Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Desperate Prevention of the Rise of the Black Messiah

It has always been about the black woman.

The rancid, pulse pounding, sweaty, tossing and turning Fear of Mother Earth.

Why do you think Evil has created every obstacle to keep her isolated, downtrodden, desperate, ignorant, uneducated, powerless, barren and ever wanting for love and affection? Why do you think ALL attempts are being made at keeping the black man as far away from her as possible?

You ONLY attack someone to such a degree because you fear them.

White supremacy knows that we, black women, are the Last Stand to their regime. That’s why stealth attacks are coming in all different directions.

Like subliminal programming:

And psychological warfare from our own people who serve white supremacy:

And a direct hit that causes brain damage…if you live. Like lead poisoning:

Or land theft:

Or my favourite, Spiritual Warfare:

You MUST attack the black woman at EVERY opportunity, in EVERY way, AT ALL TIMES, day and night CONSTANTLY til she breaks down and gives in. Then the planet will be fully theirs. Do you understand now why we are under such ferocious attack yet cannot fully articulate what is happening?

Ever try to explain yourself to someone and words fail you?

“I don’t see what the problem is. You have a job, a nice house, a car, nice clothes, Obama is president and you’re still complaining.”

Do these words sound familiar?

It is because what you feel goes deeper than words. You feel it in the air when you step outside. You feel it when you look into someone’s eyes and realize there’s no soul looking back you. You sense it when you step foot into your workplace and feel the negative vibrations of your co-workers. And finally, you see it in your dreams.

It’s magnetic. A force. A sensation only you can feel for you are Earth personified.

Why is Evil after us?

Because without Mother Nature, the world is finished.

Have you ever wondered why every black movement has failed despite strong beginnings? It’s because there’s not enough POSITIVE FEMALE WOMB energy in power. You CANNOT have success in our liberation without the help, leadership and guidance of the black woman.

Every race of people that wants to survive knows this on some level.

That is the sole reason why whites elevate the very woman they despise above all others because it solidifies their self worth. White supremacy hates the white woman. In fact, the white female is NOT their rightful partner.

This is their rightful partner:

They only use the white woman to continue their genetic seed for the sole purpose of the continuation of white supremacy.

This post was written as a response to a letter I received from a longtime subscriber who simply wanted to know “why?” Now that we know and understand the “whys”, perhaps the next question should be:

“Where do we go from here?”

You can begin by doing the one thing that will stop Demons in their tracks:

Love Thyself.

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14 thoughts on “The Desperate Prevention of the Rise of the Black Messiah

  1. I agree. This is a difficult concept to get across to black males AND females — BOTH of who are steeped in anti-woman misogyny AND male supremacy dogma.

    But a thinking person would have to ask the same questions your post raised

    #1 — why does the white supremacist media seemed DETERMINED and DEDICATED to maligning the black female image and maker her — us — seem so inferior?

    #2- why does the white supremacist system seemed so DETERMINED and DEDICATED for keep the black male away from the black female via rewarding him for choosing non-black females and by programming him to view black females — his MOTHER, his SISTERS, his AUNTS, etc with such contempt and mistrust?

    #3 — what the most effective way of destroying the black male’s self-esteem? Make him revile his female mirror image which means if he came from (black female) TRASH, then the product of her wombs–male and female– must be TRASH

    Bottom line, it’s just that simple. A race cannot rise higher than the female

    let me repeat

    No people can rise higher than the female of that group

    Look how fast we’re falling as a collective when it comes to education and economics

    as we sex and mate and marry white and non-black people at a breakneck pace

    what has it gotten us? NOTHING. We are further behind as a group than the immigrants who can barely speak English but can run the majority of businesses in the black community — even with all our education and fancy cars and designer clothing and jewelry and alcohol

    We better wise up

    and start defending and protecting each other while we have time because time is running out, black people

  2. Reblogged this on Ayaba's Labyrinth and commented:
    Really good article involving white supremacy’s tactic for destroying the Black women through programming.

  3. Miss Pam

    Something I learned from much despair and many tears is we’re gonna have o do this by ourselves.

    Yes, a few will join in but we, black women, are on our own. The water crisis in Flint is the new Katrina. I hope ALL are paying very close attention. I know I am.

    What we’re gonna have to do is organize IN SECRET and plan how to get more of our awakened people to join us and start there.

    It may seem hopeless but it is not for we are still here. And we’re here for a reason.

    As 2016 moves along, many more events will take place that will rouse us into organizing. This I feel deeply. But we must act quickly as Nature gives us only a certain length of time to get the job done.

    The number one thing we must do as black women is cut off ALL ties with ANYONE who doesn’t WANT to understand this very simple logic.

    Seems easy, no?

    It’s actually very hard but it needs to be be done.

    Then when we have culled the waste, the rest can begin. I’m being watched so there is a limit as to what I can say over the internet.

  4. @ Ayaba

    Most grateful for you.

  5. Thank you sis. We must stick together. Especially as Black women.

  6. Wow!!! I appreciate the knowledge but what really boggles my mind is feeling so powerless.All this knowledge is awe inspiring but I ‘m constantly feeling disdain toward the ignorance and complacency of our people. When they continue to battle each other over petty, trivial superficial things while the pale skins live the life of luxury which is our inheritance. We allow ourselves to be treated s subordinates by Yurugu and are quick to defend them but are equally as quick to disrespect each other and throw each other under a freight train.
    It’s frustrating when a black female sees me doing well and would rather put all her effort to tear me down than for us to come together and try to push each other up. As a black woman I walked up into a black dominated church and the side eyes I got from these females rather than paying attention to the sermon really showed the lacking of self esteem and love of self.They had 4 or 5 babies with no fathers present while I have no children but was married. They hated another BW for what she has but can never find that hate for the WW or WM stealing their birth rite and plotting the destruction of our race.Instead they were salivating over the only two white people there I call white Becky and Neanderthal Tom with their soul lacking corpses.

    We can put out all the information and talk until we’re blue in the face but we need a divine intervention to get back what was stolen and is still being stolen from us daily.

  7. theloneflowerterri on said:

    In my 20 years of life on this planet, it took me until I was in my teens to figure out what the world really thinks about us. I can remember when I didn’t see myself as having a color attached to me, let alone a ‘bad’ one. Didn’t know I was basically despised and set up for genocide solely beacause of who and what I am and what I can produce. All the movies and tv shows, music. We are absolutely degraded. I see those looks. Smugish, disgust, looking at me as something lower than human. The crazy thing is, it’s like I get that treatment more from non-black/non-white. Whatever you want to call those (other) race of people. And I’ll be completely honest, I’m still recovering from shock, the realization of me in relation to the world I live in right now. One thing I will always say to myself is, It began with us and it will end with us. Nothing can change that. Ever.

  8. Also DOAN,
    You are giving me life with these posts this year.A zest of energy to spring forth into this 2016.

  9. @ Frenz

    That divine intervention will be motivated by our will and readiness. We must be ready for it in order for it to happen.

  10. @ loneflower

    We all basically still reeling from it. None of us are unscathed. Some deal with it by drugs, alcohol and cheap mind numbing sex and shopping.

    Most tune out and operate on Auto Pilot.

    I know that things won’t change til we are ready for change. Remember whatever we focus on becomes our reality.

  11. @ frenz

    Most grateful to be of service.

  12. @theloneflower,
    I get the same from those other races also.They have that air as if they’re better than us because they never had to endure our suffering.Hispanics,Arabs,Native American,Indians (from India) Asians all those that have the stringy lifeless hair.They’re disgusting and rotten to the core and why I believe they are going wherever Yurugu goes when their end is near.Amerikklan has empowered these cowards to feel like gods over us and to manipulate us with no opposition.

    They’re sickening and shallow wanna bes.Because of them and Yurugu I await avengance so earnestly I can’t sleep at nights just hoping it will soon be the day ,hour minute when we can look up on these cowards as they are doled out their vicious repayment for their lack of empathy.It should make us toss and turn with waiting for their karma. While they beg for us to have pity on them.They think they are unstoppable and safe but they’re cowards. And welcome the much awaited divine intervention.

  13. I salute you again for your truth! It does sadden me knowing that we will have to go this alone but more and more each day; I see this will be the final outcome.

  14. Reblogged this on Tired Sista and commented:
    THIS!!!! The Anti-Black Woman Propaganda and psychological assaults are at an all time high. Not only that, we’re seeing more and more Black Women being physically harmed. The collective state of Black Women and girls are getting worse and we have no one defending us…..but ourselves and a few others.

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