Observations of an Invisible Woman

My Predictions For The Next President

(She knows something we don’t know)

Bait and Switch: The ploy of offering a person something desirable (Donald Trump)  to gain favor (as political support) then thwarting expectations with something less desirable (Hillary Clinton).

Do not be fooled.

Hillary has been selected for this moment since her husband was in office. Donald’s job in his game of “fool ’em then fuck ’em” is to be so PUBLICLY over the top in his racism and xenophobia that Hillary will win by default…you know, ’cause she’s the more “sane” choice.

My visions come in pieces so sometimes I must make out what I can by putting pieces together in a puzzle. I had a flash of the future and saw Hillary. I could, of course, be wrong but I feel that we are being played like a violin.

Black Family,

IF  you truly wish to take a stand and empower yourself, STAY HOME on election day and refrain from taking part in this Satanic Theater. Your voice in Yuruguan politics DOES NOT matter for the system was never BUILT FOR YOU. It was built by EVIL to support EVIL by using YOU as a SLAVE. Once you were used up, they simply:

Discarded you

Locked you up and threw away the key

Killed you by deception (poison water, food, medicine, Chemtrails, man-made diseases etc.)

Nothing you do, including voting and marching, will change things so simply stop doing it and focus on our own personal empowerment. When the next president is SELECTED, whites will be even more irate as they see their pensions, social security benefits, food stamps and privileges go down the drain. Who will they blame?

Black people



Anyone “dark” and “foreign”

NEVER will they blame THEMSELVES for creating an unfair system based on greed. NEVER will they blame THEMSELVES for allowing criminals to gain even more power through the banking system. And NEVER will they blame their Jooish masters for duping them and discarding them like yesterday’s trash. They will blame US.

What will you do? How will you live if supplies dwindle? Look at Flint Michigan and know that this is no joke.

They are coming for us.

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17 thoughts on “My Predictions For The Next President

  1. I thought Obama was gonna make it for a third term actually.But I’d like to be out of the country by then cause the presidential hopelesses aren’t winning my vote or attention.
    And another term for the “the black savior” is definitely going to set off a race war.Considering yurugu is foaming at the mouth waiting for his exit so they can throw Obama’s inability to fix “the black people’s woes” in our faces.
    And claim we had our chance.They’re a race of sociopaths,psychopaths, narcissists.I read somewhere that said if you’re constantly drained or your energy is decreased when in a particular area that suggests you’re in a toxic environment.
    Either way I wish the black family would be able to get together more than ever.

  2. Wow yes there is a new purge movie coming out called The Purge: Election
    I really feel that this year is going to be an eye opener..

  3. Better late than never. IMO blacks should have abstained from voting since. 2008. Yes. We will be the scapegoats for all that is ailing america, try as we might to be friendly with them they will continue to remove the mask of civility and show us the fangs of beasts.

  4. angel9loveu on said:

    I know about your predictions Negress and they’re usually on point. However, Hilary as president is a hard pill to swallow unless it’s a ploy to something bigger.

  5. themelanatedman on said:

    Good post. I knew about the Bait and Switch for awhile. Keep telling people its a set-up. By the way, real enjoy your blog. We are kind of in the same stratosphere regarding the knowledge. You kind of inspired me to start my own blog. My circle doesn’t know the deal and feel it’s my duty to teach a little bit. Check me out when you have a chance:


    Keep up the good work! BTW, enjoyed the movie “They Live.”

  6. @ Melanatedman

    Most grateful to be of service. I’m glad you liked it. Watch it over and over and pick up all the clues. There are many.

  7. theloneflowerterri on said:

    I was told that america can’t do anything for us anymore. It’s just a ship heading for a gigantic glacier that the unsuspecting passengers cannot see. ‘Passengers’ mind you. Not the ‘servants’ at the bottom of the ship who are just contempt with making ends meet. This ship is being purposely stirred towards that glacier. Although the passengers and the pilots are of the same class, the passengers put all of their trust in the pilots because after all, they have privileges that the servants don’t. Maybe we are very close to hitting that glacier or maybe there’s a little stretch to go but it’s impending doom. It’s going to happen. I think the servants just need to abandon ship before they be left at the bottom, not aware what’s really going on with the ship(country), to ultimately drown and forgotten.

  8. @ lone flower

    Amerika was doomed from the moment it began simply because of the way it began. It started in the 60’s when jobs shipped to China and hit the pinnacle on 9/11.

  9. Firstly, thank you for your blog I’ve been a reader about two years now and this has been helping me get through. It can be lonely when there’s no one around you that thinks like you do and when your aware of the truth. Right now I leave in one of worst states you can live in Texas I have so much to say about Texas but I don’t have that much time. I do know that if the time came this would be one the worst places to live. I do want to move badly curious to know your opinion on the safest places to live. I suppose there would be no safe place if anything happened I do think some would be safer than others. Also how would I go about starting a group of like minded people in my area if I wanted to connect with others what that be a good idea? The past few years I have become more isolated I have been more able to pick up more of people’s energy lately n it’s very draining to were I just rather avoid most places.

  10. @ Blue Bonnet

    Most grateful to be of service.

    It’s very draining to be awake in this Luciferian system and finding like minded people is even harder.

    Usually, your energy will attract those like you. When I first began, all i did was put out the information and waited. My readers came because they sensed it.

    Loneliness is apart of it and it can be rough. Meditation does help. As for the “safest” place…there is no place on earth currently that’s safe.

    They are all around us and tend to follow us everywhere we go. Find a place where you feel most like yourself and settle down there and build slowly.

    Good luck.

  11. @bluebonnetsite

    The safest place to live in, is the homeland, the birthplace of our ancestors Africa. There are pretty well developed countries in Africa all you need is a job, budget, money, acquaintances in order to move there.

  12. @ Mohammed so I’ve heard various parts of the Motherland are undergoing serious spiritual awakenings.

  13. @Frenzhelpfrenz

    I’d definitely invest my money in Africa as long as it is not white owned buisness there, because I don’t want to lend my money to the colonizer. I know there are nice houses in Africa, in the capitals. Yes, Motherland Africa will be a safe sanctuary, in the last days. Africa has more than 90 million of its population, because it is becoming a well developed continent.

  14. It’s a selection process that distracts us from electing our own leaders. Whoever is ‘the president of the u.s.’ is ‘their president’. We remain leaderless notwithstanding their selection.

  15. @ Oni

    Well stated.

  16. Voting is a necessary evil. I believe it’s time black people continue to support and love each other. We should continue to demand reparations and build stronger communities and schools.

  17. The next president will be Trump. He is German, white, rich and has an attractive (by euro standards) whore of a wife. Every white person wishes and hopes to emulate the Trumps. His father was in the KKK and he has a long record of discriminating against blacks and favoring joo’s. He will be our next president. I just went into health care and upon graduating I will go and work in Haiti and West Africa. I feel an urge to leave Nazi America. It will only get worse from here. The rich seek to ELIMINATE those they deem “useless eaters” and life undeserving of life. I won’t be surprised if yurugu starts measuring skulls and practicing eugenics once Trump gets into office. Notice his sons married all blonde white women and his daughter married a 200 million dollar joo. Trump is a white supremacist whether he says it out loud or not. All his sons were sure to have plenty of children. Trump was born in 46′ he endured the civil rights era and had a hatemongering anti-black father. America loves it! Scary latino’s asians and arabs will vote for him to ensure their place OVER us in the racial hierarchy. I have never voted. Did not even vite for Obama. Politics is for white folks. They have shown me time and time again that I am not American even after I served in their military, even after my ancestors tended their crops, even after…. Stay here and continue to be disrespected. for WHAT?

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