Observations of an Invisible Woman

How To Spot An Agent



I’ve had multiple people ask me how I feel about certain people that are preaching regarding the black struggle. “Can they be trusted?”  and “Are they working for the enemy?” are the number one questions asked. Well, here’s my take on it.

  • They NEVER mention the (fake) Jews. EVER. Anyone who does mild research will know that Khazars are behind: Pornography rings, child prostitution rings, beastiality, stolen African artifacts, money laundering, the crash of the economy, 9/11, Fukushima, Monsanto, the Afrikan Holocaust, The Redman/RedWoman Holocaust, Vietnam, The Japanese concentration camps, The invasion of Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, Slavery of their own people, EVERY war that we’ve EVER had in the history of huemanity, AIDS, Ebola, Swine Flu, Chagas, The Spanish Flu, Zika, mass murders, The Mafia, the media, banking, land theft, satanic rituals involving children, eating hueman flesh, eating feces and drinking urine for satanic rituals, the rise of sexual degradation in our communities, the rise of black male homosexuality by putting hormones in food, Chemtrails, water poisoning, food poisoning, propagating their FAKE holocaust to leech money from every country on Earth (guilt-shaming), killing Mother Earth with technology, HAARP, blood diamonds, the extinction of animals, hueman cloning, animal cloning, animal AND hueman cloning, MK ULTRA mind control, demonism in the black music industry and the imprisonment and lynching of the “Man-Entity-Shaman-Savior-Master Teacher” commonly known as The CHRIST…which they staunchly deny then accuse you of being “Anti-Semitic.”


  • They never offer REAL solutions only catch phrases: “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps! Get a job! Stop smoking weed and drinking malt liquor! Act decent! Learn to take care of your kids and work harder!” Shit like that.


  • They speak of black causes and troubles but are still sleeping with the enemy. And try to justify it. “Love has no colour!”  Riiiiiight.





  • They want your money…all of it. And use it to buy new clothes, new cars, new homes, new electronics, prostitutes and go-go dancers but try to convince you that it’s all for a good cause.



  • They speak of the white devil but befriend them, invite them into their homes, wear things to show off to them (like white people give a fuck) and try their best to imitate them even if it means going into bankruptcy.



  • They put themselves in positions to be seduced by whites. And try to justify it. “I was drunk.” “They must have slipped something in my drink when I wasn’t looking.” “I awoke naked and confused.” “I don’t know how my penis fell into her.”



  • They make up excuses not to date, marry and have offspring with other blacks…even though they found a black person who’s nice, intelligent, caring, kind, thoughtful, attractive, artistic, independent, good at lovemaking and genuinely loves them. “We just didn’t have anything in common!”



That’s it. It’s pretty simple.




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15 thoughts on “How To Spot An Agent

  1. Reblogged this on Ayaba's Labyrinth.

  2. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    Nothing to add, everything I was thinking you said it all right here

  3. angel9loveu on said:

    There are white agents in my idea like that Tim Wise, that “transracial” Rachel Dolezal and many who suddenly come out for black lives matter and speaking in defense of black people.And suddenly realizing their white privilege and are going through white guilt.Especially those who claim love has no color and decide to showcase their black wife, husband mixed kids or random black friend.
    On the black side I firmly believe Al Sharpton is highly suspect.

  4. @ Angel

    There are dozens of black ones. Think of the most “popular” ones.

  5. Dear Diaryofanegress,

    Here is my statement,

    As long as racism which is white supremacy exists,( you can call it Yurugu, as you are a *VGQ) any white person who is able and in capacity to practice it is a racist suspect. Only babies and senile ones are excepted they are unable.

    It is Logical, there is no legal way, no list, to determine who is and who is not a racist/white supremacist, among themselves during the existence of white supremacy,.

    If racism exists it is because at least one white person practices it, so the question is WHO ? Therefore any white person is a racist suspect.

    No black person can be a racist and in the same time be a victim of racism.

    We have to cement that in our brain once and for all.

    Meanwhile we have to be JUSTICE PRODUCERS. THE DOING PART.

    *VGQ = Victim Guarantee Qualification means all victims are equals.

    Thank you.

  6. Dear Diaryofanegress,

    From the compensatory counter racist codified worguide by Mr Neely Fuller Jr.

    A racist suspect is :

    Any white person who :

    1 Says something to or about a Non-White person that is not true.

    2 Either withholds or fails to give to a Non-White person, constructive information in a manner that does not produce the most constructive result.

    3 Had the opportunity and the ability to give constructive help to a Non-White person who was in need of that constructive help, but did not give that constructive help.

    4 Engages in so called « homo-sex », sexual intercourse and/or « sexual play » with(against) a Non-White person, and/or directly or indirectly speaks or acts in support of other White persons who do the same.

    5 Supports sexual intercourse and/or « sexual play » between White persons, with each other who have not proven that they use most of their time and energy thinking, speaking, and acting to replace the System of White Supremacy ( Racism) with the system of justice
    ( balance between people).

    6 Produces and supports the use of language, pictures, and/or images in such manner as to directly or indirectly promote the maintenance, expansion, and/or refinement of the System of White Supemacy (Racism) in any area of activity, including, Economics, Education, Entertainment, Politic, Labor, Law, religion, Sex, War/Counter-War.

    7 Refuses to agree with a Non-White person when that person identifies him or herself as a Victim of White Supremacy (Racism).

    8 Fails to use most of his or her time and energy to think, speak, and act to replace The System of White Supremacy (Racism) with The System of Justice ( balance between people) in all areas of activity.

    Be aware, open your eyes, ears, and mind, study what dominates us rather to concentrate on other victims ( black people upfront) who are equals as they are in the same situation (victim despite money, house etc…) The One who is Very in charge is to observe.


  7. As I have been reading about Yurugu whom most black people define as white european, and this is valid. However, Yurgu is also an African god of chaos who created this problem. In essence, a black man caused this wretched horror known as white people who then played him like a fiddle. I am aware of Yurugu’s twisted creation called white people aren’t to be trusted; but I am also suspect of so-called conscious black males, as they constantly allow fakes like Rachel Dolzeal into the fold of black consciousness and proceed to defend whiteness while bashing black women. I do not trust most of these suspect black liberationist males as they are all frauds. You can always spot them hugged up with white women and making excuses for them, especially the Muslim fold…what a colossal joke they are! Therefore, all the problems within the Melanin People today has been the fault of black male fakes. I have no respect for these so-called black male Moors; as historically, the Moors helped these europeans dogs and brought them back to the Land of Black People, sexed them, breeded with them, educated them; made black women help these nasty white women; made some of these nasty white women queens and betrayed black women. If you really think about it, maybe this is why the black male is so disrespected and detested because his history is that of a traitor to his own blackness.

  8. angel9loveu on said:

    I got a few of the agents on my radar now.

  9. Peace.

    I wish it were so easy. I was hit by a few agents. They looked and sounded like me. Some of them even had constructive criticism for me. But when it came to putting in the work–let’s say they chose unemployment.

  10. The book message to the blackman in america the chapter called the devil gives the history of Yacub(the black scientist[the god in the genesis of the bible] who made/grafted his white race to rule the blackman for 6000 yrs. Until the black race produced a God with the wisdom to replace the whitemans wicked way of civilization with a righteous one.) The end of the Caucasian world is called the battle of Armageddon. It will take the wisdom of a righteous God to heal the minds and bodies of those who have spent the last 450+ yrs being reared/raised and following the way of the slavemasters and their children. The one who raises up the blackman and woman up from their 400+ years of oppression will cause the entire world to bow before our feet and recognize that God is with us.

  11. Hi Oni!

    Nice to see! Oh, yes. Putting in the work is always the dead giveaway. That and stop sexing Yurugu.

  12. I try to keep my distance from anyone who says they believe one thing and do another especially when it comes to their views on white supremacy

  13. @ Miss Pam

    And that’s why I have VERY few real friends.

  14. @ diaryofanegress

    unfortunately, the same is true of myself. It’s like being surrounded by cult members who have been hypnotized into believing lies when the truth is all around them. I just posted a video about Hillary Clinton on my blog to shake some trees but I suspect the only thing that will fall out are some overly ripe bananas

  15. @ Miss Pam


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