Observations of an Invisible Woman

Dear Diary #8

I’m in NYC this weekend at a three day holiday festival.

The air is warm and enveloping with a mild breeze. Crowds of people pass me by happily munching on whatever homemade deep fried snacks they bought at the festival. As I sit and watch them, I’m reminded of how magnificent the world can be. Lush trees, bright green grass, purple wildflowers with butterflies dancing over them and the smells and sounds of the city. I needed this trip more than I realized and was grateful for it. I’m severely burned out. Sleep toys with me and my anxiety about what is to come is running high.

Nature is changing.

In fact, change is in the air all over the world and I can feel it, smell it, taste it and see it in the passers-by. Black patrons come up to me and before I know what is happening, we’re talking about what the future holds for blacks. We are ALL on the same page but are struggling to find a viable solution for it.

Today, as I was sitting, happily munching on my spinach, three white females came over to my table, smiling and carefree, to inquire about my herbs and my tomatoes. I had been growing them all season and took extreme pride in my crops. I had arranged my herbs in pretty, painted, handmade pottery and my mint medley caught her eye. The scent wavered over to her and she had to come over.

As I told her how my compost was 100% natural and that’s how the herb grew so lush and full, her eyes traveled over my body. My pink dress, my white sandals, my onyx pendant, my natural hair…all of it she devoured. When she reached my eyes, she began to tell me that she was a Reiki Master and frequently charged her jewelry before she wore them.


She told me of how she was a “spiritual being having a physical experience” in the limited time the Holy Spirits allowed her to be here and how she intended to “do her part in the healing and learning process.”

“Wow”, I said. “That’s sounds pretty deep.”

“You know, I may not look it but I’m actually Native American descent”, she quipped.  “Wado!”

“Oh? What tribe do you claim?”, I inquired.

“I’m 1/16th Cherokee from my mom’s side”, she claimed proudly. “That’s why my cheekbones are so high.”

As she rattled off about her “Indian Heritage”, a gust of wind blew from the trees and a sudden thought hit me.

Whites stole Economic Power and Political Power from us and devised a stunning reptilian plan to keep the dollar out of our communities. But the power that REALLY counts, the Melaninated Spiritual Throne, remains in our possession. It is our birthright and connection to the Most High Creator. Lately, I’ve met a horrifying amount of whites that:

  1. Claim to really be Ameri-Indian
  2. Claim to be a Reiki “Master” or a Chakra thing-a-ma-jig
  3. Only wish to be “in the spirit” and reject the “physical aspect of life”


In fact, they wish with all their might to be removed from their whiteness, while still possessing WHITE PRIVILEGE, that they will become OFFENDED if you call them white.

Why is this happening?

Then it hit me.

The last element of complete domination for the white race, the FINAL ACT of MASTERSHIP of the WORLD, will be to overthrow our connection to Nature/ The Most High and consume our powers completely. Once they have done this, IT WILL BE O-V-E-R.

They overstand, by instinct and by genetics, that Nature is their mortal enemy. After all, as my blogger buddy, Kushite Prince says:

“If the sun hates you, you’re fucked.”

It is this intimate knowledge of their non-existent future that has them claiming to be people of colour but “just white-looking with blonde hair and blue eyes.” Which is a load of horseshit. This is why, all of a sudden, they are reading books, taking art classes, dance lessons and devouring anything and everything that has to do with the Spiritual Aspect of life.



This is a REAL African Dance class packed with whites.


They intend to take it from us by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

I shudder at the thought for I know just how low they will go.

Then a cloud passes and a bright ray of sunlight beams down on on the street and almost illuminates it and I’m comforted once again. I pick up my book and look at this “Native American” white female before me…

And smile.






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15 thoughts on “Dear Diary #8

  1. etranox@lycos.com on said:

    Htp! I give thanks for the time you take to blog! I enjoy reading your posts, and am glad to receive them in my inbox. I’ve wanted to ask you, for some time, about the prognosis of our people. I love them and work with our young ones. Sadly, most of them are like many of their parents, interested in the consumerism of pop culture vs our rich culturally history. The idea of making an effort to read, live or move in uplifting, dignifying, unifying ways seem to be questioned “why”. There’s no opposing view or tell me more.

    It’s like trying to teach those who think smoking is cool. If one talks about their ability to save the money spent on a destructive habit to invest in their financial wellbeing, or realizie who profits from our weakened health and reliance on agncies/industries for health, or just taking the time to read food/product labels and learn to cook or make their own home and body products. It seems the mentality is, “look, it’s just cool, and I don’t care about all that other stuff”- even if one is there to teach or show them where they can learn at their own pace.

    I’m not saying nearly as much as you advocate (I too need to make a garden work, store larger amounts of water and know nothing about firearms.) I guess this is just my long way of asking: 1. How do you stay motivated when it seems so many of our beautiful, Black bretheren and sistren seem to choose to follow the media and christianity vs our messages to wake up and learn to navigate around our enemy; and 2. Do you think we’ll actually be wiped out as a people? Even with my prayers, I just don’t know sometimes.



  2. at the risk of sounding trite…

    this is deep

  3. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    There is something spiritually amiss with white people. They cannot have any true respect or appreciation for anything spiritual because it’s not in their nature

  4. Wow! I truly enjoyed this entry. The curve ball you threw caught me totally off guard. If you studied anything on Black economics you’d know that “Native American/Indian” whites are anything but. They are what is known as “$10 Indians”, since they subsequently paid $10 to be placed on the Dawes Roll to lap up the provisions that were set aside for the genuine indigenous peoples of this land. You brought up some very profound perspectives which were very enlightening. I’ll end with wishing you the best and safety on your NYC trip. Have fun!

  5. Re: $10 Indians information courtesy of Dr. Claud Anderson. I neglected to attach this pertinent info to my previous comment.

  6. Etranox, I do not know you , but you sound like me a number of years ago. In my opinion our brethren who you stated that want to follow the media and Christianity, I say let them. The reality and sad truth is a lot of our people don’t give a shit about themselves and those are the same people who would not care about you or black people who are trying to improve themselves, sad but true. the majority of our people will not become awake like you and I ,because they do not want to. It’s good to be around 1 quality person, rather than 1 million sheep. Sheep will get slaughtered. The only thing I can say to you, because you sound like me a number of years ago, is to take care of yourself, make yourself number 1 in your life. Life is too short to waste on people who do not care about your existence and there own existence. One thing I have learned about sheep like black people, is “Just because they have your skin, does not make them your kin”

  7. angel9loveu on said:

    I’ve noticed this increase in them claiming they are mixed with Native American preferably cherokee….*eye roll*
    Like you said it’ll be a very hot summer…LET IT BURN.

  8. qnubian528 on said:

    white women are desparate! They have always been envious of natural beauty of black women! Because they can not get that natural beauty they aspire, they think be 1/16 Native American or 1/6 black can make them exotic!
    These people are full of envy, insecurity inside their eyes!
    They are trying all their best to take possession of our culture,they started with twerk now they want African dances! If you go in some dance schools are full of whites!
    They think these are the only solution for their problems,because “you can not put the soul in an empty body that does not have soul, it does not make sense!”
    Also they think breed with us, we can give happiness to them, that’s why they don’t want live us alone!
    All black women must stay away from insecure white woman,this she-wolf only bring troubles!

  9. These gentile/yurugu/reptilians know in their heart of hearts their time of imminent judgment is speeding up. Things have been happening to them slowly but surely, i.e.; foreclosures on homes; losing homes, family members, etc. in natural disasters; losing their jobs; & just pretty much losing their way of life of total absolute white privilege. Look at what happened to that white boy in Orlando dragged in the water by alligators (now the news is saying two alligators)…….Well we all know that whites used Black children (babies/toddlers) as alligator bait in most southern states, especially places like FL (there are trinkets in FL that show the Black babies with alligators). I think it’s going to get worst for them. Oh well.

  10. Ayaba on said:

    They’re so mentally and spiritually sick and empty they’ll go to any means to take the identity of all indigenous people they’ve oppressed. No white person is actually Native American. They are all Caucasian (Asian/Eurasian) people. The indigenous Native Americans are Black. That’s why she looked you up and down and made that statement to you. They’re aware of Black Americans identity. Of course they won’t tell you though. Very few will. The only reason she can claim Native American is because of the Blood Quantum laws. She’s a $5 Indian if anything. Not legit. As fake as a white Egyptian.

  11. Oh,I heard a lot of whites claiming Native American Heritage . Remember when they used to say blacks where cursed,well pretty soon they will be cursing their white skin.The US,European continent, Australia,New Zealand and Canada where whites are the majority population, their currencies are dropping fast,these countries are broke,and the next problem that is about to happen is black dollars going into white communities will be on a steady decline.White women are desperate, because the white man has replaced her as his queen.The Oriental woman is his baby now.Some of our people will wake up,some won’t,we can only give them the information.

  12. Good afternoon Negress. I am originally from Haiti but have resided here in the U.S. since the age of 16. have been following your blog for awhile. I get quite excited when you have a new post because there are very few of us out here. The ability to hear like minded persons speak and reason is always a a great feeling. Whites are like a virus that seek any possible host that they can find in order to exploit and destroy in the process. I remain observant of them at all times because I’ve come to realize that they are some very sneaky creatures that work collectively. I would like to refer all of you brothas and sistas to the works of our many past great scholars such as Dr. Clarke , Dr. Welsing and so many more whom have spent their life informing us of who we are. I thank you Negress for the time devoted to your blog, and am quite grateful to have come across it. We love you sista, and you are not alone. Never will be. Black men like myself will always fight with you.

  13. Lurked this blog for a long time.

    I often go back and forth between being conscious about race and being deaf dumb and blind. I feel though that this time, I have finally seen the full truth to the big picture. Whites won’t change, they’re incapable of doing so.

    I feel bad for them, in some respect because it almost is as if they have no control over how downright evil they are. It’s almost like condemning them before they are born, which when applied to Black people is incredibly racist. But here you have it, you’ve said as much in your post. Whites are IRREDEEMIBLY evil.

    I know it, and there is no way I will ever love the for it.

  14. angel9loveu on said:


    “If you go in some dance schools are full of whites!”
    I went to a dance class in Tampa and it was jam packed with them. The only black people were the teacher,myself and my friend. And they were all staring eerily at us cause we caught the beat effortlessly and they were so rehearsed.They danced to commands. We danced with the rhythm and how we felt.

    It was uncomfortable as heck.I felt like prey and they were a bunch of hyenas.

    “Also they think breed with us, we can give happiness to them, that’s why they don’t want live us alone!
    All black women must stay away from insecure white woman,this she-wolf only bring troubles!”

    I agree but not just the insecure white women but their insecure white men, the wolves.The ones that actually set the evil into motion.

  15. qnubian528 on said:

    Yeah, I don’t see different between WW and WM I know WM is the father of white racism and his bitch WW is the mother!
    In all my life both of them gave so many problems,some of us are really confuse because some black women think WW are our friend cause of their GENDER!
    But WW don’t see us their equal but their most dangerous enemy!
    They smile at you, but when you turn your back at the same time they hide a knife!
    WW will use your friendship just to get their privileges, but at the end of day they will throw you away!
    Another thing we should stop to teach at these hyenas how to move their Flat Ugly Asses,because they will use our talent for build schools only for whites!

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