Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Not So Covert War on Black Women Continues


“Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced Wednesday that Harriet Tubman will replace former President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill….

Lew said he made the decision to make Tubman the new face of the $20 after hearing from the American people through roundtables, town halls and in online discussions. (emphasis mine)”


I must give it to Yurugu.

He’s a great and diabolical two-legged creature of the lowest nature.

Just when you think he couldn’t sink any lower, he proves you wrong.

By now, many of you have heard that our Great Mother will grace the Luciferian currency known as the American twenty dollar paper bill. By removing the white, Satanic-Freemason, slave owner and Rothschild puppet, Andrew Jackson, and replacing it with a black, female, ex-slave turned revolutionary, white America will have a field day directing their anger at the one group of people who continue to bear the brunt of all of societies ills:

Black Women


In this incredible turn of events, whites…

who are suffering from a loss of jobs due to outsourcing (from their white political leaders)

who are suffering from a loss of pensions (from their crooked white leaders)

who are suffering from a loss of decent education at top schools due to affirmative action (which benefits white females) and lack of scholarships (that “dried up” and went to Israel)

who are suffering from a loss of housing (homelessness)  from their greedy, white bankers who swindled them

who are suffering from a loss of white pride as they feel “silenced” on the very issues THEY created

who are suffering from a loss of National Pride as they watch “their country” be overrun by “immigrants”…



Never once will they realize the massive, global Chess Game being played AGAINST them. Their rage will be focused only on what they can see.


Money is the real god of Yurugu. Without their precious money, they cannot control nations, people, food, animals, the environment, air etc.


Satanic, Two legged, Incestuous, Flesh-Eating, Blood Drinking, Bavarian Joo- The Real Owner of the United States and the “Boss” of all U.S. Presidents


Whites are accustomed to seeing their faces on the one thing that matters more to them than their dogs. Now that a black face will grace their currency, we must be prepared to brace ourselves for further attack. You’ve been lead to believe that the black man is Public Enemy Number One.

That is a lie.

It’s ALWAYS been about the black woman and her womb because all black life comes from her.



ANYTHING that Yurugu does that represents “change” and “progress”in your name is the exact opposite. Satan NEVER comes outright and tells you he wants your soul. He dazzles you with gifts, sweet words, promises of a “better tomorrow” while savagely raping and killing you while you look on spellbound.


Open your third eye and see the Beast.


Then you’ll never be caught off guard.







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18 thoughts on “The Not So Covert War on Black Women Continues

  1. Dear Diaryofanegress,

    Most of the non-white people and particularly the so called black ones should understand that to put this person on a 20 dollar bill, is just another way to make them believe that it is not about racism, and bring and increase the power of deception. The white supremacist has made us so emotionnal that we will feel happy to see a black face upfront without considering the whole situation which is a total disaster for most of them.This is a piece of their refinement strartegy called “black face upfront”.
    They give us sweeties to make us more vulnerable it is only a chess movment to confuse us more deeply.

    Questions to the white supremacist ?

    Will it end RACISM ? Will it Produce JUSTICE ? Will it solve the problem ? How ? Why ?

    We must be logical and look with a cold approach all the situation and see the result.

    As Stockely Carmichael said once ” Call me when the problem will be solved ” this is the only that counts, for us as victims of racism, putting the face of Hariet Tubman is in no way a solution as we know W/S deal with falsehood.

    Thank you.

    In The Production of JUSTICE.

  2. angel9loveu on said:

    Negress, you said all I wanted to say and then some. They have sunk to a new low.Just when you thought they couldn’t get lower they come out of pocket and try to out do their silly selves. And these savage beasts are as usual going to misdirect their anger at us when it’s the evil synagogue of Satan that maintains the mint for the dollar to be printed and they are the powers that be that decide on what to print.
    Any excuse to denigrate our amazing black women.
    They’re getting desperate and their demise is at hand. They try but the truth is they’re not going down without that fight and are using every trick in their nasty bag of lies.

    Black Family hold tight it’s going to be a bumpy one but the race is not for the swift but he/she who perseveres to the end.

  3. Great points sis. If we think the hate from the cave savage is harsh, wait till you see the response of the plantation kneegrows. White pathology will continue because kneegrows enables it.

  4. What about these cave beast males who declare free love for black women?
    Since the relations between them and us have always been peaceful and full of love? We know all us, the reality how were the relations between the master and his slave women, but today there is no need to possess us with the strength seen that times have changed!
    But those who refuse to see the reality of the facts is only a lost cause!
    They are the only group of men who post videos on social media, in magazines, shamelessly declare their love for us!
    They will use our image, our talent to get rich on our backs! Always has been so, so will be it!
    It is not love that, when 100% of white men only want to halve our number!
    I had conversation with some black women always blame black men that go with white women, but in the end who is who controls the scenes? Who is the manipulator? White men! Their love for us isn’t never been the solution of our problems!
    Should have the conscience to see what is going out there!
    I’ve never seen love in their eyes, but only a shameless depravity for us!
    Some of them want to destroy our wombs, but others will use our wombs to manipulate half black kids!


  5. There is ALWAYS an ulterior motive behind their every move.

  6. angel9loveu on said:

    I love that site BGLH and I agree.It’s a case I’ve been making but have been shot down by black women especially on white males showcasing their interracial relationship is more lust than love. They have no love in them so I refuse to buy into that love has no color rubbish. Absolute garbage they use to pollute the minds of gullible, foolish black people.

    It’s tasteless how they flaunt and galavant their “relationship” to the point it seems too staged. I’ve been watching and studying these relationships and 100% of the time the one with the color seems more occupied with them than they are with their experiment (that’s what I call it). The pale one always seems like they left the building, can’t relate or seems like their skin crawls but they’re taking one for the team.
    And exactly why negress, Neely Fuller Junior, Dr Welsing keeps saying, reiterating not to sleep with them.You’re only furthering their plan to lessen your people. They can sleep with you and have no emotions cause that’s their make up.They’re cold blooded killers.Only exist to kill,steal,destroy and further chaos. The mixing of races is a well orchestrated plan to deplete the melanin/carbon power.

  7. Here is the bottom line for me. Religion and its cultist doctrines have nothing to do with the God I choose to believe in through experience and not a Book which mans footprint is outwardly known. I have survived conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq and the drugs wars on the Streets of Detroit Michigan. What I was taught coming up in church was a lie but that doesn’t make my Creator my origin a lie. I don’t pray to Jesus because he is not God and not my Father. I am a Spirit contrived of good and bad energy. The ascension on either scale positive or negative permeates the end result. God is real but he is not this upside down bi-polar deity which sounds more like Satan to me who needs preachers and books to describe him or people to worship him. What is has already been and there is nothing new under the Sun. We can not verify the day we were born without a birth certificate and definitely don’t get to proof our death certificate. With all that said Mother Tubman needs for us her labor of love to wake up and know the truth! Money answer things not souls and lives. The love of money is the root of all evil. Anything we empower can be the source of good or evil. Mother Tubman should not be disgraced by being on the front of a twenty dollar knockoff! Her labor of love was for freedom. Am I to believe that after all is said and done we are still willing to lay down and allow the Black Woman to be disrespected Black Men. I am ashamed to be numbered amongst you Cowards! The Enemy has no power over us except that which we allow! Cast off religion and put on Truth! Put on Love and Warfare in the Spirit for there is the battlefield Soldiers!

    Just Me

  8. Am I the only one that finds Harriet Tubman being selected to be on a $20 bill as extremely weird? There were other people. How about Martin Luther King for one..

  9. @support black business,
    Yeah is true! But black women should realize the when womb one time is has been fertilized can not go back! There is a difference to have a relationship like that, or marry someone and then have children with them!
    When you make a choice you can’t go back more than once through the door you will never go back! I live in the UK, and here there is an army of biracial children, who are growing more every day, their number can be considered as ethnic group! Why are these armies of biracial children ? We should be honest this is not about love but survival! In nature you choose strongest mates to survive the offspring!
    What they are doing, they are using our melanin because without people of colour they are lost! But really black women are able to carry a pregnancy and destroy their wombs to men who have always sought and they try in every way to destroy our people?

  10. angel9loveu on said:

    They’re an army in the U.S. also.It’s ironic you call them an army because I think that’s just why they’re breeding with the black men and women. There’s a strong gut feeling that when time comes for the great tribulation/chaos.All these biracials will go haywire and bringing the end times. I mean look at whose our president and the most powerful man in the western world. A biracial product of black and white. If something isn’t connected with that sign I don’t know what else to say.The proof is in the pudding.And they’re using this powerful biracial Obama touring down destruction and chaos on us.So we should be looking into this increase in these idiots having the beasts sex them off and grow their biracial army to bring in more chaos.
    They don’t know where to fit in and are neither black or white but they cause a lot of strife and share the same privileges of their white parent over the a black person but still considered black.If that aint some royal mess.

  11. Very true. And by the time they put her face on the dollar bill, the dollar won’t be worth a damn anymore. It’s already losing value. It’s pointless to me to even do something like that. I wonder what they have up their sleeve for this.

  12. Was thinking the very same thing @ayaba

  13. angel9loveu on said:

    @Ayaba very good observation .Something’s up their sleeve. This NWO might not be just smoke up our ass after all. One currency will come and they’ll probably do away with the U.S.currency by then so it won’t even matter.

  14. I’m not surprised by the powers that be decision to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. They only doing it because they want to co-opt us into white supremacy.

    Also, I don’t understand some of my Sistas support for Planned Parenthood, the butcher of Black Children.

    Don’t be fooled by the dominant when they give us a bone because they want our silence. They hate the notion of “push back”, especially from Black women. They see us as threats. Which is why Dylann Roof killed more Black women than men in Charleston, why Sandra Bland and hundreds of other Black women were murdered by the police in recent times(2015-now). Yurugu knows that his days are numbered and like Satan the Devil, he wants to take down as many people as possible.

    Make no mistake about it, there’s a war on Black women.


  15. To all of my Sistas and Bruhs that have the courage to say something…Thank You for keeping those creative energies flowing! I would like to throw my two cents (the new $20.00) in the ring for review.

    These serpentine sons of Cain aka Yurugu/Edomite/Luciferian are a desperate bunch and are trying to get back home by any means necessary. Their home is Mars, and they destroyed it eons ago in their bloodthirsty quest for dominance amongst themselves. They are never satisfied, always seeking and searching, adapting and modifying in an insane attempt to improve their conditions and to make their survival and existence less arduous.

    Problem is, they cannot get past the Van Allen radiation belts in our atmosphere, and are trying to figure a way to get their alien kind past it without its devastating after effects. Why do you think they were trying to ignite Saturn (the dark star) with a Cassini radioactive satellite after attempting to do the same with Jupiter with the Galileo satellite called Project Lucifer to “study the feasibility” of creating a second sun, which would make their planet inhabitable again, and why are they so concentrated on a mission to Mars? As crazy and far-fetched as that sounds, they are trying…never, ever doubt the oppressor or their oppressive behaviors to finance THEIR dreams with your dollars!

    In other words, one of biggest white lies in human history that was defecated upon the earth on July 20, 1969 with “one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind”. Mankind…did they mean kind of like a hueman? Another white lie was the six million that were supposedly vaporized by those mean assed Deutsch, yet that didn’t stop the creation of Isn’treal in 1948, and they needed those $$$ to build, maintain and protect it – while its adherents with dual citizenship are working feverishly to control and benefit from EVERYTHING.

    Another white lie was the dual napalm non-nuclear attacks in Japan in 1945 that were propagandized by fictionalizing the “mankind aliens” as a superpower with deadly weapons “that could destroy the world” …which created power, dollars and control by fear – to finance the New World Order. Isn’t it ironic, or is it no accident that the pulpit pimps operate under the same premises of “power, dollars and control “ in our devastated black communities globally similar to the gang-banging dope dealers that are contributing to the destruction of our black civilization and existence! Fuck a G650 Gulfstream or a Bentley convertible on 22’s…we should be restoring our neighborhoods, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and educating our people to be self-sufficient – which is what OUR messiah really meant when he said it when he said to follow him.

    Isn’t it also ironic that Adolf’s right hand men after 1945 ended up at NASA, the DOD, AEC, CDC, NIH and many other “gubmint” agencies that continue to exist today? Operation Paperclip was hugely successful for the proliferation of YT supremacy and YT genetic survival after 1949…think bombs, bullets, chemical, biological, medical experimentation, intelligence, surveillance, electronics, drones and satellites that were designed for hueman destruction and “Aryan” survival. Billions upon billions of our tax dollars – yeah I pay ‘em too…are being deceitfully transferred into the hands of our enemies to mislead, miseducate, mistreat, misinform and misappropriate our energy to build a one world government and religion for the purposes of our control. That’s kinda like paying the neighborhood bully to whoop our asses and pimp us to keep him pretty!

    There is something really esoteric in the hidden meaning of that “twenny with the Sista on it”…there is no other money with one face on the front and someone else’s on the back is it? Naaaw, I don’t think so…

    I think that melanated women are being conditioned to become the “money mules” and “workforce replenishers” for the Yurugu/Edomite/Luciferian’s twisted goals and purposes of continued global denomination especially with their negative growth world population issues. By emasculating, over-hormonizing, metro-sexualizing and mass incarcerating the spineless and apathetic “men of the house”, our Sistas are abandoning these hybrid creations in droves and looking to those so called greener pastures of YT for “love and acceptance”. Is that why ol’ Hickory is riding Harriet’s ass to work her like a mule, and sodomizes her, when he doesn’t want to impregnate her? The grass is always greener on the other side because bullshit is fertilizing it!

    Finally, through out US history all of our AA’s were/are summas including myself. I went to three different independent sources to have DNA samples reveal my heritage, and all I can say is DAMN…I am a Summa – “summa dis and a lotta dat with summa dem too…” I had a cousin exclaim after waaay too much “crown royal and indo” at our family reunion, that “most of the black revolutionaries that mattered were high yella and that the only thing that a darkassednicka was going to do, was pray, and go tell massa on you.” It is true that Malcolm, Marley, Huey, Angela, Ntozake, Neely, Francis, Assata, Denmark and George Jackson were all summas as well, but so were Marcus, Martin, Sojourner, Harriet, Ida B., Phillis, Stokley, Gil, Medgar, (et al.) – which were just blessed by the Sun a little bit more – but all of their sacrifices and actions were equally vital and viable.

    I don’t think we need to worry about the hybridization of this “new race of people” because they were here all of the time anyway, not as much as the exponential growth in the indoctrination and inclusion of ALL of those that have sold their souls to the alien’s god and its synagogue of satan for WORSHIP of that “Funky Dolla Bill” – that all seeing eye, and all of its secret societies and colored folk clandestine offshoots, they are the real Andy Jacksons that are trying to ride OUR Harriets into the ground…it is no coincidence that the number 5th surname for black folks in the US is (drum roll please)…JACKSON!

    Sorry Miss Jackson, but are I am for real…are you?


  16. @William Tell

    Thank you so much for typing this informative article, I enjoyed reading through it. Yes, Yurugu, or Bhulu Abonsas which translates to white devils know the reason why they enslaved Black people because they’re the founding fathers of the most ancient civilizations, they know blacks were highly advanced industrious race. Therefore just as much as Yurugu is highly advanced in technology, hue-manity will conspire a plan to put an end for Yurugu’s misery, because thic race is the real threat here. Hue-manity will unite to thwart the white devils plan, and commence a genocide against this cancerous race. This is how I perceive, the fall and demise of the white race. People of color know that Yurugus’s earth is his heaven where he rules economically, and militarilly. Yurugu will destroy his utopia, while the rest of bhulu abonsas are dying, because their birthrate is in decline, they will literally take everything down with them.

    But rest assured people of color are fully aware that Yurugu won’t have dominion and power in the next upcoming immortal world.

  17. To all:

    Excellent comments. Thank you much.

    @ William Tell:

    A post to come regarding what you’ve written.

  18. The denigration of Black women in academia:

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