Observations of an Invisible Woman

Required Cinema For Melaninites 6


Have you ever seen a movie that had:

A talking lamp/ car/ non hueman object

A robot

A slimy creature

A silly creature that you couldn’t even stand to look at? Like him:

Well, this South African Yuruguan director tell us EXACTLY how the world feels about “those who are unwanted.” When I first watched this movie, I said: “Just call the creatures Niggers and call it a day.”

Every character in EVERY white, (fake) Jooish movie that is a buffoon, immoral, slimy, stupid, ignorant and just so dumb they cannot survive without a “saviour” is modeled after black people.

District 9 is no exception.

Watch with your third eye open and learn:

How the government traps them

How they are exploited and mocked

How quickly Yurugu will turn against their own kind when they no longer fit the mold.

And as always, please DO NOT spend your money on this film. Watch it for FREE.

(P.S. did you catch the hidden message in the phone number above?)

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9 thoughts on “Required Cinema For Melaninites 6

  1. angel9loveu on said:

    I see the 666.Oh the iron they love to “hide” this in many of their movies.Like they say the devil is in the details. Also I’ve been trying to connect the dots of the following:
    Hunger Games
    The Maze Runner
    They have the common theme of despair isolation and the world as we know it under desolation and oppression by those ruling the system.But the answer is a child/adolscent as the savior.I’ll dissect more but if any of these have been on your radar.I’d love to know what you think.

  2. @ Angel.

    Spot on.
    I’m going to make a recommendation soon regarding the Orwellian Future movies.

  3. angel9loveu on said:

    Exactly, the Orwellian nightmare projected in these movies in it’s worse form, essentially ushering in the NWO.Where a small group of the ruthless elite control everything.Putting us in an extreme classist system of the very rich ruling class and everyone else being dominated.Socialism at it’s worst.

  4. obsidianwarriorblog on said:

    The anti-life form ruling this planet exists by the credo: “The World Is Not Enough”. I am certain this perplexes many melanin people for they do not FULLY understand how these neanderthals can OWN and CONTROL all life (animals life, plant life, and indigenous people) on earth (land, air, and sea) and YET STILL be Discontent! Always needing to CONQUER, MURDER, & DESTROY more and more.
    You may have heard about Scandinavian neanderthals who live in opulence and have no melanin peoples to DOMINATE and they have high suicide rates which they try to explain away due to “nordic depression gene” but I have surmised it is because these anti-life forms do not thrive UNLESS they are exacting pain, hurt, and conflict with melanin people.


    I remember an interview with Toni Morrison when she stated “..without Black people as the ever present scapegoat, the country would have been Balkanized, with various immigrant groups at each other’s throats.”


    Neely Fuller stated that when he spoke to an audience of white people in the 60’s and said, “since you find that Black people are the cause of all the ills in America why not just kill us all”. Mr. Fuller stated that when he panned the audience he noticed they had a smirked expression. He was puzzled and he said much later he realized why! Because they knew they were capable and able to do this. Neanderthals know they could at any moment’s notice Kill off all Black and/or nonwhite people with impunity and no one would or could stop them.

    So why don’t they? They need subjects (victims) in order to maintain their Ego maniacal system of White Supremacy. It ain’t fun unless they are mistreating people so they THRIVE WHEN Black (melanin) people are around cuz it gives them their REASON FOR BEING!

  5. @ obsidian

    well stated.

    Mother Nature knows who’s at the seat of everything and is acting accordingly.

    Let’s meditate on making this summer a HOT one.

  6. angel9loveu on said:

    They’re likened to parasites. They need a host to survive, energy sucking vampires. These movies are telling us a lot. No wonder the obsession with vampires, witchcraft, werewolves, zombies etc…Or being super human.Everything gives us insight in to who they are beyond just imagination.
    I read somewhere that said white people can see ghosts, big foot, signs and wonders in the sky but they can never see their racism.
    They always tell us to go back to Africa knowing that many of us can’t or won’t. Because we have accepted this giant plantation called America as “home”. The land of the free to them. But the land of captivity for us. Captive to keep them draining us of our life source and keep them alive, and strong in this abomination of desolation.

  7. africanmuslimgirl on said:

    “did you catch the hidden message in the phone number above?”

    666? Easy enough, but allow me to go out on a limb here and remind one and all that every.single.detail is not without it’s purpose with these people. Their messages are *always* layered. My interpretation -the 666 is easy enough for everyone to spot, but if you take into consideration that 666 is the mark of the beast (and that this advert urges one *to report*) essentially,”call the beast, using his number.” There is a little humour/irony in the not “for Humans only” ,firstly if one is still “human” (i.e if you have not yet swallowed their ideology,gotten the mark), then you are a target that still needs to make the call.
    The final irony, if you wish, is that since their ideology turns everything upside down, what’s beast will be human and what’s human will be beast (hence the refusal of service to “non-humans”. This “hidden”, not so hidden messages are literally EVERYWHERE and becoming more bold with each season,movie,song and latest fashion trend. Anyways, stay aware my ones.


  8. @ Africanmuslim


    You’re sharp! I love that! Keep up the good work and I’m ever grateful to at your service.

  9. angel9loveu on said:

    I’m ready for another meditation, session to wipe these beasts out.I’m seeing them backed up but we need to go in more.On your next meditation session please implore that we turn off all electronics.And let the sun take effect while seeing the world without the evil monsters.

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