Observations of an Invisible Woman

Summer of 2016

Sometimes a commentor says something so profound and so on point, it supersedes anything you could have said:


“I watched 5 min. of this propaganda in support of white violence and depravity  and realized the evil intention of white supremacist mind control. I have warned that as whites lose control and find that they cannot control their urge to ravage and destroy the earth through excessive extraction industries, toxic pollution of the air and water, animal extinctions and their naturally disingenuous culture that they will become more violent and frenzied.

They are madmen suffering from an incurable disease whose symptoms are a hugely inflated ego, an inability to see the world as an living organism that deserves respect and care, an inability to see humanity in other than through a sick xenophobic lens and an innate desire to destroy all they touch. It is a mental illness that shrouds and distorts not only their self perception but also infects their inability to get along with others. The space race or race to space is their desire to get away from the destruction they will leave behind as their legacy.

But they will not make it.

Their technology is insufficient and if they could get off the journey would be too long and expose them to their on destructive and disingenuous ways and the type of inbreeding that has already created genetic disease problems within their population.”


(For those of you that are fully aware and schooled, ALL inherited skin diseases are forms of Hansen’s Disease aka Leprosy. The blacks who suffer from these skin illnesses are infected with the blood of the pale Canaanite/ Flugelrod/ Mankind-Beast/ Behemoth. This is why they seek to desperately mate with us and produce offspring…to cleanse their tainted DNA of their sickness.  )


“That is not to say that the other 95+ percent of the world population of color should passively sit around to watch the world be gutted by a sniveling few who cannot control their predilection for destruction and disharmony. But real solutions to this problem should not be discussed in a public forum. Even they know the importance of secret societies and secrets. ”



Commenter, Ralph Browne on the never-ending rise of black slavery/ degradation films

A quick message then I’ll go back to hiatus.

I was given a dream this morning about our situation.

I’m asking ALL of you, Black Family, male and female, to BEWARE of where you go and the company you keep. They are going to begin kidnapping us at a higher rate to steal our melanin and ingest it/ inject it. This summer, the EYE of RA will unleash untold torture on our enemies. They will be scorched as never before and begin to perish rapidly. As they literally descend before our very eyes, their madness will overtake them and unleash an animosity that you’ve never seen before.

They will approach you on the street and at your places of work, play and worship and try to entice you into confrontation. Beware of standing too close to them as they’ll inhale your aura and cause you great weakness, lethargy, confusion and nightmares. DO NOT allow your children to play unattended as they’ll be watching for an opportunity to snatch them from you. 

Black males, I know you feel very capable of handling yourselves due to your incredible physical strength but I implore you to go straight home after work. Do not idle or loiter as you will attract much unwanted attention from neighbours, passers-by and the police. No alcohol consumption is permitted in the company of strangers. Enjoy your beer at home. 

Black females, I know you feel very capable of handling yourselves and pride yourself on being “aware” as you must be on the constant lookout for sexual predators. But I implore you to take caution on the white females you hang out with. They are not your friends and are working against you. No alcohol is permitted in the company of strangers. Enjoy your wine at home. 


Bring food/ water/ snacks from home. For those of you that are short on time, bring ready-made salads from the market with you in cooler bags.

Our enemies will die off in untold numbers this summer and this is NOT lost on them. Their fear of elimination in conjunction with their anger over the very condition of the united states, WHICH THEY ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR, will drive them mad. Donald Trump will egg them on in “coded” reptilian language designed to ignite the lizard part of their brains.

Nature, the Original Black Goddess, will begin her cleansing through mass hurricanes, floods, fires, sinkholes and earthquakes in the areas the pale fox stole from us and claimed as their own. This includes Indian reservations. Do not be alarmed. This peril is NOT intended for us but you must be ready to survive it.

Take caution and as always, I love all of you very much.

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11 thoughts on “Summer of 2016

  1. You know, your part of the article about them snatching Black people off the street, got me to thinking about a time when I was younger living in Baltimore, MD (born & raised). My dad used his VA loan & we were the first Blacks to move into that community of July 1974, I was only 3 1/2 yrs old. It was during the 1976-77 year when Jimmy Carter became president. I was 6 yrs old in the 1st grade, living in the suburbs of Northwest Baltimore, which was originally inhabited by white khazar jews (both the city/suburbs of Northwest Baltimore). I say all of this because this was around the time many middle class Blacks started moving into the suburbs of Baltimore. I was at a school assembly (sitting on the floor) when all of a sudden my teacher tapped me on the shoulder & stated the principal wanted to see me. I went to the principal’s office (short white dude-Mr. Grabowski) & he started asking me questions about father, i.e. was he a police man-Yes (MD state trooper), etc., etc. I didn’t understand it at the time & I was confused as to why he was asking me all of these questions. Next thing I know, my mom came in to pick me up. She talked to the principal, etc. & then we left. She never told me what was going on. Years later, when I was older (I think I was in college by then) my aunt told me that somebody had called the elementary school stating: 1.they were Mr. Boyd, 2. a policeman, 3. lived at xxxxxxxxx address, etc., etc., but the secretary felt uneasy about the call, so she told the principal, & the principal called my mom to see if my dad was going to pick me up. Mind you when i first started 1st grade, my dad dropped me off at my classroom, in full MD state trooper uniform. Whoever the caller was even knew my mom worked as a social worker (state of MD). My aunt told me, if whoever it was had got me, I would have probably been killed. Now I say all of this because I met a lady at a church I use to attend that was from Chicago, IL tell me that when she was about 10 yrs (a few years older than me), sometime during 76-78, she was walking down the street, & a man in a white van tried to pull her into it; she fought him off & ran into a butcher shop; she kept looking out the window to see if the van was still there, while the butcher shop owner (latino guy-Mexican or Puerto Rican) kept asking her what was wrong because of her crying, out-of-breath, etc.; once she saw the van had left, she told the butcher what happened; the butcher asked her why didn’t she say anything to him because he would have went outside to kill the guy in the van; & this is the reason why she didn’t tell the butcher right away. Here we have two separate incidents, where young Black children, were either possibly, or potentially trying to be kidnapped, & I wonder if this has happened anywhere else in the US that has never been reported or covered in the news, besides the Atlanta Child Murders. I ask this because I was watching some of Bobby Hemmit’s old videos, where he said, he started noticing in the south, after doing various lectures that certain poor communities of Black people were disappearing; he stated that in certain apartment complexes, there were underground tunnels, which made it easy for somebody to come up inside someone’s home, & take them away without anyone noticing. Now if the events had no happened to me or the lady I talked about previously, I would have dismissed his claims. But we do have to be vigilant right now at all costs, unless we decide to group up, & like-minded Blacks move closer together to pool resources, teach community preparedness, self-defense, practicing cooperative economics with each other, etc., etc. I apologize for such a long post. Shalom.

  2. angel9loveu on said:

    Reblogged this on NO ONE HEARS YOUR SILENCE and commented:
    Love this post!

  3. Who knows what will really happen in the near future, but this is excellent information on how to always be around non-blacks, we should also be careful about some our own people. Very good advice for black behaviour around outsiders all the time. I practice a lot of it.


  4. angel9loveu on said:

    Thanks Negress, maybe we should host another meditation or three and hurry it along.
    There are storms and flash floods happening where I am and I actually get very happy and at peace. But I’m taking your advice because this was put in my Spirit also that something catastrophic is going to happen and to be at peace. Reading the book of Obadiah,praying in the Spirit and your blogs also gives me great comfort and reassurance that what goes around comes around.
    No matter how aware we are I wouldn’t put it past them to be stealth and sleezy with their tricks.They’re masters at it.

  5. Words of wisdom, sista.

  6. 2015 Statistics of missing people made me raise an eyebrow. The number of us missing right now outnumbers our actually population. They also tried combining the “Latino” and white population as one to make that number of missing (white) people seem higher on the chart–To make it seem as if it was in a normal range per group of people. Basically, us (black) have a lesser population and therefore have a lower number of missing people than white and latino, because they combined those two groups together. It’s typical trickery that they do all the time. But I digress, my mom and I were at the gas station yesterday and for the first time, my mom saw this “man” shapeshift in a truck pulling up in the parking lot next to us. I did not see this being but she described it as having a pale face with an elongated mouth that was an open void. I’ve been telling her about my experiences but now she can truly see and know for herself. The “man” then proceeded to pull up right next to our car and stare at us. It looked like what will be “normal” for mankind and then it drove off when my dad came back to our car from the store. It’s IMPERATIVE that we protect our selves spiritually and physically from these “people”. These encounters are becoming a lot more frequent.

  7. thefourthangelsbowl on said:

    DiaryofaNegress said, ” I have warned that as whites lose control and find that they cannot control their urge to ravage and destroy the earth through excessive extraction industries, toxic pollution of the air and water, animal extinctions and their naturally disingenuous culture that they will become more violent and frenzied.”

    Yes, this is so very, very true & truly indicative of the type of psycho-racial, morally reprobate creature we are dealing with. Creatures that prefer racial tyranny to peace & creatures, who because their very egos are race driven, will take more pleasure in destruction – as the weakness of their biological system is revealed – than in help from the dominant gene beings who are his last chance.

  8. I’ve never trusted white people. And as for white females, come on…they have sex with animals! There’s a white woman at my company who does nothing but talk about dogs. Every damn day. It’s sickening. We almost had a confrontation about a year ago…regarding her over-zealous nature and bizarre attachment to dogs. I literally stated that it’s very strange when you talk more about dogs than you do about anything related to human life. I dared her to challenge me any further.

  9. They’re sick, psychopathic, obsessive, control-freaks, and HATEFUL! I stay away as much as I can! That’s not just for racist whites but also white supremacist hispanics and anyone else.

  10. White supremacists are OBSESSED with black people and never just in chill mode, they are always on and hating. I don’t know why anyone would want to be around them when they don’t have to be.

  11. About 8 years ago I was getting out of my car when a white man pulled up in a car…he reminded me of some kind of KGB Agent…or a character from Get Smart’s CHAOS. He told me he had some suits that would fit me and that he wanted to GIVE them to me. He got out of the car and beckonned me to the trunk as he opened telling me to come look. He said that “they” had just done a fashion show of brand name clothes and wanted to give them away. Now, I lived on a side street and where he said he had done the fashion show was DOWNTOWN so in order to get to my area you paased THOUSANDS of other people…hmmm…..He kept asking me to come around to the trunk to look at the suits…I kept walking to my building and told him No Thanks. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD.

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