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When White Privilege is No Longer Enough: A Simple Message to White People

What can I possibly say to you that hasn’t already been said?

I won’t waste my time with a long drawn out post because we both know that:

A. You won’t listen

B. You don’t care

C. It’s too late to change anything


I know you read my blog. Some of you even write me letters. I speak to you almost daily (you are ALWAYS the instigator). I watch you. I study you. I listen to your conversations when you think I’m not paying attention. I can now hear your thoughts.

( Your Chemtrails, you know…the plane that flies over my farming town… made me sick for awhile with terrible headaches. Then, one night, I had a severe nosebleed. After I recovered, my telepathy got stronger. Your plan backfired. My one good friend went to the ER with the poison milk you feed her in the low-income area she lives in. Now, she told me she can “see” a person’s aura…but I digress)

You’re scared.

And you should be.

Your race has completely obliterated everything that Nature stands for and now, finally, you are getting payback for your crimes against huemanity.

2016 will begin like this for you…

  1. Food prices will spike but you get less food stamps (yes, I’m aware you use them more than black people)
  2. Gas will go up
  3. You’ll get laid off from the low paying job you have
  4. Interest rates will spike
  5. You’ll lose your homes at rapid speed
  6. Your diminished credit score will inhibit you from renting an apartment
  7. Your wife/ husband will become sick and you won’t be able to pay the bills
  8. Your car will give out
  9. Your beloved dog will die
  10. Your spouse will die and the life insurance you have won’t cover all of it
  11. Your son/daughter will become addicted to drugs/ pills
  12. You’ll need medication for anxiety/ depression but won’t be able to afford it
  13. Hamburger Helper, Vienna Sausages, Ramen Noodles and water will be your steadfast diet
  14. You’ll develop diabetes
  15. You’ll have a heart attack and need a coronary bypass graft
  16. Your insurance won’t cover the cost
  17. You’ll watch as over 10,000 immigrants enter the U.S. and take jobs away from you
  18. You won’t be able to find ANY job
  19. The army will reject your son/ daughter for being too fat and covered with tattoos
  20. You’ll sell all your furniture/ clothes on Craigslist just to make ends meet
  21. Black people will begin to REJECT your false friendship
  22. Your European cousins will want nothing to do with you
  23. Your small businesses will fail
  24. Another false flag will hit you like no other
  25. Martial Law will take effect
  26. The same white government that protected you will take away your beloved guns
  27. Desperation will set in as you realize your skin colour no longer matters
  28. Fear will set in as you realize you are all alone


Then you’ll begin to commit suicide.


Sounds dire, doesn’t it?


But this tiny fragment of what’s to come is just the tip of the iceberg for you. Your pain and suffering has not yet begun.

So what is to become of the most illustrious, intelligent, logical race on earth?













Wanna know what I’ve learned about you?



You’ll do it all over again if you could.


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12 thoughts on “When White Privilege is No Longer Enough: A Simple Message to White People

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  2. The pale ones are going to send you plenty of replies for this post! LOL. However, as my grandmother used to tell us as children “You can’t live wrong and expect right to happen; you reap what you sow.” I firmly believe this and it also applies to these gum flapping; piano teeth grinning negropeans who love them some white people even to the point of betraying black people to express their loyalty to whiteness.

    Thank you again for an excellent and prophetic post!

  3. angel9loveu on said:

    @DOAN and @Cecewhite
    I love when she prophecies.A straight to the point revelation of the Yurugu’s destiny. And I’ve read every post and compared the dates of when she posted to when things happened and negress words stirs up the spirit of truth.Those of us anointed suffering under the injustices of the pale ones feel the stirring but those who have no truth in them will be doing all the unnecessary thrashing and what they do best deny and project their hateful nature.

  4. Mohammed the redneck slayer on said:

    Negress thank you for this post! One of your predications regarding gas prices will raise up became true! Lol the tide is turning against the caucasoids! You reap what you sow! See how the white slave owners, used our ancestors to plant, and harvest fruits& vegetables for the white race? Now white people high officials, and corporate oligarchs, “The Elite”, have to bring scientists to mess up with the genetic structure of the food our ancestors were beaten, tormented, persecuted to plant, and harvest this food, for unpaid labour for more than 4 centuries. Thus the elite sell this genetically modified food for the white supremacist. I guess Karma is righteous!

  5. angel9loveu on said:

    The only thing about all these things happening to them is this will definitely bring out the worst in them. And if we think they’re annoying now and in the past they’ll definitely be at their nastiest boiling point.So black men and black women will have to stay clear of them.

  6. I think you should post some of your comments from your white stalkers on here lol.I don’t wish bad or harm on anyone but this stuff is already coming happening among whites.Their whiteness and white privilege is becoming less and less important.Many of them are having a hard time coming to grips with this.They are rapidly committing suicide and dying of drug overdoses.They are realizing that the American Dream was and is a lie plus lots of them are broke from living beyond their means and they can’t handle it.

  7. 25 Black and Alive on said:

    Every number you listed is on point but number 9 gets me the most. Back in my home town these MFers knocked down a a whole block of homes and are rebuilding a… You guessed it. An animal shelter. A MFing animal shelter. If that doesn’t tell us where that at with it, then nothing will.

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  10. I’m really having a difficult time telling if this whole blog is a joke or not. Maybe you really are as insane as you appear. One thing’s for sure though, you really hate those pesky white people. After all, it’s always their fault right? Hahaha

  11. I will say one thing America has never been Great Without Blacks Making it Great! My Fascination started with America because of Black 9eole like Martin L King, Malcom X, Will Smith, Break Dancing, The Blues, Jazz Music, Ra9, Mr. T. Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Eddie Mur9hy, O9rah Winfrey, Diana Ross. Whitney Houston, Tyson, Michael Jordan, loads of them….all Black 9eo9le. None White! Because Blacks were Talented Gifted, Amazing at everything, extraordinary abilities and so ca9able who were called Americans. I wanted the American Dream too because of them. Not because I saw a White 9erson doing Ra9 Jazz or Singing the Blues….I don’t think we as Blacks realize that we are a nation that other nations as9ire to be. Our natural flair for music, invention of cultures, design, art.

    I even feel at times other nations are afraid to s9eak badly about us because of the re9ercusions it may have on them….I would go as far as to say that other nations want to 9rotect black nations of the world and are actually fighting to kee9 us alive.

    This fight may be 9hysical as well as S9iritual….but this fight is going on and the sooner we start to 9rize ourselves as Golden Children of this 9lanet the better and the Quicker the more we can benefit and ask for whatever we want from whoever we want…..We’ve just got to get it! And see things this way. WHICH NATION ON THE 9LANET REALLY TRUST A WHITE NATION – NONE!


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