Observations of an Invisible Woman

Required Reading for Melaninites


I got this as a gift from a good blogger buddy of mine. When I saw how thick it was, I knew I was in for a long reading session. Every night, right before bed, this book along with a hot cup of tea, was my constant companion. Chapters flew by and with each turned page, my eyes became more and more opened.


Why are we in this position?

Why are we the most hated group in the world even amongst our own Coloured People?

What do whites want with us?

Why can they leave us alone?

And finally, is the bible real and if so, where did all this prophesy come from?


It’s all here in this mind blowing book.

For those of you that cry “We’re all the same!” This book explains that, no, we are not.

Along with the teachings of the late Dr. Welsing, I learn a great deal about myself and why Black people are the most hunted, hated, feared, admired, envied, disrespected and now dysfunctional people on earth.

To purchase, click her website below:



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11 thoughts on “Required Reading for Melaninites

  1. Sounds like a book I need to check out

  2. Miss Pam

    Yes. You’ll love it.

  3. angel9loveu on said:

    Thanks for looking out always Negress. Sounds like my kind of book.

  4. angel9loveu on said:

    Reblogged this on NO ONE HEARS YOUR SILENCE.

  5. @ Angel

    You’ll love it.

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    You finally got the book? I told you it would blow your mind! I learned SO much from that book. Dr Suzar is the TRUTH!!!

  7. Another confirmation! I actually have this book in my amazon shopping cart to purchase LOL. Thank you.

  8. sounds amazing

  9. 25 Black and Alive on said:

    I hate that we are all the same nonsense. Our hair alone tells us that we are not the same. The sun that gives everything life on the planet and kills them tells us that we are not the same.

  10. Ive been studying this book for years, I wish she would finish the volume. I also love her book drugs masquerading as foods.

  11. @ Hoola

    That’s my next read.

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