Observations of an Invisible Woman

Required Cinema for Melaninites 5

“Your enemies always come with a smiling face.” —— Line from ‘Goodfellas’

Even today this movie excels.

A true miniseries, this awesome film needs to be watched at least twice when you have the time. Pay special attention to the character of Daniel Bernstein. We have many like him in our society. In fact, that’s the number one reason why the Black Movement remains stagnant.

I have the complete miniseries including the second half called The Final Battle.

Why is this movie so relevant?

Because it tell the raw truth that many REFUSE to accept.

Ever wonder why nutritious food is so expensive and cheap food costs so little?

Ever wonder why the water in California is drying up?

Is your electric bill suddenly too high for you to pay?

What happens to people to know too much?

And why is the world’s population getting fatter and fatter? And poorer and poorer?

It’s all here in V.

Please watch this and take strict notes as they give away many secrets.


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6 thoughts on “Required Cinema for Melaninites 5

  1. I’ve been asking myself the same question! Why is organic nutritious clean food is expensive, while genetically modified food costs cheaper? The elite are controlling 2 sides of the faction either give us your money! and buy this clean food, or buy the cheap food from the market, eat it and die a slow death!

  2. @ Mohammed

    The jig was up when I traveled and saw hordes of farmer’s markets in all white neighbourhoods. Yes, they had a Wendy’s too but they had choices of what kinds of foods to eat.

    We do not.

    All the farmer’s market’s up here are in white areas and you have to drive to them.

  3. angel9loveu on said:

    Obesity is on a high because they upset the natural order of things.Mass production of foods in unnatural ways to produce more low quality foods. The increase of fast foods and it’s ready, easy availability. Atleast three McDonalds on one street, then there’s a Wendy’s, Burger King , Taco Bell, Chick Fil A, Sonics, Red Lobster, Olive Gardens,PDQ etc….All the same no matter where you go in the U.S.A.
    And we’re eating foods that aren’t even for consumption.Foods with preservatives,additives, poisons prolonging the foods life cycle beyond its natural cycle also cloning foods have worked against us. Poisoned our water and soil.They use the media and their food,drug admin system to dictate what foods , drugs are good for us and not.And are constantly changing their “facts”.

    And it was imperative that these foods were laced with insecticides,hormones and preservatives which was so they can sell the produce and not care as long as it’s bought and keeps them in business. Now they want us to buy these “natural foods” which have not as much of the poisons but it’s still has them (which is counterproductive poisons are still poisons you’re gonna die whether it’s today or 10 yrs later) hike the prices up and claim them like a miracle drug.That you either pay now or pay later with hospital fees and drugs which are expensive.

    Also these advertisements work to trigger your appetites. Ever notice you can be fine and not hungry until suddenly a Red Lobster ad pops up and you suddenly begin to salivate or a Pizza hut. It might not happen if you’ve overcome them but for the others who know no better they’re still under the trance. These feasts they promote even the Super Bowl they promoting these eating fests.
    People are always eating and drinking because the supply has overcompensated for the demand now we’re obese, slow and depressed. And if you don’t think it’s intentional boy are you wrong.

    They didn’t have obese people back in the days nor were all these diseases around neither cause people walked more and enjoyed the fresh air and sun. Had our own land grew our produce..etc Now we drive everywhere and have become use to the Burger King ” Have it your way” slogan.

    Anytime the order of how things are intended are thrown off we get more problems. And why I said their brilliant technology which is suppose to be a solution instead has produced a system of hostile, impatient,depressed,obese, sick people. They’re killing us and feeding us the poisons in plain sight.It’s like an out of body experience watching ourselves die but are powerless to act cause we have no control.

    In this White Supremacist system where we own nothing as they poison the air, the soil, but worse the minds.

    Told you they’re sociopaths playing head games and loving every minute of it.

    DOAN your post reminded me of this

  4. angel9loveu on said:

    I’ve seen this before but this just came out today.Proof of the mess we’re being fed.


  5. What episode of V was being referred to?

  6. @ CJ

    The original miniseries with Faye Grant and Marc Singer, not the new one with Morris Chestnut.

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