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How to Survive the Fall of America in a System of White Supremacy



After meditating on what I need to do verses what I’d like to do, I decided to write this post to those of us that are awake, lucid, aware and ready to survive. For those that are not, please conserve your energy and refrain from commenting on this post. Your comments WILL NOT be posted because you are a distraction for the rest of us.

If you’ve been reading up on the Global Economy, you’ll know that money, which is a false, Yuruguan concept bent on eternal slavery, is about to be exterminated. The Children of Set wish to crash the Global Economy and use “chips” as currency. What will happen if you do not comply?

They simply cut off your chip and you starve to death.

Or die of preventable disease.

Or die of dehydration.

Or freeze to death.

Or are placed in ready made concentration camps with guards and watchtowers.


How can blacks live and survive in a system that has NO currency where we are hated, hunted and DEPENDENT on others for basic necessities?


One: Begin storing food, food and more food.

If you have a backyard, no matter how tiny, you have ZERO excuses why you’re not filling your belly, mind and soul with fresh, organic herbs and vegetables. I grow herbs year round on my windowsill and transplant them into the earth or a container in the summer.

Learn to can food:



It’s simple but time consuming and you’re going to need supplies. Lots of them.


Clear out your closet, attic, basement, old baby clothes, etc and SELL them to get extra cash to buy your supplies.

For those that cannot grow food due to lack of space, search the internet for a LONG TERM DRIED FOOD COMPANY and begin stocking up. Use the space you now have from your cleared closets to store food. Remember to rotate them according to date.



Two: Without 3 days of water, your body will begin to experience:






The formation of Blood Clots

Possible death




Stock up now.

Rain barrels are a must have and every car wash has them.  Search Craigslist, Ebay and the Newspapers for rain barrels and utilize them. Don’t forget water purification tablets and iodine.



Three: You must begin forming networks of blacks that you can trust in case:

You need someone to watch your children/ elderly parents when you’re not there

You need someone to drop you to and from your desired location if your car doesn’t work or you’re out of gas

You need an ear/ shoulder to lean on or talk to


Individuality is killing us.

We compete with each other so we can brag to our enemies, “Look what I have! I have more than the rest so I’m not like them. Do you like me now?” At the farmer’s markets where I live, a tight knit Chinese family makes “rotations” every weekend. The mother sells her clothing at one market, the daughter at another 30 miles away, the father and son team up to sell their root vegetables in town and the cousins sell their baked goods at another market in a wealthy area.

I began talking to the father and son one Sunday afternoon about the benefits of black tea when they spilled their secret about how to “hit the best marketplaces.” Only their cousins have a valid Food License but they ALL bake and cook and use the cousin’s Food License to make money.

Now that’s teamwork!

You can benefit from their system too. But you must do the one thing we have trouble with:

Work together.



Four: Still have all your money in the bank?

Well, maybe it’s time to take it out and get one of these:



If you doubt how bent set The Reptiles are on your complete destruction, simply research what happened to a country called Cyprus. They are TRACKING your money.

Yes, all of you. How do I know?

I made a few purchases last month with my debt card only to have a guy call me out of the blue to ask me about “fraudulent charges.” He explained that there was an “unusually” high amount of activity (4) on my card and told me, and I quote, “That’s not like you.”

I held the receiver and thought, Not like me? How in the hell do you know what’s ‘not like me?’

If you choose to get a safe, make sure:

It’s waterproof

It’s big enough to hold your money, valuables and guns

It’s light enough to be carried and BURIED somewhere

Why buried?

They are passing Anti-Holding Laws as we speak…if they haven’t already.

What is an Anti-Holding Law?

It will be illegal to store more that one month’s worth of food, medicine and supplies in your home. Why? Because the Evil Ones feel that only a chosen few (them) deserve to live and the rest (us) do not. They want your money, food, medicine and all that you have for THEMSELVES. Remember the crash of 2008? It was a planned event to transfer money from your bank account and pension plans into their already stuffed pockets.



Five: RELEARN the Power of Herbs as Medicine




Remember my posts on herbal therapy?

What will you do when the pharmacy closes or prices get so skyhigh you can no longer afford your pills?

Book for you to read are:










There are perhaps millions of books on this topic but these will put you on the right track.




Six: This needs no further ado



If you’re black, you’re in serious trouble.

If you’re black and live in America, you’re in serious fucking trouble.

We have no friends and not one person will come to our rescue. Remember Flint Michigan? Those innocent people are being BLAMED for their poisoning. Not white governor Synder to changed their water supply. Remember Hurricane Katrina? Those innocent people were BLAMED for being locked in the SuperDome at gunpoint with no food, air conditioning, toilets, water or medicine. Not white president Bush who targeted that area for white gentrification. And when they died next to their sleeping neighbour, the good, pious, innocent, white Christians of America said, “Good. One less scum on the planet.” Remember that little virus called AIDS? Those innocent people were BLAMED for the CDC and the CIA injecting the virus into their bodies via malaria vaccines. Not white scientist Gallo and white mega-tycoon Gates who OPENLY practice Eugenics.


Black people, all of us, should get a gun license and know HOW TO USE IT if necessary. Learn and be ready to defend your family, our little ones and yourself because THEY ARE COMING FOR US. For those of you who do not believe in violence:

Your enemy does.


And they love it.

Live it.

Relish it.

Climax over it.

And will continue to do it as long as they are able to.


Think about that.



Seven: This needs no explanation:



For those of you that have a Spirit Force/ Deity/ Orisha/ God-Goddess that you ask for help and pray to, now’s the time to get extremely intimate with them. You’re going to need as much help and guidance as you can get when all this crashes and the animal nature of man-made mankind is unleashed to its fullest extent. Which, by the way, has NOT happened yet.

You need to get re-familiar with the Sun and its power.

Take time every day to walk in the warmth and light of the Sun and get darker. For those of you that secretly love your light, caramel-latte complexion, you must put aside your slave training and get darker. This summer will go down on record as being one of the hottest summers EVER. UV rays will be unleashed on Earth and you must absorb the Sun’s Power without the risk of burning.

I knew a very light-skinned black girl in school who prided herself on her buttercream complexion. She never played with us in the sun for fear of getting darker. Her paranoia was so great, she used an umbrella whenever she could.

Darkness matters and the darker you become, the more resistance you’ll have. I favour coconut oil:



Unscented and light, it keeps me moisturized and soft helps me to absorb MORE sun.



Eight: Stop lying to yourself about:

Being mentally sick in this prison planet. ALL black people are mentally ill. We have to be in order to survive the day-to-day constant attack on our person. ADMIT you are ill and make the necessary changes to get better.


White people saving you. They won’t. Every time one of us dies, they breathe a collective sigh of relief. Yes…including the naked one lying in your bed.


How this is just another crazy conspiracy theory. It’s not. You know it. I know it. Even the animals feel it.


By being raw and honest with yourself, you’ll begin to prepare and FORESEE what’s coming.



This list is just the beginning.


If you have anymore CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions, please add them and help the black community as much as you can.










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18 thoughts on “How to Survive the Fall of America in a System of White Supremacy

  1. Excellent info. I practice all of this and am ready. I take no drugs, prescribed, over the counter or street. The majority of whites are practicing this, thinking marauding zombie blacks will take what they have. Those who believe God or nature will take care of them are sorely mistaken. It’s why we have auto, home and health insurance. We don’t plan to have an accident or disaster, but we have insurance just in case. It took me 10 years to prepare. There are no guarantees you will survive a disaster, but those who are prepared stand a better chance. Thank you.

  2. @ Marion

    Excellently put.

  3. Excellent Post. I’m apart of an online group that is into Emergency Preparedness, etc., etc. The brother (Dave) who operates it (along with others) has a show on Black Talk Radio called Thando Radio. He also gets into precious metal training. You’re right, we need to get back into grouping up, i.e. pooling resources together, like we used to do (those of us born before the 90’s). There are many prepper/self-reliant/self-sufficiency websites out there; take from it what is useful & productive for you. We also need to get back into the bartering system with each other. We may not have $$$, but we could trade skills. There are a couple of websites that do this, but it includes all people. Haven’t found any with just Blacks only (at least not yet). I posted a couple of articles where one is for Black people who want to get off the grid & the other has information on ideas that can be implemented by like-minded Blacks. Read it take from it what is useful to you/others & consider implementing some of the concepts.

    1. http://www.blacktalkradionetwork.com/thandoradioshow/
    2. https://www.facebook.com/thandoradioshow/?_rdr
    3. http://freeyourmindandthink.com/9-steps-to-getting-off-the-grid-immediately/
    4. http://freeyourmindandthink.com/the-master-list-of-the-collaborative-economy-rent-and-trade-everything/

  4. @ Donna

    Much appreciated!

    I’ll take a peek at all the links.

  5. angel9loveu on said:

    Thanks for looking out Negress. The way I see things preparation/prevention is better than cure.Too many of us are acting aloof and unaware to the change in laws and the atmosphere.
    The change is in the air and my animals are acting weird. I’m dreaming right now of moving to another country but I doubt that would matter then again anywhere should be better than being trapped in this Babylon or Europe.

    Unfortunately,I’m in a sticky predicament and would love to surround myself with more people of my color but they’re nowhere to be found.Wishing you all safety and praying for your strength.

  6. @ angel

    There’s no place to run and hide. This is a global phenomenon. I’ve thought of returning to the islands and hiding out in a Rasta community but they are there too with bulldozers and permits.

    Thank you.

    You as well.

  7. If you listen to today’s Thando Radio show (April 14), he lists the executive orders that talk about the taking of your home grown foods (farming) & other self-sustainable means by the government——it is at the end of the show (last 10-15 minutes). He talks about executive orders throughout the show, but towards the end, he lists the ones above referencing the Anti-Holding laws.

  8. Thank you for the post! Great and accurate information. I’ve been doing a lot of research on self healing (The book Dreamhealer 2 discusses techniques on self healing techniques) and herbal teas. Slow exercises yoga, tai qi, qi gong are helpful with balancing hormones, reducing stress, and help with thinking clearly.

    Some state counties give away free or low cost rain barrels along with a course in it. Most lead contaminated water will happen in areas with old piping as the joints for those piping may have lead.

    I’ve been learning skills to start a business, but also need to get more trade skills. I have stocked on extra non-perishable foods and have water, but need to tend to a garden.

    And I agree meditation is key as stress kills us and people are always trying to psych out black people! Meditation helps with mental toughness as does physical activity/exercising.

  9. Negress I personally do not know exactly what will happen in the future, I know that I can not hide, . Many Caribbeans want to come to N. America and the UK always thinking it is the land of milk and honey, when they get here and arrive here they learn that our Caribbean islands were not as bad as we thought. You know when I was in the islands a few years ago, many of the younger people were not growing their food, they knew nothing about herbs, KFC has made its way there and is doing phenomenal business. I have been reading and rereading your post on water, Dropping out of the system and this is reread many times post also. You know what I have been thinking for the past year, about what would happen if people could not get their money out of the bank. In addition I have been decluttering for the past year for family because I see all the material possessions we had and really did not need. Myself personally a lot of stuff always made me feel trapped and in jail. I always feel better with less, not less money, but with less material stuff. Myself and my father will be doing bartering when we go to the West Indies, where we live in N. America right now it is challenging to barter with non blacks. As you know I am a Mba student but, I am learning practical skills on the side to be prepared for whatever is to come. One thing that we as blacks with too much stuff may want to do is have garage sales, and if you live in an area with many blacks have a community garage sales. I am compiling a list and researching ways to stockpile seeds , seeking black owned seed companies. I am also looking into purchasing a generator and other things. Many black people if they can should also learn first aid, and CPR let me tell you those 2 skills can sometimes be the deciding factor between life and death. I am also reading up on the best herbs to stop migraines, because I do not want to take any more ibuprofens or acetiminophenes, which are poisonous in our blood stream. also I do not want to be taking any type of physician prescribed drugs. There is so much to do but, it can be done. Cancel your cable permanentnly,, get off of social media and we will be able to think practically.

  10. Negress thank you for the practical tips, I am now going to become my own healer.

  11. @ Donna

    Thank you!

  12. @ kowaba

    Most welcome.

  13. @ Cedi

    Most welcome.

  14. angel9loveu on said:

    Yes, all these distractions and devices of destruction has made us mindless. The cable tv and this social media era/craze with people so involved with themselves, taking a gazillion photos is so toxic and narcissistic.

    @Negress the Caribbean sounded like the perfect place for me to return to but on visiting several times. To track the progress but I was so depressed from my last visit on how the people are so crazed over “foreigners” and wanting what others have yet not realizing the pot of gold they’re sitting on.
    They seem to believe the U.S.A. is all glamour and I had to tell them not everything that glitters is gold.You think you’re better off but you’ll be rudely awakened. Instead of building the country the government has allowed themselves to go under and take the country as well so every man/woman acts for themselves and will take you for what you have.So I have to think twice about moving back home.

  15. Reblogged this on Ayaba's Labyrinth and commented:
    This definitely has great suggestions for those of us to prepare and be ready for anything if it comes. America will fall just as all other “great” empires that wronged the Original people (esp. the Original Woman). Civilizations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome. America will fall next. Which I believe will be great for the indigenous people of the Americas since this is ours in the first place.

  16. Another thing besides gun permits, (although I think gun permits are more important) If there is a natural disaster, phone lines would be down (cell phone lines busy/ scrambled) Taking the ham radio test and getting a permit would be ideal. They have cram courses available to learn the info and take the exam on the same day. Here is the Black Ham Radio organization: http://www.omikradio.org/

    Hope this is helpful to everyone

  17. Yurugu and his minions want us gone. I can feel it. I know they are organizing they are going to either be swift or be slow in our killing. Will it be laws repealing our citizenship? Will it be carpet bombing the inner city?. Will it be poisoning food at grocery stores and fast fool areas. I read the Nazi plan that said they wanted to simply leave us to our own devices. Mass isolation of blacks across the country ultimately a purging from the west y making it so miserable through the police state amd financially that we have no choice but to leave. I wish I could find a like minded black person to repatriate with. I fear I may have to escape Babylon alone. I refuse to participate in Jim Crow 2. 0 I would rather die.

  18. Also once the dollar collapsesbyour saved money will be no good. Yurugu is backing their dollars in gold and silver.

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