Observations of an Invisible Woman

Required Cinema for Melaninites

I’ve always been attracted to horror/ Science Faction since I was a small girl. When other children were watching cartoons, I was drawn to fantasy. When I got older and realized that the world we live in is naught but a carefully manufactured slave plantation, all the films I saw in my younger days began to make sense.

The Cabin in the Woods is a fantastic film about how Mega-Rituals are being carried out in FULL, clear, real time view and we, their unwitting accomplices, partake in them and make the Beast stronger. This is why nothing on T.V. can be trusted. Especially when it comes from bought and paid for slave Negroes.

I implore you to find alternative ways to see this movie and refrain from giving white, Jewish Hollywood one penny of your money. The library has many movies that you can rent for FREE.

Whilst watching this film you’ll need:


A pencil

Reference Books to cross check true facts

This film is NOT about entertainment but education. Please do not allow yourself to become engrossed in the pretty actors with nice bodies. Watch it with your third eye open.

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9 thoughts on “Required Cinema for Melaninites

  1. I just watched the Cabin In The Woods trailer and know it’s not for me. I make it a habit to not take in this kind of their psychopathically demonic media. I innerstand that pretty much everything issuing from the mind of yurugu is disasterous for us, but can and does contain embedded messages and images that we melanites can decode for our use and understanding of the global system of terror domination. Thank you for the heads up though. Perhaps later in the year as more of your readers share their insights, I will do my own research based on their (and your) findings. And maybe I will view it somewhere down the line. If the movie provides clear instructions on precisely what to do to dismantle their genocidal system right now I will watch it this minute. If not, I’ll wait a while.

  2. Thank you, as we are still learning.

  3. @ Sangomah

    I fully understand why you’ve chosen to tune them out. I used to be very fearful of them and being around them.

    When I saw them coming, I’d cross the street as their vibes are so demonic and penetrating, I’d get sick.

    Meditation has taught me how to block them from entering my Spirit Force so much so, that now I mingle with them freely at the Farmer’s Market Square and they actually tell me things about themselves!

    Yes, they are Demonic and yes, they are not of this realm. But the more you know about them and how to eliminate them, the less damage they’ll cause to your psyche.

  4. if you want to understand your enemy you have to study him. Like Dr Frances Cress Welsing said to me once “it is like a game of chess” so you have to anticpate their movments. Anyways we know these people are HIGH CLASS INSANITY, and we also, for some of us, aware that we have to be prepared each and every second of our life on a daily basis to act in order to weaken their systme. Produce the antidote ( like the japansese on the movie) which do have a code even if they are also attacked as being non-white.

  5. For those revolutionaries who refuse to pay Jewish Hollywood for movies, learn how to download movies and other things for free through bittorrent sites such as https://thepiratebay.se/ or http://kickasstorrent.proxy-index.com/

  6. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    I will also try to view this at my own leisure

  7. There is a wiki page that describes what the images are in the movie.

  8. Another spot on observation. I’ve always said they show us who they are through television.Like sociopaths they play mind games.Watching these movies are eerie but my mind has began to see through the deception of their media and tactics. They are revealing themselves to us we just think it’s them being creative and entertaining… All these slave movies always getting nominated and Lupita winning for what I believe was a below average performance where she barely spoke, but was raped,whipped and abused was insight into how they really see us and want us to be.I didn’t get all the rave over “12 years a slave” or Lupita’s performance where she was only brought in half way into the film and did nothing to add to it.Then I began watching what was really going on.And them awarding black people for playing stereotypical roles like drug dealers and bad men (Denzel), white man whore Lupita,Kerry Washington, crack heads, Taraji etc…And they love slavery movies showing how they wish it all were and live vicariously threw them.They rarely remake a before slavery movie.
    Yurugu is showing you who he is in plain sight and they never change.

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