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Dear Diary # 6



When I traveled to Philadelphia, something caught my eye.

I saw Boricuan TaxiCabs and Boricuan Omnibus EVERYWHERE. 

I politely questioned a lady in a Caribbean restaurant about it and she gave me an earful. She told me that the Hispanic Community had become a “community unto themselves around here.” A group of brothers and male cousins organized a taxi company so they wouldn’t have to rely on public transportation. They have walkie talkies and pre-paid cell phones so they can communicate with each other and the females in the family are the ones that call them with “pick-ups and drop-offs.”

As she told me about how they babysit each other’s children and rented out rooms to each other, a pang of anger, a dash of sadness, a ripple of jealousy and sour taste of bitterness ran through me and made me wonder for the millionth time why blacks REFUSE to do the same with each other.

I remember being in NYC as a child and noticing how efficient they were when it came to sticking together. Food was brought to school, home cooked of course, and shared with their friends who didn’t have the money to buy lunch. And it’s not just the Hispanics who do this…the Asians (all of them, including those from India), the Jews and white immigrants from Poland, Russia and Germany all do this.

Carpools, home cooked meals, daily phone calls to make sure that the old widow was “fine and didn’t need anything.”

“Why are we this way?”, I questioned my family. “Why can’t we just snap out of it? What are we waiting for?”

“Because deep down, we still think God will save us from ourselves”, was the simple answer my brother gave me.

As I venture outside today, the weather is clear and slightly warm but I’m cold and uneasy. My restless sleeping patterns have returned and I’m tired again. We, as blacks, can wish and pray and hope and scream for change but as long as we do not want to do the work involved to put that change into MOTION, absolutely nothing will get done. We cannot fight what is about to come our way alone. We need each other to make it work.

To survive the Fall of America, black people must snap out of this Spell. And make no mistake about it, it is coming.


After my crushing disappointment last year with my “friend” who turned out to be another sleeper, do I really want to try to find another person to build with? I’m sad today because I realize, yet again, that blacks are most skilled AT TALKING and not AT DOING. We talk about what we “need…need…need to do…” but never actually get around to doing it. Resentment builds up for those that actually do try. I have witnessed this dozens of times.

I remember being at the hospital and having one of my patients tell me she took out a 100.00 CD for her grandson when he was born. Over the years, she let it roll over into open money market accounts, dabbled in Johnson and Johnson and allowed it to grow interest. When the child was 20, the CD “matured” and he collected well over 50,000 for a down payment for his first home. A “starter home” she called it. His parents gave him the rest of the money so he could pay for the house IN CASH and have no mortgage. This young, white male, who hadn’t worked a day in his life, entered the adult world with a head start, soaring credit due to his home purchase and a sense of accomplishment no matter how false.

I suddenly thought of my black neighbour buying her 40,000 dollar Mercedes-Benz, a “gift” to herself for her birthday. A gift that depreciated in value as soon as she drove it off the lot.


I’m taking a small break to gather my thoughts.

Be well, black family.





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43 thoughts on “Dear Diary # 6

  1. Sister, I am committed and have been working towards cooperative economics measures for our people. Kindly contact me via ramazone2 on twitter and I would love to build with you and others.

  2. Wealth deterioration is now part of our culture. We can discuss the reasons stemming from racism/white supremacy. However, we must change the mindset in every way form possible. http://financialjuneteenth.com/why-black-people-waste-1-1-trillion-in-spending-power/

  3. @ Diaryofanegress

    I agree with your brother that religion is a huge obstacle. The other obstacles are white identification, sex with white people, rampant anti-blackness, low self-esteem, and not understanding how much slavery damaged us even to this day.

    We are still under the spell of chattel slavery and the slave-0wner’s religion, white God and white Jesus guarantees we will never be free–unless we divorce ourselves from those false beliefs, rampant materialism, sexual perversion, most mass produced entertainment, and our blind worship of anyone black who makes a lot of money.

  4. angel9loveu on said:

    I feel your pain as I have also seen how our people would rather tear down than build up. Or mess up another black person trying to help by being ungrateful and headstrong. Trying to even introduce coming together would be an invitation for accusatory claims of “She thinks she better than somebody” or “who she think she is?” or constant backbiting squabbling. And chasing after wants and not needs. Thinking in the now and not for the future. I know the bitterness you feel when I see all these other races building wealth off us and communities that support each other. It’s frustrating but it’s spiritual and why we can’t explain it or overcome it without quit depending on our own understanding.

    Like I keep typing this and it’s not religion it’s my faith in my Father but everyone overlooks me cause I start speaking of God but we’ve allowed whitey to turn us against the truth. But whatever we’ll keep going in circles and being frustrated cause you think the black community is just stubborn. But it’s NOT it’s principalities. But you’ll just ignore me again and that’s why we’re still here belly aching over our people doing nonsense again and again that frustrate us that we can’t explain. And why everyone else prospers. There’s nothing new under the sun.

  5. We deserve what we get, Negress your neighbour with the 40k Mercedes is not a black woman she is an N.*****. I hate that word but,if the definition fits her that is what she is. Negress you sound like myself frustrated at the ignorance of far too many of our people, I learned 2 years ago after many years of anger etc. that many of our people do not care about themselves in any way, we only wait until it’s too late to do something, e.g Michael Browns parents, though he should not have gotten shot by the pig, he should have kept his mouth shut and got his ass out of the street, where the fuck was his parents to help instill common sense in him. Sandra Bland is another one, put the fucking cigarette out bitch, take the fucking ticket, compose yourself and dispute it at a later date, it was more important to her to smoke her stinky ass cigarette, mouth off to the pig , did not have the 10% bail which would have been $500, because we all know she was a smoker and weed smoker which is where probably most of her money went, her fucken family did not care about her either.. Black people do not need academic education, though I am for academic education, we need natural every day common sense, which far too many of us lack..This is not only relegated to American Blacks but, black people all over the world need to exercise their common sense. Far too many of us are impulsive, live only for the moment and just fucken dumb. I remember reading something about why other immigrant groups can have more than blacks, is because many individuals of other cultures think for the future and put their plan into action immediately. Negress the black people like yourself, myself and others who are awake, will have to leave many of our people alone and let them perish. Those of us who are awake have to accept that many of our bretheren will never change, and frankly in my opinion they deserve what they get. The only way in my opinion for a person to change for the better, can only be achieved if their brain/mind changes, no amount of money, social programs, academic education, opportunities etc will change many of our people for the better,unless their mind changes. Negress the only thing I can say to you is take care of yourself, write solution oriented blogs like homesteading etc ( damn excellent blog) , because you are preaching to the choir. People like your neighbour with the 40K Benz, FUCK EM, the bitch doesn’t care.

  6. Negress I also want to say, for your business endeavours, you may have to go at it alone, because there is no point in partnering with a sleeper. And you probably do have all the skills to go at it alone. Do what you have to do and believe me positive results will come,

  7. kimgedeon on said:

    Say it again! Amen!

  8. Today is a wonderful day, because I am able to breathe, think and feel once again with clarity – ONE MO’ GAIN…as my grandmother used to say. I went to my garden, and saw that my mini-eco system was in agreement with the Sun, my flowerbeds have roses saying HELLO to the world and are photosynthesizing as divinely designed. I have a couple of pots on the stove, that are full of Collard Greens, Okra and Tomatoes and Peas and Rice to share with those that are like me…can ya’ll smell them? Come and get some…! They came from last season’s harvest that I put in the freezer or canned.

    You all do know, that we will have to completely rethink our purpose, plan and promotion to persevere as a people. The so-called “Think Tanks” have spent trillions of dollars of OUR money to “use ourselves against ourselves” and the plan has worked beautifully. We would rather wait for something to fall into our laps from a microwave savior – because the song said so…or the pimp in the pulpit says so, instead of doing for self…but in reality it’s just a mirage or façade of what we already have encoded into our DNA and melanin. Angel9loveu – don’t lose hope, don’t give up YOUR faith and keep working towards the mark of a higher calling and share those results with others. Cediblog, your insight is profound, when I come here – I am amazed of how many are in tune with the truth – keep seeking it & keep spitting it! DOAN – you already know how much you are appreciated, and how you have left such an impact on all of us that are trying…

    Question of the day…How much does it cost to pay attention?

    Today, plant something, share something, encourage something, seek something, save something and believe in something…SOMETHING is bound to happen!


  9. angel9loveu on said:

    @William Tell,
    Thanks, I’ll keep trying. I do believe we are as the scripture says in 2 Tim 3:7 Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. But all that chapter speaks about why we are constantly in this state. And it’s so true.

    However, black people do make me one to left hook them with some common sense as they’re lacking that as well. I moved into a new area and the “neighborly” blacks next door in a predominantly mixed cookie cutter neighborhood. Decided to come over and interrogate me in the nastiest nice way. To show their disdain for another black person trying to do something with their lives and getting property to start my vegetable garden. Negative Nancy was quick to shut down that thought. But didn’t mind busy bodying in other aspects of my life. To measure against hers as a psychology major and regular with narcissistic personality disorder or sociopathy blacks have not been immune.
    This woman was on a mission to tear down any other black that seemed to do better than her. Instead of trying to uplift them and help them with the success she claimed she had. She was ready to tear me down and this wasn’t my first encounter with my own kind and them ragging on me for being black and working hard to achieve with caring about the mess I had to shove through get here. I’m really not messing with them or their pale counterparts.

  10. angel9loveu on said:


  11. To angel9loveu, I would not bother with the nosy nancy psychology major, psychology like sociology in my opinion are bullshit majors. I should know I have a degree in psychology. Just like Philosophy in my opinion is a bullshit major also.

    To any black person out there, especially ones who live in predominately black areas, let us use our creative juices and clean up our neighbourhoods, so we don’t have to move to white areas. You know I always believed that poverty is no excuse for nastiness. I remember one time when I visited someone in the states and they moved to an unkept minority building which was filthy. Me and my friend used our money came up to about $30 buck total, bought a bunch of cleaning supplies from the Dollar store and cleaned the building. Of course there was a caretaker, but he didn’t care. Race nor income level has no bearing on cleanliness in my opinion. I have met filthy people of all races, all income levels, all creeds.

  12. @angel9loveu…
    I was in the mood for some apple peach cobbler, and needed a few items at the grocery store, now mind you, this is an employee owned wholesale foods store that is a huge warehouse. I hadn’t given any thought to today being the “first of the month”, and it was packed with the EBT sheeple. These two gi-normous hood rats with shopping carts packed to the rim with processed, chemically altered garbage disguised as food were in the checkout totally mad-dogging this young sister that had holistic and healthy foods in her cart, yet they talked about her dress, her dreaded hair, her appearance and the way she carried herself. Since she did not pay them any attention; chaos, confusion and conflict became their responses…it got even worse when she and I were in a positive conversation about the future of our people, and what is it going to take wake up folks – like them.

    Her response to them, “you two are the walking dead, but way too blind to see it, the total definition of those stereotypes that Donald Drumpf plays the white folks with, and the breeders of a generation that fills more prison cells…and the FEMA camps have a room just for you two!”

    All I could say was “bye Felicia”…and they both moved to another line, and let the church say AyyyMennn.

    Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:11-12

    Some folks say that scripture like this is bullshit or has been co-opted, stolen or re-purposed for the purposes of Yurugu/Edomite/Luciferian supremacy, but whatever it is – it applies to our circumstances doesn’t it? We are at war with a wicked, corrupt and sinfully complex system that is losing the battle, because there are a few of us that are becoming fully equipped to engage in battle.



  13. Excellent insights everyone! 🙂 I’ve been on the front lines of trying to get our community on track to building programs to benefit our future — for our children only to have it blown up back in my face —- MUCH FRUSTRATION…..before integration our communities were much like the up and coming Latino communities that negress is witnessing (and we all are witnessing…..:-( )

    But, the sad mental truth about our community is:

    “It is better to curse the darkness rather than get up off your lazy ass and light a candle”…..

    AND, after integration, our Black community lost it’s damn mind, in so many ways!

    Before integration:
    – We had our own business.
    – We spent our money in our own communities with each other
    – We helped each other whether we knew each other or not; or if we had money or not.
    – We had a sense of community and genuine affection for each other

    In my observation of our ‘bi-polar’ community, there are at least 3 distinctly different Black communities now, to speak of:

    1. The affluent Black communities that feel no real connection to the rest of us — the Clarence Thomas’s types (They got theirs fuck the rest of us)

    2. The working class (middle, lower middle working class) who’s only concern is what’s in it for them. They are led by these “Pulpit Pimp” preachers who’s only concern is getting his cut of their money. This class of Black folk is also busy selling their souls for the Mercedes payments and their mortgage. Wonder if these ‘Pulpit Pimps’ got together NATIONWIDE and put a Black Business Directory together would they and their members ACTUALLY use these services? IMAGINE, the good that would ACTUALLY DO!!!! Pipe dreams…..pipe dreams….

    3. Last but not least, the 3rd/4th generation welfare queens and dope fiends. You know there are A LOT of undiagnosed mental illnesses in our community and in this group are most of them (plenty in the other groups mentioned — and they are functional, whereas these are not). My sister and I are foster parents, and the majority of Black children in the system were taken away from this group of our community. The welfare dynasties lack ambition because they think that they are really getting over like rover……they will NEVER be an ally for real change in our community….

    I, nor anyone who reads this blog, don’t fit into any of these previous groups, so there is another category.

    Our community’s ‘split personalities’ ARE our real problems and I don’t see us getting well anytime soon

  14. I agree with what has been stated. White supremacists ( whites and hispanics) behavior is psychopathic and yes they do act OBSESSED with us and it’s scary. I stay away from them whenever I can.

    As for this article, I wish blacks would do more of this. I will never understand why blacks don’t treat each other better and aren’t willing to make intra-racial relationships work out better. I’ll never understand it!

  15. William Tell, I agree with your quotes.

  16. Phyllis Durham you said that there were 3 distinctly different black communities and I think that it is OK other groups are not a monolith and neither are we. What the other groups do different than us is that they come together for self preservation, when push comes to shove and unfortunately that is the key missing in our communities. find black people who share your values and leave the ones who don’t alone, because many won’t change anyways, so let them get fucked, and you know what they will, it always happens without fail.

  17. You know Negress, this is for myself, yourself and the conscious others, the majority of racist events against us, most of us can see it even before it happens,i,e you going into the fabric store and the conversation the white boy had initiated, I personally would not have even engaged in that type of conversation with that type of individual, let’s be honest he did not tell you anything that you did not already know about them, he did not need to confirm anything you did not already know about whites so why waste your precious energy, with people we already know?( a word of advice in dealing with them always lower your expectations greatly where they are concerned).
    In the above blog regarding Boricua Taxi, you mentioned that you are tired and you’ve had restless nights. I personally can relate because I had experienced those ailments. When one is always thinking about racism, not only will you become mentally depressed but also physically depressed with a lot of sickness, which is why so many black people are so sick. Negress and conscious family, let us all understand and know and leave alone those unconscious brothers and sisters, they don’t want to know, they don’t care and they are more antagonistic toward us than whitey ever will be. Never expect the unconscious brothers and sisters to participate in any group cooperation. They are the type of black people who will cry that is reverse discrimination. Also leave alone the type of black people who are always talking about racism, protesting about every single fucking thing (where the fuck do they get the energy?), these are the same type of black people like the sleeper and so many but will never do anything practical to improve their situation.

    Thinking every time and always writing about racism and Yurugus is taking away too much precious energy, creative juices, self love, and self finances from us, because just like whites always obsess about us, we are reactionarily obsessing about them. I understand that to beat your enemy you got to know your enemy and WE KNOW THEM DON’T WE? I DON’T THINK THEY CAN DO ANYTHING WE ALREADY DON’T KNOW ABOUT, IT’S THE SAME STORY THEY JUST FIND A NEW REFINED WAY TO DO THE SAME OLD THING.

    For those of us who are conscious there are things we can do to improve our own lives, shop as much as we can from other blacks, if the school system in not viable and you have the education homeschool your child or set up a homeschooling cooperative with other conscious blacks if you can. keep your neighbourhoods clean, (no excuses), involve your child in family financial management, if your having sex and it’s not with a spouse, condom usage in mandatory ( I’ve seen so many educated women engage in unprotected sex which resulted in unwanted pregnancy or HIV and other things).

    Negress when you write about homesteading, dropping out of the system etc. those types of articles that are practical and empowering. Would you consider having a blog on more practical empowerment practices. and how about articles on finances for us black people. i.e avoiding predatory loans, managing our finances better etc. . Myself personally I feel empowered by solution oriented articles written by blacks, like some of the ones you have written. Articles about the Yurugus do nothing for my personal empowerment, because I already know who they are and I have low expectations of them, and I would like to see us black people prosper, thinking or talking about them is like eating pork to a vegan like myself. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

  18. angel9loveu on said:

    I agree and I too love solution oriented articles. Too many blogs bring up the same old black and Yurugu issues with no real resolutions. Problem solving is key.

    @William Tell
    Ayymen. To make it through these days and stay sane that’s my covering protection.Especially protecting our minds.The battle begins there.

    @Phyllis Durham
    Integration was a fail.We should’ve instead build separate communities or find away to live apart from these monsters.Now they sexing us to oblivion and have blacks singing their praises.I’m trying to do this homestead though.

  19. angel9loveu, I don’t agree with racial segregation by law, however I believe it’s in our best interests to keep our sanity and peace of mind to stay away from them. At my age, I want as least contact as possible. I’ve been noticing when discussing bad things, they uneccessarily throw in the terms “darkness” and “dark” and “blackness”, Often I am wondering how that even fit into what they were talking about. the terms “bad” and “awful” already describe the topic but they feel the need to throw in “darkness” or “blackness”.

    I know those are just words however they genuinely have a hate and want to maintain a hate and us vs them when it comes to brown and black people. This is integrated into their culture. I don’t believe the majority feel any sort of guilt or that their cruel behavior has ever been wrong.

  20. White people and many white identified Hispanics tend to be:

    – ANGRY with blacks

    -hateful and wish us the worst

    -wish we felt bad about ourselves and walked around feeling like..well..you know!

    – hurtful when it comes to blacks, they see us as their enemies.

    -want to keep black men and black women separate and wish for black men to shun, mistreat and hate black women.

    – want to keep black women from being friendly with each other or having anyone support a black woman.

    I stay away. I can’t take the psychotic-ness of it all. Who would want to deal with that?

  21. angel9loveu on said:

    @Alicia356 I understand what your saying and I don’t believe in racial segregation when they enact into law or force that we must stay apart but that we should of our own free will like the Blackwall street chosen to spread our wings apart from the reminders of our horrific past. If the evils that be sitting on mega trillions paid us what they owe us (which they could several times over) we would’ve been able to flourish.But that’s not what they want, they want us to be dependent on them like the sociopaths they are.
    We would’ve began to buil, however those monsters and their hatred surfaced and destroyed that idea.
    Because they don’t want us to be above them cause they fear our greatness. Hence as Neely Fuller says they are the masters of words Yurugu knows how to manipulate words to abuse us more.Especially when the evil Englishlanguage is their old evil language.They know how to keep us down trodden and miserable. All of them. None I’ve met has proven any different.If they started good overtime their true colors show. But trusting them was our biggest downfall. Leaving them completely and their concubines or henchmen will be the beginning of our change.

  22. angel9loveu on said:

    *build ….sorry the laptop keys are stuck

  23. angel9loveu on said:

    What do we do when some of the Yurgus best defense and our worst enemy looks like us? These days you could be talking with a sleeping uncle or aunty Tom and not know until they’re putting that jack knife in your back.
    I’ve tried reasoning with some “sistas’ and “brothas” about the truth only to have them look at me in dismay as if what I’m saying is a threat to their “comfort” or ignorance of real life.
    The hardest thing to do is reason with unreasonable people. Who know the truth but would rather go back and wallow in their ignorance because being complacent is safer than doing anything to expose the NONSENSE of this society. Or who don’t know the truth and want no part of it.As far as I’m concerned they could go kick rocks cause they’re a hindrance to us who know the truth and are tired of the BS.
    I 100% believe that black people are more than conquerors but we’ve been so whipped into captivity we fail realize what we really are capable of.Something Yurgugu realizes but we don’t.

  24. Southern Black people did this–it’s nothing new. The problem with many Black people in the last 30 years is that many have been trained to become like white people, embracing rugged individualism but not understanding that Power is a team sport.

  25. TO ALL OF YOU in my opinion, whites are not really as individualistic as we may think, when it comes to retaining white privilege, practicing racism, do you not notice how so many of them tend to stick together. Even in marriage most whites will only marry whites, it’s only a minority really who will marry non whites.

    In regards to full segregation by law, in my opinion it may not be the best thing for us at this time. I prefer, the white Jew and Asian type of segregation, stick with y the like minded of your culture to prosper, but integrate only when it is suitable for you, always ask yourself, when interacting with non-blacks and unconscious blacks, ask your self “what’s in it for me.” Asians use people not only black people,, but whites also for financial reasons e.g to get loans, and to make money from, places like Chinese restaurants, weave shops. convenience stores, gas stations, etc. In my city now Asians especially Chinese own Italian delis and Greek restaurants you name it they will involve themselves with a non Asians only to make a buck and then go back to their own kind and build up their community wealth. I can’t say that I blame them and the same thing with the white Jews. I remember an elderly Jewish man telling me a few years ago “The money is just as good in my hand as it is in someone elses hand” and I am quite sure that the someone elses he was talking about would have to be non-Jews.

    In regards to keeping black men away from black women, black women away from other black women, no one supporting black women. Stop looking for permission from whites to do what you want to do e.g if there are 2 black women living on the same street or town etc. and they want to open a bakery, why not just both of them get together devise a business plan, only ask advice from people they truly know who have their back, the less people you ask the better. Stop asking EVERYONE Do you think this is a good idea? because in most cases if you ask a lot of people they will talk you out of doing things. Black women we must learn to be stealth, keep our big mouths shut, and do what we have to do to get ahead.

    As I repeatedly said align yourself with only conscious black people. Just because they have your skin, don’t make them your kin. Learn to stop arguing with so called brothas and so called sistas, who don’t want to know the truth and you know nowadays I find them easy to detect. I used to shop at a boutique owned by a black woman and when I told her I admire what she is doing and that we blacks should support each others business more, she had a nervous fake laugh, and was very uncomfortable when I said it, even though no one else was in the store. She was married to a white boy, her second white boy marriage. Notice I never said to her that I disapproved of her marriage, I just said that we blacks should support each other more in business. The unconscious blacks make themselves so clear, I am not saying that one cannot be fooled but, being able to read people, not only what they say, but also by what they don’t say, also by what they do and what they don’t do. We must also learn to see people for who they truly are and not from what we expect them to be or want them to be. In my opinion my gut is the best and reliable source of reading people, basic raw gut instinct. If you have a funny feeling about someone ask yourself is it your inherent bias or is it your gut and once again, I have often found my own gut to be the most accurate.

    In my opinion the majority of black people are not going to change for the better, and that’s okay, sheep do get slaughtered.
    Remember we don’t have to start a movement of black nationalism, and advertise our goals to the world (Remember learn to be STEALTH) we. can just be a small group of black people who choose only to associate with the like minded of our group and live a happy, healthy, financially prosperous life and stop letting racism real and perceived ruin our lives, I don’t care for non-blacks or unconscious blacks in the true realm of life for myself, because if I consume myself thinking about persons who don’t care about me, I am abusing myself. I have always believeD if I had a business I would prefer to employ 2 capable employees, whose skills have allowed me to prosper in every facet of my business.,rather than 10 incompetent employees. that have wreaked complete havoc in my business. White Jews are a small religious minority,who control so much, because they are STEALTH, and they don’t want people who don’t share there race and values around them. (Notice that white Jews do not generally proselitize their beliefs for others to join them in, fact they don’t want most people to join them)

    Remember your subconscious mind has to change for goodness to come to us, which is why I support Negresses meditation techniques. This is a practice we should be doing daily. LET’S GET HAPPY,HEALTHY AND FINANCIALLY PROSPEROUS!

  26. angel9loveu on said:

    They actually are not individualistic but quite in sync. That’s why it’s like when you’ve met one you feel like you’ve met them all cause it’s the same ole jive with them. Also why so many of us telling our stories about interacting with yurugu can relate as if it was our own experience. Similar at work, shopping, in general they rarely divert from the whole.Especially those sleeping with pale face thinking they’re in love and down with “cause”. Hence why interracial relationships are so transparent and plastic.As long as there’s still racism no one should be nesting.We are still at war.And all’s not fair in love and war with them.At no time are we off the battlefield. hence we wouldn’t be here.

    And all this talk about being stealth is all well and good except, one big problem. They’ve got us pinned in a corner so good.They’re like any old sociopath ten steps ahead.

  27. Angel9LoveYou, I wholeheartedly agree. I have come across ones that came across so nice and friendly and then the next time you turn around they are giving off hateful racist vibes ( which scares the heck out of me after you thought you had developed a friendship, and were nothing but nice to them). I have had those talk nice to me in my face and then never return an email or other correspondence. I have had ones I thought were my friends who ended up holding anti-civil rights views. Every time I come across one that is nice, I get a scary wake-up call that within them is an evil, anti-black, oppressive, cruel hatred of other humans based on race.

    I give up! I can’t take anymore of it. I try to stay away from them on my own time.

    They know how to keep us down trodden and miserable. All of them. None I’ve met has proven any different.If they started good overtime their true colors show. But trusting them was our biggest downfall.

  28. To Angel love 9U, precisely right which is why I made the statement in my previous reply”White are not as individualistic as we think (because in my experiences I had encountered too many black people who like to say the old cliche”There are some good white people”)
    I made the statement to have us think ,if that kind of cliché thinking is true.

    In regard to being stealth there are no 100 % solution to our dilemma, being stealth in my situations have allowed me to get some positive things done, . But I am not going to dwell on whites because those of us who do will find themselves in a mental institution. We all have choices and we can live in the world the way we choose,but for me being stealth the best way I can is one of the things that I have incorporated in my life and it is serving me in a more positive way.

  29. angel9loveu on said:

    I understand. And our dilemma is sad but while you’re not dwelling on pale face you can bet your bottom dollar they’re losing sleep over us(which is funny but sad). Which I believe negresses encounter with the man in the supermarket proves.
    They have us so much on their minds, they’re organized. Hence them operating on a whole. Because they may hate each other but they hate us more to unite to make us miserable.
    We’re studied and under their microscope.And honestly we shouldn’t dwell on them cause they’re not worth it but blowing them off and underestimating the levels they’ll go to. Has caught us off guard so many times and here we are still doing our own thing and stuck going in circles.United we stand divided we fall guru and all their king understand this and we don’t hence the division negress speaks about amongst us giving us with eyes open mental breakdowns.They’re on a team cause they see the big picture.Our destruction.

  30. angel9loveu on said:

    *yurugu and all their kind….(I can’t with these gadgets)

  31. angel9loveu on said:

    Exactly, hatred for us is in every fiber of their being. It oozes from their pores. It’s as if this hatred energizes them daily. I’ve had so many experiences with these smiling backstabbers, I’ve had to exit life for an hour to get my head together.
    They’re fork tongued. The Native Americans were a perfect example of this. They were smiling in their faces and wishing them well all at the same time plotting to annihilate them and kill them with diseases to take over our now modern day plantation, America.
    Have we not learned from history. As the bible said: There is nothing, new under the sun.Can we just take that in for a minute, when we’re dealing with these people/things.Essentially spans of satan. I can’t listen to anything they say without dissecting it so I avoid them overall.
    The point is,yurugu is still forked tongued an we’re still slaves.
    I see why @cediblogs says for us to infiltrate and get what we can from them but really why do we want anything from them. They take ownership of everything from the house we live in to the clothes on our backs. Hence if there was away to break off and do our own thing and prosper apart from them we should. We have just as much smart if not more.They hate us cause we are children of the Most High and He didn’t create fools.

  32. To Angellove9u. I will never underestimate Yurugus or blow their tactics off. I do not trust them at all, not even their little ones. Yes they hate us even more, yes they have us under a microscope, yes they are the spawn of Satan as you choose to call them,(no denying that), yes unfortunately we have to dissect everything they say,yes we as black people have to be more united, but are you going to waste time with unconscious blacks who do not believe in unity, who will kill you because they hate themselves so much and like fooling themselves, who will sell you out to yurugus for chump change, or do you Angel love want to align yourself with a small group of blacks who know the score and are solution oriented,What you have said about them (Yuruguus) I will never deny it. Unfortunately we are living amongst them, so one of my strategies is to use them . Angel love you mentioned that you have moved to a mixed cookie cutter neighbourhood, are you not in a way amongst them, did you not make a choice to live in a mixed cookie cutter environment?You could have moved to a black neighbourhood. We cannot control others, only ourselves. I used to think like you in the past, but for me personally being angry and regurgitating the same crap did me no good ( Yes we should be angry, but I am using my anger in a way nowadays that is allowing me to not only survive, but also begin to thrive). I began to heal and I am still healing and I ask myself what do I want for myself, Angel love you may want to do the same thing. if you choose.

    Angel love and other concious blacks if you have any strategies and solutions in how to navigate in a racist society, I am interesting in learning about them, because in addition to being stealth and healing, I can always learn more about and use other strategies to help me in my life.

    I Cedi am not about regurgitating and being consumed mentally with the traits of the EVIL YURUGUS. I Cedi is about solutions, solutions, solutions, solutions, solutions, solutions, solutions.

    GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DYING! (We all have a choice). I CEDI have chosen to get busy living.

    (P.S. by the way Negress you have not responded for a while, I showed my father your blog though he was not into many of the Yurugu oriented articles, because well there is still that bit of colonialism in him. He was blown away with your homesteading blog, he is living on an smaller Caribbean island and he does not care for me to ever share his wheareabouts, but he is going to implement some of the homesteading techniques, because he can and because it is something he is familiar with and he would like to thank you for helping to revive a lifestyle that even in the Caribbean it has gone somewhat to the wayside). Your blog on getting prepared is also good, because not only in N. America that information is needed but also in Caribbean islands. Negress I know that you sell herb plants, but do you sell seeds for herbs, fruits and vegetables, and if you don’t could you suggest any Black owned companies where these items could be purchased from. I look forward to reading more of your blogs that are solution oriented, because those are the ones that are helping me in my life.

    Thank you

  33. To Angel love 9u by the way when I so call “Infiltrate” the Yurugus as you call it . I understand the nature of the relationship, there is not one bit of caring about them about them on my part. I go in get what I want and I go out, I don’t go in and stay in. if I can avoid them I do many of times, but sometimes in life when you are in a situation with persons you don’t care for or have to be in a situation at that time, you use whatever tools you have to gain what you need. I am quite sure many of us do that in life, yourself included. By the way let this be the last conversation about the Yurugus, we are both hated by them and both of us hate them, let us not have our difference of opinions blurr our vision in regard to who the TRUE ENEMY is and it is not each other. Let us exchange positive, practical solutions we can use in our every day lives to live well. I am not your enemy and you are not my enemy.

    Thank you

  34. @angel9loveu,

    Funny you mention Native Americans because a few months ago I was watching Murder She Wrote which I never watched before and in one episode was a Native American guy who came to town saying the town was building on government sanctioned native land set aside for his father.

    It’s my first time seeing something like this. It was one single Native guy and he came into the city hall meeting. After that the whites (who numbered in the 100’s, heck it was the whole town versus the 1 lone native american guy) were claiming to be scared of him, saying native Americans were violent, claiming he was violent although he never was. I saw an immediate parallel between how they got in a hoopla over the one native american guy in the town hall meeting and that of how whites have treated us.

    I don’t think they have any sort of guilt for all they or their ancestors have done. I believe they lie to themselves even when mobbing ( which they did to the poor lone native guy in the town) that they are in the right and all other are savages, to be attacked and put down and flat-out wrong.

    I find their behavior dangerous.

    & yes I believe they have a scary hatred for us in every fiber of their being. I have learned as I mentioned that they will stab you in the back in a minute and they will be nice with a black person one minute and really hating you and wishing bad for you. I stay away and I’ve had more peace in my life since I’ve set boundaries and learned to stay away from negative people.

    Exactly, hatred for us is in every fiber of their being. It oozes from their pores. It’s as if this hatred energizes them daily. I’ve had so many experiences with these smiling backstabbers, I’ve had to exit life for an hour to get my head together.
    They’re fork tongued. The Native Americans were a perfect example of this. They were smiling in their faces and wishing them well all at the same time plotting to annihilate them and kill them with diseases to take over our now modern day plantation, America.

  35. I agree with this and it’s why I avoid them and their media as much as possible

    “They’re on a team cause they see the big picture.Our destruction.”

  36. When your oppressor and enemy has to lie, beat, cheat, kill, steal and destroy to get ahead – then quite naturally they were NEVER the intended winner, but if you fall in line and accept their behaviors and participate in your own damn loss – they will tell everyone that they WON…because they have.

    Voltaire stated, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.

    “Those things that the natives prized most outside of guns and whiskey for the leaders were trinkets – such as glass beads, mirrors “looking glasses”, machetes and butcher knives, gaudy colored handkerchiefs, earrings, and cheap ornaments like imitation pearls…” This little ditty was written during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and as a result, the African continent was carved up, divided, claimed and exploited by only SEVEN European nations, which were the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, and Nederlander (Germany/Dutch) that benefit today from their neo-colonialism.

    Isn’t it amazing that we are still selling out for trinkets, shiny things and useless bling?

    What are some of today’s trinkets? Brand names, designer names, labels and logos that promote branding (proof of possession of the flock), cheap and worthless baubles that are flaunted as legit and products that invoke vanity – but are being ridiculed by the very ones that made them, dogma, religiosity, tainted drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, lack of true spiritual introspection, unholistic foods and poisonous media are just some of the tools used to incarcerate the brain, calcify the pineal gland and destroy the body which are simply forms of self-hated – and boy most of our people have become experts at it!.

    Those SEVEN nations and their offspring are not only benefiting in Africa because of “tribal differences”, but are benefiting in the United States with the same results. Because everything that has colored skin does – HAS to be validated with a seal of approval from the Yurugu/Edomite/Luciferian alien aka “They Live”… EVERYTHING?…EVERYTHING! And their validation is nothing more than division and our self-imposed levels of classism or status.

    And for the exception of a limited handful of us non-conformists that are actually doing something positive to impact our very survival, the rest are all DYING FOR VALIDATION. Remember, a dead man can’t do anything for you but get YOU killed as well.

    A Black Messiah that was whitewashed, misinterpreted and embellished upon for a symbol to control our people said, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead…” Matthew 8:22 which means to drop them dead ass bruthas and sistas, let them go and don’t ever look back – but do for self and build this eco-system with a body of other believers – for our survival and “thrival”.

    He didn’t say worship or venerate him, he said FOLLOW which means to emulate or carry forth the characteristics that he embodied – like love, respect, encouragement, honesty, charity, humility, duty…etc. We all know that some the biggest “aints are the so-called saints”, and some of the raggediest neighborhoods in our communities have hundreds of temples that are made by human hands that are taking those resources out, pocketing the proceeds or giving it away to the adversary because they are sanctioned by the 501c3 stamp of Yurugu/Edomite/Luciferian VALIDITY.

    With a annual buying power of over $1 trillion dollars in the US, those that are classified as “Black” are collectively the 8th richest nation on earth (which is why, there must be self-hatred imposed and generated by others)…and that money has to be VALIDATED as well!

    When you get the opportunity, please find the book “the Spook who Sat by the Door” also, the author Sam Greenlee made the book into a movie in 1973. As foretelling as “They Live” was, this info will open your mind into getting what you can from those that hate you, and using those resources to benefit yourself and others.

    My Father told me many years ago “the ONLY way for you to succeed in this country is by learning all you can, working twice as hard and applying it to what YOU need – whether it is college, trade school or the military…I did all three, and you had better do the same”.

    I did the same, and have no regrets – because it created a knowledge base that could be utilized to find land, provide clean water, sewage treatment, organic food production, aquaponic and pond technology for self sustainability providing fish, healing plants and animal feed, energy harnessing, tactical knowledge to protect myself and loved ones, and how to live in tune with what we are naturally blessed with – and to share those model theoretics and sciences with others.

    “So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.” Matthew 20:16


  37. angel9loveu on said:

    They first diminish the targets humanity,likening them to animals hence calling us and the natives savages. A way to convince themselves and everyone else that the target is less than human hence justifying their destruction.
    But they are the real savages.They have no remorse for mistreating us because they’ve already dehumanized us. Stripped us of our dignity, made the world to think we’re the one’s leeching on them and their “inventions” in their world. And we’re just a burden that everyone needs to see as lower than human. They are evil in every form.

    And I know how you feel. I’ve gotten my peace of mind from separating from them also.I feel most at peace and able to keep my true self authentic when not mingling around those goofballs.Even if it’s in my little niche. Limited interaction, my bible and reading other common sense bloggers as well are my sanity.

  38. angel9loveu on said:

    A good read, this is all great dialogue no harm. Just putting my thoughts out. And I have solutions and ideas however I’m very careful of putting them out on the world wide web where we are being watched, and tracked. But the biggest thing is to know ourselves and know our real enemies.Observe them as they observe us and not absorb their toxicity.

  39. Angel9loveu, you are being wise and stealth by guarding your ideas a very wise thing to do. The answers are inside of us. Take care of yourself.

    Thank you

  40. @angel4loveu you mentioned something white people’s “inventions”, it’s not their invention it’s black people’s inventions they control the patents and everything! if you go to Instagram look for a page called @Blackinventors very informative page about black contributions in technology! Yurugu lied and stole your inventions because they already convinced the world that black people are a burden and black people are lower than a hue-man. Oh let’s not forget the moors, and the black nobility who ruled Europe and sparked the renaissance era, to civilize those cave beasts. The moors brought with them science and unprecedented amount of knowledge arts, literature, math. I percieve the moors as wicked people , because they gave the power to Yurugu. The renaissance era was the beginning of the Age of deception.

  41. angel9loveu on said:

    Thanks I’ll look it up. And I’m no fan of the Moors either.I read up on them and we can thank them for these neanderthals making our lives miserable.They tried to civilize those beasts and now here we are thousands of years later regretting the mess we can’t seem to get unstuck from.

  42. @angel9loveu

    You mentioned something that, “You’ve got your peace from separating from Yurugu”. Same here that’s the best decision I’ve ever made I stopped listening to their music, I stopped playing video games that have white protagonists because Japan favors white supremacy, when they make these anime, manga, video games. I stopped watching their overrated neanderthal propaganda phony-wood movies, where whites pose as savoirs of the world, yet ironically they fight white antagonist like them as always. I refrain from watching their neanderthal science based purported channel National Geographic, the biggest publisher of retardation to the mind. I refrain from going, or investing my money in the west. Now I feel at peace, now I know who’s the real enemy of hue-manity. Remember the bible said “the earth is given into the hands of the wicked”, So that’s why they own everything.

  43. “After my crushing disappointment last year with my “friend” who turned out to be another sleeper, do I really want to try to find another person to build with?”

    Sometimes in our lives
    We all have pain
    We all have sorrow
    But if we are wise
    We know that there’s always tomorrow

    Lean on me, when you’re not strong
    And I’ll be your friend
    I’ll help you carry on
    For it won’t be long
    ‘Til I’m gonna need
    Somebody to lean on

    So swallow your pride
    If I have things you need to borrow
    For no one can fill those of your needs
    That you won’t let show

    You just call on me brother, when you need a hand (Chorus)
    We all need somebody to lean on
    I just might have a problem that you’ll understand
    We all need somebody to lean on

    If there is a load you have to bear
    That you can’t carry
    I’m right up the road
    I’ll share your load
    If you just call me

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