Observations of an Invisible Woman

Dear Diary #7

Despite clouds and chilly air, a few days ago, I ventured out to the farmer’s market. I ran out of dark, wildflower honey and decided to check out the nursery/market not too far from my house. As I walked around looking at the latest perennials and baby apple and pear trees, I noticed a man from the distance staring at me.

I continued to walk around, pretending not to notice him, smelling the different species of peppermint. When I made it the section that had the hives, I noticed he was behind me. He walked up to me, smiled nervously, and began to make small talk. He spoke of ordering bees in the mail because he couldn’t wait for them to collect around The Queen in his yard.

I was instantly aware of a strange sensation that coursed through my body. It was chilly but I had dressed in a light, wool turtleneck and fingerless gloves. I kept still, transfixed on him and his aura as he spoke of how unfiltered, raw honey had the best vitamins and nutrients for the body.

I nodded.

He spoke of Nestle, the Chocolate Company, coming into various parts of Pennsylvania, particularly farming towns, and stealing their water supply right out from under them. I told him I hadn’t known that.

“I really don’t follow up on TV,” I said.

He inched closer to me and told me of how the folks up here are signing a petition to have them removed.

I stood transfixed by him and took him in slowly.

Steel, blue-gray, empty eyes. Tiny pupils. Thin lips. Fat face. A small array of skin ulcers on his hands. Short, stubby fingers with yellowish-brown nails. Blue veins that played tic-tac-toe on his neck, forehead and around his crow’s feet. Pudgy belly, short build, tiny teeth and white-gray hair. He looked like a typical, aging, white grandpa.

But, for some reason, I was slightly uncomfortable and transfixed by this man. Over the years, I had gotten used to ( as much as one can be ) whites coming up to certain black people and wanting to hold random conversation with them. This I can attest to personally. Obama this, Trump that, illegals over here, the sad state of the economy over there…they were all quite predictable and wanted to know, secretly, if you:

Were angry at them because of slavery

Were a “safe” black person to be around

Were “conscious” ( meaning intelligent) of what was going on around you

Were “into” them sexually and maybe wouldn’t mind dating them

“It’s your energy they’re after”, my one friend told me. “Blacks absorb energy, they repel it. They need whatever energy you’re giving off. They can feel it coming outta you. Don’t bother trying to run from them. You’ll just attract them even further. What you need to do is to extract information from them and use it to help us get outta this mess.”

“But they drain me. I’m sick afterwards.”

“Then get help from hardened light ( crystals).”

I allowed the Divine Spirit to speak to me and listened intently to whatever messages I was receiving. Something about this man wasn’t right. I felt it before when I used to work for corporate America. That uneasiness. That weird, tickling sensation of hairs crawling up your neck and arms.

Someone walked behind us and interrupted his train of thought. He turned his head slowly and I caught a glimpse of him from another angle. His face and neck seemed to “shift” right before me. It just shifted. Like it morphed. For a split second, I wondered if I imagined it.

But I knew better.

I was stricken with a mad desire to run from this man and scream. I wanted to give in and lose it right there in the middle of the farmer’s market. But I held fast and composed myself. This should be no shock. I’ve spoken to a few people who’ve confided in me the same thing to varying degrees. But seeing it up close was very different.

He turned and looked back at me and smiled. I forced myself to act normal…whatever that means.

“Well, I gotta go now. Good luck with Nestle”, and I hurried off.

I went into my car and foolishly locked the door as if that meant something. Compose yourself! I said to myself. Get it together!

I sped home feeling anxious, fearful, jittery, tired and wondered if, finally, I had lost it.

Why didn’t I just stay home?

I dialed a familiar number after I got hold of my breath and explained what happened. She was silent. Then…

“They’ve always been here. For ages. We mate with them, y’know. Not realizing it. We have kids with these things.”

I suddenly had a million questions to which I already knew the answer.

There are real non-hueman entities living amongst us. Those of us that are intuned with Nature can pick up on their vibes and sense that something isn’t quite right about them. Perhaps it’s a lack of real emotion like compassion and the ability to express love. Perhaps it’s that empty, blank stare they give you when you’re looking into their eyes. That “nothing is ‘behind the eyes’ look.”

You’ve seen it, I’m sure.

At work.

Talking to them. Realizing that nothing’s there.

Your next door neighbour. Your babysitter. Your doctor…

What I would like to know is:

Have you ever experienced it?

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17 thoughts on “Dear Diary #7

  1. Feeling that “lack” of hueman energy from yuguru is the story of my life. It’s not the superficial simple lack of knowing them as strangers and feeling uncomfortable. It’s knowing instinctively…energetically that on the deepest levels of consciousness, they are not capable of our energy. Our people initially did not trust them. Then, we were played by them. Eventually, we were taught to love them (through Christianity and other indoctrination methods), and finally we just wanted to liberate ourselves from them and be with our own without interference from them. But, THEY CAN’T SEEM TO LEAVE US ALONE!!!

    These days, as an Pan Africanist alpha male who keeps his eyes on the prize, I simply choose to be cordial when necessary, address issues in ways that they can understand and probe for themselves and stay focused on our people…the huemans. @ramazone2 Brother -R.

  2. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    Oh I have definitely experienced it

  3. Oh, I’ve had an instance of that:

    I was living in New Jersey at the time and I was at a car dealership waiting for my car to be repaired.

    There was a young white woman that was playing with two of the little black kids in the waiting room. The waiting room had play toys for the kids that were waiting with their parents.

    I could tell from the young lady’s energy that she was a teacher and that she LOVED children.

    Also, there in the waiting room was this elderly white couple who were clearly disturbed by the scene. They could hold their tongue no longer. They started sternly talking to the young white woman playing with those black kids.

    “Why are you playing with those kids! They would not play with your kids like that!” Just any ignorant and negative comment that they could hurl at the young woman. And, as they were revealing who they were, I could see their faces change physically into two demonic looking faces…….Their noses were getting longer and thinner. Their skin was getting whiter and whiter. (You know that the hottest part of a flame is the white hot tip…..AND…like when you are grilling with charcoal the coals are ready when they are white and at their hottest) AND, their eyes were getting blacker, while their skin was getting more wrinkly and saggy. Their faces also elongated.

    They were not a good looking couple in the first place, but now they were down right demonically ugly…..

    My car was ready and I didn’t get to see how the situation played out. But, I said to the young teacher woman on my way out, “Keep doing what you are doing the world needs more good souls in it like yours who just follow their hearts and do good things…..don’t let the ugliness of others make you dowse you God given light!”

  4. @DOAN

    I likewise experienced what you have experienced. When it comes to Yurugu’s ordeals they will come to poc and ask for help, but if you do the same to them, and go ask for help they won’t bother to help you out. They’ll let you sort the problem with yourself. This proves to us that they not only lack any real emotion, but they lack hospitality. I virtually noticed that they approach people of color, and take advantage of them, but I’ll deal with them with the same exactitude, and prompt the set.

  5. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

    “In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.” 1 John 3:10

    “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

    Even the bibles teaches hue-manity to stay away from these demons, and their “kind” but as typical brainwashed knee grows, MOST will throw those instructions out the window.

    Isn’t it ironic that we have been instructed to NOT co-habitate, procreate, accept their ways, lifestyles, habits or traits?

    Weren’t we given instructions NOT to partake of – to “come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you”, why are we so damned hard headed then? Didn’t Big Momma tell us that a hard head made for a soft ass?

    Some of our folks love EVERYTHING about them, but hate EVERYTHING about themselves.


    YT women and mens…
    YT meat (you know…the “other white meat”…oink, oink)
    YT breads and baked goods
    YT rice – like uncle ben’s (why is His picture on the box?)
    YT pastas and ramen noodles
    YT sugar and high fructose corn syrup
    YT aspartame and MSG
    YT flour and batter – like aunt jemima’s (why is Her picture on the box?)
    YT grains – like 5-minute oats and quick grits
    YT cereals – like cream of wheat, (why is His picture on the box?)…bags of cereal
    YT crackers and cookies
    YT milk (cows and soy milk)
    YT soaps and shampoos/conditioners
    YT deodorants and toothpastes
    YT fats and greases…lard, crisco and cooking oils
    YT chemicals and cleansers
    YT programmed media and music
    YT alcohols – like white wines, gins and vodkas
    YT dope – like crack, cocaine, meth, heroin and those little white devils…pills
    YT consumerism – that has been validated with their stamps of approval.

    And all of the above is killing us both collectively and individually!
    Many times – it seems as though that our folks will break their necks to transfer those hard earned dollars just to possess these things in order to fit in, or to be accepted by THEM…and amazingly enough, we have become the number one CONSUMERS of their garbage and filth as well. No wonder we are “coo coo for cocoa puffs”…we really are mentally, spiritually and physically ILL – because of those hard heads and soft asses.

    It is NOT an anomaly, strange occurrence or coincidence that we are been bombarded with their instruments of death to control and eventually destroy everything and everyone that is not like them. They are here to colonize, exploit and abandon (Kill, steal and destroy) this perfectly aligned and designed Eco-system that was made specifically for our holy elders and you and I (the righteous ones that know, and are doing something about it) – our most high hears us, acknowledges us and is doing something for us!

    I am so thankful that I never-ever “crossed over” to their “mankind” (kinda like hue-man) in my years of existence, and have had sense enough to pay attention to the life extracting devastation that they bring. Need proof? Look at every “celebrity” (pimped, propagated and promulgated person) that has “crossed over”, and witness their befores and afters…and they are literally shells of themselves – more like “children of those devils”. Unfortunately, after the soul has been stolen and its intrinsic value has been extracted, the “celebrity” is discarded like a used crack vial or weed baggie in the gutter of “mankind”.
    And they usually end up dead, damn near dead or the walking dead…right?

    I have always said for my own sanctity: “lighter than me, it ain’t gonna be, and if I ever fuck with YT, it will never be righty…, if don’t come out of the ground, I don’t get down”

    I too have witnessed the aliens show themselves, and it is eerie and counter-energetic, no wonder that it is referred to as being “out of this world”. They make my skin crawl whenever they get close, attempt to converse or complain about everything damn thing. So, I avoid them for all practical purposes, and when dealing with them – it is short and straight to the point, no discussions or diatribe, because they will use any input from you against you.

    As PFunk said…”where are my sunglasses…shine the spotlight on ‘em”


  6. angel9loveu on said:

    They remind me of the movie by Stephen King “Sleepwalkers”monsters that live amongst us but survive off our energy to blend in.

    The bible mentions them as strange people.The Most High was not happy when some of the Israelites mainly the men went off and procreated with them.It was so bad that the spawns of these unions were destroyed.And it makes perfect sense.They were mixing our high grade DNA with things that He referred to as “strange” and that disobedience all with others brought curses upon our heads.
    It doesn’t say where these strange people came from but I’m sure the Yurugus have a hand in why we don’t know.

    You see their history was never tampered with they always are aware of who they are.We are the ones going through the identity crisis.Our history got tampered with and destroyed.
    Why? Because we are not who they say we are or who we think we are.
    We have the DNA of the Most High.And our disobedience or he disobedience of too many of us prevents us from knowing the truth and having these STRANGE people ruling over us and we’re sitting powerless to do anything.

    The bible says to come out from them like @Willim Tell wrote.Be separate and touch no cursed thing from them.So why are we still here, breaking bread living amongst them and wondering why we don’t belong or are being mistreated.How long will we disobey.

  7. angel9loveu on said:

    I honestly believe that the truth they are hiding is to prevent us destroying them.
    They use religion to control us and the 10 Commandments. But listen carbon family, those laws were made for the Israelites;us. Not the strange people who God despised.

    The laws they’ve extended to include them wasn’t made for them it was made for us the Israelites to abide by and share.They’ve manipulated our history to make themselves seem so important when they’re not.They’re animals that mixed with us by some stupid hue mans in the group who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves and they got more intelligent.
    Even now research proves that negroes are the most developed on the planet.It’s ironic they liken us to apes when they’re genetically more related to apes than we ever could be.
    Not even nature agrees with them the sun is taking it’s revenge and karma it’s way with them of them killing themselves with their own “inventions” and liquid courage.Not to mention falling back on the birth rate curve.

    But as usual their are some stubborn knee grows helping to prolong their existence.If this doesn’t make you angry you must not be bothered much by Yurugu.Cause I would like to run over these kneegrows several times.As well less morons to worry about.

  8. Ayaba on said:

    I’ve experienced them before. Picking up on their energy and whatever else. They’re not human and even they’ve acknowledged that (look up ‘white people are not human’ – it’s a foreign white dude talking about it). They even know it. They figured it out looking into their DNA. White women even produce rabbit serum. I spoke of all this in my video. They are physical agents of spiritual disorder and they know it. All of them do. Whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. I spoke of all of them and their DNA and race mixing, here in my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OCgf5pMiCM

  9. angel9loveu on said:

    Carbon family, I have been led to share a revelation.We are clearly frustrated and beyond distraught with the things happening to us and around which we are powerless to control.

    But what I’m about to share has come not as a shock but as something we should rejoice about.If you realize the bible is not just a story book but a guide to the truth.As well the comforter that was sent to reveal to us the truth of the Most High’s character as to why I’m an iron clad believer in my faith.

    Believe me when I say I’m not crazy or a fruit basket.But the time is near. The antichrist is here.His number is 666.
    Now I’ve prayed and asked God who this person is but never got an answer right away only to realize as in everything somethings take time.The Spirit instead showed me he provided the information to reveal who this is person was by leading me to information. As I was lead to negresses blog.And this is what was brought to my attention.

    We are the original hue mans. The only ones to carry the number 666 based on our atomic molecular build up.Six protons,6 neutrons and 6 electrons as I said earlier we are the most developed and complete.

    The antichrist has the number or a so called black man. He is in plain sight and we all know him.There’s only one anomaly right now hidden in plain sight that looks like us. Watch and seek understanding, And bet your bottom dollar the time is here.So be blessed and read the good book.Quit leaning on your limited understanding.Our creator will honor the promises and save us from our enemies.

  10. I’ve experienced something oddly unfamiliar perhaps the scariest when I was going through it. I will share it later. (As it is I will go in depth to do so) For now, I wanted your thoughts or response to this:
    Although, I got it from this pro-White site. You certainly can google/bing the title and if you spoke about this in a post already, please point me to that posts. I wanted to ask more on the Eugenics and do you think it’s possible through their technology and nanotechnology that the mitochondria eve in the original woman has been altered to an great degree? Also can you link your company so I can support through purchase. Wholeness and Wellness, Negress and all.

  11. Ah, I didn’t recall to notice that a friend gave me this book:
    The Wounded Womb
    I have a feeling I can find my answers there but I’m still open to your beautiful insight.

  12. To all:

    You’ve pretty much asked the same question so I will give a general answer.

    This alien race is very subtly replacing Originals with their Hybrids-Huemans.

    White females are seeking black men to pretty much smash them to pieces then impregnate them. White males are coaxing and romancing black females with promises to being “better than the black man” so they can bear them children.

    I’ve stated many times to STAY AWAY FROM SEXING WHITES!!!!!

    Yes, they can be seductive. Yes, they instinctively know what we “like” as we are programmed to live in their sick culture and are mentally ill. But there is a difference between knowing the path and WALKING THE PATH.

    You must walk the path towards liberation and that included staying away from the Demon Seed.

    If you must interact with them, do so on a professional level.

    Nothing more.

    Learn to distance yourself from them mentally. The rest will come easier after that.

  13. iya75 on said:

    I have seen something similar twice, with a white male and so-called latino male, both of whom I was tragically involved with while more confused and while I and the male were on drugs.

    The white male and I were taking LSD. I watched him purposely change his face into that of a demon’s numerous times that evening.

    The so-called latino male and I were taking ecstasy. I watched his face change into that of a demon’s as well.

    Both were transfixed on breaking me psychologically and spiritually, which I only realize now. I was deeply entwined with both and they showed me precisely who it was I was trying so desperately to love.

  14. The most nasty nightmare be follow by these nasty creatures! They don’t need necessary to follow us, when you walk down in the streets they always follow you with their damn eyes and stare to you constantly! It’s look like,they want catch our energies for feed themselves!
    If we have very strong energy in our body, they will try in every way to still from us!
    The reason they follow us with eyes,with their presence for scare us,oppress us,constantly put us down because they want our energy,soul and melanin! I think when they kill a black live,they are happy,because they catch another energy for feed!
    Naturally people of colour have melanin,we know melanin has natural substances that gives us soul,more straight in sport,dance everything that’s things them don’t have!
    Why when black person vanishes,is very hard find him alive but not for white person,in black market,I am sorry say such thing,the value of our bodies have very high prices!
    They like our bodies and they are obsess with us! Stay strong people!

  15. theloneflowerterri on said:

    All of the ‘people’ in this video… There’s so much wrong and not-human about everyone in this video. Including the one who said that he needed a human sacrifice. Who says things like that? That’s not natural humor.

  16. We under under severe spiritual and psychological attack. My unease around people, especially strangers, is increasing. Not because I think they are “evil” but I know they do not understand the forces that are acting upon them via food, water, air, media, sex, economics, and false religions.

    Be careful, stay away from large gatherings especially those where alcohol is being consumed, and maintain distance between those people who engage you in verbal or physical conflict. Stay away from drugs, stop getting high, be careful about the food you consume and the entertainment you engage in and teach your children to do the same.

  17. Wow…the reporter in the video is displaying reptilian behavior. This is the best example I have seen because it has obviously not been doctored or edited.

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