Observations of an Invisible Woman

Required Cinema for Melaninites 3

Something many of you have long suspected. Stephen King gives us:

A fantastic film about an incubus.

Genesis 6:4

“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men {The Nephilim which is an incubus} which were of old, men of renown.”

Ever wonder why any dealings with Yurugu, no matter how subdued and pleasant, always leaves us confused, sick, terrified, dazed and incapacitated? Ever have a departmental meeting and leave not fully understanding what was said? Ever have them come up to you on the street and the need to flee from them came over you? I used to come home from school utterly exhausted and needed sleep for hours just to recover from their constant banter and their unsettling energy. Sleepless nights and nightmares soon followed before I decided that home schooling would be the best bet for me in the future.

One day I looked into the eyes of my co-worker and saw her missing soul. Somehow, she sensed that I knew and stayed away from me from then on.

Something that has always boggled my mind was their incessant need to rape us. After all, why rape a group of people you deem so inferior and ugly? Then after much reading and studying, I realized why our rape was so important to them. They need us to feed them.

This is why whenever we discuss separation, the very thing they campaign for, they go mad with indignation. They fly off the handle and accuse us of being racists. Melanin energy is the most potent form of energy on the planet. It goes hand in hand with the sun. The more Melano-energy you output, the more powerful you become. That is why they sex us.

To feed.

While watching this film remember that it’s not for entertainment but education. Watch with your third eye open.

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7 thoughts on “Required Cinema for Melaninites 3

  1. I remember this one as a kid. Definitely need to re-watch it as an adult with my new eye.
    Thank you

  2. I would feel weary and excessively negative after being around them but never really knew why.They were always excessively high energy or trying to force their opinions on us not to mention their know it all attitude.And truly I always am left with a WTF moment after being in a meeting with them or any interaction. I don’t let them in my surrounding or try to be around them for my sanity but I honestly feel they are a race of reprobates and vipers.
    And we try to find ways around coping with these monsters but truly distance is pivotal.Or we risk our overall health. Finding some authentic common ground with them is near impossible. As well as making sense of them and their actions. We’ve been marching and protesting forever but we seem to be going in circles.
    I now believe we live under a curse. And this curse is what led us into the hands of these idiots where we are doomed to keep going in circles until we figure out how we got here. This curse has us worshipping our enemies/ captors (Stockholm Syndrome) and hating ourselves.

    Everywhere we go we’re hated and marked for death by all races even our own. Yurugu seems to fear us the most for a reason we aren’t trying to figure out.They hate anything dark and are constantly placing negative labels on anything black.But none of this makes sense enough for black people to try to unite and figure out.The bible in Deuteronomy speaks of us we are God’s chosen and until we understand that our Heavenly Father is set up to battle for us we’ll always go around in circles.And be susceptible to the enemy once we continue to lean on our own weak understanding. There are too many silly ones amongst us so if we were to wait on them to get it together and get a clue we’ll all be dead. They try to keep us separated cause they know if we came together and called out to our Father He’ll rescue us every time but stubbornness and allowing Yurugu who could careless if there’s a God to fool us into thinking there’s no God and we’re on our own is the biggest trick of theirs.

    They monitor us constantly cause they don’t want us to wake up and someone to catch on.They poison our foods, water our minds with their miseducation and media, sex us, manipulate us and they are taking God out of everything.They have us under mind control so we won’t react to what’s going on around us now and cry out to God. As you see the mark of the beast is coming and then what next ;The antichrist, it’s impossible to deny the bible isn’t telling the truth as it was written along time ago.But it still can be applied to now because there’s nothing new under the sun.
    America and the Caribbean were created to keep us in bondage. We don’t belong in these places and we’re the captives to be set free.The devil works in chaos everything he does is backwards.While the pale ones think they are chosen the most oppressed and disliked are God’s people.The Negroes.And that’s why I don’t care what they say about anyone can be saved Yurugus privilege has damaged his conscience.The world set up the Yurugus so bad that they’re on a pedestal that has caused them to be reprobates so they have no conscience and therefore unable to repent.They can’t even truly apologize for slavery without thinking we deserved it.And now their guilt has caused the become even more monstrous.Yurugu thinks the world belongs to them but they have a rude awakening coming soon.

  3. To All:

    The Website deleted the picture I posted. The movie is called Sleepwalkers.

  4. Thank you Goddess Negress for this confirmation post! I have had thoughts of this nature for a few years now; especially about the rape and needing to feed from our energy, but since I had no one that I could share it with that wouldn’t classify me as crazy after I shared my suspicions, your writings are my acknowledgement. I appreciate it so much! I have had the same experience as FrenzhelpFrenz in terms of them being energy vampires. I used to feel completely drained after being in their presence. Now since I have been quietly whispering my chant around them “My Ancestors surround me and are my protection; My Divine energy is powerful; your strength cowers in my presence” I’ve noticed a change. They are either nervous and keep their heads down or they try to overcompensate with fake kindness. Thank you again for this post!

  5. @ cece

    Most grateful to be of help.

  6. theloneflowerterri on said:

    It’s amazing how when I think of something, you always have a post relating to it, the next day. Maybe our energy is in harmony.
    I remember when I was applying to college one late evening. It was a full class of us at the seminar that the school set up for us. Something was off about the mentor. He was addressing some kids in front of me but I kept staring at him, because I knew something was not right about him. And then after a while a saw him look out of the corner of his eyes at me. And he had SLIT PUPILS. Icy blue slit pupils staring at me. Then he blinked and they were back circles again, and he went back to addressing those in front of me again. I’m not sure the ones in front of me was aware of this. It kind of frightened me to be honest. It wasn’t just this one. Just the other day I was walking in the grocery store with my mom, we went down the isle and there was this white/hispanic woman standing there, I felt that same feeling, the feeling to run away. I ran past her and my mom felt it too but not as severe as I did. I ran away from that woman and to another isle my mom found me there. Some days it’s not as severe. Some days, I just want to run away. FAR away. And other days just seeing a non-black person gives me anxiety. I will definitely check this out. Thank you.

  7. @lone flower

    Many of us have witness their “change” but dismissed it as fiction or a misinterpretation.

    My friend got very sick from being poisoned with milk and began to see those that had missing auras.

    This is very real.

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