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The Up and Coming Nina Simone Movie

“Massa, is this the oppressed look you were going for?”

When I heard that the light skinned, Anti-Black, “I’m Latina!” Zoe Saldana was chosen to play legendary pianist Nina Simone, I smiled wryly to myself.  I’m shocked that white Jooish Hollywood didn’t pick her:


Luciferian Jooish High Priestess Witch and Child Pedophile Ring Leader Meryl Streep

Remember when they casted her to play our Queen?


Satanic Hollywood Ex-Madam and former Drug Dealing Prostitute Elizabeth Taylor

Any of these women below would have been a better choice…especially if they could sing in real life. Like her:

Black Family, show your solidarity and power and refrain from supporting this filth thrown at us to “pacify” us. Hold back your black dollars and boycott this movie. Are you not tired of ANY woman other than a black one getting credit for all that we stand for? Or lips, hair styles, bodies and way of dressing have been stolen and EXPLOITED by these alien life forms and we PAY MONEY to watch ourselves be degraded.

No one will respect us if we do not respect ourselves.

Are you not tired?

I am.

Take back your power and boycott this movie.

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11 thoughts on “The Up and Coming Nina Simone Movie

  1. I am in communication with Nina Simone’s daughter Lisa. She wants everyone to see the documentary about her mother called “What Happened, Miss Simone?”.

    Dear Negress, I don’t find too many Sisters like you. It would be great to build with you. I’m interested in putting more resources into the cause. Feel free to contact me via ramazone2 on twitter.


  2. Nah bae you got it all wrong. Adepero Oduye would have been the supreme choice. Yall Google her image and see for yourself why. Zoe gotta be sacking and bumping. In any case, it’s done. The solution: Don’t support! Also, Nina’s daughter had visited the View when the documentary about her mother debutted. She shared that her mother said that she wanted Whoopi to play her if/when a film based on her life came out. The point is: more anti-Blackness and opportunity for the system of racism, white supremacy.

  3. obsidianwarriorblog on said:

    I had already chosen NOT to watch it along with the other insulting films the small hats promote. IT is a MOCKERY and a slick way to bring back black face.
    Also, A lot of these so called hispanic mix-breeds are Public Enemy #2 in regards to Loyalty to the White Supremacists. They are NOT to be trusted! It is disgusting that the small hats showed no respect to Nina Simone’s family when they suggested a dark skinned woman to play her in the film, especially since Nina Simone had a healthy esteem about her dark skin.
    Hollywierd Always Disrespects and Disregards Black people.
    Think about these women: Betty Shabbaz, Tina Turner, Katherine Jackson, Coretta Scott King, and Rosa Parks…
    Do they look alike?
    Are there mannerisms the same?
    I should say not But they picked ONE actress to play all these women?

    When the white supremacists (small hats) look for actors/actresses to play true life stories for their own white people – they look far and wide for actor/actresses, known and unknown to resemble the real person.
    Not so with Black people. Any ol’ black person will do. I would not be surprised if they start casting males to play female roles and females to play male roles.

    Thank you for sending out the ALARM… I won’t even watch it when it comes on TV for FREE

  4. I knew this film was garbage when I saw the trailer. It’s an insult to the great Nina Simone. I would never support this filth.

  5. @ Obsidian

    That’s because we’re considered sub hueman.

  6. @ Thanks Your Highness.

  7. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    Sorry but, Zoe Saldana in that blackface make-up looks like someone who’s in desperate need of an exorcism. She looks gone like the wind….

  8. Oh, my money was not going to legitimize that mess…..Saldana could have played the role with her regular face…she’s black with no help…she wasn’t THAT much lighter than Ms. Simone….did NOT see why they felt the need to alter her face to look like ugly Eddie Murphy….or a monster muppet!

    India Arie would have been my choice….

    Nina Simone was a handsome sista anyway…… SHE WAS NOT UGLY!!!

    But, no I will not be supporting that travesty…. 😦

  9. Well, frankly, I’m not interested in Zoe Saldana as an actress. She’s a lightweight and Nina Simone was a strong Black woman. It’s an oxymoron and I agree that better BLACK ACTRESSES cold have been chosen. The movie will be a flop because of the casual but profoundly insulting faux-paus by ignorant white racists who just don’t seem to be getting the message lately that Black people are tired of their shit!

  10. If it is not a movie that is not of interest to you. Don’t see it,don’t write about it, don’t think about it. That is what I have decided to do, end of problem.

  11. Today the standard of beauty comes from the caves, I am tired of seeing cave beast female honored as the Queens!

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