Observations of an Invisible Woman

A Message to the Black Man and Black Woman

The year is ending.

In 2016, we’ll face old challenges cleverly disguised as new ones. No matter how much we cry and protest, our Black Liberation must come from the WANT to be free from the stranglehold of white demonic domination.

White supremacy or what I simply refer to as Luciferianism, operates on a fear-based premise (terrorism). What you fear, you’ll be less apt to fight. Know that the power of The Beast can only come from our Stolen Power as they feed off of our Melanin. Their power is false, a sham, an act, like the Wizard Behind the Curtain as they cannot attract and hold The Real Loving Light. Only Melanin-Rich individuals are given the blessing from the Loving God and the Loving Goddess to hold and keep the Light.

The war we will face will finally manifest itself fully in the flesh as their time on Earth is quickly running out. But…do not be deceived. The real war is Spiritual in nature and NOT physical. This is the real reason why whites are fearful of death. Right now, in some laboratory, they are making human-kind clones with artificial intelligence “just in case” they do not survive. Have you ever wondered why technology is a supreme fascination for them? Lacking the Spiritual Force, also called Ether (EU Melanin), they will perish forever and become extinct. Remember my post on Darkness Matters?


Before pic: Albino Male:

before melanotan



After our Melanin is injected…


after melanotan


Albinism is a skin disease and the ONLY cure is Melanin! Please watch the Will Smith movie: I am Legend. The Pale Race was essentially telling you what he will become in the near future if he doesn’t find a way to get and KEEP melanin. Hence the insatiable need for them to ask for blood.

Ever wonder where ALL that blood disappears to?


Trickery, lies and deceit are the poisonous foods Satan uses to keep us in Spiritual bondage. Therefore, please read this next sentence carefully:


This is why the real and true name for TV is: Tell-Lies-Visionally.

You see the lie with your eyes and are forced by trickery, pretty images, attractive people, lots of money, big houses, big jewelry, glitter, paid testimonies by demons (yes demons) and lustful, longing pleasures to THINK this is how life should really be. In reality, it is the exact opposite! The further away you get from their carefully constructed reality, the better chance you have at survival.

Never believe anything that comes out of their mouths as they are the Children of Lies:

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews (liars), and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.” Rev 2:9


Satan’s Puppet, the Khazar Kissinger…Obama’s Real Boss.


The man who gave Bill Gates the go-ahead to fund this man:


…to create the AIDS virus.

ALL Satan’s Khazarian Children. Demons in hueman-like flesh.

When I spoke to Neely Fuller, the best advice he’s ever given me, and he gave me A LOT, is this:

“Don’t listen to what white people say, look at what they do. Then you’ll know what they really stand for.”

Well, I’ve been watching what they do and I know what they stand for.

By giving the entire world the Gift of Death, they’ve taught us just how sweet and precious life can be. By poisoning our food, water, clothing and air supply, they’ve taught us just how sweet a ripe, juicy, unspoiled apple really tastes.

By writing laws to enslave, punish, torture, beat, rape, maim and kill us with impunity, we now know how wonderful it is to walk in the warm of the Sun of God, how sweet life can be when surrounded by loved ones, and how magnificent life can when our third EYE is open to their conniving chess games. Only then can be beat them by preparing for their war tactics.

Required Reading: The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!

Have you ever wondered why the same group of people who invented Race-ism, who elevated themselves as the default of Huemanity now are desperate to claim that Race doesn’t matter? Isn’t it now funny that they promote interracial sex?


Negro whore prostituting herself with a Khazarian Demon in really expensive clothes, a nice apartment and a great paying job. Thank you, Shonda.


Does it strike you as odd that they now APPEAR to want to fight for our liberation?



This clever maneuver is called Controlled Opposition. It is a Khazar (false-Jew) invention designed to have absolute power over all things and all people. It is designed to confuse the masses. This is why whenever we attempted to create anything for ourselves, they infiltrate our groups and slowly and stealthily take it over. This is done to keep a keen eye on us. What are examples of Controlled Opposition?

Democrat Vs. Republican

Left Vs. Right

Pro Woman Vs. Anti Woman

Gun Advocate Vs. Non Gun Advocate

Muslim Vs. Jew

etc, etc…

Underneath the lies and theater, they are ALL the same evil, conniving, plotting, war-thirsty Pale Race our ancestors warned us about.

Their goal is NOT changed since they were “created.” Destroy the majority of us and keep the broken as slaves to serve them.

“Non-Jews were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world-only to serve the People of Israel.”

The CIA, a Jewish Organization, funds over 3 BILLION dollars annually to “terrorist” groups. What does that mean? It means that the people you see on TV that look “shady”, another clever word for “dark”, are paid actors and puppets designed to CONFUSE you. Osama Bin Laden was a ruse. Anyone who does mild research on this JEW will discover this.

The war on Islam is cleverly disguised as the War on Dark Skinned Peoples. When they can no longer tell who is a Muslim and who is not, they’ll simply kill ALL Dark Peoples. One more devastating attack is coming that will send us back into the Stone Ages.

Whatever comes in the near future is already here so listen closely and Reread this paragraph:

Whites are not EVER going to be able to live in close proximity to us, or on this planet for that matter, and be kind, friendly and caring. Why?

For the exact same reason why the lion and the hyena cannot.

They are mortal enemies and can never really be true friends. Any relationship you think you have with anyone white will be a unilateral relationship. They will stick with you for what you can do for them, then when your duty is finished and you are worn out and broken with naught left to give, they will simply pitch you out into the streets and turn their backs on you.

Did you catch that?

That means the white man/ woman lying naked in your bed isn’t going to be there for you when their own genetic survival is at stake. You will be seen as a THREAT to be exterminated. You may wish to reevaluate the real reason why you’re in an interracial relationship in the first place. Black Men who engage in fornication with the white female are practicing a form of homosexuality as Yurugu and his Daughter are 100% male spirited. Being the anti-life aspect of Nature, he has no female (life-giving) counterpart. Any group of people without a female counterpart is in serious danger of becoming one of two things:


Or Homosexual (which leads to extinction).

Look at any black male celebrity who exclusively dates whites. Then ask yourself how many times his sexuality has been in question.


Another angle of this carefully manufactured plot is the watering down of the black race and the exclusion of the black female. Both are old but tried and true tactics of warfare. Why do we keep on falling for it? Because:

We do not understand European Military Strategy

We do not CARE to understand European Military Strategy

We are asleep and mind controlled by the TV

We are drugged into a drunken stupor by their poison foods and water

Some of us have simply given up and no longer wish to fight


This post is for those that are still warriors at heart and wish to fight, even to our own death, for the liberation of ALL Dark Peoples. The time is near us now. At this moment, you should NOT be trying to awaken the coyly sleeping black mass. As I’ve stated in the past, allow them to perish and focus on yourself and on building strong foundations with the ones who are willing and able to fight.

Are you getting ready?

What will you do when the drones, which are now being sold on the internet under the guise of “fun”, come into your neighbourhood?

What about clean drinking water?

Can you grow and cook food on your own?

Can you identify which herbs cure/ help to heal illness?

Are you fat and out of shape?

Is the television the most important meal of the day?


Depending on your answers, you have a bit of work to do, don’t you?


I love you, my Beautiful Black Family and wish you the best of luck in the future.








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27 thoughts on “A Message to the Black Man and Black Woman

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  2. Reblogged this on Ayaba's Labyrinth and commented:
    This is fire! The information shared is exceptional

  3. This is the absolute truth! I concur with this entire message…I’ve been feeling a disturbance in My Spirit that something was about to happen with the pale ones. I do not trust them at all; especially their constant need to ingratiate themselves to Blacks; and I am not touched by their approach to social suffering, because it is a self-serving agenda. That is why I am not so enamored with Tim Wise. It doesn’t matter that he speaks on racial issues; he is a white man profiting from our suffering. The pale ones are evil personified; I am bored with blacks trying to defend them with the “there are some good white people” defense; especially black males, they are notorious for this; quick to defend white women and to vilify black women. Thank you Negress for this prophetic message! It is coming to a head very soon!

  4. Krystal & Company Crafts on said:

    I work with whites all day, and I’m really at my wit’s end. Dealing with their racism and passive aggression is draining me. I’m trying to get out and start my own business, but how do i handle the stress in the meantime? I literally can’t stand most of my coworkers.

  5. I’m very concerned about the “Controlled Opposition” you wrote about. It is one of the most effective weapons of deception because it works — no matter how badly and consistently and systematically we are brutalized, murdered, cheated, and mistreated. Those white faces in the crowd, marching with us, and picketing with us

    also reassure the slave spirit in us that white people will save us from other white people.

    Isn’t it funny, though, that no matter how many times we march and picket and protest, that no matter how many whites are marching beside us, that the system of white supremacy keeps on ticking right along? That, as I write this, another black person is being murdered somewhere in America by the police.

    What then does that tell us? That we are NOT having the correct response to our oppression. Marching and picketing and protesting — had it worked forty years ago–would have WORKED and we would not be fighting the EXACT SAME BATTLES that we fought then.

    So, what do SANE people do? They go back to the drawing table, strategize, and come up with NEW solutions and strategies to solve their problems–after they understand, really understand, what the REAL problem is, and what a REAL solution looks like.

    From what I have seen, most of us cannot answer those two questions.

  6. @ Everyone:

    I must turn in early. I have a super long day ahead me so rest is imperative. I’ll answer and elaborate more at some point tomorrow into Sunday.

  7. Thank you for this.

  8. angel9loveu on said:

    Shots fired!!! Negress, you took it there and I agree 100%. We are at the brim of the beginning of the end. And what you’ve said since reading all your posts has been no lies.You’re awake and you stay awake for a lot of us sleeping negroes or those who can’t articulate or put our thoughts into words.Thank you.

    And yes the battle is spiritual. Ever wonder why we’ve been doing the same tactics for years and have been sadly disappointed? We keep depending on our own limited strengths and abilities and wonder why we come up empty handed all the time.Physically we can’t beat yurugu and his heaped up technology and iron grip on the physical things of this world. We can’t run from them either, they and they’re false doctrines are everywhere. We”re going to have to stay in place and fast and pray.I believe in fasting and prayer and let me tell you it works. If more of our people would only learn more about this secret weapon they can deal a mighty blow. What’s it to miss a few meals to be rid of these demons for eternity? What’s 40 days to another 40 years.
    We are strengthened by the almighty but we must kill our pride and disobedience by humbling ourselves(basically growing a conscience) and stop eating up the white man’s food and trying to cohabitant with them. “No weapon formed against you shall prosper,And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn.This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Isaiah 54:17.
    From the moment I laid eyes on a Yurugu it has been nothing but trouble and evil.It’s to the point I won’t even let them touch me for the transference of the strong principalities over them.
    They are not of us and thank you, for the IRR part they aren’t genuine and all these mixing DNAs are going to be greatly disappointed as yurugu is all about the preservation of their kind.

    They control the media and what gets out so only distorted sick things are viewed and scripted so that they can push their agenda. They promote everything on TV contrary to the commandments of God.
    They promote sex before marriage-fornication
    disrespect to parents
    These days they don’t even care anymore about blurring out anything.Nudity,pornography, showing the bodies of the dead are all fear game,speaking profanity.
    They televise they’re plans and make it seem like harmless entertainment.
    I would love to find somewhere they’re not located or their evil white supremacy hasn’t spread to but let’s be real.We are going to have to be still and trust in the Most High and listen for His leading on how to handle these antichrists.

    All white people are sociopaths and the spawns of their father satan.I’ll never make that mistake and try to take up for the few feeling white guilt.Cause they’re out of luck too cause they enjoy that white privilege and soaks it up like biscuits and gravy. And then when they claim to get a hint of conscience and try to help it’s still all superficial.But the Most High knows their hearts(wherever their hearts are). But love you too Negress and I’m ready the Most High is preparing me and I’m ready for what’s ahead. Lord knows I’ve been through so much with both the gurus and the walking dead blacks.

    Praying for you Negress cause when you drop the knowledge you don’t sugarcoat it cause you know the times are near and we need to prepare.

    After reading your post this song came to mind strongly.

  9. angel9loveu on said:

    Well here is the video again “the redemption songs” by Bob Marley. Regardless of what they say about Bob his words were prolific, and very prophetic to these times. And we are no longer physically in bondage but are in a worse case mental bondage. Which cause many to deny the times we live in and what’s happening before our very eyes.

  10. @ Cece White

    I agree, something is in the air. That is why the white supremacist entertainment system is ramping up their attacks on the black male/black female relationship with their endless plotting and pairing the black male with ANYTHING but a black female — and usually showing black females either alone — or as a white man’s whore (Scandal & How to Get Away with Murder)

    That tells us something very important:

    that there is POWER IN BLACK UNITY, and POWER in the black male and black female being JOINED together to fight our oppression.

    Add to that the anti-blackness that is spreading like a deadly virus through our communities, work places, and families. All generated by the white supremacy system

    I think the more racism that is publicly exposed does three things:

    1. It traumatizes the already severely traumatized black victims of racism and creates all sort of mentally ill coping mechanisms, most of which have their foundation in anti-blackness and anti-self

    2. It is a rallying cry to the white racists that it is back to business as usual, aka, you can blame all your problems ( caused by other white people in power) on the black or brown people.

    3. It will bring more refined and deceptive racism from whites who worry about black people FINALLY WAKING UP and shaking the scales off our brains and eyes. And white supremacy’s biggest advantage is getting the victims to support it.

  11. angel9loveu on said:

    Take note of how yurugu and their conman tactics

  12. angel9loveu on said:

  13. angel9loveu on said:

  14. Great information. Lots of soul searching is stimulated by your words . . . . .

  15. @ Krystal

    I left corporate and worked on my own years ago so I know the feeling well. Stress? I have no real answers but to document EVERYTHING so you have some backup in case they come after you.

  16. Miss Pam

    Sane people also say to themselves, “Maybe I should leave these people alone since interacting with them is more problematic than operating without them.”

    The problem is blacks ate insane from DNA induced trauma and cannot properly assess their situation.

    For many of us, there cannot be a solution without whites involved. This lies at the heart of the problem.

  17. @ Angel

    Thank you.

  18. angel9loveu on said:

    @Krystal & Company Crafts
    You’re not the only one. There was a time when we use to bite the bullet and ignore the B.S. they do and say cause we have bills to pay. But those wretches are attacking us all. Especially when they know what’s in store for them. They hate us with pure hatred.And the veil is being lifted off our eyes and those who have ears have heard and eyes have seen. So they’re on edge. This whole corporation, education sysytem etc crap was created by them for them. They have their own at the top , so called Jews(white people) controlling most of the wealth in the world.There’s a family,(I still can’t wrap my head around this one but it’s true) with more than 500 trillion dollars (unreported wealth) working behind the scenes.Think about that.That’s the most evil, wickedest, vile,selfish act on the planet but they’re the ones using us to work ourselves into illness knowing the money will just circulate back to them to keep them wealthy.They holding unto all this wealth to control you and keep you in bondage to the system they created.These are white people for you.And they’re hoping to depopulate the world by killing us off and have targeted Africa.(I could go on but I’ll stop) Only the Most High can free us from this.
    I left my job because I loved myself too much to be sick and tired of being sick and tired everyday.And I needed to enjoy the life I was given.It’ll come a time when you’ve had absolutely enough and be done.
    When our people ran the world there was peace and love. These imposters have none of those qualities in them.They’re empty and they want us dead. When you think about what your life really means to you then I believe you’ll be able to come to the best decision for you.

  19. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    I believe every word you say, negress.. check out my post Slave all niggers daily at low salary

  20. Krystal & Company Crafts on said:

    @diaryofanegress Thanks for your response. I am diligently working on my side business to convert it to full-time. I stumbled upon one of your older posts, and one of the commenters mentioned documentation. That’s what I will do from here on out!

  21. Krystal & Company Crafts on said:

    @angel9loveu I totally agree with you. I’m getting to that point now where I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Too much foolishness. I just want enjoy my life. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even talk to my coworkers unless I absolutely have to. And even then, I’ll use email. Prayer and rootwork (yes, rootwork!) has been helping me cope.

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  23. This is the sole reason why I left corporate. My mental health was at stake.

  24. angel9loveu on said:

    @Krystal & Company Crafts so sorry this is happening,and you deserve to enjoy yourself but one thing I know is guard your personal life don’t let them step foot in your “private oasis” outside of work.That was the only sanity which they had a problem with also but usurp any invitations to let them too deep in your personal life.Hope 2016 fairs better.

  25. 25 Black and Alive on said:

    Keep banging on the beast goddess! We out here with you!

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