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The Spell of Levianthan

Missionaries in Africa

Remember my post on words and how words cast spells?

Missionary: a person strongly in favor of a program, set of principles, etc., who attempts to persuade or convert others.

A person on a mission.

Mission: an important goal or purpose that is accompanied by strong conviction; a calling or vocation

Hmmm, so let me get this straight. You mission is not to:

Give African people back their stolen land

Bring food and clean drinking water, which you poisoned in the first place

Build homes for villagers, which you destroyed out of greed in search for blood diamonds

You mission is to spread RELIGION.

The thing that tells blacks, worldwide,  it is their lot in life to be:





Second and Third Class Citizens

Raped and Sodomized

And to accept a terrible fate in life and love your master but when you DIE you’ll find your “pie in the sky” in “heaven”

Sounds like the Devil’s work to me.



Excerpt taken from a book entitled “Breaking The Spell” Scroll #43 pages 1-3(in part):

“There is an evil hypnotic spell cast upon the Nubian people(Ptahites Ethiopian-Kuwshites) everywhere called ‘KINGU’. KINGU is ‘The Spell of Sleep’ (of the subconscious mind) or what is commonly known as ‘The Spell of Leviathan’ which is enforced through religious propaganda that promotes scriptures such as the Bible and Koran, as undisputable sacred books.

Religion itself, is a spell.

How? RELIGION IS A SPELL because it keeps you thinking that someone is going to save you, when the helping hand that you’re looking for is at the end of your arm. RELIGION IS A SPELL because it has you believing that you can’t have anything of worth until after you die, when all you have to is work for it(Refer to What is God Doing for You, Scroll #54). RELIGION IS A SPELL because it condones people turning into bums, dropouts and failures of society, when a steady income (doing for self) could solve most of your problems. RELIGION IS A SPELL because it has you believing in spooks and ghost, when those whom you were made in the image and after the likeness of, were physical beings.

The Spell of KINGU is also enforced through the media by establishing how you should look,




what you should wear,



how you should feel, where you should go, where you should work,




how you should spend your money





and what you should eat:



The Spell of KINGU is also enforced through the public scholl sustem (school system) by instilling in you since childhood, the concept of 1, 2, 3. Everything is taught to you in threes, your ABC’s your 123’s; Your nouns, PERSON, PLACE OR THINGS; THE 3 LITTLE PIGS, THE 3 BEARS, etc. The Spell of KINGU is in the mode of ‘1, 2, 3’ or ‘Persons, Places, and Things’ and there is not anything you can conceive that does not fit in either of those categories. Everything is some way based on the number ‘3’ for example:
A. The three R’s = 1. Reading, 2. Writing, 3. Arithmetic
B. The Trinity = 1. The Father, 2. The Son, 3. The Holy Ghost
C. The Bible = Based on: 1. God, 2. Devil, 3.Humanity
D. Lifestyle Concept = 1. Home, 2. Job, 3. Money in the bank.

With these three methods, Religion, Media and Schools( or Sheowl meaning ‘Hell’ in the Aramic[Hebrew] Language) you have been programmed from a very young age. You have learned not to question anything that is taught to you, not even the obvious contradictions or the things lacking plain common sense. You don’t go past what you are told. You are so caught up in the Spell of KINGU, that you are unable to come up with anything new, everything you do or say has been done or said many times before.”

— Holy Tabernacle Ministries, Dr. Malachi Z. York


I broke this spell by doing the hardest thing in the world:

  1. Realizing that I live in a demonic, white supremacist society
  2. Realizing that I live in a female hating society
  3. Realizing that an unequal society and freedom do not ever go together
  4. Realizing that the system was designed specifically for me to fail
  5. Realizing that waiting for “them” to change is insanity, I must change myself
  6. Accepting that I will fight Him/Her someday in The Final Battle for the Soul
  7. Accepting my blackness as a gift and not a curse
  8. Relearning to love myself in a world that hates me
  9. Accepting that whites were put here (from another planet) to destroy this planet
  10. Refraining to “give in” no matter how much I am tempted


I have come to the conclusion that Evil takes many forms. Call it what you will…Satan, Set, the AntiChrist…it’s very real. I pray EVERY SINGLE DAY for the extermination of our enemies. I do not pray for their well being, or their children’s well being, I just want them gone.


I broke my spell by seeing them for what they are:

AntiNature, cruel, apathetic, heartless and very methodical.


Can you break the spell?










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29 thoughts on “The Spell of Levianthan

  1. Ayaba on said:

    I’m glad someone else sees this. They’re disorderly beings from another realm. But by allowing them to remain, we keep the disorder in this realm. It’s really deep honestly and it goes back to us as a whole. Great post. Keep em coming!

  2. @ That’s why I’m a separatist. We don’t’ belong together.

  3. Ayaba on said:

    Right. I’m looking to become as separated as you. Working towards that goal.

  4. “When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.” – Jomo Kenyatta

    “Don’t let past or present circumstances to dictate who you are. You are who God says you are, and He has a plan that will turn your situation around if you’ll keep the faith.” T. D Jakes

    When I read quotes like this, no wonder that knee-grows in this country have a sense of entitlement and hand-outs that are going to drop in their laps from a white massa or some master in the sky…

    DOAN, I am astonished at how in tune we are on subject similarity or content…out of the mouths of two or three witnesses the word will be confirmed. But at the same token, many times the content that you present for others to read is so compelling and thought provoking, it takes a couple of days to soak in and respond and it is uncomfortable for some. Stay encouraged my Sista…

    As a youngster, I used to visit my Granddad and his Brother on their family farm in Oklahoma during the summers. One day, all the neighborhood gentlemen were under the big tree drinking their “choc”, smoking their tobacco and playing checkers on a Saturday afternoon after a hard week of working. Two jehovah’s witnesses came up (trespassing) to pass out their watchtower flyers and other propaganda, plus to tell them about THEIR savior…”my uncle stopped them and asked the question “how many people have died in the history of man?” they had no answer, he said “billions, right?” they still had no answers, he finished with “when one of them MF’ers comes back and tells me the truth about God and all that other important shit, then maybe I will believe it…till then, get the hell off my property!” All those old men broke out into laughter, and kept on fellowshipping as I watched in awe.

    This is their recipe for “Choc”

    1-gallon bucket with matching lid
    6 – 750 ml bottles and corks (Amazon.com)
    ½ cup of Eden malt syrup (Amazon.com)
    2 lb brown sugar
    2-3 large sweet potatoes diced in food processor
    1 pack of Fleischmann’s yeast
    A food thermometer, cheesecloth and funnel

    In a large pot bring sugar, yams and malt syrup to a boil stirring not to burn mix.

    Pour contents into bucket
    Add 1 gallon of distilled water in the bucket and stir.
    Boil a bowl of water and let it cool to 80-90 degrees. Pour the yeast on the top and wait 15 minutes. Then stir it in. Add the yeast to the jar if the temp of the jar is not over 90 degrees. Stir Cover with dishrag and large rubber band. Remove dishrag, skim the residue off the top after 24 hours and stir. Recover with matching lid and place in cool, dark undisturbed area of home. (garage or closet)
    In 15 days it should be finished. It will have decreased bubbling and fermentation.
    Strain through cheesecloth and pour into 6 – 750 ml bottles, cork and refrigerate immediately.

    Yields 6 bottles of 20% (40 proof) of Choc!!

    My wife and I shared three bottles of that homemade “choc” and ended up with twins…lol.

    I had to throw that recipe in there for another incentive of “Living off the Grid”, and no longer supporting the poisonous beverage manufacturers and distributors that are helping keeping us blinded to the truth, and our pineal glands calcified.
    I read that T.D. Jakes quote over and over, and realized that it is nothing more than a hidden message that upholds dependency instead of self-sufficiency. Faith – according to the WOF (blab and grab) preachers is nothing more than tricknology and hocus-pocus slight of hand that has this generation of people divided (mama’s at church all day, daddy’s watching some game or running game, and the kids are being raised by outside sources that do not have their best interests). No wonder junior wants to be a pimp rapper d-boy, and sis wants to have a baby as a trophy to go with that new Remy weave, ‘cause “Jaquann said she was foine”…both kids are trying to fill voids that will never be filled by YT’s Jesus, just like their parents were forever seeking and never finding, and when empty promises were never filled, they were told that their “faith wasn’t strong enough or it wavered”.

    I am still curious as to exactly what was it that “God said that they were going to be…and what plan did he have to turn their situations around” that TD was referring to?

    If we looked at the real number statistics in a Mega Churches of 10,000 or more members, every Sunday, someone that attends is getting a new car, a new job, a new house, healed of hemorrhoids or a cold, someone got a new man or woman or patched up their relationship with special counseling from the pastor, someone get accepted into college, and sometimes if the member has been faithful and quite generous with their money, the church just might pay a bill for them as an example to others…that isn’t God at work, that is a pyramid scheme and a bait and switch move like three card Monte.

    The real Rules and Regs that were set in place eons ago have not changed and are the true roadmaps for us to follow, please seek and meditate and the path will be illustrated.

    “14) Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has LIGHT with DARKNESS? 15) Or what harmony has the MESSIAH with the DEVIL, or what has a believer in common with an unbelievers? 16) Or what agreement has the TEMPLE of GOD with IDOLS? For WE are the TEMPLES of the LIVING God; just as God said, “I will dwell and walk among them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. 17) “Therefore, COME OUT from THEIR MIDST and BE SEPARATE,” says the Lord. “And DO NOT TOUCH what is UNCLEAN; And I will welcome you. 18) “And I will be a FATHER to you, and you shall be SONS and DAUGHTERS to Me,” says the Lord Almighty.” 2 Cor 6:14-18

    That seems pretty plain to me…what about you?

    Lets see…keywords like light and darkness, messiah and devil, we are the temples of the living god, my people, I will dwell and walk among them, come out from their midst, be separate, do not touch what is unclean, I will welcome you, I will be a father to you, you shall be sons and daughters to me…

    Yep, that is pretty doggone plain to me…


  5. It’s hard to take in all this consciousness. It’s like a dark obscurity has been lifted, now we’ve come face to face with all we thought was reality is now obviously a lie and not real at all. I’d put it this way! Whatever black magic was working in the world today or before is not working anymore and it’s as though we’ve become immune to it that it can’t hide it’s face from us anymore. We see you spirit, we know you’ve been watching us for a long time preying on us bringing us down and there aint no where to go, there aint no where to hide, there aint no where to run now except into fire.

    I’m writing from the UK and the atmosphere here isn’t much different from the atmosphere in the USA. Ya’no, I live in an all white community on the east anglia coast and I’m like one of a handful of black faces you see everyday. When you are conscious it’s hard to mix and make friends because even if you get on with a white person talk to them in the street the demonic that is around them wants to pull you down and hound you day and night; so I find it very hard to have small talk with them so I just avoid it altogether and because I’m so awake they avoid me too. If I mention certain words in a joking manner they run and hide: words like, devil, angels, spirit, heaven, death, beautiful, almighty. To me they’re just words, shapes or just numbers whatever but to them it’s like drinking from the cup of doom. They’re very superstitious. They fear death the most or dying from plagues like diseases!

    Also because I’m so awake they get fearful when I tell them I saw them doing certain things in the spirit, so I would imply and they would get scared. Basically, I’m telling them to stop doing it! When they refuse to discontinue I watch and I tell God and his army of Angels it’s in your hands now. And I tell you something, God doesn’t mess about, at all! The things I’ve seen and heard, like demons screaming like, I’ve not heard anything like it in my life the screams of torture is something else. Basically, Demons being dragged to hell burning! It’s unfathomable!

    The way God fought back the Egyptians from harming the Israelites by using the plagues that’s no joke!

    You can try and just say one word in good faith to them and they run down the street. They’re Crazy! I pray Vengeance on my enemies everyday and the Almighty Never Disappoints, Never Ever!

    As soon as I stopped fearing them they started fearing me because I wasn’t bending emotionally to them. That’s when God started fighting for me when I stopped fearing them. They would switch to their demonic faces to scare me and I’d just look them straight in the face as if to say God is gonna avenge me you can be assured. And he has ever since. God has given me the ability to read them and they don’t like that at all!

    I’ll tell you something else God has shown me, When they are watching you and following you around….. they have enemies posing as friends who are doing the exact same thing to them. Watching them, Following them around, Preying after them. I’ve seen it. One day one of these weirdos was watching me and God told me there and then, “They are also being watched”. They must have heard me repeat in my head what I was told. Then this guy comes out of no where in a business suit walks up to the weirdo straight into there personal space and this weird person gives this guy the most evil of looks. I grinned and relaxed. Thinking Wow!

    God really doesn’t Play with Fools. He Laughs at them instead!

    I’ll say another thing some of God’s Angels look just like everyday people and you’d never guess them out! The War on Angels and Demons is right here on earth! Every time a Demonic person is on your tail God’s Angels are standing right behind them with their Battle Swords so I just ignore them now, and they can gnash their teeth at me all they like……..so God Let your Judgement come to completion so I can sing praises to you all day Everyday!

  6. Good Article!

  7. God just gave me a revelation: The weapons he used to bring Israel out of Egypt are weapons our enemies try and use on us. These are the Elements on or in the Earth: Water, Earth, Sun, Fire and Air. Then there are the Spiritual Elements Gods’ Word. Our Creator Spoke and it came to be!

    Don’t worry he’s telling me I’ve got you safe and my people!

  8. @ William

    “My wife and I shared three bottles of that homemade “choc” and ended up with twins…”


    Sound pretty darn good to me!

    I’m amazed at how many of us still have those creepy pictures of a long haired, effeminate, hippie, homosexual hanging on their walls.

    I told my friend once about my meditation sessions in the sun. She’s now my ex friend.

    If you look at Nature, which is God personified, it doesn’t follow a “religion”. Nature has a way of life.

    We had that once but lost it. I’m hopeful in the future more of us will open our eyes to the deception and get up off our knees and do for self.

  9. @ seven

    I avoid Esau like the plague but they sure do love me. The approach me for the silliest things just to get a closer look at me.

    I would highly recommend meditating before you go out. Steeling yourself from their energies is the key to survival.

  10. @ William

    One more thing before I get to work…

    The more awake I became, the less people I began to have in my life. Many have left my life because they don’t “see” my point of view even though it’s staring them right in the face.

    Last year, I had hoped to build with this woman who seemed pretty aware and “with it.” We talked about ideas, ideas and more ideas. But something caught my eye. Whenever I made SPECIFIC plans to do something, not just TALK about it, she’d come up with an excuse as to why she couldn’t do it or change the subject very subtly.

    Then I began to notice her discomfort when she realized I wasn’t joking…I really wanted separation from whites. It hurt to let her go…it was refreshing to TALK about physically doing things like buying lot space with other blacks and opening up our own farmer’s market. The Chinese have MONOPOLIZED this in various areas up here and are buying up failed black farms buy the DOZENS.

    In the end, she got frightened or maybe I was the one that frightened her. I seem to have that effect on many people when they realize I’m not joking around.

    I still hope to have my own marketplace but I’m gonna have to do it by myself. I’m not giving up. We didn’t come this far to give up now.

  11. It’s not working…

  12. Thanks for the advice, if one of them comes just say”Do you know God is coming Soon”….”And will make everything new with just one word”. Because they don’t know what the word is or how to fight God they usually walk away.

  13. I was also thinking that we do need our lands of Agriculture, Stock Exchange with our own currency….for self-sufficiency. That remains and maintains seven times above all global currencies in inflation and deflations across the board. Like the Bible says. We need a merchant Black run merchant company that is already established to quantify global trade and the global economy just for us and our people. This would be legalized by a Financial Firm to help protect our rights for reparations of which we can repay each and everyone of us in the Billions maybe Trillions. With Gods Blessing we can do this!

    Trademarked here ™ just for our brave black community to start the ground work 2016. If that’s ok, Negress!

  14. I think we would need to get some ideas as to what we would call our own money/currency tho!?! I know the Anglo, meaning Angels…maybe not! Even this is too hard….Lord we need you!

  15. I broke this spell by doing the hardest thing in the world:
    1.Realizing that I live in a demonic, white supremacist society
    2.Realizing that I live in a female hating society
    3.Realizing that an unequal society and freedom do not ever go together
    4.Realizing that the system was designed specifically for me to fail
    5.Realizing that waiting for “them” to change is insanity, I must change myself
    6.Accepting that I will fight Him/Her someday in The Final Battle for the Soul
    7.Accepting my blackness as a gift and not a curse
    8.Relearning to love myself in a world that hates me
    9.Accepting that whites were put here (from another planet) to destroy this planet
    10.Refraining to “give in” no matter how much I am tempted
    Great list Queen. That was very well put together. Now we just need others to follow your lead. You are a true inspiration. 🙂

  16. angel9loveu on said:

    I love the REALNESS of these blogs. Yesss!!! She gets it!!! You’re like the brilliant sister, friend relative I need but don’t have.Everyone else is busy celebrating petty stupid things while we’re still at war.But you keep on with your wisdom. Why can’t everyone else wake up?All this showoffism and celebrating needs to be put on a hold.I DON’T get why black people are celebrating under this white supremacy.I don’t get why when I walk in a store or business anywhere they are and a yurugu looks at me, with that look. You know the look! The look of a death sentence and pure hatred.The look of a seriously demented,souless, spawns of satan.They all have it, eventually you’ll see the look.Then they begin turn up their fakeness to keep from exposing themselves.

    Also, Negress you’re right, black people are sick under some spell. Witchcraft of Leviathan,sorcery,idolatry etc…It’s as if they can’t turn it off. We just have to have things and give yurugu a pass to destroy us. Yet think that we need their approval through their evil education,knowing their evil language, attaining their evil money . We go partying with them but the next day we’re back to square one.When will the revolving door stop spinning? And if it doesn’t, when will they realize we don’t have to stay on this revolving door?

    I live around fake people who won’t tell it like it is cause they’re too scared or have an ulterior motive,I come to your blogs negress and you get it!!! These are conversations Black people should be having.Our children should be educated on this knowledge.Tired of these meaningless gatherings talking about nothing when we live in a system that’s constantly hunting us and seeking our destruction. It’s frustrating but you don’t give up. You give it to us raw and real.That’s why those cold beasts come after you. If you weren’t a threat to their kingdom they wouldn’t get riled up.But they won’t do anything cause sadly they’re secure that black people won’t do anything or worse yet they think they’re unstoppable.
    You express our frustration and go beyond investigating into other avenues of this white supremacy system that have been shifting us.
    Just two days ago a crazy yurugu female walked aimlessly in the middle of the road while I drove cautiously a few feet away until I was about to turn to go home when she lunged infront of my car as if she thought I was close enough for her to try something but I didn’t.She never even looked back just looked messed up.
    And I thought about what if I had hit that thing.I wouldn’t hear the end of it.I couldn’t even yell at it as it just got on it’s phone as if she was texting.I believe her demons were jumping in her but her privilege would have put me in a world of trouble under this system.

    I’m desperately keeping the faith but who I’m really pissed at are black people. Yurugu I’ve come to terms with the fact that they are just what they are.It’s their nature to be evil and it get’s no better than that.But the fact that there are black people who are awake and can come out of the spell.Then it means others are f&*king willfully choosing to stay ignorant and ass kissing. There are still black people thinking there are some yurugus who can be saved when there is not one yt person that doesn’t benefit from yt privilege nor are they trying to prevent it.When they’re sexing you the white privilege,racism doesn’t automatically go away.F*cking black people are willfully participating in genocide.Thinking they’re birthing a “pretty” pickney when all I see are these red hybrid mice looking things destroying a race.
    Yurugu laughs cause he doesn’t even have to lift a finger to destroy us anymore as you say they sex us to oblivion.He fulfills both his fetish and mission in life.

    Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. taught me a great lesson from how they both came across to try to bring a solution to the race issue. Malcolm told us to SEPARATE from them as did his mentor Elijah Muhammad.He knew they were evil and us integrating with evil was not a solution but a death trap. Oil and water.Lambs to the slaughter while MLK Jr. preached integration until he also woke up and realized he made a mistake. He eventually realized we need to separate.
    I separated for the most part and still can’t be far enough from them.They tell us to go back to Africa but their yt @$$es are there too they can’t leave us alone.

  17. The words in the title- ‘spell’ and ‘leviathan’- reminded me of this song I heard in college:

    KANGOL* got you in a sleep spell
    so sleep well
    leviathan, the lion with ten heads
    i believe they lyin’ to these children
    bring The Gospel- The “Good Spell”
    opened your mind- and murdered your brain-
    to material thangs
    seekin’ some type of refuge behind a gold link
    turn on the tube to universal power***, now it’s nine/ten o’clock news
    and get ya insight soon

    *Possible reference to KANGOL founder’s Khazar roots?

    **Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 to explain how the crash of an alien spacecraft at Roswell in 1947 had been concealed, how the recovered alien technology could be exploited, and how the United States should engage with extraterrestrial life in the future.

    ***In the Middle Ages, the term universal powers referred to the Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope. Both were struggling for the so-called Dominium mundi, or world dominium, in terms of political and spiritual supremacy.

    From Mobb Deep’s unreleased “True Lies” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37grlrnw7Ow

    You could write a book on this part of the first verse alone.

  18. Thanks for the information. Something that I noticed long ago when I became awake was the word:


    The Levites were Khazar “priests” known today as Cohen, Koen, Caan, Khun, etc.

    How funny that Leviathan is a serpent beast, water monster and a prefix for the Jooish rabbis.

    Makes you go “hmmmmm…”

  19. “Reverends, Fathers and Dear Compatriots: The task that is given to fulfill is very delicate and requires much tact. You will go certainly to evangelize, but your evangelization must inspire above all Belgium interests. Your principal objective in our mission in the Congo is never to teach the niggers to know God, this they know already. They speak and submit to a Mungu, one Nzambi, one Nzakomba, and what else I don’t know. They know that to kill, to sleep with someone else’s wife, to lie and to insult is bad. Have courage to admit it; you are not going to teach them what they know already. Your essential role is to facilitate the task of administrators and industrials, which means you will go to interpret the gospel in the way it will be the best to protect your interests in that part of the world. For these things, you have to keep watch on disinteresting our savages from the richness that is plenty [in their underground. To avoid that, they get interested in it, and make you murderous] competition and dream one day to overthrow you.
    Your knowledge of the gospel will allow you to find texts ordering, and encouraging your followers to love poverty, like “Happier are the poor because they will inherit the heaven” and, “It’s very difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of God.” You have to detach from them and make them disrespect everything, which gives courage to affront us. I make reference to their Mystic System and their war fetish – warfare protection – which they pretend not to want to abandon, and you must do everything in your power to make it disappear. Your action will be directed essentially to the younger ones, for they won’t revolt when the recommendation of the priest is contradictory to their parent’s teachings. The children have to learn to obey what the missionary recommends, who is the father of their soul. You must singularly insist on their total submission and obedience, avoid developing the spirit in the schools, teach students to read and not to reason. There, dear patriots, are some of the principles that you must apply. You will find many other books, which will be given to you at the end of this conference. Evangelize the niggers so that they stay forever in submission to the white colonialists, so they never revolt against the restraints they are undergoing. Recite every day – “Happy are those who are weeping because the kingdom of God is for them.”

    – King Leopold II of Belgium to his colonial missionaries in 1883.

    Under his rule (about 15 years) an estimated 10 -15 million people died as a result of his rule. This figure of 10 million is by the Belgian government’s assessment. The Belgian Congo Holocaust is never mentioned, or is overshadowed by the “other” holocaust that everyone is reminded of, and paying for financially as well.
    Isn’t it ironic that 7 of the top 10 richest preachers in the world are black, and 5 of that 7 are from Africa (Nigeria), leaving Creflo and T.D. while most of their congregation lives in abject poverty?

    Like the Willie Lynch letter, this filth is still working generations later isn’t it?


  20. Black Messiah, White Anti-Christ:

    I saw a man of brown complexion and lank hair walking between two men, and water was dropping from his head. I asked, ‘Who is this?’ The people said, ‘He is the son of Mary.’ Then I looked behind and I saw a red-complexioned, fat, curly-haired man, blind in the right eye which looked like a bulging out grape. I asked, ‘Who is this?’ They replied, ‘He is Ad-Dajjal.’” “70 thousand jews of Esphahan will follow Dajjal .”

    Christian, Muslim, Jew or not- it must be interesting to know that they all believe in a Black Savior, and a white deciever (Dajjaal means ‘deceiver’, the Masih ad-Dajjaal, then is the false Messiah- the people who makes people think that they are saved while he is actually totally deluding them.)

    Even if someone takes all of these religions as false, they still have to see the truth in these particular teachings, the symbolism of black righteousness and white falsehood.

  21. Personally I do not believe in God, and to me the bible is a good slave owners manual, (an excellent way to keep the slaves wondering, in line,confused, dysfunctional are every thing else that is destructive.)In my opinion if you do believe in God ask this so call savior to give you intelligence, and discipline Black people are always looking outside of themselves to be saved, whether it is through religion, the government, rich celebrities etc. In my opinion you are responsible for saving yourself. Learn to use your brain in the correct way and trust your rain. No one can save you only you can save yourself, the so called God or savior for you is you. Always mentioning God and the bible in my opinion is weakness and a form of mental slavery and victimization. Stop being a slave, stop participating in mental slavery and stop victimizing yourself. If you want to pray, pray for yourselves to become wiser and stop hoping others will change, because they won’t
    Are you black people not tired of quoting bible scriptures, fuck it ain’ doing us any good. We were given a brain, we don’t need the “F”ng bible, nor the Christian God, nor any god. Trust your inherent intelligence, improve on it and leave the bible and useless saviours alone.

  22. @ cedi

    True that “god” is a european invention but I do believe in a Creator. Nature is the Creator personified.

  23. obsidianwarriorblog on said:

    Living off the grid and leaving a small “carbon footprint” (a term WS use) is often costly. One needs to have some $$$ in order to purchase and maintain themselves and hide away. It also means one needs to surreptitiously make a move without notice. If the WS find out about a nonwhite person successfully disengaging from their system they will come in and dismantle it, particularly if a large number of nonwhite people find some peace of mind on their own (Oklahoma, Chicago, Rosewood, etc)


    Upon deep thought…
    What type of creature makes a world where you have to pay to just “live”? What type of demon seed would monetize living (a roof over one’s head) and dying (funeral costs). Even the so called primitive people are advanced in mind to know every living being should have shelter.
    -Not these demons pretending to be human beings… They have made living a simple life “a luxury”!
    Question: Who is Solely, completely responsible for this evil existence perpetrated upon this planet?

    ANSWER: The usual suspects
    Insidious Anti-life forms known as Europeans, Whites, Caucasoid, Cave Dwellers, Yurugu, Neanderthals, etc.

  24. @ obsidian

    Yes, it’s costly…a simple solar panel with inverter box for a TINY 400 sq ft home can go for 6,000!!!!

    “Dropping out” is really a form of disengaging oneself and it takes a good amount of skills to know how to hide properly. They have satellites that can see if you took out your trash.

    But any and all measures must be attempted.


    Whites give demons a bad name.

  25. I personally believe that my people that are truly awake in the Spirit need to stir clear of that anti-God Spirit, anti-Christ spirit, anti-Creator spirit. The Agnostic Spirit is a very Demonic ideology and you won’t hear me repeat anything like there is no God…..no higher intelligence or Architect of the human brain mind motion nature emotion of life can convict me otherwise.

    I know because I’ve mingled with close friends and relatives like this and there is darkness hidden in these believes that open doors to accepting notions of praise that exist for these immoral spirits that guide you to believe things of untruth and then sway you into bias that go against a pure train of thought.

    Believe in God my people is not a white or black thing it’s a Spiritual Things. It’s Truth and a Protection just for us and only us.

  26. angel9loveu on said:

    I concur. I would rather believe in the Most High and find out there isn’t one, than to not believe and learn that there is.OMG!!! What a nightmare!!! Cause the threat of an eternity with YT people is a fate worse than death. YT people trust in intellect,with their science and research I get suspicious of anyone pushing an atheistic belief. Knowing that Yurugu will not reign for long and we’ll be snatched from the clutches of evil is what’s getting me and others through this misery.They’ve distorted the image and belief of the Creator to keep us under the spell.But there is a strong inclination and intuition that keeps me grounded on the path to not give up and stay on the narrow path.

    Depending on this false intellect and pride/self hasn’t saved us yet and doesn’t look promising when even our smartest are being outwitted/classed by even the dumbest of Yurugus.

    We have wise people in our race but not even they can avoid White Supremacy/racism.It has engulfed us like sinking sand, we have no where to go and have been in this mess for so long no one seems to be thinking their way out anytime soon.Hence we vent on these blogs .

    The good thing is now we can put labels to identify what we are facing. But any takers to take it head on?

    Right…no one dears to stand up against the bully which is WS.People would rather shove their heads in the sand and hope it goes away or they go unnoticed if they try to play the system. A system which continues to diminished us to mere objects, property to be mistreated and abused.We can’t just blend in and roll with the punches we’ve been setup. And are constantly reliving this nightmare like PTSD.Even the black people you think have made it, you realize, it was all a dream cause WS won’t let anyone of color out of it’s clutches to truly succeed without attachments.But then again I ask.

    Any ideas of how to squash WS? The best idea so far is to separate cause on our own we haven’t been able to defeat or rival this sorcery.Yet so many will easily believe in the devil/Satan/Leviathan but not believe in the Creator? Yes satan is evil and wants to destroy us but ever wonder why you’re not destroyed yet if you’re not running with #teamlucipher.

    It’s trusting in other things,gods,self,idolatry that led us into captivity and is still keeping us locked down.Black people find everything and anything to idolize self,YT people,religion,culture,tradition, weave,fashion,food,money, entertainers,WS hidden in education, jobs and institutions.This stinking english cursed language.Thinking a piece of paper given to you by Yurugu suddenly graduates you to the big house on the plantation…smh. Only to find you’ve been locked into institutional slavery.Your end is worse than your beginning. Trusting in self is pride.According to scripture that’s how Satan got cast out of heaven and we got landed in this situation.It’s been said exalting yourself is satanic and no good can come of it.It’s a sorcery YT people use and have been using to deceive the world into thinking they’re greater than they think. Humility is key.

    And last time I checked, this self we hold in high regard can be afflicted with diseases,illnesses and death. It’s still subject to things beyond its control.One can lose their memory or ability to think in the blink of an eye.

    But I trust in Yahweh,Yahuah,Elohim,El Shaddai, the great I AM not the Invictus game nonsense but the true Originator . My Father/Mother/Creator.

  27. I believe that it’s a little bit of everything that’s been stated above. I think there is a Supreme Nature that is to be respected and honored that has a power beyond my comprehension. But I also know that I am the one that is expected to answer for myself, my actions or my willful inaction in life. I remember a blog post that pointed out that even when you look at ancient African spiritual systems, you will see warrior spirits that take action when necessary. They are not greater than Source but they are a reflection of it. As cliche as it sounds, balance is key.

  28. Negress I understand what you mean about your view of the creator as nature, very wise. In my opinion you are spiritual not religious, the reality is far too many of our people are religious not spiritual. It never ceases to amaze me that black churches, whether in the US, Canada, Britain, the Caribbean or even Afrika have a picture of the White Jesus and the 12 white disciples on the wall. The bible in my opinion is one of the most racist books written. I used to wonder why the verse All slaves obey your masters never infuriated many black people, but hey I realize that many blacks rationalize racism even in the bible.

    Seven star, you stated that Agnosticism is a demonic idelology, you are entitled to your own opinion. The reality is there are good Agnostics and bad Agnostics,just like there are good of your kind SevenStar and bad of your kind. I have often asked other blacks why they have such a belief in God, because in my opinion God has not helped black people. I get responses like these, Well it was what we were brought up to believe, I would not know what to do if there was not a God, Well it is easier to believe in God than to trust myself, life is not worth living without believing in a God, I’m scared I don’t know what to do, (One religious black man even told me ” I’m scared shitless to live without God). Complete belief in supposed higher beings in my opinion is a crutch for many black people. Seven star the only demons and those who are scared shitless are persons who attempt to demonize Agnostics and others who do not share their views. Seven star once again you are entitled to your ideology , just like I am entitled to my ideology. I’ am surprised that you would be on a blog like this, rather than getting your answers from the “HELLY BIBLE” or your supreme being. Let us leave each other alone, regarding this topic, you stay away from people like me and I stay away from people like you. We do not have to agree, and that is the beauty of life. Stop calling Agnostic ideology demonic and I will not call your belief system demonic, respect works both ways. END OF CONVERSATION, THIS TOPIC IS DEAD BETWEEN ME AND YOU. THANK YOU.

    Sure Footed Cynic, you are a breath of fresh air when you mention about answering for you will full action or inaction, and about balance. Very wise views

  29. philomage on said:

    Just scrolling through the blogosphere. Sup!

    I liked this comment a lot. I like the rawness of it! It’s what black people need in this day and age: raw, unbridled emotion. I’m tired of hearing yurugu say “emotions are prohibited” What you have said here is 100% true. There really aren’t any whites that can be saved are there? Man, I’d like to think so but when it comes down to the nitty gritty they’d sooner see you and I dead.

    Black people who are asleep is a point of frustration for sure. But can we really blame them? The spell of leviathan is pretty strong, so it’s not entirely their fault. I’d say we could only fault a brother or sister if they repeatedly fell back asleep after seeing the true nature of white supremacists. That’s just me. Peace out!

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