Observations of an Invisible Woman

African Meditation Session: A Plea For Help

Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and
             scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall
             by any means hurt you.”


If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ll know what this is.

For those of you that are tired and worn, for those that are backed into a corner with no foreseeable way out, for those that have lost a loved one or have felt the excruciating pain of watching our people lose loved ones, for those that have that fire in our bellies and wish to fight back, this post is for you.

Step One: Construct your altar/ Sacred Space.

This is entirely personal and must be done accordingly to your own personal feelings and beliefs.

Reminder: You must add an earth, air, fire and water element to your altar.


Step Two: Add an offering of love and reciprocity.


Because it is you asking for help, not the other way around.


Step Three: Light your candle and begin to meditate…

With these words:


“I pray to the Almighty Loving Mother and Father that governs this planet. Please hear my plea for help. We are burdened with the constant struggle of fighting against the Evil powers that control this planet. We are tired of the cold, unfeeling, humanoid Foot Soldiers of Satan that intercept our daily lives. They block us, torment us, taunt us and try to kill us.

Our will is strong for we are the real Chosen People of the Loving God and Goddess but we need your help. Evil lurks around every corner of our lives. They are at work, at church, live next to us, watch us, spy on us, tell on us and conspire brutality against us. We are battle weary and in need of your strength to Awaken us from the Spell of Sleep that was cast upon us.

We have the Power to stop these Evil forces but are struggling against centuries of abuse that have weakened us. We pray that you help us to Remember the path to awaken the Sleeping Giant that we have hidden inside of us.

We pray for our fallen brothers and sisters for they were taken from us too soon. We ask that you send them back to us renewed and stronger to fight and win this war. We pray for our weary Mothers and Fathers who grieve for their lost children. May their hearts and minds be healed through your Loving Strength.

We pray for our black men, our protectors and warriors. We need them now more than ever as they are unjustly targeted for extermination, locked away like animals and lost in a sea of despair. We pray for our black women, the Living Goddess of Earth, Mother of all Agriculture and Bearer of Life. We need their iron-clad Spiritual Power to mend our broken families and re-connect us back to Nature.

We pray for our children, the innocent ones, the future of our people, who will inherit this Evil Force if we do not conquer it. We pray for the innocent animals and the plant life on this planet who will become extinct if Evil’s Foot Soldiers are not vanquished from this Earth.

We pray for you, Loving God and Loving Goddess. Your own hearts and minds must be weary watching this slow and terrible demise of your People, this sweet Earth and Earth’s creatures.

And finally, we pray for the Evil Ones that have a stranglehold on this Earth. The Evil Ones that control EVERY facet of our lives from our food, to our homes, to how and where we may live. Yes, I pray for our natural enemies for they were given a terrible lot in life to be an Alien Life Form destined for extermination. Void of all huemanity, they live life full of earthly riches, carnal pleasures, slick intellect but Spiritually miserable. That is why they must destroy all Living Things, including themselves, for they are not one of us.

While we, the Protectors and Guardians of Earth slumber, release your long awaited X and M-Class solar flares to ignite our Pineal Glands. Awaken our sleeping Spirits so we can reclaim the glory that was once ours!






Black Family,

I hear your thoughts. I can see your pain and feel your silent despair.

All is NOT lost.

Do not give up hope.

Remember one thing: If any other race of people had gone through 1/10th of what we went through and are still going through, they would have DIED OFF by now. WE ARE NOT BEATEN. And the Evil Ones know this. That’s why they must continue their orchestrated attack against us for we are getting STRONGER not weaker.

Their desperation is obvious!

They invented diseases to kill us off but we just laughed in their faces and kept on multiplying.

They poisoned our food supply but our melanin killed the poison and we just went on with our business.

They locked us up and threw away the key but while in prison, we grew more intellectual and kept on preaching.

They air video footage of us being killed, raped, dragged, kicked, punched and sodomized to frightened us into submission but we spit in their faces and asked, “IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?”


Right now, they are running scared!

They have NO more tricks up their sleeve except to blow this planet into smithereens to stop the inevitable. And even if they did, the next race of people that governs this planet will be BLACK for melanin CANNOT DIE.

Do NOT despair, Black Family.

All is not lost.

We are not getting weaker or more submissive. Sandra Bland proved that when she openly defied the Slave Catcher even though she knew her life may be on the line. That is what the Foot Soldiers of Satan’s Army fear the most, the day when we say:

“I’m tired of your shit. If you wanna kill me, go ahead. It’ll be better than living like this.”

Why are they afraid of that day, which is ALREADY here?

Because the most dangerous person on Earth is someone who has nothing left to lose.


If you found this post constructive and wish to participate in the prayer ritual, please pass this on to as many people as possible.

Say this prayer OFTEN. From your soul. And watch the amazing results.







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3 thoughts on “African Meditation Session: A Plea For Help

  1. angel9loveu on said:

    Reblogged this on blog8057.

  2. angel9loveu on said:

    Yes, perfect on a Friday and near the beginning of the month.

  3. Mohammed the redneck slayer on said:

    The Negroes, Native americans, pacific islanders, and the rest autochthonous populations who’ve been oppressed by the white man. Should meditate, and think of a new world without the existence of the white race. I appeal you to pray, and believe in the almighty creator the most high “AHAYAH”. Read your KJV bibles pray، and praise the almighty “AHAYAH”, so all of us can make it to the new world without the existence of these cancerous spawns of satan.

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