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The Secret Reason Behind the Fear of Global Warming

Do not be fooled, Black Family. Yurugu knows his time is OVER.

Global Warming is indeed real and yes, the planet is heating up. Can you guess who’ll survive and who won’t? When I was little, I became aware of the growing luxury apartments in Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island that had:

Indoor pools

Indoor farmer’s markets

Indoor doctor’s facilities

Indoor Gyms

Indoor Juice bars and Cafe’s

Indoor Health Food and Nut shops

Indoor Pet grooming salons

Indoor bookstores

Indoor Disco/ dance halls

I didn’t understand why anyone would want to spend their time INSIDE when being outdoors was so much more desirable. Playing double dutch, riding my bike, popping open the fire hydrant and playing in the cool water in my bathing suit was all a small child could hope for.

As I grew, I noticed how whites burned in the sun. Their skin literally seemed to deteriorate while mine baked into a glowing, rich, butterscotch hue. Even my hair seemed to get thicker, fuller, kinkier, nappier and more “harder to comb” (my mother’s words). I was dumbfounded looking at them hiding under their umbrellas and hats as I happily played in the mud making mud pies and causing a great big mess.

Understanding albinism has helped me a great deal in realizing why whites hated us so very much. Then this “global warming” craze hit and suddenly EVERYONE is talking about it. Remembering what Neely Fuller said to me about “how racism/ white supremacy works and functions”, I realized WHY this “global warming” craze has turned into a phenomenon.

It has NOTHING to do with the environment.

Mother Earth has survived soaring temperatures since HER inception.

This is about Yurugu’s INABILITY to function in a solar-powered environment. This is about Yurugu’s KARMA coming back to fuck him up a thousandfold. This is about Mother Nature and Father Sun saying “It’s time for you to go.”

That’s why they are building Super-Apartments with all the amenities one can ask for…so they do not have to go outside.

This is why they are PROPOSING CARBON TAX (black tax) on all huemans. They are ENRAGED at their lack of the life-saving chemical called Melanin and are PUNISHING us because we have an abundance of it.

Global Warming is inevitable.

Nothing they will do can stop the SUN of GOD/ GODDESS.

I’ve said this many times and I’m going to keep on repeating it:

White people will blow this planet to smithereens before they join us and learn to be hueman.

Being white is more important to them than being a hueman being.

Did you fully digest that?

That was deep.

Do not get caught up with their slogans, their PAID demonic spokespersons, their ridiculous SPF lotions, creams and pills. Get as much sunlight as possible. Coconut Oil is quite excellent and will help you to get darker. More sun will:

Help to awaken your sleeping chakras

Help you to sleep better

Help you to dream deeper

Enable you to communicate with Nature better

Help your pineal gland to vibrate

Connect you with the Almighty

Do it now.

Take walks. Bicycle. Get more SUN and fulfill your destiny.

And one more thing that they will never reveal.

Where will Yurugu eventually end up to hide from the SUN?

It is inevitable. And they know it.

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24 thoughts on “The Secret Reason Behind the Fear of Global Warming

  1. Let’s not forget working in a cubicle eight hours while the sun is up … So all work and recreational activities are shifting indoors to accommodate. What kind of life is that to live? I’ll never know..

  2. angel9loveu on said:

    I’ve been walking in the day more and I live in the sunny state and what I have noticed is no white people out in the day like I used to see them. Shirtless and as skimpy as possible. I used to wonder why they always ran out in the sun when it’s hottest slathered in sunblock like it was a miracle cream. But lately I haven’t seen them out much. More black people taking walks and enduring the sun whilst the yurugus are out when the sun is down.

    They were on this high that anyone can get melanoma but looking around I think they got hit with a dose of reality. I went to the resorts in the islands and would see them laid out in the sun. And mind you the Jamaica is HOTT, so 10 mins out there and they were looking like cooked lobsters and crabs. While the sun made my skin so smooth and gorgeous. One white guy tried to show out on me floating in the sun only to see him red and in pain later. They think their immortal time for the sun to prove them wrong. Hopefully, I won’t see any of them at the resort on my next visit. I pray all their sunblocks quit working and work against them.

  3. @ Kelley


    And that’s also part of the reason why they hire Coloureds to do yard work for them.

  4. @ Angel

    Nature is driving them out of the islands. Acts of hurricanes, tornadoes, sink holes are causing them to flee.

  5. Yep, from the beginning of time!

  6. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, these people are vampires, and pretty soon, not even the caves will protect them cause the sun will be the least of their problems.

  7. White people will blow up the place to smithereens before they join us and learn to be hueman. I remember about 10 years ago speaking to a white man, about the east Asians are gaining on north America economically. He said to me that whites would blow up the place before they would let Asians take over.

  8. angel9loveu on said:

    They have no interest in learning to be hueman ,because being hueman isn’t learned it’s birthed.It’s not in them to adapt to what it is to be a hueman cause their DNA produces savages.

  9. @DOAN

    I like this topic so much it makes me feel so relieved, but might I ask you something negress? What’s the future of Yurugu in the end times, what will befall them in the last age? I know they will nuke out this planet when their plans fails, and their population massively declines. So what do you think will happen in the world and what are the consequences?

  10. Their hatred for the black skin doesn’t make sense! When at the same time they throw themselves under the sun knowing that they don’t have kind of natural protection! Also doesn’t make sense this adoration for the “white skin” by some coloured people! Who in their right mind would want to have white skin?
    Since their constant envy for coloured people have deceived the world that have “white skin”, it is a symbol of beauty and prestige!
    Moreover doesn’t make sense this worship for “white women”.
    Given that they have usurped the throne to the true queen “Black GODDESS!”
    As soon as possible I hope that this farce of “White GODDESS” arrives at the height of its fall!

  11. @ Mohammed

    For bible believers, which comes from our Original Mystery Scrolls BEFORE they perverted it, the Book of Obadiah tells a very clear tale of the Fall of Edom.

    As for the the world…?????

    Nature will rebuild as SHE sees fir. But know that if the planet if destroyed by them and we all die, the next group of people shall be HUEman.


    Melanin/ Chlorophyll can not die.

  12. Qnubian

    It has already taken place and they know it.

  13. Krystal & Company Crafts on said:

    Just a couple of days ago, my white coworkers were talking about getting sunburned. One lady boasted that one time she was so sunburned that her skin started peeling off. She sounded proud! It’s almost like getting sunburned is a rite of passage for them.

  14. @ Krystal

    Then this summer she’ll be as boastful as ever.

  15. @qnubian

    Haha! After the world had witnessed the real beauty of heavily melanited people from around the world how POC don’t age fast, amd how they have look alikes. Obsession with white skin is going downhill! White skin which is all made up of recessive cancerous genes, and have allergies in the sun. No one will ever think being white is amazing. You’re right the’ve decieved the whole world and made them think white is the standard aesthetic of beauty but it’s not. It’s in the bible the daughters of ZION will be viewed as the most beautiful women among all The Most High’s creation. Black don’t Crack!

  16. @ Mohammed

    Yeah I’m glad that this farce will end,because I’m tired of turning on the TV or the computer is always seeing their ugly bodies everywhere!
    Above all, I am tired that when they have aesthetic problems or suffer from malnutrition, they are seeking always validation from the world!

  17. themelanatedman on said:

    Reblogged this on The Melanin Man and commented:
    I reblog this post. You and I are on the same page!!

  18. Ayaba on said:

    Reblogged this on Ayaba's Labyrinth and commented:
    Absolutely true. Get as much Sun as possible!

  19. @ melanatedman

    Much appreciated.

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  21. angel9loveu on said:

    Reblogged this on NO ONE HEARS YOUR SILENCE.

  22. Hi Cynic

    Oh yes…more are coming. Lot’s more. Last year, many told me of how they must “hide from the sun” and how “the sun gives them hives.”


    They ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

  23. This is so smart!!! Of course this is the reason why they fear global warming… They don’t give fucks about polluting but if the planet heats up…. They will suffer…

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