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I was told today by a lumberjack-farming family that next year the government will spike taxes on farmers and reduce subsidies (money paid by the government for a company to remain in business by  keeping prices low. Think Walmart SuperCenter where you can get 10 pounds of potatoes for 2.99) with other farmers driving them out of business.

Their plan is to ELIMINATE the farming industry altogether, the ones they have no control over…yet, and have you and I and EVERY other person on a form of Nutritional WELFARE where you will have to go to them to get food and supplies.

I asked him, the lumberjack, if this was just “backyard gossip” or if it was already set to happen. He pointed to the barren corn field up the street and told me, “Bill (not real name) refused to sell GMO corn and soy so they slapped him with a fine and shut down his operation.”

Black Family,

This is very real.

For those of you that have a backyard, PLEASE begin growing and canning and storing food. A tiny do-it-yourself root cellar should be on your TOP TO-DO priority list!!!!





This man simply dug a hole and filled it with food. Plastic jugs can be found at your local hardware store.




This family used an old ice chest.



This man used a simple trash can!!! Cheap and effective. Plus it looks, once closed, like a compost pile.


For those of you that have physical limitations, ask your family for help digging or hire a bulldozer. They run from 300.00-750.00 per hour. I know this is lot of money, but it will be worth it. Remember to place your root cellar in a place that is easily reachable and doesn’t draw ATTENTION from nosy neighbours.



For those that are apartment bound…this can get tricky.


A stand alone closet can be used for food.



Attach shelves on your doors…all of them.



This wise female turned her entire WALK-IN closet into a giant food pantry!!!



Under the bed!



With a wooden bed riser so she can fit bigger cans…


I’m feeling a bit burned out again so I will go on a break. During my hiatus, I urge you not to wait for the last minute when food prices get so sky high you won’t be able to afford it. The election is in November so please don’t wait to “see what will happen next.” You already know that this country doesn’t want or care a damn about your welfare. Hurricane Katrina was more than proof of this FACT.

It’s up to YOU to care about you.

Remember to stock up on water. And medicines for cuts and bruises like alcohol, witch hazel and peroxide.  Whilst taking your grocery bags out of the car, put them in trash bags so you don’t draw attention to yourself.



I love you all.

Be well, Black Family.





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  2. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    Thanks for this news Negress, I’m on high alert here in the Caribbean. Here there is a constant campaign to support our local farmers, and we are doing just that. I’ve begun taking initiative and growing what I can

  3. Unfortunately, Monsanto has too much power & control over too many governments worldwide. Here is a good website with some information that may be useful: http://www.offthegridnews.com/. Take Care.

  4. Good article, Negress already planting seeds

    Good information, Donna Boyd regarding Off the grid living

  5. It’s extremely important to BUY natural seeds! Soon it will be impossible to even find real true seeds, the kind our grandparents had access to. And THAT is scary. The fact that extremely poor 3rd world countries REFUSE to allow Monsanto seeds into their country says a lot about what the whites in this country are up to.

  6. ZiZS1 do you know where one can get natural seeds from

    Thank you

  7. @Zizi

    Someone recommended the Seed Lady in California. http://www.annacarterstheseedlady.com/ORGANIC_NON-GMO_SEEDS.html

  8. The pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG has secured about $63 billion in financing from five banks for its proposed acquisition of Monsanto Co., according to people familiar with the matter, a deal that would make it the world’s biggest supplier of farm chemicals and seeds.
    Here is a list of the 10 most common GMO foods so you can be more aware while grocery shopping.
    1. Soy
    Up to 90% of soybeans in the market have been genetically modified to be naturally resistant to an herbicide called, Round Up. This increased resistance to the herbicide allows farmers to use more Round Up to kill weeds. However, this results not only in a genetically modified food product, but also a food product loaded with more chemicals.
    2. Corn
    Half of the US farms growing corn to sell to the conglomerate, Monsanto, are growing GMO corn. Most of this corn is going to be used for human consumption. Genetically modified corn has been linked to health problems, including weight gain and organ disruption.
    3. Canola oil
    Canola oil is derived from rapeseed oil. It is considered one of the most chemically altered oils sold in the US.
    4. Cotton
    Even cotton has been genetically modified to increase yield and resistance to disease. Most concern relates to the cotton oil. Cotton originating from India, and China, in particular, is considered higher risk for personal health.
    5. Milk
    One fifth of the dairy cows in the United States have been given growth hormones to help them grow faster and increase their yield. These hormones can be found in some of the milk produced by these cows. These growth hormones have been shown to act inside the human body.
    6. Sugar
    Genetically modified sugar beets were introduced to the US market in 2009. These sugar beets are modified to resist Roundup, like corn.
    7. Aspartame
    Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used instead of sugar by many people. There is some question concerning the safety of aspartame in the body, including its possible link to certain cancers, strokes and seizures. Aspartame is manufactured from genetically modified bacteria.
    8. Zucchini
    Genetically modified zucchini contains a toxic protein that helps make it more resistant to insects. This introduced insecticide, has recently been found in human blood, including that of pregnant women and fetuses. This indicates that some of the insecticide is making its way into our bodies rather than being broken down and excreted.
    9. Yellow squash
    Yellow squash has also been modified with the toxic proteins to make it insect resistant. This plant is very similar to zucchini, and both have also been modified to resist viruses.
    10. Papaya
    Genetically modified papaya trees have been grown in Hawaii since 1999. These Papayas are sold in the United States and Canada for human consumption. These papayas have been modified to be naturally resistant to Papaya Ringspot virus, and also to delay the maturity of the fruit. Delaying maturity gives suppliers more time to ship the fruit to supermarkets.

  9. Here are a some good Non-GMO seed suppliers (I have used them)…also, be sure to purchase extra for storage in Mason Jars in original unopened envelopes for later usage!




    I have been practicing Aquaponics for a few years now with a Shelter Logic 10 W x 20 L x 8 H portable greenhouse that costs less than $400.00 the model number is 70658.

    With Aquaponics, you can grow fruits and vegetables, Spirulina and Chlorella algae for medicinal and herbal supplements, but also a freshwater fish supply that is self sustaining for years to come – because each part of this eco-system supports the other…take a look:



    $1.60 per 1-watt systems that YOU can install yourself, I can help with any information.

    1200Watt Solar System with Portable Battery Back-up for Portable $2000.00

    4 – SUN 395Watt Solar Panels
    SUN C4 Female to MC4 male 10 AWG PV Wire, 600V, 15′ Wiring
    SUN C40 Charge Controller
    Kisae 2000W Sine Wave Inverter UL Listed
    SUN 15 amp 150VDC Single Pole DIN
    Midnight Solar MNPV6 Module – 12V
    Xpower 1500W Battery Powerpack


  10. Thank you for the information William Tell


  11. angel9loveu on said:

    Great info as always @William Tell.

  12. Thank You Cedi and Angel…

    It is imperative that we share what we have – in order to survive as a community, and for those that have no current interest or desire to do so, they will be beating your doors down for a precious morsel when the you know what hits the fan…
    get prepared now!

    For those of you who are curious of what Aquaponics is, please read the following:




    I have spent many years practicing a semi-self sufficient lifestyle with increased independence each anniversary. I started with gardening, then hydroponics (indoor farming), added a water well with correct PH balanced filters, then studied and applied solar and wind power techniques, expanded to geothermal water heating (underground coils that heats water), now with greenhouse tech and aquaponics for food production. I am now completing graduate sustainability and energy studies for further R&D into this idiom with an emphasis on survival skills. If there is any question or concern by all means…PLEASE ASK!!!

    Just as DOAN’s insight does not fit everyone, neither does this technology – but remember…the Creation will make sure you get what you need if only you ask.


  13. Was wondering if anyone has tried or heard of the aero garden I know you buy them off amazon.

  14. blue bonnet site, yes I have heard of aero garden, I heard about it a couple of months ago and I have just begun to read up on it. I don’t know much about it but I am learning.


  15. To bluebonnetsite:

    Aerogarden is basically Hydroponics in a self contained unit, however Miracle Gro is owned by Scotts/Ortho which is in collaboration with Monsanto. They are producing seed and bird feed that is GMO along with some of the most bio-hazardous chemicals that are killing our planet…avoid at all costs.

    Here is a better unit for far less money, higher plant production and much safer!
    Their seed and supplies are some of the best.

    It’s a large drag and drop, but worth a look!



  16. Thank you @ William Tell

  17. Thank you for the information,William Tell so many companies are in bed with each other


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