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Dropping Out of the System ~ A RePost

Originally posted in 2013, it needs to be posted again.

I’ve said this many times and I’m going to keep on repeating myself because it’s true:

White people ARE NOT playing with us.

Have you been keeping up with what’s happening with this administration? 

Are you aware that we’re one step away from utter disaster? Who do you think will come for us in our time of need? Who do you think will care? You may not like hearing this but not one person on earth gives a damn about black people so we’d better begin caring for ourselves and EACH OTHER. 

Stop watching TV, drinking beer, buying the latest electronics, scouting the bars for cheap sex, saving money to buy expensive designer labels and focusing on cheap, material thrills and begin preparations NOW.





“They know whatever we focus on, it will become reality. It is as though we are creating THEIR reality by default alone.”—— Umoja

A black reader wrote to me recently to ask me this question, “Ummm… don’t get mad, Truth, I know you’ve been talking about this for some time now, but how exactly do I drop out of this system?”

For those of you who are also wondering this same thing, this post is for you. I want everyone who reads this blog to know one thing that I’ve known my entire life. Black people throughout the diaspora have no friends, no allies and no one to call on in a time of desperate need. We are alone in this fight. Even though we love to use the term Persons of Colour, in my estimation, it is a farce. We are universally hated, universally ostracized and universally made to be the scapegoat for all huemanity. Every Coloured race has a free organization where food and supplies, even money, is given to them to help support their needs. This I know for a fact.

I’ve watched Spanish speaking Africans cook for each other, give each other bus fare and rent out a room to their brothers and sisters for as little as 20.00 a month. They understand the universal law of “taking care of their own”, something we have yet to understand. I’ve seen Asians come to this country with no money, no clothes, no food…and miraculously turn around and own a store, a restaurant and a laundromat in 5 years! What’s their secret? They understand the universal law of “taking care of their own.”

Jews in Brooklyn never speak to anyone about their business, their child’s education, their job, their whereabouts, their food, their lives nor do they feel the need to. They hold meetings at their homes and discuss matters privately. I’ve seen Indians at the park holding those same meetings where they gather around and bounce ideas off of each other. Then, miraculously 5 years later, they own a convenience store, a liquor shop, a check cashing place, a run-down motel and a spice store in your neighbourhood. And all we’re doing is standing there and asking, “What is going on?”

“What is going on” is a question that we’ve been asking for 500 years. The simple answer that we do not like to hear is this:

Every race takes care of each other and has “dropped out of the system” in one way, shape or form. EXCEPT US. 

It’s really that simple.

Dropping out is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. Why? Because it takes 3 things:

1. Consciousness

2. Work and Effort

3. Repetition

But, it can be done! How do I know? Because I’ve met blacks who have done it (to varying degrees) and continue to do it. My “dropping out” began with not eating Chinese Food and escalated into traveling with a cooler full of homemade snacks to avoid Fast Food temptations, to making my own products and growing my own food. It may not seem like much at first glance but if you really sit and think about how much emotional, sexual, Spiritual and financial investments we give this white (and soon to be Asian) system just following a few of these tips and ideas would drastically change your life.

I do not have magic solutions.


The system is rigged so that everywhere you turn, you’re set up for failure. But, do not despair! Taking control of your mind and your habits is the single greatest step towards freedom. Black family, Hurricane Sandy was a test. When the lights no longer come on, what will you do? Who will you turn to? Who’s going to help the universally hated scapegoat? Who’s going to feel pity for the one race that has been propagandized to be the “problem” for this planet? Answer?

No one.

Here goes my list. It is laughably simple yet so difficult.


1. Stop sleeping with white people. (Ever wonder why this is always number one?)

2. Stop buying hair. Yes, that again.

3. Stop processing your hair. (Please read “Black hair and white domination”)

4. Bring your lunch from home instead of buying fast food.

5. Stop using their toothpaste and make your own.

6. Stop drinking sodas on a daily basis.

7. Stop smoking.

8. Eat dinner together as a family as often as you can.

9. Stop buying music that degrades us. 

10. Stop getting your nails, eyebrows and bikini area done at non black businesses.

11. Stop buying labels and shop in thrift stores. Or wear hand-me-downs from your siblings, etc.

12. Plant your own food if you can. ( My friend planted a “living garden” in her yard and lost 15 pounds and her blood sugar dropped! She’s now taking her insulin every other day instead of once daily. This is a huge accomplishment and should be acknowledged.) 

13. Stop spending money to watch movies. Many are available online.

14. Get rid of your cable box. Microchips are implanted in them to spy on you in your own home.

15. Stop watching TV EXCEPT to analyze and learn the hidden messages.

16. Read more books by black scholars.

17. Learn the power of herbs.

18. Lose weight if you are overweight.

19. Stop whoring around. (Black women, you don’t realize how important this is for you)

20. Buy a home hair cutter kit and cut your own hair.

21. Reconnect with your conscious black friends and form a black community.

22. If you have black friends who refuse to “see”, leave them alone.

23. Stop calling women “bitches” and “hos”.

24. Stop calling men “dawgs” and “good-for nuthin’ bums”.

25. Reconnect with your black Spirituality.

26. Stop eating white sugar. (Sugar is a chemical that reacts poorly with melanin) Honey is a great and natural alternative. 

27. Replace white flour with wheat or barley.

28. Homeschool your own children and keep them away from white educational systems.

29. Know the company that your children keep. If you do not approve, banish them from your child’s life.

30. Refrain from spending money foolishly.

31. Know the difference between a want and a need.

32. Stop buying shoes and purses. Men, you don’t really need 50 pairs of sneakers, do you?

33. Stop buying TV’s, electronics, IPhones, etc…

34. Support black businesses, black bookstores, black causes only.

35. Stop lying to yourself that “everything is fine”.

36. Wean yourself off chemicals. Most illnesses can be reversed, like diabetes.

37. Stop competing and fighting with other blacks.

38. Stop separating and ostracizing other blacks by country of origin.

39. Stop separating and ostracizing other blacks by skin complexion and hair texture.

40. Learn to love your African self and break the Spell of Lucifer. 

41. Leave the Divided Snakes if possible and reconnect with Africa/ The Caribbean.

41. Relearn your native language.

42. If you offend a fellow African, apologize immediately and don’t do it again.

43. Invest in a solar oven and learn to live off “the grid.”

44. Learn Aquaponics (if you have the space and means) and live “off the grid.”

45. Make your own laundry detergent.

46. If you can sew, make your own clothes. (I’ve done this and it’s surprisingly EASY. It just takes practice and commitment)

47. Use a clothesline in your backyard (if space allows) and stop giving whites your money at the laundromat.

48. Learn a new trade: carpentry, plumbing, gardening, etc and build up a “bartering community” with other blacks (You will need this when the dollar collapses…)

49. Use your grill whenever you can to save on the electricity/ gas bill.

50. Learn to farm chickens if the space allows. (Don’t laugh but many “urban” cities will allow a small chicken coop in your backyard. Just check for permits, etc. You at least get fresh, organic eggs and endless food supply)

51. Open your own business no matter how small. We are the most creative people on earth! Use it.

52. Learn bee keeping. Sound funny? No. No bees = no food. Those of you that have the space and desire, please look into this excellent system of keeping us alive.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m proud to say that I’ve done at least numbers:

4, 5, 6, 12, 14 etc…I’m trying to get more and more numbers under my belt by this year! At first, it’s hard. I will not lie. But then it does get easier and easier and soon, you don’t even miss it.


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22 thoughts on “Dropping Out of the System ~ A RePost

  1. Dear Diaryofanegress, THANK YOU !

    In one word PRODUCE JUSTICE,

    We as non-white people, have to step forward and move swiftly to be a new kind of person that has never existed.

    We have to understand that we are in a WAR , this is no joke, no playtime.

    Not all white people are racists, but they all remain racist suspect as long as this ssytem will be in place.

    Sorry white people But it is nothing personal , it is stricly business and LOGICAL.

    May all non-white people understand that in this system all non-whit people are victims and all are dealing with a PERMANENT danger 24/7 as this system is made up to dominate and mistreat all non-white people based on color.

    A global system in which every white person is a soldier for the system, wether this white person realize and like it or not.

    Racism is an institution an Ideology a Dynamic Power relationship.

    Thank you.


  2. angel9loveu on said:

    Good list and I would actually swop out 12 for 46.Shopping for clothes in the thrift store especially for empaths is a no go.I would rather make my own clothes than wear another persons clothing as a persons essence is transferred through clothing and the fact when my relatives die the first place they send their clothes off to is the Goodwill or thrift stores doesn’t help.I would suggest trying to make your own clothes.

    And I’m all for supporting black businesses and opening businesses but with the current situation everything circulates right back to the WS system.Because they have their slimy paws in everything.
    It’s hard work to do many of these which do seem simple but they’re necessary.

    What do you think about some countries claiming to support black people moving out the U.S. and to their country? Like Ghana, Kenya, Thailand,Netherlands…I’m not sure what to think.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. may i suggest something ?

    Business is not a question of color, Business is Business,

    I have never seen the color of a business, but i do see people doing business. Some are constructive, some are not.

    The main thing is TO ASK THE QUESTION OF Doing business in order to produce WHAT ?

    And this is not a question of color factor ( which has been invented, by the usual suspects/ racist men and racist women) ,.

    From my point of view (and i stick with it), we should get out of this box, as long as we will focus on color we will be into this ideology, into the box.

    Too many people think that we have to be black , BUT in fact we have to be people interacting with each other in the most constructive manner whatever the color is. Not following this trick of color invented to keep us into a BOX.

    The only reason we could have to prove our existence on this planet and particularly as a non-whit person is to be a JUSTICE PRODUCER in order to counteract their system. being the ANTIDOTE.

    As long as we will focus to exist as a color the usual suspects will laugh a t us.


    Thank You.
    Please don’t take this personal , as we must use logic rather emotion. WE NEED UNDERSTANDING see The tricky part of their play.

  4. obsidianwarriorblog on said:

    You provided a thorough list. Many of us though are in a situation where we have not the money to purchase a stand alone home and are cooped up next to people in these cubicles/cracker jack boxes they call apartments. Any suggestions in regards to nature space while stuck in this situation. I have tried walks and cycling but it appears one is always on stage due to the traffic congestion.
    I spoke with Neely Fuller and, he too, is still stuck in a multi-level apartment complex and has been so for over 20 years. Even Dr. Welsing was unable to find respite in her home due to the loud noise of the establishment. Any Suggestions?

    P.S. I have witnessed the same situations you have regarding other nations of (nonwhites) who come to the United Snakes and in a short time MIRACULOUSLY have homes, businesses, etc. MEANWHILE WE Black people (way too many) who have been here for many generations are stuck with tenement dwellings -or- victims of fraudulent mortgage loans. Depressing

  5. I look forward to support, and stand with black people! If I had the budget I would support black owned buisnesses!

  6. @ Angel

    The only reason why they move to black countries is to take over the economy and sex us into oblivion.

  7. @ obsidian

    Our first home was a “fixer upper.”

    Ugly, ugly, ugly but it had good bones. Over time we fixed it up and made it into a comfy tiny cottage. We need to start tiny and build from there. I suggest buying a foreclosure for dirt cheap that has 3 main things:

    1. Good bones with no plumbing, structural and water issues. Termites, a leaky roof and mold can be fixed.

    2. Good location with good schools. Why? Resale value.

    3. A nice backyard. Why? growing your own food reduces your dependence on white supermarkets. Plus, it’s nice to know your food is fresh and not tainted.

    You may have no choice but to move. Move to an area where growing food is a staple and the “norm” so you do not draw unwanted attention to yourself. We moved and loved it ever since. Many blacks are now going back to “the homestead” and not looking back. You will need a family/ community unit to do this.

    Up here, the hispanics buy family dwellings…2, 3 and 4 family homes with a large backyard. They pool their money together and purchase these ugly buildings and bring in the whole family to work on them. Uncles, cousins, friends work DAILY sawing, painting, cementing, etc…til the home is finished.

    When they are done, it’s beautiful and looks brand new! And it’s now worth 3 times what they paid for it. Then they live in one part and rent out the rest and use the rent money from their tenants to buy MORE houses. A new trend is to put a finished room over the garage called a “FROG” and rent that out to school kids who can’t afford to live on campus.

    In 3 years, they have restaurants, laundromats, seamstresses shops and barber shops. They even have their own taxi services: Boriqua TaxiCab Services.

    They service their OWN kind and charge them 1/2 the price of regular taxicabs.

    My point is: IF we truly wanted change we would FIGURE OUT A WAY TO HAVE IT.

    When blacks want a new 3,000 leather jacket, we FIGURE OUT A WAY TO GET IT FOR SHOWING OFF. But when it comes to pooling resources and building our community upward, we’re somehow always “broke.”

  8. It is against the law of nature to befriend anyone that is trying to kill you(previous post). Negress you have a lot of common sense and intelligence, too many black people gave theirs away when they fell for the integration lie myself included. Your posts are very depressing to me, because they are truthfull. I won’t be visiting your blog regular because you are preaching to the choir. Your posts on water, solutions to the black family and staying out of the system are an A+ and I will be using those articles daily in my personal life for daily guidelines for living. Yes I am an ex-swirler, haven’t swirled for 20 years, and I ain’t going back I am wary of Yurugus (whites) and pseudo Yurugus (non-blacks). My interactions with them is polite, professional and business like, no friendship on my part.

    Ways to stay out of the system is your best work yet in my opinion. Thank you for these tips and believe me I will be putting them into practice repeatedly. I also have restricted my tv intake, pretty soon no more tv, in addition I won’t be surfing the net very much, too many racist sites and anti- black blogs, and besides I would rather spend my time doing things to empower myself ,as well as getting slim and physically fit . You know what you wrote in the post is actually all very doable tips for Dropping Out of the System.. I look at it this way, I wish I knew your tips when I used to swirl, because your tips would have been a better more productive and more financially empowering way for me to spend my precious energy and time, rather than wasting it swirling.

    On the next today there was a write-up about a black (MAC MODEL) who was promoting a mac lipstick and I heard there was a lot of negative backlash regarding her lips. For whitey full lips are beautiful as long as they are on white women (Most white women do not have naturally full lips, they are more likely to have thin lips,), I hope the model uses her brain avoid the bs. highlife and makes a lot of money in her career and opens up her own businesses. I personally am tired of going to Yurugus or pseudo-Yurugus for work, unless I am self-employed and have them as a client (strictly business, money has no color except green, my motto is buy black, sell to everyone).

    Well Negress you have helped to open my eyes to certain things in my life and your posts are very solution oriented, which is something missing from many black blogs. I also admire the fact that you realize that we blacks are the ones who have to take responsibility for our lives, and that you do not cater to the victim mentality too many blacks sites promote and too many black people have.


    Negress you have helped me to get busy living and you are a VISIBLE WOMAN


  9. @ Cedi

    Most grateful to be of service. Please let me know how you make out in the future.


    “Business is not a question of color, Business is Business”

    Are you trying to say that ‘color doesn’t matter in business’ since ‘business is business?’

    Guess who thinks this. The white man. To the Whites ‘business is business’ yet Blacks are the least employed, and even, when we have a college education, Whites still get hired more, but to them ‘business is business’ anyway.

    As black people, we don’t have the privilege to think this. Right now, Blacks are still thought less of for simply being Black. Right now, Blacks are the most discriminated group, not just in America, but everywhere. Afro-phobia is a huge issues in many countries. And we’re dying at the hands of it because of police brutality here in the USA. Some cases of this have happened just as well as in Europe.

    As negress said the ONLY one who cares about us are OURSELVES! Anyone who COULD care about us doesn’t and simply because they don’t care nor want to care about us, to them they have their OWN people to care about, and simply because to them ‘business is business’

    But, here’s food for thought, as black people we need to make “business for US” “business for Blacks” so we can have our own businesses, and therefore, our OWN resources. So, we don’t have to depend on the enemy, so we aren’t the “least employed anymore” because we’ll be employing ourselves.

    I wish “business could be business” but for us black people, we don’t have that privilege. Business to us isn’t just business. It’s making our own communities, sustaining our own communities, ultimately, fixing our community and ourselves.

    Only to a white person is business ever just business.

  11. Dear diaryofanegress, may i add some ?



    Reason : Not because they are white but because as long as you are a subject./ a prisoner/ a slave, in a system such relattionship is TOTALLY INCORRECT, and this is our situation as non white people on this planet governed by their ideological system which made us children, so such sexual intercorse is a child abuse.

    STRAIGHTEN OUT EVERYTHING in all areas of activity, first, as long as we will be under such system NO SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH WHITE PEOPLE. It is the most destructive act that we can commit as it creates more confusion. Such relationship makes you believe Racism is over and make you drop your guard.


    [audio src="http://www.counter-racism.com/articles/convo/fullerandwhiteperson.mp3" /]

    Don’t engage in sexual intercourse as non-white male and female without knowing deeply and truthfully each other, meaning, we have to slow down and take time to learn each other, by asking questions untill having all the answers needed. Each of the both male and female must know everything that needs to be known about each other before engage in sexual intercourse, NO LIE/NO SURPRISE.


    2 Don’t be afraid to ask white people to help us as they owe us the compensation and are actually a great source of information ( wether we like it or not) As we must not consider this on an emotional level. This is a COMPENSATORY INVESTMENT REQUEST. Don’t get into war color use LOGIC. UNDERSTAND THE CONTEXT AND THE QUALITY OF RELATIONSHIP.

    3 Don’t lie to yourself which is the real SELF RESPECT



    5 Get away frm chit chat conversation, stop socialize, focus on solving problems. Don’t visit people to socialize, stay away from each other if there is nothing constructive to say or do and always make sure it is for a constructive result.


    What do i want to do ?
    Why do i want to do what i want to do ?
    I do i plan what i want to do ?


    These 4 questions are available in every single situation on a daily basis.

    Thank you.

  12. As a matter of fact i realize and with no surprise, how emotionnal are taken some comments.

    My question is ? WHAT IS BUSINESS ? (define it)
    IS business a color ?
    What color is Business ?
    What is and what is not business ?
    Is business and color the same thing ? How ? When ?
    What is the relationship between doing something and a color ?
    Is the color of a car change the function of a car ?
    Is there white, brown, yellow, green business ? Is eatng an apple a colors ? Is washing a laundry a color ? is reading a book a color ? Is buying a food a color ?
    I am talking about function and this is how from my point of view we should see things. Maybe i am wrong but it repains these questions are necessary .

  13. theloneflowerterri on said:

    You know, I was listening to The Black Authority radio last night and some very brutally honest things were said. As soon as we get money we take it out of our community and into pockets of non-blacks who could care less about us. Biggest consumers but produce little. We do not invest in anything and leave anything for our future generations to build upon like the other races do. It’s a vicious cycle. And we are reaping those ‘benefits’ today. I told myself, by the time I’m 30, I want money to become obsolete to my life because it’s going to get worse for us, Black people. White Supremacy is going into full motion come this November. I see it now in my neighborhood. These rednecks wearing and sporting the rebel flag in a PREDOMINANTLY BLACK neighborhood. These sick bastards are giving us a harsh statement. How much longer before entire neighborhoods are taken away to concentration camps and slaughtered before we realize what this country really has in store for us?

  14. theloneflowerterri on said:

    Also, those concentration camps Aka FEMA camps are in poor(black) communities. Gee, I wonder why?

  15. angel9loveu on said:

    We need to have our own bartering system and move away from their currency. Once we get that under hand I feel we can get freedom from their system. Which negress wrote about also.To free ourselves from the monetary evils would be ideal.

  16. angel9loveu on said:


    That’s very disturbing indeed.And they’re sporting their rebel flags? I l visited the sunny state and they have the largest rebel flag I’ve seen in awhile flowing upon entering now they’ve incorporated it into the state flag.They just don’t care.And I also feel it’s not going to get better anytime soon.
    I feel we know what to do but we’ve developed stockholm syndrome to this sytem it’ll take an act of the Most High to free us from

  17. I believe ultimately as black people, we’re on our own. But, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing if we let it! As of right now, while we’re on our own to deal with the plights of our community, we still have people within our community; infiltrators, especially white, who have no interest in helping us, but would rather be taking advantage us or making us their slaves, and since so many other non-blacks want to integrate with whites so bad that they want to be like them, they won’t treat us any different as the white people. I think if black people are getting any means of liberation, if it’d be personal, mental, and economical, it has to be something we get on our own. I think as long as we realize this, and realize that to find stability, and in this case economic stability, we must find it within ourselves FIRST, otherwise we’ll get exploited by the “other”. And in all honestly, I really do think this all we have to do and like The Law of Attraction, things will get better for us. I feel like this list at it’s core is just telling as to trust ourselves as black people. Hopefully, ones we trust ourselves and are fully dependent on ourselves, we can have another Black Wall Street or better! My wish is that all of us we’ll get together (African Americans with Africans and Afro-Europeans, every black person)! And we make our OWN community, and though that, make our own economic system, maybe then, our own government, but we have to get those nasty devils out of our community first and learn we have no need for them.

  18. @ peanuty

    It can be done and will be done. I lived it when I was in brooklyn and saw nothing but black businesses. We had NO choice but to rely to each other.

    But something change in the last 20 years. We became hateful and angry towards our own people and sought out white validation.

    Hopefully things will turn around for us SOON.

  19. I appreciate this post. This has been on my mind for months now. I won’t say more as for some reason WordPress is not allowing my posts to be posted. Thank you again Negress for your insight.

  20. angel9loveu on said:

    Dr Marimba Ani’s concepts may also be applied

  21. That’s wonderful to hear! It is quite disheartening to hear how over the years many of us have succumb to self-hatred and white supremacy. But, it also pretty discouraging personally, because I used to hate myself as well. It never really felt like anger towards my own people, though. If I felt anyway towards other black folk such as myself, it was hopelessness. And if it was towards white or non-black folks, it was fear. Some of it was simply being an orphan not wanted from my mom for having a darker skin color than my sister, some of it was just plain ole’ white supremacy. I think that’s why it’s so important that we love ourselves as Black people, so instead of seeing doom or hopelessness, we see a future we can have together. But, knowing that there are black people who are aware of this and actively doing this is such good news to hear! I’ve been living in whites and non-black communities for too long obviously lol.

  22. Great Advice.

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