Observations of an Invisible Woman

Law #37 of the 48 Laws of Power





My phone blew up this morning.

“Negress, did you see what’s happening on TV?!”

“Are you watching this?”

“What do you think is going on?”


Here’s my answer:



Remember folks,

Tell-lies-Visionally is a scripted spectacle designed by whites for the sole purpose of:





I wouldn’t be shocked if the gunman isn’t a white police officer who was paid large sums of money to kill his own kind….IF a shooting did indeed happen.

What is the final outcome of this “tragedy?”





Neely Fuller told me 3 years ago:

“To understand whites, you must think like them.”

Well, here goes:

“I’m the Master of the Universe and what I say goes. I make the rules. I am the Law. I am judge, jury and executioner. And if I have to murder every fucking nigger on this planet and the whites who protect and defend them to get my way, so be it. My will will be done.” 


But don’t take it from me, a lowly, poor, nappy-headed, rasta, island farm girl. Take it from the horse’s mouth:



Any questions, Black Family?


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25 thoughts on “Law #37 of the 48 Laws of Power

  1. My views in the previous article, what’s goin on would be suitable reply for this article. The whites I believe wrote the Helly Bible and the they did write an “Eye for an Eye, so the shooting is a result of that belief”. 25 years ago a white man said to me that nothing for blacks have changed since the 60’s and he said do not be surprised that there will be a Hot Summer there. This was back in “92” and it the time of LA riots. I don’t think that LA riots is anything now, I believe that there is some MF ing bad thing that is going to come in the future. The days of integration are over. No place is going to be good for black people but I am planning eventually to move to some small Caribbean island, Though the Caribbean is far from perfect there are still some pristine untouched parts of it. White dominated places like N. America and Europe were never the land of milk and honey, not even for most whites.Sometimes I wish I was younger and had the knowledge I have today. Back then I should have straightened myself out, make as much money as I could and purchase land. This is what happens when us black people do not plan for the future. Even many Caribbean blacks are lacksadaical by having pale faces buy out their islands. I think many Caribbean blacks should have your article about dropping out of the system and survival tips for the black family. Far too many Caribbean blacks are colonized “Fuck Heads”. Oh well progressive blacks know that they have to become serious, spiritually ,mentally and economically. If black people truly want to be happy and prosperous, if they have to interact with other groups, it should only be on a limited as needed basis to learn something that we can apply positively to ourselves. Useless socializing with others is a waste of time and energy. No more being a hamster on a circular wheel. Dropping out of the system the best way we can is a good solution.

  2. Gear Diaryofanegress,

    Any person who is classified as non-white , to this day on Earth, must understand that the system of white supremacy (racism) is a system of dynamic power relationship of ideological political religious and material oppression, relayed by the global direct and indirect control of all non-white individuals of the planet, in all their activities regardless of the field (economy, education, entertainment, politics, work, law, religion, sex, war) they are by their skin color in this system designated targets. Targets in a system dedicated to dominate and abuse any non-white/black person on the basis of the colour of the skin, as it is classified and recognized non-white.
    Understand this situation for every non-white person is the first step towards the resistance, and the desire of wanting to weaken to eliminate this system and for its replacement by a system of JUSTICE.

    In the Production of Justice.

  3. On point! As usual!

  4. @ Cedi

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there will be NO safe haven for black people on this planet once this “thing” get started.

    Whites and their cousins are everywhere…even in the most remote parts of the Congo trying to learn about us, our food, our rituals, etc.

    In the islands, they dominate the economy along with the Chinese and are forcing the Rastas off of their native reservations.

    We’re just gonna have to stay and fight back and it is coming. SOON.

    Whites also know this.

    They know it is FOOLISH to trust the very people they’ve been mistreating for 500 years so they are armed to the teeth and ready to go down swinging.

  5. Negress,Yes I am very aware that there is no safe haven for us in the world which is why you are NOT the bearer of bad news, but I am tired of living in cold climates, AND so far the fruits and veggies are tastier in the Caribbean. there are some positive attributes for me to live in that environment, BUT I am not approaching the Caribbean with rose-coloured glasses on. As I said in my previous reply, the Caribbean is far from perfect. You talked about whites and their cousins, by their cousins do you mean the Asians (yellow and brown types).

    Negress I have to be honest and blame our own people for some of what is going on in the Caribbean. Far too many from our culture have been to accomodationg to OTHERS, rather than looking out for self/race preservation. Black people in the West Indies like in many places in the world like to fight each other, but are FRIENDS to the others. We have no friends never did never will, every other race has been and will always be out for themselves. There is nothing wrong with self/race preservation, we Blacks were just never smart enough to realize that,we are Utopian Naive thinking people not realistic thinking people. I met a Trini woman the other day who stated that she will stand up for people, does not matter what colour they are. she is also dread, what a Fuck head. It is unnatural and goes against nature in my opinion for blacks to be sticking up for outsiders, you can be polite to them, but it is crazy to try and protect them. We blacks can’t even protect ourselves. As a Spic once told me many years ago, Cedi save your good heart for yourself and the few people who really care about you, that is what wise people do.

    Yeeah Negress we maybe in for VERY HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT SUMMER, WE’LL SEE.

  6. @ Cedi

    Yes, their cousins are the Edomites…Asians of all shades, Arabs and Hispanics who desperately wish to remove themselves from Africa.

    I’m writing a post on our next meditation session. August is coming and we need to utilize the heat to our advantage.

  7. Dear Diaryofanegress, most of thenpn-white people whoa aer aware, should understnad thery are in a global war. But most and for all we have to dedicate on a daily basis our time and energy for the production of Justice. What we see will pcntinue on and on and on, and being surprised or shocked will not bring any solution; The solutionis to use our logic and take decisions to stop of giving thes people credits, Yes we are in Prison, Yes they Kill us and have killed us since centuries, and will continue, we are their reason of living, otherwise no point to have a system of white supremacy.

    Will we continue to be highly emotional ? And waiting for a messiah ?

    There is no sustanious messiah, and no sustanious black community, we are prisoners of war, prisoners is no family, no friend, no brother… Sorry but it is the TRUTH.
    And as prisoners we work to change this jail in a hospital, ‘DFixit Mr Neely Fuller Jr) .

    I do understand our emotional response , but what do we expect from such racists soldiers, and usual suspects ?

    We must as individuals, as non-white people, be our own sustain unit, work to be as constructive as possible on a daily basis, and by the effetct of the quantum of number we may become a coollective force, One black person one nation, another black person 8 miles a way a ntion, and result will be the nation of balck people, each individual being a nation within himself.

    First of all stop Showing Off…
    Second Stop pretend we are strong as we are in a weak situation.

    Admitt our weakness and be willing to change our whole state of mind, be our own leader. Read and be A scientific , and not Allergic people, we are in a war and in war an enemy is an enemy even in SEX.

    Third Stop having sexual intercourse with any white male if you are a non-white female, or with a white female if you are a non-white male.

    The enemy is any white person who is able to be a racist. As we don’t know who is and who is not therfore all person classified as white is a potential racist a racist suspect. Sorry it is not personal it is business.
    It has nothing to do with emotions, and feelings as we are in war we must behave in war mode.

    Don’t misunderstand the situation, avoid confusion. War is War!!! So Protect yourself. Know that you are on an enemy line, on enemy territory….You are The Target by being non-white whatever you think, they don’t play, they are very serious in their business even when smiling to us….

    Self respect start by refusing to lie to ourself…

    We don’t have to hate them we have to make them understand that as they are in charge and they dominate and mistreat us , as prisoners we can not trust wardens NO WAY ! Don’t confuse… Logic is what is the matter in this situation.

    In the production of JUSTICE.

  8. Asians, Arabs,and Hispanics, yes they are all along with whitey trying to gang up on us that is fine. It is just a matter of time when whitey turns on them one by,
    one. We must always remember that the wanna be whites are worse than the real Whites. Unlike that Dumbass Trini, I recently met who likes to cape for OTHERS ,and she will get fucked up in the end. Black people should never support Isis or organizations like the NAACP, Rainbow Coalitions, Multicultural B.S. Religious organizations, B.S social programs, The U.S Military etc.etc.etc. This Black woman here knows she has to look after her own black ASS. Dropping out of the system in many ways I think is the way to go to gain some sort of happiness in life. Personally the more I stay away from certain people and certain environments, the happier I feel.

    Ps Negress,the Dropping out of the system is really helping to not only declutter my life and home but also my mind.

  9. @ Cedi

    Happy to hear it!

  10. I’m with you on the Dallas incident.. it looks + sounds very theatrical. And with all the police violence against unarmed women, men + kids, it is very hard to believe that this man gunman did much talking about why he was shooting officers.

  11. themelanatedman on said:

    Just wake me up when the shit hits the fan. I’m getting tired of these antics and theatrics. I’m ready to elevate out this bullshit, just waiting for my fellow bros and sisters to “wake up” as well. Nothing will truly change until the majority of blacks become full blown conscious, back to their original Hueman self and finally say ” fuck this Matrix!” IMO

    “The harvest is plenty but workers are few.”

  12. @ kelley


  13. @ melanatedman

    I feel you.

    That’s why they use psychological terror …to keep us locked in fear so we won’t fight back.

  14. @diaryofnegress i love your blog. Im 100% with you on the subject. I am also writing a post on the subject .

  15. qnubian528 on said:

    Whites are only the 10% of world population against the 90% of colored people living in the world, how they can dominate entire people? WTF?
    Colored people don’t want realize that they have power to destroyed them, how you can fear someone is only 10% of world population?
    In 2050 China will become the first economic world power, but they don’t care if there will be more Oriental faces everywhere,they don’t care if their white economic will go down, and they are not worry,they will gradually disappear from the Earth.

  16. Qnubian , some people have said that the China will be the world power, who knows what really lies in the future. One thing I do truly believe Whites will blow the world before they ever let the Chinese take power. Whites in the long run are not going to let a bunch of yellow faces ever control them, and they will not take orders from Yellows . Whites have other things up their sleeves, believe me Whites do not like yellows either. Their game is to pit groups against each other, and maintain their hierarchy. They are concerned about yellows and are using them also.

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  18. Qunubian, you also mentioned about colored races, you also mentioned that colored races have the power to destroy them and you are in my opinion correct. But other non black races are WAnna Be Whites, and the Wanna be White is more racist than the real white. Asians, Arabs,Spics are Wanna be Whites,. We black people have NO allies, every other race is out for themselves and there is nothing wrong with that. We black people who are conscious right now better get this B.S. colored people together jargon out of our minds for us to survive well. Once again conscious blacks are on their own, and personally I have no interest in other colored groups except to sell stuff to them, if I am doing business. I have no interest whatsoever in them.

    P.S let us all remember to purchase as much as we can from conscious blacks, there are so many of our people who need our dollars, from food companies,laundry detergent companies, jewellers, you name it we have and online is a great source.

    Sorry Negress to go on a tangent like that, but Yurugus and the Newest Niggers are truly to be of no interest to me ,except to make a buck off of. I cannot say this enough but your article on Dropping out of the system is what I think we conscious blacks should be focusing on, it is kind of like a bible for healthy conscious black peoples survival.

  19. Qunubian please take care of yourself ,love yourself, you are intelligent and you know what to do.

  20. qnubian528 on said:

    @ Cediblog you know what thing really sad when you see black people are spleeping! You should come here in UK has the hight rate of BM with WW and a large population of mixed race! I understood that black people living here doesn’t have black pride,because here is very common these relations! Another thing
    I understood,the IR is a sistem! People are not free to choos who marry or not! They are involved to get married and have children with the same race of people! Because, you don’t see B with A, but always black with white and white with Asian and so on! No,because I am in favor of IR!
    We are all alienated! Who asked them who we should marry? I don’t want marry a white person why we are forced to do so?
    I don’t want go in moviment such BLACK LIVE MATTER because I feel sick to hold my hands with these evils! After what happende in Alton Sterling, in UK activists like “BLACK LIVE MATTER!”,they took to the streets to protest!
    I don’t want be involve myself because I don’t want share my feeling with these evils,who have empty soul, and they don’t give a F**! For them life of animals or other staff are more important than our life! I don’t waste my time to talk with someone don’t understand black life and the black suffering!
    Really, why we should invite our own enemy to fight our problems? When they are themselves the cause of our problems!
    You are right about other races,they care only about themselves, I agreed with you,everyone should care about their own races! Other races are so desperate to seek white validation!
    How you said before, whites enjoy to see the other racial groups who are at war with each other! Why, they have not even the reason to intervene! Their narcissism is the proof!
    But the problem is, the black races is the only race who don’t care about our own race! We are fighting each other,we are jealous, competitive, the colorism problem is rampant in the black community, because if one of us, have the skin color,
    slightly lighter or more dark, it is a tragedy!! Some many time the behavior of black people hurt me! Their being sometimes so indifferent, I know that some of us are afraid to talk because we do not have allies, but we do not need others but of our people!So, We are sick!
    It’s true, when I was wacthing some videos in YOUTUBE about the future,the comments that whites leave are hilarious, they don’t care about their fate but they care so much about how many black people will live in the next 60 years!
    They are so unhappy that in the future there are more blacks, that they complain about it! This makes you understand how these people are not human!
    Thanks for your advice, you also take care about yourself!

  21. Well,let me share a quote from another Israeli prime minister,the late Ariel Sharon:The State of Israel is justified in rendering out judgement to anybody in the World.But the Jews and the State should never be on trial or ever judged by others.So no Negress,I have no questions.Those statements by Begin and Sharon actually has me smiling from ear to ear,because it reminds me that the State of Israel has not learned it’s lesson.God has always punished Israel for disobedience,and like America,judgement day is soon approaching.As I told Truthangel,wp put everything they hold dear and of value above God,and this is the result . Israel never talks about the mistreatment of Ethiopian refugees,who by most accounts are treated worst than any other refugee in the World.That is why I say do not spend money in their communities.When I see wp approaching, I cross the street.If they sit near me,I get up and move.I have friends in the South doing that now.Like Muhammad Ali, I’m going to live my life ,the way I see fit,that is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT,THAT THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY. If they do shame on them.Black people, be careful,be smart,be villigent and most of all be aware of your surroundings.Peace,Love and God bless you all.

  22. Qunubian I too was originally born in the UK, I left there when I was a child. If I am understanding you correctly, you stated that you don’t want to marry a white person, if you don’t want to marry one DON’T. I used to date whites in the past, but I have not for 20 years, and I will not in the future. That is a choice that I have made. People will always tell people who to marry and who not to marry,but it is your choice of who you want to be with. When I first stopped dating them, it was out of anger and resentment at them, as the years went by I began to realize that I really don’t care for them, that in the beginning when I used to date them was because I thought they were superior, in addition I hated myself and I fed into the myth that they all had money and could go places. I realize that this B.S was not true about them, the only thing that was true was that I deep down hated myself. For the past 20 years I have been working on myself somewhat, and for the past 3 years I have been working on myself passionately, I will no doubt be working on myself till the day I die, but hey isn’t that what life is about, daily self-improvement. With this self-improvement. I began to realize that really I do not love white people, I do not hate them either, but they are just as I have stated before, potential consumers for me, that is it nothing else. and the same with the non-blacks.

    In regards to the Black Lives matter movement, it may be needed to raise awareness of the unfair treatment of blacks in the justice system. I do not join them because, I would rather educate blacks about preventing things, rather than picketing after the fact. I don’t know if Black lives matter put on preventative workshops, regarding if you get stopped by police how you should conduct yourself? Who knows, if they don’t they should.

    Also I am not telling you what to do, but for your own sanity and happiness, you may want to stop watching these white supremacist Youtube sites,. Believe me deep down these white supremacists care about their own future, and they will not take orders ever from Yellow faces.

    Yes many of our people are asleep, and don’t want to change, I say let them lie in their shit. You Qunubian have to take care of yourself, this is the time for self preservation, the only people you ally with are other conscious blacks, and if you find only 1 conscious black you’ve done great, it’s quality not quantity. this reminds me of South Africa, before the so called breakdown of Apartheid. 3 Million whites, controlled 17 million blacks, and 2 million coloureds. How does 3million people control close to 20 million people? The devout belief in self preservation was the tiny European populations ammunition. The European is evil but they are a thinking race and they are always out for their own preservation. if there is one thing I have learned from whites that I can apply to myself and what we blacks should apply to ourselves and that is self preservation.

    I suggest that you may want to look at Negresses article regarding, Dropping out of the system, and focus yourself on putting those tips into action. whites,Asians, Hispanics and unconcious blacks, you may want to limit your interaction with those types of individuals , and ally yourself if you can with like minded Individual(s).

    This is a great time to work on Qunubian. I wish you the best

  23. Sorry. I’m not getting up in arms about anything. Why? Because I trust in God–period. The Bible is just fulfilling itself, again…What we see is Satan at work. This world has become demonic. I read The 48 Laws of Power years ago. I’ve read many books. My mind is as sharp as a Japanese Katana sword however, I’m aware fully that many in this world are not paying attention to all of the machination of what’s really going down. A lot of the old Black Exploitation movies dealt with the very issues we are witnessing today. And that had a plan. What is our plan, Black people? What do we do, knowing all that we know. What’s the move? That’s the big question that must be answered and will ultimately determine the outcome.

  24. angel9loveu on said:

    I’m ready for the meditation.And hopefully we get more participation.I’ve been dealing with demonic YT people and some demonic black people who happen to be neighbors.I realized many black people really are under a spell/witchcraft cause instead of focusing on things that matter it still them same show offism and one upping BS.No getting through to them cause they see nothing wrong with themselves. Blinded by pride,selfishness and evil also.They operate like the yurugu. That’s why I believe in the Most High there is something very spiritual happening. And it’s out of our hands to fight in the physical realm.

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