets for 3 weeks with ZERO electricity in their apartments. My friend, who lives in Queens, told me she slept in her winter coat, scarf, hat and mittens to keep warm. A good tent will act as a barrier for the cold and the sleeping bag will keep you warm. Don’t forget long underwear.



B. A kerosene cook stove.


Why do I keep on bringing this up?

Because it saved our lives during Hurricane Sandy. Cooking outside on the grill will draw ATTENTION to yourselves when discretion is needed. Remember, if you are hungry and looking for food, others will be too. No need to alert them that you have supplies on hand. I cooked full meals in my own kitchen on this thing and once filled with kerosene, it lasts for up to 2 weeks with HEAVY cooking! Plus you can boil your water safely to kill bacteria. Don’t forget to buy a safe, portable kerosene can/ drum/ holder, preferably one with a spout.



C. Water, water, and more water.


Dehydration will KILL you. You need 1 gallon, per person, per day and that DOES NOT include bathing and cooking. Store your water in here:

And don’t forget the siphon pump.


D. A gun. And bullets. Lots of them. And you must learn how to use it.

This is a .22 Ruger. It’s compact, light and easily hidden. For those that aren’t gun savvy, this is a nice “starter” gun. Ladies, this is up your alley.




E. Plastic forks, knives, spoons and paper napkins. LOTS OF THEM.



You DO NOT want to waste your precious water on washing dishes. Restaurant Supply Stores have large quantities, up to 5,000! for a great deal. Or…..you can take a few extra forks from your restaurant of choice and SLOWLY increase your supply for FREE.



F. A porta potty and lots of garbage bags.


60.00 on Ebay!



Solid Waste causes illness and you’ll need a place to go…for every member of your household. Don’t forget the kitty litter, baking soda and sawdust. Up here, I use sawdust and empty it out in a deep hole away from my house. Leaves and dried twigs are thrown in and in about one year, Nature breaks it down completely and we have awesome fertilizer.


P.S. This is a pop up cabana:



For those that live in the country, this can be your porta potty outhouse/ shower-bathing area. This sells for around 15.00 on Ebay. Or…you can win a “bid” for as cheap as 5.00!!



G. Iodine.



Not only great for purifying water, it’s a MUST have for cuts and bruises. A few drops per gallon of boiled water and it’s safe for drinking.



H. Solar Powered Weather Radio:


OR… a HAM Radio




You’ll need some way of keeping alert to what’s happening. Hurricane Sandy taught me how important it is to know if services are running, if the eye of the storm is near and who’s out there. Don’t skimp on price. Get the GOOD model.


I. Personal Items:



Let’s face it.

Cleanliness is gonna be a top priority when things go bad. You will need to find some way to keep clean, as much as possible, to keep the spread of bacteria at a minimum. Ladies….stock up now on your items. Men, if you also need, ahem, personal items, get them asap. Buy in bulk to save money.



J. Pasta, Rice, Peanut Butter, Crackers and Beans:





Shoprite and Foodtown ALWAYS have back to school and holiday sales. You can get cans of beans starting at .50 per can. Pasta by the tub, 30 lbs or more, is cheaper than buying by the box and peanut butter can be kept for up to 1 year in a cool, dry place. Rice is a MUST. Cheap, easy to cook and filling, it’s a life saver and can be put into soups, salads or just eaten by itself.

White rice is cheaper than brown rice but wild rice is best and the most filling. A tiny 1/2 cup of wild rice will fill you up like a full meal. When we were growing up, we boiled our brown rice in coconut milk, nutmeg and vanilla and made homemade rice pudding for snacks and dessert.

Rice and beans are called “the poor man’s food” but it was an essential part of our almost vegetarian diet. I highly recommend stocking up on these staple “survival” foods.




Don’t wait, Black Family, for things to go bad.

Stock up now.





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30 thoughts on “Surviving the Storm: 10 Simple Things Black People Need to Have Readily Available Right Now

  1. Thank you for this I’m working on my list slowly but surely.


  3. Thanks, Negress!

    I have a list but will check it against the one you gave.

  4. Negress, you know that this is very good information and this should be part of lifeskills training. Something came into my mind while reading this and I am unsure of how one would proceed with it in the U.S. but in inner city black neighbourhoods, especially the people need this kind of information, just like the gardening article you wrote and the water article you wrote. and the Dropping out of the system article, Homesteading article, patent to kill article. Do you ever think that inncr city black churches or community centres would be interested in having workshops on those topics, for their community members. Fort this information, not everyone knows about your site, and that is okay, but the life skills information you give is very valuable. I wonder if in those inner city neighbourhoods, how many families have first aid kits, I do not live in the states so I could not put on a workshop at a community centre there, even if I wanted to. I know when I visited a Caribbean island just a few years ago, I went on a construction site, and you know what , they did not have a first aid kit and no one there on that construction site knew first aid. it appears that we may lack the basic skills for survival. I think we need a good grasp of the basics, before we move onto anything else.

    Thank you for the article!

  5. Ase beloved! Your warnings are heeded.

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  7. @ All

    Most welcome

    @ Cedi

    Inner city black churches are NOT interested in black survival techniques. They need to keep their churches open to get that tax break so they preach LEARNED HELPLESSNESS and waiting for that white homosexual on the two by four to save them.

    When you teach poor, uneducated, downtrodden blacks to “do for self”, more than likely they will wise up and not need your propaganda anymore. Most will awaken to the God within themselves and stop waiting for a white saviour and save their damn selves.

    Why lose your tax break?

    A short story:

    A few years ago, I went to a black church and asked the pastor to put up a Job Board. Essentially, it’s a giant corkboard with a list of all the qualified handymen, seamstresses, cooks, plumbers, etc in the community. I reasoned that there is no excuse for the black community to be unemployed and asking our enemies for work when we can work for OURSELVES and keep the money in our community.

    On this Job Board, each qualified man and woman will list their contact info and of course, references will be provided. I thought it was a great idea to put our people back to work and support them with our OWN MONEY.


    A community that is self reliable is no longer vulnerable to your ” heaven and hell scare tactics so they can give you their money come Sunday morning” is a community that DOESN’T need a building to pray in, a preacher, his wife who plays the organ, etc….

    That means no tax break for you.


    Look at any black neighbourhood that is low income.

    You’ll see:

    A check cashing place
    A liquor store
    A cigarette/ cigar store
    A yucky Chinese food take out place filled with cockroaches
    A pawn shop
    A fried chicken place/ McDonald’s/ Wendy’s
    Salvation Army Thrift Store
    A dollar General filled with cheap ass Chinese goods

    What are they trying to tell us?

    “You’re not worth investing in.”

    Sorry for the rant.

  8. Negress, you do not have to apologize for the rant, because in my opinion you were speaking the truth and if you are speaking the truth it cannot be a rant. I think it may have been the Dropping out of the system article in which you mentioned about East Indian in parks in a small group setting discussing, their group economics goals.. Could we black people not do that if churches and community centres do not want self impr0vement workshops in their building?

    The majority of black churches all over the world have a majority female congregation. You would think that black women would petition for programs in churches that would help improve their lives mentally, physically and financially, but many don’t seem to they talk about self-improvement things but they rarely ever seem to put anything into practice. I seems like the HELLY BIBLE, has no answers for self-improvement.

    By the way Negress in the list above you forgot to mention tattoo parlours, in some innercity neighbourhoods they are setting up, dirty little illegal tattoo parlours.
    Tatoos are not cheap, but black people will spend their money on that. I see so many black men and women with tattoos nowadays, not only in the states but also in the West Indies it is becoming popular ( Personally I think tattoos look nasty on black women along with nasty weaves) .

    Negress I am glad that you attempted to put up a job board, you can only do what you can do. It is obvious that many organizations that claim to cater to our well being really do not, which is why I am not fully for social programs, welfare in my opinion should before people who really need it. Preachers, Cops, Social workers, Judges, lawyers, and many individuals who work for supposed social change in my opinion these people are parasitical.

    Negress, I do hope that by next summer you will have your own market up and running and you run it the way you want. Do not let anyone else tell you how to do it, because you know a lot of our people like to talk , but don’t put anything into practice, unless a whitey is involved. You do what you want to do.

    To all of you on this blog, I hope you are gathering the items that Negress listed, because she is giving us a list of items to get and we never know when we will need it. Please do not say that you don’t have any money, we have money, we just need to know how to invest it properly and the first things we should be investing in are things for our survival and self-preservation, everything else is secondary if at all. Katrina and Flint are just the beginning of what could come.

    (By the way every black household should have a complete first aid kit) you can even construct your own check internet websites to see what you need) Though I am not for stores like Dollar tree, or d Dollarama stores you can get first aid items there really cheap). Once again No excuses black folks.

  9. By the way please accept my grammatical errors, because I am on a tight time frame I sometimes do not get time to edit my replies.

  10. Negress,it’s going to take black people of all walks life to do this.I also agree that the black church has failed the black community. But,I can guarantee that when black people stop cold turkey dealing wp,a 1921 Oklahoma will soon follow.

  11. Thank you for this post. Much appreciated! I need to replenish my supplies; I have a camping stove, but not like the one pictured above.

    Take Care!

  12. Negress by the way I do not think and I believe that you don’t think that the majority of black people of all walks of life are going to follow your advice. .. From my short time reading your writings I think you are speaking to those of us who are into self preservation and who want to live the best life we possibly can under the circumstances. Like you those of us who want to limit our interaction with whites and non-blacks as best we can. We can do it,without fanfare or advertising our beliefs to unconscious blacks, whites and non-blacks our business. I think it was in your 25 harsh truths black people need to hear, was that we can do things, but wee should keep our big mouth shut about doing things and not advertise what we are doing to outsiders. I always think of Asians who only buy from Asians but do not advertise their belief practice to outsiders, not even to white outsiders, who may be their friend or have married into their families, it is an unspoken rule in Asian culture to support your own without fanfare or advertising your views. Being stealth is smart and I don’t think that those of us who are conscious will ever instigate another 1921 Tulsa.

    Thank you once again for this post

  13. @ Cedi

    Black people will never shut up about our doings and goings on because we’re still under that slave mentality of “I gotta tell massa what the field negroes are up to.”

    I’m wary of all blacks til they prove that they are for our unity. I have spies right here on this very blog and yes, it’s a black spy working for a white joo..

    Anyway, these things are to be expected in war.

  14. @ sevenkings

    What about a bartering community?

  15. Negress I do understand your dismay, I don’t blame you for your cautiousness. I too am very cautious, and only share your advice with the rare person,who is a relative, most of the other things, I just do without saying a word. I too am very leery of our people, which is why besides this relative, I have no friends , just acquaintances, but no friends. I learned many years ago that I had no allies, not even in my group, and that the most successful were generally the rare ones who were stealth, . I learned long ago not to make myself pappy show

  16. You will need more than a . 22 you need at least a 9mm. Also invest in an AR-15, and AK-47 and get a shotgun. Maybe a . 22 rifle for hunting. We are one incident away in America and it will be EVERYONE against black ppl. We are only 40 million strong. Also get a passport and try to obtain a work visa in a black country. The West and east asia is planning to purge blacks from society. That is what “make america great again” means! No black ppl.

  17. Negress,I remember Kushite saying you can’t barter or negotiate with the oppressor.Even,more than that,more of the other races are looking at us as the terrorists, so outside of ourselves,who are we going to barter with?Some of our people will get it,some won’t get it.As one of your followers said,let some of them lie in their s–t.God Bless

  18. @ me548

    Thank you for the suggestions. Also, there is a movie coming out called The Purge Election.

    They’re not subtle.

  19. @ sevenkings

    Why not barter with ourselves?

    I tried to set up a page where we can barter our goods depending on your town/ state.

    It failed.

    The only way bartering works is if we want it to work.

  20. Don’t forget the beauty supply, always owned by Asians.

  21. Thank you

  22. The Purge election year was actually quite “pro black” by HOLLYWIERD standards. Everything happening now is a SET-UP to make blacks scapegoat #1. Barack getting elected, Deshauna winning Miss America, Harriet going on the $20. 00, this new black female iron maiden. It is all a shame to rile ppl up and grow the angst and contempt ppl already feel for black ppl. The SILENT MAJORITY hates us and wants us all eradicated and this Black Lives Matter show is playing right into the hands of those who wish death on us. Intelligent black ppl must be sovereign and make plans to survive when braindead zombies try to take on white/asian/latino hegemony in this country. We have 0 allies. I fear for the women and children. I texted your lost to the older women in my family and they think history will repeat and we will be allowed to peacefully stay in this country like after the 60’s and every riot following. I don’t go to psychologically damaging, anti-black media outlets but I know they are plotting. I saw a list from a yurugu in Baton Rouge who plans to spread he word of boycotting africans in america by not hiring us, cutting hours by 10%, not tipping black service workers, refunding public schools and vetoing all development of black areas. The threat is SERIOUS. Black ppl who do not prepare and who do not leave WILL die. Starving black children will be a thing in the next 8 years.

  23. @ me548

    That’s why I’m advocating learning to grow food and trying, as best as we can, to form some kind of alliance with each other.

    As whites lose power and see their money go up in smoke, they’ll come after us in ways we can’t even imagine.

    I shudder in fear to think of what will come if we don’t get rid of our careless attitudes. We are dumbed down past the brink of sanity.

  24. @me548,Russia has already made BLM a terrorist group.If the other European countries did it,I will be just as happy.As far as our schools,Obama already let the Koch brothers take $250 million out the school system. The Koch brothers who combined worth is 80billion is looking for answers, while blacks are leading in enrolling in college, even over the Asians.White people don’t want to educate our kids anyway.Wp don’t want to invest in black communities,that’s fine with me.I have no problem with a person cutting off their nose to spite their face . Remember that means white contractors and construction companies will no longer be getting those jobs.Also remember that 99% of wp money don’t go into our neighborhoods, 99% of our money goes into theirs,I say let’s take our money out.France just had a second attack today, and France will continue to fall until THEIR DEBT TO HAITI IS PAID.GOD BLESS

  25. @ sevenkings

    Interesting take on France getting karma for Haiti.

  26. Negress,Haiti had the world’s first successful slave revolt.Haiti then went into the Dominicans Republic from Spain.The Dominicans to this day hates the Haitians.After the revolt, France told Haiti that they owed France 250 billion. The US or other countries would not trade with Haiti,which at the time of the revolt was the #1 sugar cane producer in the world.Haiti finished paying France in 1993.Haiti had to pay France not to be slaves anymore,after they already freed themselves.To me France and the US owes Haiti a debt. I WILL NEVER PAY WHITE PEOPLE FOR SOMETHING, GOD GIVES YOU FOR FREE. Remember after the 2011 Hurricane that ravaged Haiti.A lot of Haitians got sick from the water the US sent down there.All these European countries got a debt to pay to black people, and they are broke.Wp are screaming about white genocide in South Africa. The Bible says sins of the Father always visits the Son.Their crap is on front street as well.Wp must of forgot about Apartheid. God bless

  27. What I meant to say is that Haiti freed the Dominican Republic from Spain ruke.

  28. @sevenkings homeschooling and black montessori’s are what black children need. We are hands-on learners and require fresh air and exercise. Not cooped up in a classroom with anti-black teachers learning about how whites conquered the world and inheriting low self esteem from knowing the height of our intelligence is cracking open a peanut. I chose to be child-free for many reasons. I want to endure yurugu’s glabal wrath without risking young children. Black women need to be especially mindful with their wombs. Have a plan and a savings set aside so you don’t need yurugu “programs” to sustain you. Practice hegemony and only choose the brightest and strongest black males. Quality over quantity in all things. Wrecklessness has ruined the race. I know black ppl are capable of more look at how ghanians, nigerians and sudanese succeed as accountants, architects, doctors, lawyers in western countries. Why can we not do that in Haiti, west africa. WP in S. A. also seek repatriation in Europe. Be mindful of what Brexit means. Putin, Trump and Britain’s new leader will be in cahoots. There is a WHITE ALLIANCE forming because they fear genocide. Black and brown bodies will not be safe in white and “honorary white” antiblack countries ,., (south korea, japan,china, india) do NOT plan a long term life in these countries. Laws will be set in place to segregate and literally starve you out IF we do not build. I am scanning black countries and airfare watchdog. I need to know when the purge is coming.

  29. Awesome.Thanx for the info.I have to get some water and food stalked up and then I will be working on the other things.I have been so broke lately but I will make it happen.The government has us out here chasing Pokemon and looking crazy and I feel bad for the people who aren’t prepared or don’t think they need to stalk up.

  30. Oops I meant stocked up.Spell correction.

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