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Required Cinema for Melaninites 4

Hmmm…what to say about The Purge.

Well, it’s exactly what you would expect from white, Jewish Hollywood. A film about purging the unwanted elements from a “nice, good, innocent, white” society. Unemployment is less than 1% and just about all crime is nonexistent…except for that one night called The Purge.

A few key notes:

If all is well with the bad elements of society just about gone, why need a purge in the first place? Pay attention to the “expert” that gives an answer as to why the purge is NECESSARY.

Pay attention to the new rules of the Founding Fathers.

And finally, the twist. The real bad guys aren’t who you think they are.

Watch with your third eye open. Take notes and have group discussions.

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8 thoughts on “Required Cinema for Melaninites 4

  1. Dear Diaryofanegress,

    The purge as most of the movies produced in a system of white supremacy is a manifestation on the name of entertainment to expand their high class insanity mentality, most of their movies only promote high class insanity, they are monsters and are turning us into monstrosity. This is LOGICAL as they are the ones who educates us.

    These people are highly insane and we as non-white people, should pay attention to the way they conduct themselves and how stear the non-white people through deceivness.

    I can also as you do recommand to watch the Goddfather 1,2,3 wich is a true representation of the system of withe supremacy, understand the so called power relationship.

    Thank you for opening the undersatnding of the ones who still believes that they are playing on a playground. We are not in lalaland……..

    We are dealing with the most effective and collective force ever conceived to mistreat and dominate people on color, which is the system of white Supremacy (Racism) the result is what to take in consideration. Wich is either true or false.

    In The Production Of Justice.

  2. Thank you for continuing to enlighten our family! Have you seen Will Smith’s son recently? Running around wearing dresses, skirts, and nail polish, claiming to be gender fluid (???). He’s been brainwashed by white people, so sad…
    Thanks to your guidance, I’ve been healed and now see the evil in white people. Do you see how they clamor of Trump? Ridiculous!

  3. The Purge was the worse for me I never wanted to watch it cause I thought it could give the crazies wanting to reduce the population ideas..I watched the Purge Anarchy and it made me think what if this is where they’re heading.Especially with Yurugu and their gun craze and fear to lose their weapons.They’re always extra vicious and ready to shed blood.It showed society ran by sociopaths for sociopaths playing deadly games under the guise of purging and killing who they wanted for one night.
    That movie still gives me goose bumps for what I see society moving toward.

  4. Dear Diaryofanegress,

    The fact is that we the ones who are awaken have to be the example of what we want to be. There is no reason to hate white people, doing this will be just mistreating someone.

    It coul be difficult to compute this in our brain but this is true. As a non-white person i do see and recognize they are most of them insane, and are very tricky and smart.

    All we have to do is to produce teh antidot which is being the most constructive people that has ever existed on the planet. The antidote is i, the poison.

    More people will produce justice less they will continue to sustain their insane behavior. They don’t care among themselves to mistreat themselves, so what do you think they will do to us ? What do you expect ?


    1rst Stop complaining about them but study them. When you want to understand you study thing and people ( this is what they do and they even did it on the slaveship they study everybit of everything and of every one of us).


    Thank you.

  5. There’s a book that effectively answers a lot of the questions that black people have been asking themselves repeatedly over the last few thousand years…. It is written by a group of initiated elders from a tribe in Southern Afrika…. the tribe they are from is apart of the 360 degree system. It answers all the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and whys concerning race, the universe, and even religion. I implore all of you, my brothers and sisters, kings and queens to take a serious look at it. It is a free pdf. It can be found at http://www.slideshare.net/fastasleep3/blackroots-science. The way you feel about these films being required viewing material. I seriously suggest everyone get this book under their belt. I, personally, feel like it is the next best thing to info received from your very own higher self. If you have any questions about it or wanna build further on it… there’s a fairly decent sized facebook community that holds conference calls and group meetings. Check that out too.. I hope to build with you all soon. Keep up the good fight!

  6. @ Dubble

    Thank you!

  7. I’ve been following your blog for years @diaryofanegress…. love it… and if the info in the book happens to resonate with you… please don’t hesitate to pass it on….

  8. I only saw The Purge: Anarchy and I absolutely loved it. Very informative for those who were paying attention too!

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