Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Destruction of Black Civilization For the New Millennia

You come home from a long day at work. You hop in the shower, put on your house clothes, pop in a fast, frozen EZ-Cook meal, reach for a beer and….

…turn on the TV.

The tell-lies-visionally has been, to date, the most destructive invention ever made for the black family. Teacher, mother, father, secret lover, the TV tells us how to act, think and feel. It tells us what’s important, what we should be “protesting” and why, it tells us what “hot” topics to debate, who we should aspire to have sex with, what clothes by what fashion designer we should spend money on and basically how we, as black people, should live. To reject the programming, we will be labeled as:








Friends will shy away from us as they realize they have nothing in common with us as we don’t know who’s sexing who on a popular soap opera. Job prospects will dry up as our potential employers realize that we will never fit in with their dumbed down, complacent slave workplace. Lovers will stop calling as they realize sex without love is no longer a main objective in your life. And finally, family will be ever-so-polite while they secretly talk about how “you’ve changed” behind your back.

Sound familiar?

Jerry Springer and Maury Povich were not the first.

It was the Joo, Richard Bey, who hired paid black actors to cuss and fight on live TV. Blacks were exposed to a world we never knew existed where black men sexed their wife’s mother while she went out grocery shopping, black sisters fought over midgets with 10 inch penises and black women degraded themselves for the affection of a 700 pound man with one tooth who just got out of prison.

We laughed, clapped and cheered at our own degradation and talked about it at work the next day. While we relished in our own foolishness, Yurugu slowly nodded their heads at confirmation that black people really are savages. Then when white police officers and regular civilians, who watched the same programming, began to kill us gleefully and GOT AWAY WITH IT by an all white jury, we cried “No fair!” and demanded justice and respect.

The TV was invented as the ultimate tool of Mind Control for the New Millennia and we fell for it hook, line and sinker.

What have we learned from TV in the last 20 years?

One: That black men are NEVER to be taken seriously:



Unless they are with her:



Then he’ll be a “family man.”



Two: That black women are the most undeserving of love and respect because we are ugly:



Three: That black males who dress like this:



Are simply being funny and we need to “lighten up” and stop taking things so seriously.


Four: That young, teenage black females should fantasize about sexing non-huemans:



Because Necrophilia-Beastiality is very sexy.


Five: That young, teenage black boys should just give up a real education/ skill-trade and aspire to be like him:



Because that’s where the real money is. And it’s fast!


Six: That being “black” is simply not good enough, so label yourself something cool and “with the times” like “Blaxican”



What we, as black people have yet to learn is:


Not only do we NOT respect ourselves, we no longer respect:

1. Our elders who have given up so much for us including their very lives.

2. Our children for we expose them to this filth then act shocked when they tell us to “eff off” when we inquire if their homework is finished.

In the words of Booker T. Coleman:

I know who put me here. But the question is, ‘what am I doing to get myself out?’

Simply wishing for it hasn’t worked

Simply praying for it hasn’t worked

Marching and protesting to get Yurugu’s attention hasn’t worked because we ALLOW them to infiltrate EVERY organization we’ve ever had.

So I ask all of you, what do we do?

The most powerful and effective way for us to survive what’s coming for us, is to simply DROP OUT of participating in their filth. They cannot force us to buy their clothes, listen to their music and watch their filthy films. We do it WILLINGLY because of our secret desire to be like the thing that hates us.

By simply not giving them your energy/ participation, you take back your power from them and empower yourself! That’s why I don’t care who won The Oscars. Let them have their Satanic Award Show…they DESERVE it.

That’s why whenever a PAID black actor/ news person/ singer/ dancer says something “pro-black”, I do not care for they are APART OF THE BEAST SYSTEM WHO WERE TOLD TO SAY THOSE THINGS.

And that’s why I no longer listen to ANYTHING our PAID and WELL-KNOWN black “leaders” have to say for they are slaves for their Jooish Masters.


     Prince Hall Freemason black Joo House Negro.

Black Family,

The time has come for us to decide if we wish to live or die. Continue being a slave or wanting to be free.

How will you choose?

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22 thoughts on “The Destruction of Black Civilization For the New Millennia

  1. the truth – in all ways. Hollywood and the film industry has done more to demoralize people of color. There is a saying “when they want to kill a dog, they say it is mad” – by making people of color appear less than makes it ok to do the things that you see being done.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sister, I appreciate your tireless work. As a Pan-Africanist Black man of Haitian descent, I invite you to connect via twitter and send me a DM. I look forward to building.

  3. Well said beloved! Well Said!

  4. @ blackmystory

    Thank you! Nice to see you again.

  5. africanmuslimgirl on said:


    The lack of respect of blacks for ourselves (and the world over really) doesn’t happen in a vacuum and without purpose as you excellently point out.

    “To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell
    my prophet & be drunk thereof! It is a lie, this folly against self. The exposure of
    innocence is a lie. Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture”.Book of law: 22

    The above is a rule from the Book of law (which I would strongly advise reading) and forms one of the 3 chapters of destruction of society.It basically gives the guidelines of how to achieve this I picked it out because the state of society quite neatly obeys this command in these very words as you can see. Other things to take note of (and which you discuss on your blog?) are the – code of rules regarding the perversion of sex (notice how governments world over are passing legislation left,right and center promoting and protecting homosexuality ( and the promotion of lewdness), the declaration of the numbers of the beast, manners of worshiping the beast (knowingly or otherwise), the destruction of the modest woman (known as the last veil standing between society and total discord) ,and the primary aim: Do what thou wilt (shall be the rule of law).

    Indeed – I realized that the constitutions of so called “democratic” and “liberal” countries literally lay this out as the foundation of their countries. Think quickly and you’ll realise this. These constitutions are literally derived from the Book of law ( hence the title) and seek to fulfill the three chapters by passing it as legislation. And no one gives a damn? I don’t understand why no one cares ,that we are basically fulfilling this “do what thou wilt” gleefully, notice how society has the “i can do whatever the f**k I want” attitude (especially the younger generations) – essentially quoting the Book in it’s primary aim.

  6. @ AfricanMuslim

    “Do what thou wilt” comes from the Theosophical Society. Blavatsky, Crowley, Levy told their followers:

    “If it feels good, do it!”

    Worship of Satan is the underhanded ideal and many of us have ZERO idea that we are following in the image of the Beast by trying to live up to Yurugu’s standards.

    Thank you for the book suggestion!

  7. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time. You are very talented. It’s great reading.

  8. @ Yolanda

    Much appreciated.

  9. The internet is even worse, so much racism on it. Your website is one of the few websites I go to because it offers common sense solutions. There are white groups like the Amish who I believe have dropped out of the system . Myself as a black woman should have problems dropping out.

  10. Sorry I meant to say that myself as a black should have NO problems dropping out.

  11. I too am pleased that you are still around and fighting the good fight. Teaching the masses and warning them of the coming chaos. That’s why I am one of your biggest fans, beloved!

  12. obsidianwarriorblog on said:

    I am sure you are aware of the site that exposes all the insidious machinations of the Neanderthals http://www.cynicalafrikan.com. A good resource to examine the
    anti-life Neanderthal.

  13. @ obsidian

    Cynic and I go way back. Thank you!

  14. obsidianwarriorblog on said:

    Does anyone have the answer as to how these parasitic Johnny come-latelies were able to master all the esoteric knowledge of indigenous people worldwide, obtain the knowledge to create destructive devices, and able to benefit from concepts such as “the law of attraction”? Meanwhile the original people’s (even the wise ones) are unable to access and benefit but are victims of the WS? Dr Welsing was highly stressed because of the WS who would not minimize the noise level of their business. Neely Fuller still lives in a modest apartment without transportation and under the stressors of city life, Dr. Ben ended up in a nursing home dependent upon the very people he spoke against, etc etc etc.If you have any insight on this phenomenon please share or point me in the right direction to research.

  15. @ Obsidian

    Those of us that are conscious ask this very question EVERY DAY. I can only surmise two theories:

    1. We were tricked once into telling/ sharing our mysteries

    2. We SOLD out for money/ fame/ glory/ power and it backfired BIG TIME

    But…the 26,000 year cycle is almost over. The moon cycle is nearly completed and the SUN shall rise again. The planet is getting hotter as our conscious vibrations heat up the atmosphere.

    I have hope that evil won’t win.

  16. Negress I think that you are hitting it on the nail with the 2 above statements. Allowing ourselves to be tricked is our own fault as well as selling yourself out for money. I think that we as black people “chat too damn much” to the wrong people. Not only do we have to be careful of whites and non blacks, but there are some blacks we also have to be careful of. When you sell yourself it will back fire. In dealing with whites it’s a game, either you know how to play the game, or don’t play the game. I understand that you are from the islands, would you ever live there again? The only thing that a white dominated society holds for me is to make a lot of money if possible and then leave. The funny thing is nowadays there are people in the islands living way better that persons in North America. it appears that too many black people feel that they are missing something by not participating in white north Americas system fully. I can tell you we are not missing a thing, The other thing I have been noticing is that organizations like Black lives Matter are protesting at presidential candidates rallies, why the F do we even bother involving ourselves in this garbage. I read somewhere that a BLM activist from Ohio Marshawn McCarroll had committed suicide back in February. I don’t know how true it is but, if it is true, this is even more of a call that we should drop out of the system even more. I am truly beginning to feel that we blacks have too many problems and too many are self inflicted, we say we want to change but we are so into integration. Full integration which too many of us black people seek is one of the main precursors of our dysfunction. You know people like the East Asians and South Asians, integrate only partially if it is to make money or for certain educational aspects, but they do not integrate fully, in fact both groups of Asians if they don’t have to ,they would not give a white their money or do business with whites unless absolutely necessary. They prefer to deal with their own kind. The Irony is white people have no problem having East Asians and South Asians living amongst them, but if black people move in OH NO, the whites do not want blacks living amongst them. The black people are the ones who support white businesses fully, and care for whitey more than the East Asians and South Asians do. But we are the race that cares about the whites the most, and we are the race the whites hate the most. Many of us Black people are sick and unnatural, why do we care and love people who do not care or love us. Sure there are some good white folks, but the majority do not care at all for us. I do not understand why in the US black neighbourhoods cannot be clean, poverty is not an excuse for filthiness. We spend our money on weaves, weed, pork rinds shitty packaged food( which is why there are so many big fat black women) brand named clothing, garbage gadgets and the big flat screened beast TV. etc. etc. The funny thing is I am beginning to feel that some sort of segregation is the answer and I fully support Dropping out of the system, disconnecting my cable, growing my own food which I did last summer and other things. I know that this post deals with TV and how it has caused problems for we black people but,everything is connected. I am feeling much better now. You solutions are excellent.

  17. @ cedi

    Yes, I’d live there tomorrow…if I could afford it. The Chinese and the E. Indians have monopolized EVERY aspect of our lives down there. They own shops, beaches, property and are trying to run the Rastas off of their reservations ( some still live in communities with other rastas).

    The solution for our problem is LOVING ourselves, which we do not. If we loved ourselves, we’d support ourselves and help ourselves.

    Black people are stricken with insane, pathological ENVY and Intra-competitiveness so when we see one black person who is honestly TRYING to make something of ourselves, we go out of our way to tear them down.

    “Who she tink she is?”
    “What’s he tryin to play?”
    “She tink she cute…”
    “He ain’t shit!”

    This all comes from SELF HATE.

    At the marketplace, blacks ignore me and buy their vegetables/ herbs from white farmers. Then later on complain to me “How come we don’t have anything?”

    We lost our economic throne and the political throne…but the main, most important throne remains in our possession: The Spiritual Throne.

    By returning to Nature and Dropping Out of the System (as best as we can), we’ll begin to reclaim what was once ours.

  18. Funny that you should say that the blacks try to pull each other down, I remember about 3 years ago meeting an East Indian Trinadadian woman and she felt the same way about East Indian Trinadadians. My goal is in the next 20 years is to leave N. America and go o the West Indies to live, maybe in Islands like St. Kitts, St Vincent
    Dominica, Antigua, Tortola or some very small island. I am aware how some West Indians are, but I understand where that comes from. it is unfortunate that black people ignore you and buy from white farmers, like I have been saying we have no one to blame except ourselves. I make a conscious effort to purchase from black businesses and vendors when I can. Thank goodness for online shopping I never realized that how many black owned small businesses there are. I wouldn’t mind learning more about your herbs, and planting them, do you ship to Canada do you have a website. Don’t despair your business will come along fine. You also have some baby personal care products that you make, “LuvvY”. Do you have any other products? I am more into self sufficiency and natural living, getting tired of even talking about the Yurugus, there a means to an end in my book. It’s not about hatred for them, that takes too much energy and I would rather put my energy toward myself and my own kind. I am completely about myself and my race.

  19. @ Cedi

    There are MILLIONS of black businesses! Little ones, big ones, private ones, public ones all over the world.

    I buy from them almost all the time when I can. We had a tiny gas station/ car wash place owned by a black guy. He was run out of business by threats and now we have none.

    My cloth for my sewing projects are from black shops. Shea butter is from Africa and the herbs that I can’t grow myself or I’m too busy with other projects come from Jamaica.

    It’s a start. If we just spent 10% of our TRILLION dollars with each other, we’d be out of the mess in less than 5 years.

    And yes…Yurugu is a very powerful vampire and should be avoided at all costs.

    I’ll contact you privately regarding my products.

  20. Whenever you can also please contact me regarding the black shops for fabrics, I don’t necessarily buy African prints , sometimes I do sometimes I don’t, but I would be interested in a black owned store that carry a large variety of fabrics. Back in January I googled some black fabric shops but they only had African prints. There has to be a store out there that have a variety.


  21. Thanks for showing us more of the “Holly-weird” shenanigans……I’m so tired of seeing the filth that is put before the American and the worlds’ eyes as a glimpse into our so-called “Black Community” like “Straight Outta Compton”.

    I personally hated seeing stuff promoted like “Straight Outta Compton” because that film was EVERYTHING that white folks want to see our community do: highly dysfunctional families, drug dealing, the progenation of ourselves with the acceptance of the continuation of our mental slavery/second class citizenship with the self-anointed use and self-crowning of the “nigger” concept. (The very reason I loath these “gangsta” rappers and comedians who progress this thinking) We have no use for the KKK because our youths have been trained to do their demonic dirty work…… we do it to ourselves.

    I don’t expect to see a truthful movie about the artful and talented beginning of rap/hip-hop…….our young people have been so brainwashed so to ONLY be interested in this demonic ‘gangsta’ crap like that movie portrays…..

    Our community is so whitewashed to gravitate to this constant diet of foolishness called pop culture NOT being taught AT ALL about how our community created the back drop of American music: Blues, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Rock etc…..

    We’re so brainwashed that we don’t even want to hear it! We should have radio stations devoted to our kids that play Blues, Jazz, etc. It is SAD that the white children are more exposed to the culture that WE created and we DO NOT see to it that our children KNOW THIS!!!! (In our kids minds white people created it!!!)

    Why is it a secret to our children? BECUSE WE DON’T TEACH THIS TO THEM!!! Every other ethnic community has educational entities to ensure that their children KNOW where they came from (greeks, jewish, Chinese, and on and on)

    RELATED SIDE ISSUE: There is a lot of unaddressed mental illness in our community, especially with Black Women who have produced mounds and mounds of Black children whom she will NEVER see to it that her children learn and know anything ESPECIALLY the truth and pride about our heritage in this country. And, these born ignorant Black people are the main reasons our culture is NOT passed on! OR were raised to give a damn about our community. All they will EVER know and understand is how to exploit and be exploited….well I could go on but this would be at least 50 webpages…..

  22. You are right Tenacious D Ham, which is why I rarely go and see a movie. I haven’t seen one at a theater since about 1996, at time I watch DVD’s but I am bypassing that to watch DVD’s regarding food growing or DIY projects. DVD’s mainly regarding sustainable lifestyle, you never know when it will be needed. Also you are right regarding mental illness in the black community especially black women, it takes the form of Whoring around too much, and producing children these women really do n’t give a shit about (pardon my French), overeating and morbid obesity, I knew a Nigerian woman who was in her 20’s and thought that at 5f 3inches and 178lbs was too thin. (she was used to being around 195 lbs. (It is not only African American women, who think that being morbidly obese is sexy,it it black people all over the world) weaves and shit(many black women
    over the world have not learned that being slim,healthy and eating a healthy diet of non processed food, growing your own natural hair, will not only make us feel better and act better, but will also let us look better). Many black people do not know their own history except slavery so why would they teach their children anything. Remember many black people do not love themselves, sure we run around with picket signs and protest, which is a reactionary emotion on our part. I believe in prevention which I believe in dropping out of the system in some form, so we can reflect on ourselves. Our thinking will have to change before anything else.

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