Observations of an Invisible Woman

Smoke and Mirrors

Last night, I had a dream and that dream lead me to write this post.

Have you ever wondered why we have never seen a so-called Slave Ship?

For a race of people who love His Story so much that they are willing to have multiple Reenactments to savour the “good ole days”, why haven’t we had a Slave Ship on display in one of their many, many museums?

When I traveled to the South, I traveled to Charleston where I saw multiple whites taking pictures and videotaping trees where blacks were hung, (alleged) slave houses:


…and weapons that were used to “keep us in our place.” From research, we know that the weapons they used on us came from the minds of the people who used those same weapons on their OWN people.

Whites snapped picture after picture with their young offspring and friends and grinned at how marvelous it is to be here for “his story.”


Where are the slave ships?

Why haven’t we seen them in person?

Touched one?

Where are they being kept?



Doesn’t that seem odd that the one artifact from his story that would make them beam with pride is no where to be found???

What if there is NO slave ship?

What if we were lead to believe something that doesn’t exist to entrap our minds?

Once we begin to fully understand white supremacy, we’ll know that NOTHING they say pertaining to us can be trusted.

Haven’t you ever wondered this?


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17 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors

  1. You’re right. Their deceit is unfathomable…


  2. @ taj

    Interesting article! Thank you.

  3. Honestly, a lot of us have ancestors that were native to this land called America. They also spread the myth that all natives came from Asia and are those with straight hair, light skin and slanted eyes but the ORIGINAL Natives of America are actually Black. We are the only indigenous humans to this Earth.

  4. This is one of their greatest kept secrets. Imagine what would happen if we all found out this was our land? I’ve even had Facebook delete my information I’ve shared on this topic. Check out the book America sis. It can be purchased here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/933287106X?colid=1XDJXPMU7XXAV&coliid=I2T2P196ZRVLJQ&ref_=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl. The pdf can also be found online.

  5. @ Ayaba

    Thank you! It’s on my list of books to buy next.

  6. The “where is the slave ships” argument isn’t really going to hold any water, as the same can be said about the ships transporting the goods made in the colonies back to Europe don’t exist anymore either. But we all know that goods were being “traded” . Just because most of them are gone today does not mean that they didn’t exist in the first place. The truth is that people aren’t sentimental about things like this. Once they exceeded their purpose, they were destroyed, or cannibalized so that they could use the materials for other things.

    The United States made tens of thousands of combat aircraft, rifles, armored vehicles (tanks etc) , artillery pieces, aircraft carriers etc during the second world war. Most of that hardware does not exist today. Does that make the 2nd world war a fraud?

    One thing we cannot allow ourselves is to indulge in pseudoscientific scholarship. You cannot accept the use of DNA to ID murderers, rapists etc, but disapprove of it when it shows that the majority of American-Africans today are genetically linked to their ancestral populations in West-Africa (for the most part) , and also some parts of East-Africa, Southern-Africa and places such as Madagascar. Not to mention that the indigenous populations of where the slave ports were situated in Africa, are WELL AWARE of the fact that the Maafa actually took place. Our tradition of oral history is well preserved, so there’s really no way around it. You cannot run from it.. A well organized lie, defeats a disorganized truth, every time, and there’s been a LOT of lies running through the black community lately, such as people claiming that a black female alien was discovered on Mars (sigh) , astral projection to other galaxies, the y-chromosome just being a mutated form of the x-chromosome, or women being able to conceive children without being impregnated (really now?) , all without some testable evidence being put forth. This is a complete disservice to our ancestors, and it has got to stop.

    I don’t like the “that’s the white man’s science” rebuttal either, because WE INVENTED/DISCOVERED science, math/physics, engineering etc.. This is not a time for “pseudoship” (pseudo-scholarship) . If we can’t verify the information that’s being put forth, in a scholarly & scientific way, we’d be complete & utter fools to consider that information being accurate in any way, shape or form.

  7. @ mandu

    Well said but all angles need to be explored as Yurugu is a liar and a fraud.

  8. I could never understand how a small, uneducated crew of young white males, navigating ships built in the 1400-1600’s, could circumvent this earth and treacherous waters, have the ability to abduct hundreds of strong, warrior-like Africans for two centuries. It does not add up.

  9. @mandumeyandemufayo But there are artifacts related to the machinery/artillery from the World Wars. if not originals, then definitely recreations of them. The lack of slave ship artifacts is a relevant point to consider when looked at in connection with the evidence pointing to an African presence in the US prior to the slave trade. And that evidence is based on linguistics and botany, not “pseudoscientific scholarship”. And the “Y” chromosome as an “X” chromosomal mutation is pretty standard grade school biology at this point that fetuses begin female then become male if there is a mutation. that isn’t new or pseudoscientific.

  10. angel9loveu on said:

    I disagree with Mandu as a combat vet,and military historian I can attest that models and artifacts of the aircraft, weapons, tanks, etc… are preserved in museums on various military installations where they preserve the military history as well as they still have members of the Tuskegee Airmen and the candy bomber that go around and tell their stories to whoever will listen.
    Unlike slavery we have no one from the slave ships alive to tell the truth. Where are the slavers that carried our ancestors to this “new world”not even a makeshift model. They can have chains, whips, nooses, slave sale ads but the most important artifact the slavers to prove the tavel from the middle passage and that Negroes weren’t already here is pivotal.
    Therefore Negress,kudos on asking relevant questions.Black people tend to be scared of asking questions but fail to realize if you don’t have questions or an inquisitive mind you won’t get answers and learn. It’s our right to be inquisitive about our origins.Learning is a continuous process.
    We share the world with the biggest psychosociopaths in history and at present they are at deep unrest. When we sit down and accept their treatment of us they’re happy.We should know that anytime they’re happy it’s usually when we are being hurt.Their self entitlement and selfishness has robbed us of everything even having a history to be proud of.
    So I question anyone who thinks questioning and not trusting the Yurugu’s word is pseudoshyte while making false claims.
    We have been questioning the order of things, life and our existence more than ever and I’m a firm believer that to get something we never got before we must do something we’ve never done before.

  11. The bible tells us that “The earth is given into the hands of wicked”, we all know Yurugu as known as the edomites in the bible are the border of wickedness. They control everything on this earth!

  12. No problem sis

  13. theloneflowerterri on said:

    Interesting. It’s a coincidence that I was just on this subject yesterday. It’s quite possible that majority of our decent is from here in America as natives. But this does not distance us from our motherland. ‘Africans’ have settled all over this planet before light/straight haired races existed. We are natives to this entire planet. If the so called african americans have the four front teeth on the bottom row of their mouth, shaped as what is known as shovel teeth, the should check their ancestry. There is a 99% chance that they are of native decent. Guess what? I have those shovel teeth, and I am considered African American. Someone lied to us.

  14. We are indigenous to America and the world.

  15. interesting conversation

  16. Thank you for sharing. I was reading today that some slave ships were reconstructed as civil war ships. I do not know if that is truth of false.

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