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The Greatest Deception: The Hypnotic Spell of Leviathan

This image above is the real reason why blacks are unable to come together.

Last night, my brother and I had a great conversation about our race, what’s to come in the near future and why are still struggling 500 years later.

“When you hate yourself and self-kind, your mirror image becomes the enemy and when your mirror image is your enemy, you can convince any group of people to self destruct.”

That was the statement made by him.

It bothered me all night because I remember this very well:

Missionaries who came to the islands and tried to convince a group of Ras Tafari that their “Spirituality” was incorrect. Why do we cling to religion even after we KNOW how it was created:

Because it’s a SPELL. And we’re under a deep, penetrating, Anti-Life Force, Anti-Black Female, Anti Loving God/ Goddess, Anti-Nature, Reversed Light SPELL. This is who we worship unknowingly:

And that’s the real reason why we WILL NOT go against them no matter how they mistreat, mock, stab, rape, kill, dismember, maim and thieve us. Would you still feel so admirably about them if the God you bow down to looked like this:

Or even more shockingly, like this:

How would you feel now?

Black Family,

The Spell of Satan must be reversed and cast away in order for us to live and thrive. We must begin to look at ourselves in the mirror and see the God/ Goddess within. We must learn to love the kinkiness of our hair, the thickness of our lips, the sun burnt colour of our own flesh and resist the Reversed Light of Death called whiteness.

Let me ask you something.

What colour is cancer?

What colour are parasites?

Why do scientists use white lab rats and white mice to conduct their experiments?


  1. White
  2. White
  3. Because the genealogy of the albino rat mimics their own population.

They need to find out if their poisonous new drugs will affect THEIR population adversely because they know they are not apart of the normal, Hueman Melanin family. They tell us in plain sight but we are unaware of this because we do not understand:

A. How far they are willing to go to survive their up and coming genocide

B. How desperate they’ve become to hide their true origins as we become more awakened

C.  Because deception and lies are their food

D. Because we Melaninites simply REFUSE to study military and behavioural science


We are too stricken with The Superbowl, which is a dirty, sexual symbol, how much money Kanye West made last year and if Kim Kardashian will show us another picture of her genitals. Our time is filled with desiring Flat Screen TV’s, making money to buy stuff to impress people we don’t even like and how to have as much sex as possible before we die.

All these things are put into our lives on purpose as a tool of DISTRACTION so we won’t focus on how to better ourselves Spiritually and fight and eliminate this Demon.

Which path will you choose?

Real Spiritual Death and a false life as a slave…

Or freedom?

The choice is up to you.

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21 thoughts on “The Greatest Deception: The Hypnotic Spell of Leviathan

  1. You know, it is very painful that white people are elevated as the defaults of everything including beauty. On the internet there is a ten year old girl named Kristina Pimencova and she is a supermodel. She has been called the “Most Beautiful Girl In The World”. Maybe it is a deliberate ploy to make other females feel bad about themselves for not “measuring up” to this evil white European beauty ideal. Once i applied for a modeling job and a white Russian Jewish guy asked me if I was a transsexual. When i asked him why he asked that question he told me its because of my facial features and that I looked masculine. Also he told me not to believe a man who tells me that I am beautiful because any man who tells me that I am beautiful or pretty wants to have sex with me. I left and went home feeling very sad and suicidal.

  2. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    Freedom is what I choose, if only I had some supernatural power to do some real damage to these devils

  3. I didn’t know that about lab rats but it makes perfect sense. We can learn and see so much if we open ALL of our eyes to it.

  4. Think of it this way. You are living in the dominate culture of the United States of Amerika. This dominate culture is white. From the time you are born, to the time you die, you are being bombarded with one single message: white is right. You have no religion to fall back on, you have no culture to fall back on. Everything that made you you was stripped away 300 years ago and you have never recovered. Other cultures that have come to theses shores have segregated themselves and survived famously. We believe in the “melting pot”. The melting pot is a lie. Ever hear of China town, Korea town, Little Italy, Little Havana? Where’s the so called melting pot? We need to start looking inward. We need to start acknowledging each other. We need to embrace the blackness. We need to start black unification. We need to stop worrying about “our brown brother” and concentrate on our own problems.

  5. Very true. I’ll be uploading a video about white people and genetics soon on my YouTube channel Dominique Treu. Please subscribe if you haven’t already.

  6. I am so far away from anything that even resembles a white jesus I can’t even tell you. But sis my attitude is really bad these days I really wonder if I’ll make through another year of this.

    Black children are being poisoned in the open and you have to wonder how long has it been going on and where else is it happening? And what the fuck is white jesus gonna do about it? How many of our future leaders have been cut completely off because they have lead and other heavy metals in their brains? And not to blame the victim at all, but who in this day and age is drinking tap water and giving it to children? I wouldn’t feed tap water a stray dog. And yes, they can that lead in other………..I’m sorry, I have gone off on some unrelated rant. Please forgive me.

  7. White people are the beast spoken of in The Book Of Revelation! The Ceasar Borgia blonde hair blue eyed jesus paint is The Image of The Beast!

  8. @nidotopianwarrior

    That will happen, as spoken of in the ethiopian scrolls “The book of Enoch” 14:23-24 just place your heart and soul in the Most High! Trust him, follow his commandments because this is your story! Black people will soon have super natural powers to destroy the beast!

  9. theloneflowerterri on said:

    You know, I was talking to a male friend of mine. He literally told me that the only reason that the Africa is in the shape their in is because they don’t worship the right ‘god’ (Christianity). He also said that we are in turmoil here ( but he really doesn’t think nothing is wrong), in America because of the same thing. And I asked him, how come we are still in the same shape we are in but there are literally hundreds of churches on every block? He went on to say, It’s getting better for us. But maybe there aren’t enough people in church. He thinks that theres nothing wrong with America and that our predicament is perfectly normal.
    The psychological fuckery is hurting our people BAD. It’s like what I say goes through one ear out the other. I’m tired of arguing with our people who don’t want to see anything different. We just need to focus on those of us who can see and go from there.

  10. I woke up this morning with a rush of thoughts, one of them being, how are we so complacent living amongst these pasty,demons who have no problem showing us who they are ; evil.Yet we still think 500 yrs later after rallying,protesting, dying etc…that they’ll ever have remorse or truly change for the better.They deceive,manipulate and connive which makes up their very being. They know slavery began because their ancestors were too lazy to do their own work.They’re the real niggers. They seem to think slavery in Africa or servitude gives them the right to justify them ( another race) enslaving another race.Or that they endured slavery also but from their own pale race which needless to say doesn’t have the same after effect centuries later.

    Cause today and now we’re still disrespected,overlooked,killed marked for death, targeted ,ostracized and isolated from society where we standout with our powerful features.While those pale attention &#% have managed to assimilate into the society only remembering they were enslaved to dismiss and downplay the most horrific,evil,real life nightmare in history; chattel slavery.Where a race of humans were treated worse than livestock and it’s so bad it’s still very evident today.They freed us and thought that would get rid of their white guilt but that didn’t work and now they want to get rid of us by extreme measures.They try to make us think we’re at peace while they work tirelessly to keep us asleep,organized and under the witchcraft of control and organized religion.Which is witchcraft.

    Ever wonder why these movies always portray the lone white guy hero able to destroy and take down countless enemies and the ” the beautiful” female damsel in distress.Their agenda has been in play for years to keep us thinking they’re brave ( when they’re not) and they’re good and want to save/ help the world (which they don’t). They’ve unjustly killed and destroyed the most lives on this planet and are destroying the world with their so called “brilliant” technology.EVERYWHERE, they go they cause chaos and confusion.They’re the ones to bring in this New World Order into being because they love control. Look at their very being and posture controlled and stiff.No life.
    They used religion and their white savior mentality through media to control the masses and their laws to stop us from completely overthrowing them and destroying them.Which they deserve and they know they deserve because they ‘re not even human.

    They’re not Hue-man. DOAN is right.They need us to survive. There is no white Jesus just white lies. They’re so into science and research cause they’re doing all kinds of evil to lengthen their lives and shorten ours.They’re consumed with our destruction but there’s still a hedge of protection around us.We just need to realize who we truly are.
    Spiritually they can’t control themselves they’ve been assigned to oppress us and annoy us in to jealousy to become obedient and humble.And bring us back under the covenant with our first love, The Most High Yahweh, Jehovah Jireh,King of Kings.The bigger picture is we black family have allowed ourselves to fall in love with things and put our trust in idols.And we keep going in circles while these pasty demons torment us with our inheritance because we have stepped outside of the covenant.This is all spiritual.
    Let’s be honest with ourselves and really think beyond the superficial and smoking mirrors. Make a list of the things you’ve had to endure or others,seriously with Yurugu weigh the pros and cons.They hate what they fear most.There’s something that has caused us to survive all these catastrophes whilst others would’ve gone extinct. Our hedge of protection.We need to love one another black family deeply and ferociously.Everything they work to destroy in us we must do the opposite.Love one another but mostly ourselves as the bible said to love your neighbor as yourself cause it’s impossible to love someone if you don’t love yourself.By your neighbor your own people.Turn off the tel lie vision give them back their media and understand the distractions. Know thyself, get out of their lies and bondage.

    Yeah they say it’s ” the Jews” or so called but the Yurugu didn’t mind the privileges afforded to them by these “Jews” in their secret places.They’re as much to blame for the planet being in disorder.
    Black people must understand we are beautiful beyond measure and we were made flawless with the DNA of the most high. Our beauty and strength surpasses the physical. We create while the pasty ones destroy.We need each other United we stand divided we fall.They have many tricks up their sleeves but they don’t turn on each other.They know there’s strength in numbers, that’s why they seek to divide us and unite their own.We must stop seeking to destroy each other and nstead do the opposite and those without understanding will have to suffer with their captors.

  11. In some European churches, they have the black Madonna and black little Jesus, and also they worship some black Saints, but someone has never asked why white people do not love and respect black people the same way?

  12. @Frenzhelpfrenz

    Thank you so much, I enjoyed reading your comment very informative! You’re right, the Yurugu can’t survive without us, they owe black people 83% of today’s working inventions. White slave owners stole the inventions of the african americans, claimed the patent as their own, and then they white slave owners since they have the drafts, they know how to duplicate the invention so they can market it, and set up their own buisness for profit without giving the true inventors the slave any royalties! The white slave owners monopolized the invention and that’s how they became corporate oligarchs!

  13. Thanks Mohammed,
    They’re dishonest in everything because their father is Satan. They’re the tribe of Edom the people God hate and our struggles began in the womb.I wouldn’t be surprised if that portrait of their white Jesus, Cesare Borgia wasn’t also the image of satan in flesh kind / antichrist.All this while it’s right in front of us another deception hidden in plain sight.What other way to get the world to start worshipping the image of beast years ago, in the form of the portrait of their white messiah,satan.They’re apart of the beast.Savage and vicious like beasts.

    In the book of Malachi it speaks of God’s hatred for them a perverse race and Obadiah speaks of their destruction and them being wiped off the face of the earth.They are a godless kind and are promiscuous and filled with war and spilling blood like Esau the Hunter.Their days are numbered even today they’re dying out they just aren’t reporting it.Also they’re the ones in power so they’re going to continue to hide the numbers, why would they want to show their enemies that Kharma is coming to get them.They’re sly enough to keep up the cover but they know what’s coming.And if we continue to participate and sleep with them we’ll meet the same fate.But then again to watch them drop like flies around us without even touching them would be an event in itself.

    But just watch and keep praying for us to take up our rightful place and come out of this trance . We are the largest consumers and everyone lives luxuriously off us whether we know it or not.The bible says touch no cursed thing and to come out from them.Yet here we are eating their cursed food and revelling in their cursed lifestyle while they curse us continuously.We created many of the devices they now claim as their own.But once they got a hold of it they made it part of their plan to destroy.

    The U.S. itself is under the spell witchcraft and wherever Yurugu/Edomites go the witchcraft prevents/ prevented us from seeing the monsters we’re dealing with.To us they look attractive, like a light what others want to be on the surface but we need to stop being deceived by these faces and go by their actions.Meditate on the word and uncover these demons and what’s written about them.

  14. @theloneflower,
    I would be lying if I sat here and pretended that our own people don’t annoy me or that they’re all worthy to be saved.There are many of us who refuse to receive understanding and it explains why we’re still here or how we got here.Selfish, self serving black people who are ok with us going backwards as long as they’re not affected.Hence not all of us will make it and rightfully so because that very behavior has led us and kept us in captivity.Anytime we were to make any strides there were those of us delivering the message to the pasty ones on every move we made. And those simpletons can’t see the bigger picture .
    On our own we can’t weed them out hence why I believe it’ll take divine intervention to weed them out so the bad seeds won’t accompany us.I strongly believe what we do will also affect what happens to us so just being a Melanite isn’t enough.

  15. Mental slavery must be eliminated if we are to be free. The Creator as a blonde haired blue eyed being is one of the biggest lies of world history. Our Blackness is beautiful and it’s feared by racists. That is why it is very important to fight for what is right to reject any form of religious deception.

  16. Ayaba on said:

    Reblogged this on Ayaba's Labyrinth and commented:
    Great read!

  17. the spell of leviathan goes even a little deeper.

    if you are a christian or not there is a spiritual war amongst YAWH and the Demiurge.

    Most are under the spell including white people. However the ones who have authority are the wizards, the witches and those in the occult.

    Those people are granted power and authority on this earth. Many call themselves “lightworkers” this includes masons and those in different orders.

    It is true that Africans are the eldest race. And their Gods are earth Gods. Many would argue they too are fallen angels as you will see a similar theme of all gods in every society.

    The snake in the garden of eden represented Lucifer who wanted to give adam and eve occult knowledge of other GODS. Sumerian Gods(ess)

    THere are millions of Gods per se on this earth. But as you know YAWH, Allah and a few others are at constant war. IF you want the veiled revealed then you will be pulled from the matrix. However, you expose yourself to these other spirits and if you have no protection you may risk insanity or possession.

    Jesus’s job on earth was to set the captives free. Prior to that humans were pretty much slaves to the fallen demons on the earth. Many still are. Especially in the churches as they no longer practice spiritual warfare and they are under the spell of leviathan (greed)

    Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice other Gods require constant blood sacrifice.
    Animals, children and whomever they please.

    Many of the leaders of this world are possessed or influenced by dark entities and are in the occult. That includes the government, churches and CIA and more.

    Black people are given position if they swear allegiance to these dark entities…or light. We see this everyday drug dealers. Politicians selling out their constitutions. Rappers and singers.

    The rabbit hole gets very deep and the deeper you go..you will be approached.

    I know this because my bloodline are witches and warlocks. they practiced the occult for many generations. most are simply puppets and zombies to these practitioners which is why white people go to africa and other countries for occult knowledge. Or straight to Lucifer or Satan (illuminati)

    the truth is the gods in egypt and mayans were blood thirsty and demanding constant blood sacrifice.Humans had no free will.

    I dont like to call myself a christian because the name has been sullied. but i chose him over the others because the others wanted me to do wicked things. And most people are so hypnotized they have no idea what is going on as most of it is in the dark. I find most people so easily manipulated because they have given away their soul Which is mind, will and emotions. I can hypnotize most folks and i can control them if I chose but I stay away from it because well there is a thin line. Anyway…interesting post. One luv

  18. @ Mega

    Thank you for this. Much appreciated.

    Tell me, how can we be free of these demons since they are given power/ dominion over earth?

  19. Hey Negress 🙂
    That is a complicated question. Every cultures has their own interpretation. Many primitive cultures evoke their ancestors or other familiar spirits to protect them. That would be african, chinese and japanese…just to name few. When you have the chance check out James Cambells “Power of the myth”
    Under the Christian doctrine God gave humans free will but he does provide the holy spirit to give humans discernment. This is the New Testement of course when Jesus’s message was to expel demons, heal the sick and expose hypocrites “false prohets, witches(jews who practiced Kabbala, which by way is invoking and evoking Lucifer) Which is one of the reasons Jews have had such hard time on this earth as they were supposedly the chosen race but (many) kept worshiping and betraying YWHEW.

    Ok so more information the Jews (king solomon) was very wise and rich Because he was a master Demonologist. Look up Lesser Keys of Solomon.

    Which is why “YHW” eventually took away Solomons wealth. Because he began worshiping other Gods and using the demons for selfish games. Crazy right? Ever heard of Knights of Templer? Basically they went to seal the gotia. Freemasons have acess to this Occult information 😉

    So for centuries many have been trying to master the Gotia but the thing is demons are tricky lol. It’s like Genie in the bottle it gives you favors and then in the end…they control you. Which is why in Eccelisastics Solomon was very depressed because he realized there was a cost at power. And we cant truly control demons…how can we they are invisible and many can be visible….many can read our minds. They can also trick us by whispering in our minds and we think its our own thoughts…which explains why some people have multiple personalities.

    Dang I’m really going in but its important that our people realize that they win by possessing our souls

    What is a soul? Our mind, emotions, and our will. So in essence black people are heavily influenced because the entry point is TRAUMA. So this is why we must recondition our minds. Many of us who have been raped, molested and other violent trials gives them access to our emotions. Some get depressed and that impacts our will and of course our decision making….which as you see around us folks are literally possessed. Some are evoking these demons especially with NEW AGE which btw is Luciferian. Lightworkers lol lucifer is the light bearer 🙂

    So these folks are seeing light demons who trick them into invoking them. Especially YOGA AND KUNDALINI which are basically prayer poses to Hindu Gods who btw are fallen angels. Kundalini is the evoking a snake demon called the python.

    People think the get enlightment (pyschic) when as the s
    serpent travels up the chakras. The truth is it is given these spirits access to their nervous central system. Many have confided in me that they went mad, went blind and other chronic illness when it didnt work out lol.

    I know this alot..my mom wrote many books on the subject and I am an ex-witch and pyschic. I still am a spiritual adviser.

    I have a current video series on the dark side of spirituality on my Facebook page MEGA MILLS
    and my public page https://www.facebook.com/yoniadvocate/




    So just know this…many white people used the occult (gotia and luciferians and hardcore satanist) to place the spell of leviathan on everyone…and they get earthly benefits. The dollar has the all seeing eye which is the seal the spell.

    looking forward to your response!!

  20. @ mega

    Thank you for that explanation.

    Once your earthly benefits are gone/ expired, what happens to you when you die?

  21. i try not to think about that right now sis. I could go on and on about heaven or reincarnation….but

    My earthly plate is so full that I take it one day at a time.
    My main objective is to stay balanced.
    Fill my life with things that make it worth living.
    Fight to keep my integrity and my compassion for others.

    To be honest, after I wrote that message last night I felt a darkness. One that comes when one entertains the occult, the hidden, the spiritual world.

    I have decided that the hidden world has been here for as long as the earth has been around, or even longer. Our life is much shorter.

    Besides, speaking of these matters attracts these beings as we aren’t supposed to be aware of it in the first place.

    In regards to racism and other issues that dehumanize us I pray to forgive them because It makes me angry. It makes me vengeful and there is always a cost to feeding anger. One is peace of mind.

    They can take my life, but they can’t take my soul.

    SOUL= Mind, Emotions, Will

    Lastly there was a time when I thought I was gonna die…and the only thing I was concerned with is what I didn’t do in my life. How I wasted my time not making the most of the hand I was dealt. I wasnt thinking about hell or heaven…only that if I was given the chance to be well…I would spend my time doing something worthwhile.

    I still struggle with that….


    I appreciate the discourse. I wish you wellness, peace of mind and above all…..sooul……

    couldnt resist
    I meant love 🙂

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