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Required Cinema for Melaninites 2

Every once in awhile, a movie comes along that sums up pretty much everything that’s going on in the world. I must admit, the first time I saw They Live, I was too young to fully comprehend what John Carpenter was trying to tell us. All I focused on were the terrific fight scenes.

As my understanding grew and my Spiritual strength became more formidable, I began to watch this film more and more. Last week marked the 20th time I watched this masterpiece. From the opening sequence where Nada tries to look for a job to the terror of realizing that the entire world is living in a carefully manufactured prison, this movie chronicles everything we’ve talked about on this blog.

Can you guess who “They” are? Who or what do you think John was referring to?

In my humble opinion, everyone should watch this movie and have group discussions.

And as always, please do not spend money on white Hollywood buying this film. Free downloads are available or you can go to the local library to rent this spectacular movie.

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7 thoughts on “Required Cinema for Melaninites 2

  1. theloneflowerterri on said:

    I believe ‘They’ are the direct descendants of the genetic splicing of the original man and god knows what. I think that ‘They’ are very picky to when it comes to their bloodline and genetics. So even the ones (so called whites) we see on the streets in public are considered niggers also to them. Does that mean we as melaninated people should relate to them? Of course not. White supremacy still exists which benefits ALL of them.

  2. They are a genetic mutation that shouldn’t exsist it is equivilant to cancer, which explains why all diseases are white. The white race is easily vulnerable, and susceptible to cancer, why melinated people intermarry with those beasts? I don’t know? It sounds like commiting beastiality with them. The caucasians admitted that white people share DNA as chimps. They literally told us that they are different from hue-mans, because they’re mankind.

  3. @Mohammed the redneck slayer,
    My very words exactly beastiality is what it should be called.So ironic they liken us to monkeys to try to degrade us but they smell like a wet dog and deteriorate so quickly like animals they age as fast.Now they’re trying to mate with us prolong their miserable lives.In the bible it said we would be captured by a sort that weren’t even people.And that had my attention.I’ll have to find that verse and post it but I’m sure it means Yurugu.Black people need to stop mating with them.But as usual these tricky little bastards have deceived us so well I’ll see black people jumping to defend them faster than a blood relative…smh.

  4. theloneflowerterri on said:

    I had videos but I guess they didn’t show. But they put it in tv shows and whatnot. The most famous of them, I think is Planet of the apes. Apes with green and blue eyes that have British accents. The epidemic of them having congenital tails is a lot more common than we think. They have the tails removed at birth. Unknowingly. This is not a rare occurrence for them. It’s more common in Europe and Asia. Go figure. But Blacks are the ones who are the monkeys. Hilarious and ironic. That does not occur in African countries. And the ones with those genetic anomalies are not really of African decent (ie Nubia, Sudan etc. was invaded by arab barbarians).

  5. @ the lone flower

    Dr. York speaks of this intently.

  6. @Frenzhelpfrenz

    The ancient Hebrew Israelites who were black ancstors of the negroes, called these caucasoids “Beasts of the field”, one of the Hebrew Israelite’s tribe called “Dan”, went to europe to civilize those beasts because they were living like an animals, and they still are. The tribe of Dan were the moors, they ruled europe in the 7th century, for 700 years! They named a place “Sweden”, Swed sounds swarthy or black, maybe the aramiac word for black would sound like swed! Also an arabic word has the same verbal pronounciation of sweden means black! “سويدان”. The moors also ruled a place in Europe, and called it “Denmark”. The moors biggest mistake was casting their pearls to swines, and the bible warned us if we do caste our pearls at them. They’ll use them against us and rend us. That’s why the tribe of dan is not sealed among the 144000 elect, in the book of revelation.

  7. watching now (for free). thanx!

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