Observations of an Invisible Woman

Dear Negress #5

My last post, “The Secret Rising Consciousness of Yurugu”, described how The Destroyers of Earth are fully aware of what they’ve done and what awaits them in the near future.

This letter was written to me recently by Yurugu himself. In fact, The Evil Ones write letters to me almost daily begging for “some type of dialogue.” Please pay close attention to his words. A few key things to watch out for:

  1. Acknowledgement of wrongdoing
  2. Acknowledgement of an Evil “Higher Power” that gave them their power
  3. Helplessness to try and change despite acknowledgement of wrongdoing
  4. Admittance that whites talk about racism constantly (meanwhile feigning innocence in our presence)
  5. Admittance that they are responsible for the world’s situation
  6. Deflection that it’s “not really them” that’s doing it…it’s that evil Higher Power again (contradiction of number 1, 2 and 5)
  7. Deflection of racism within oneself “I have black friends/ family/ lovers/ a black dog…”
  8. Acknowledgement that White Privilege DOES exist (meanwhile feigning innocence in our presence. “White privileged??? Awww…come on. If you’d just pull yourself up by your bootstraps…” blah, blah blah…Yawn.
  9. Deflection that Money ( a soulless, non-entity)  is the Real culprit
  10. Anger towards racism’s victims, not the perpetrators
  11. Asking the VICTIMS for help exterminating their system, not the perpetrators and those who UPHOLD the system
  12. Mild to moderate hysteria at the fact that I’m ignoring them
  13. Admittance that Evil does indeed occupy a pale form ( contradiction of numbers 2, 6 and 9)
  14. Deflection that “good whites” are helpless victims that are simply tricked by this Evil Higher Power ( contradiction of numbers 1, 3,4,5,8,10 and 13)
  15. My favourite: A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM ( contradiction of numbers 3,6, 9 and 14)





“Also, doesn’t point 1 of this article mean that no matter what I do or say, it will be assumed that it is to do something evil?
If there was a good white person, how would you know?
I’m sorry to be posting so many comments, this list just doesn’t make sense to me.
It makes me want to vomit, how screwed up and oppressive the system is. It makes me sick that I am privileged due to my skin color while my cousins, whom I love, are not. What can I do? Everyone in my life, regardless of skin color talks about this frequently. What can we do? Vote? Raise awareness? Neither of those things help at all! There is NOTHING I can do to right the past, NOTHING I can do to right the present, and NOTHING, besides teaching my son and anyone else who will listen that the way things are is wrong, to make a better future!

And you are also telling me that NOTHING I do or say will show you that I’m not the enemy? What is the point here? To tell me, and anyone who doesn’t have black skin that they are NOTHING? It doesn’t make sense, not with the love you also preach.
So, if I have your attention at all, please, for the love of God listen to this.
Evil seeks power. Money is power. So follow the greed, the unimaginable wealth, to find evil. Yes, he wears a white face. He has for a long time. That is part of the lie, the adversary WANTS you to blame us, because that means you aren’t fighting HIM. He WANTS us to think hes one of us, and blame you. There are plenty of evil white people lead by his lie, there are plenty of good white people tricked by his lie. There are plenty of black people tricked by his lie.

Yes, there are many people of ANY color tricked by his lie. And he leads all his followers, REGARDLESS of color, with promises of wealth, love, superiority, power, entitlement, acceptance, retribution, fame, immortality, or whatever else someone WANTS.
How do we combat an evil, so great, with so many followers? Only take what we NEED, give the rest to those who are suffering, whatever their color. Protect the week, whatever their color. Stand up for what is right, no matter what. Stop wasting things, stop hurting eachother, and stop destroying nature. Stop blaming races, whichever one. They only exist in our minds, infact, they are also part of the lie. Race is his scapegoat, how he devides those he can’t trick to keep us from destroying him. Please, recognize the real enemy. The one who ruined Africa, enslaved your people, corrupted my people, corrupted the world, is destroying nature, exploits everyone and everything, and divides us all with lies. Let us all destroy this corrupt system together!”

—- Name withheld

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20 thoughts on “Dear Negress #5

  1. darqbeauty on said:

    The tides are turning…and they are afraid that they will get swept away. As things get worse, they will try to “do better”. When that fails, they will turn on us with a rabidness that has never before been seen. And the ironic part about it all is that the more they go against the Children of Israel, the more they will be put through plagues, calamities and warfare. And after all is said and done, the genetic recessive garbage heap for them. They have done so many evils in the world, that a simple acknowledgement and sorry just won’t put the Universe at ease. There must be accounting. There must be ultimate balance. There will be a time when everything they have done to us will be returned upon their heads tenfold. And they will weep when they watch their children being sold into slavery. The books of Obadiah, Revelation and Isaiah tell their future. And it’s grim as f*ck. And you know what. That makes me unapologetically happy. Oh yes, it does.

  2. @ Darqbeauty

    I see it already with many of them walking around with bandages on their faces due to melanoma excisions. I see it around town with them holding up “Hungry and Homeless. Please help.” Signs.

    And I see it with their almost desperate attempt to be “nice” to us.

  3. Mohammed the redneck slayer on said:

    Caucasoids are now killing our melanin rich brethren in cold blood, and they’re stealing their organs so they can extract “Melanin”, in order to start marketing this substance. The caucasoids can inject themselves with it to impersonate the traits of dark skinned people whom they previously called “Inferior”, well here’s the thing the white race is stupid they’ve exalted their race as superior ones, but they just came to the realisation that their skin can stand sun light! Now the white race lost something, because they were too foolish enough, to acquire it back through grafting back to the family of man, but they chose to live in a psychological denial, and assumed that their pure white race race is superior! it is unfortunate that these day walking demons can dodge the UV rays punishment from the most high, through injecting themselves with melanin stolen from coloured individuals! However they won’t dodge the final punishment were they will be thrown into the lake of fire, that burns with brimstone!

  4. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    oh yes I concur lady negress especially about them desperately attempting to be nice to us……

  5. angel9loveu on said:

    They all seem to be pushing their agenda really hard.First they’re apologetic,then they’re not.Then they’re ranting about whites used to be slaves, then blacks enslaved blacks.Now they blame it on the Jews and I’m guessing the devil.And the blacks are now racist.Then it’s the black woman’s fault.And we’re all on welfare or with multiple baby daddies.They are either losing their minds or playing dumb to avoid answering for their actions. Additionally, they have enlisted these uncle and aunty toms to play devils advocate.Black people on youtube accusing blacks of being lazy and racist.The common sense guy I think someone linked in one of your articles is also a perpetrator.They shame the black women and accuse her of being a traitor.

    They’re never accountable for their actions. Personally, I wish Mother nature and her elements would hasten the process of wiping them out already cause they clearly show their not going down without a fight.The longer they remain the more they pull grenades from their bag of tricks and traps.And take these mindless uncle and aunty toms with them.I think we all on this thread need to pick a month to dedicate to pray,meditate, or whatever you do to get spiritually focused and just focus on a world without them and the race traitors.

    And throw in the narcissists,sociopaths and criminals too. A whole month of just pressing in to the Most High from the depths of our being letting him feel our daily pain and struggles with these Yurugus. I got a lot more years in me and spending it on earth with these selfish,empty,petty,evil,sick,life sucking vampires are just not cutting it.And telling people to WAKE UP! Is like banging on a brick wall, few wake up but the rest are still sleeping in complacency.A call to rally all pissed and fed up sisters and brothers is what we need.

    Also DOA I really wish you would do an article on how interracial relationships are now a device to divide and keep the black community in shambles.They know United we stand divided we fall and are launching all kinds of attacks to infiltrate and cause confusion so we never get it together or fall further a sleep.Creating these children who are equally confused in society.Which equate to them also being s part of the divide.Not good enough to be white but still better than the blacks.Saying don’t sleep with them isn’t enough with our folks we need illustrations.
    And thanks for the article my heart sings when I see a notification from your blog.Always checking daily,we need them more than ever as the madness intensifies.Be Blessed and I’m praying for your upliftment.

  6. @ angel

    Much appreciated. I blog only when the Spirit commands due to my mental health needs. And I do plan on another ‘African Meditation Session’ post.

    In regards to interracial relations: If we can’t learn by now what they do and what purpose they serve, we’ll never learn.

  7. Mohammed the redneck slayer on said:


    Now they are changing their statements per se retroactively. First caucasoids were against interracial marriages. Now caucasoids are realising that having a third world race, or in other words “Bi-racials”, is an ideal way to have a race that is not deficient and carrying a recessive gene, they know biracials have better immune system, and can survive longer. Whites want someone who has half of their attributes in order to carry out their diabolical agenda, Obama is a perfect example of a biracial leading the world to destruction not because he’s half black! Nope, because his caucasoid masters whom he obeys their orders from the shadows. Remember when “Golda meir” 4th prime minister of Israel, she said “Miscegenation is worse than holocaust!”, too bad Golda your caucasoid people in Israel are diagnosed with skin cancer, and melanoma every summer.

    I know Ultra violet radiations are on the rise and some parts of the world is entering into a “Tropic of cancer equator”, meaning some parts of Middle east, Africa, South america, and Pacific nations during spring, and summer seasons, the ozone layer will pass on Ultra violet rays! Caucasoids won’t stand it! They and their children will be scorched and chances are they will have melanoma, and skin cancer!

    Eventually the caucasoids, will have no other choice but live in the shadows! Or, in underground bunkers! So, caucasoids will pass on their defective genes, and procreate with people who have dominant genes who can withstand this radiation to produce a third world race “Bi-racials”, olive skinned individuals with melanin pigment, to survive and accomplish our plans!

  8. Hi, I’m fairly new to your blog and I admire your content. I was wondering if you’ve heard of a guy called, Tommy Sotomayor. I wanted your opinion about the content he puts out about black women.
    Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your blog entries! 🙂

  9. angel9loveu on said:

    Can’t wait for the session.I’m ready I’ve had enough ghastly experiences with them to put my all in but as always there is strength in numbers.

  10. angel9loveu on said:

    @Mohammed Redneck Slayer

    Your words are like sweet honey to me when I can hear or see progress is being made with the sun.Of course they won’t report on the effects of the sun affecting them as they always want to appear invincible in the media.But I trust that they’ll get what’s coming to them.

    And I definitely agree with you on the biracial dilemma and interestingly enough you mentioned Obama.Yes it was his white side that really got him in office and there had to be some hidden benefit to them that he was also half black.But yes the shadow government agenda is manifesting through him.We thought with a black president things would get a little better but it’s gotten worse.Which I’m not really surprised at, because Yurugus are on extra edge.

    I’m really analyzing interracial relationships and I’m honestly seeing how that works in their benefit and against the black community.

    The biracial I met are always in some mess.One was actually breaking up a black family and the other was trying to pit black females against each other all while playing devils advocate.Then turns and speaks horribly about black women.His mother is white however. I’m still observing but…DOA wasn’t lying when she said stop sleeping with the Yurugus. Mixing with their inferior DNA is another path to our destruction and watering down our melanin.So sad but the blacks in these relationships automatically put up barriers and begin to defend the Yurugus fiercely while blindly assisting their agenda.They become a lost cause but that’s a whole other story.
    But hopefully you join the meditation or spiritual concentration where we can focus on the earth without them.
    Be Blessed.

  11. I too have noticed the extreme shifts in the pale ones’ personality; either super nice or super rude; in constant need of making eye contact with you or too ashamed to make eye contact. I am finding it more difficult by the day to conceal my annoyance. I pray constantly for the wrong to be corrected; however, we have far too many blind melaninated ones and I believe they strengthen the power of the pale ones. I think these blind ones will have to be back on plantations picking cotton before they wake up from the slumber of stupidity to realize they’ve been duped.

  12. onlyflowood2015 on said:

    Great article! I believe our only hope will be to completely separate ourselves from them. A lot of our people are so asleep it’s hard for them to see who the real enemy is. I still have hope for some but I realize some people we will just have to leave behind and accept the fact that some would rather stay in the comfort of thier white masters. Like the bible says small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. It only takes 10,000 to build a nation. But Yurgu won’t let us leave without a fight mother nature is assisting us as much as she can with natural disasters (https://www.rt.com/tags/natural-disasters/) but only so much can be done because we are so mixed in with them. I also wanted to say how appalled I am on the attack of black men and boys with the police brutality, prison rates, the lack of jobs available, and the emasculation of our men. We definitely have to build our men back up make them strong and the protectors they are made to be. We need our men back and it might just be dependent upon the black woman to help build our men back up to raise our young boys to be men, to respect our husbands as head of household no matter who makes the most money, to make our men respect us and not let them exploit us, to not accept feminine male behavior thinking it’s cute and for women to act like women and not like men. We need to get our roles back…

  13. angel9loveu on said:

    Both black men and women have been targeted in a divide and conquer method.It’s time we stop allowing society and it’s corruption to raise our children. Clearly we see who runs this society and they have an agenda which is rotten to the core.
    Additionally,the media,school system,feminist movement and social integration are amongst the culprits.They are all apart of the mass exploitation of our people.And yes separation would be ideal but we are so integrated that many will have to be left behind.
    Media– they attack our self esteem we have constantly been bombarded with images of the ideal standards of beauty,European features.None of which used to include images of black people. Yurugus have managed to always be in movies for which they are the “savior”. Not to mention these “harmless” disney animated fairy lies.Of the handsome white prince rescuing the beautiful princess.Disney was a freemason he knew what he was doing when he clouded the media with “Snow White”, “Sleeping Beauty” Cinderella etc..They start from childhood to to condition the mind so what you think is harmless is really the beginning of the end so turn off the te-lie-vision

    The school system especially the belief that sending your child to an all white institution is more beneficial is a lie.Your doing more harm than good to your child.I’ve had family members who’ve done this and wonder why their child grows up worshiping pale ones.Stop it.They are teaching their history and their ways for their education system.They are reprimanding your child unfairly and no matter how smart or talented we are they still claim in their statistics that we are the opposite.We send our children to school so they can be enslaved in this system.I was shocked to learn their are schools in “the land of the free, home of the brave” that still practice segragation.Dividing cafeterias,sports teams and proms.And this is 2015. Will racism ever be over?

    Working a 9-5 and being too tired to or not involved enough with your children.More single families and divorces in our community because we are being targeted.They’re very cunning with the divide and conquer technique and getting us to spend more time away. I personally believe the working in this society for the almighty buck is one of the greatest deceptions for we always get the worse end of the stick.Unless we are on yurugus agenda.They plotted together against me because I dared to be different and not be up their flat,butts.I tried to distance from them and keep it strictly business and those sick nasty,demons felt insulted.The audacity of these sociopaths.

    They were insulted I didn’t want to go out and drink their poisonous liquor with them,so they can tell me how they really feel about my race and blame the alcohol or hangout at their pointless clubs or go to their dreadful homes and eat their food and break bread with these Judases.Or play with their spoiled brat kids and turn on my race for the promise of faster promotions or better opportunities.Yup I see these Jezebels clearly.

    Feminist movement removed the black woman from the home where she can be more involved in raising the child.Leaving the child to be educated by te-lie-vision,the internet,video games etc…We have handed over the nurturing to other things.It also helped to divide the lack family.The feminist movement was really for the selfish yurugu women and their men who weren’t giving them enough attention.It was a blessing in disguise to be able to get away from these sorts and I’ll continue to separate.

    Social integration we are being put against each other.We find that the more we invite them into our world the more they “seem” accepting.But not so, as they’ve learned our ways.Exposed them and are using them to debase us and as reasons why we deserve to be killed with no justice.Why we are lesser than all races etc…Our being too accepting of them when they come as wolves in sheep clothing is
    our own suicide.When will we learn? I no longer believe the”not all of them are that way line”.They all are that way.White privilege has not escaped any of them therefore they are fully aware of how they are treated and will turn it on and off when it’s to their benefit.Even MLK Jr realized this too late after which he made his last speech saying he made a mistake and they shot him that day.

    We have to take back our children and quit sending them to slaughter literally and figuratively.Our men and women need to be protected.Getting out of their system is indeed ideal but of course there are preparations to be made. But there comes a time when we must stop thinking it and saying it and act. We are very capable of building our own society, with our own language and own everything despite what they say we just must step out on faith.I did it and I believe that’s when God blessed me the most.If the men want support they’ll have to snap out of the trance or learn the hard way.And yes we women must support them but not to the point of losing ourselves either.You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.Experience is the best teacher and that’s a hard pill to swallow but it is.In Jamaica my parents always said “if you can’t hear, you will have to feel”.

  14. Mohammed the redneck slayer on said:


    I love the informative comments that you type! I like your idea that we should meditate, and imagine a world without the white european beast race influence. I can’t believe it that the media, the industry, the advertisements, literally everything in this world are pushing the image of the beast meaning the white race supremacy! Even in video games, cartoons all have caucasoid looking characters! They are distracting us, so they can drag us to hell with them! We definitely should refrain from falling into the admiration of anything has the image of the beast, “the white race” we have to let go of the things of the world!

    All melanin rich family of man should meditate, and focus on anew universe without the white race! I enjoy reading the Bible The Book of Matthew, were the verses that tell us that the devil has planted his spawns in this world and they are the tares “the wicked ones”, and the angels of the most high “AHAYAH”, will reap those wicked tares and cast them in hellfire. Yashaya whom the world ignorantly calls “jesus christ” spake parables, about this wicked filthy world, to be passed away after their judgement. The world has been defiled, because it is run by inbred caucasoid elite.

    Trust me they don’t have enough time according to hidden biblical records, and black religious scholars have estimated that the white race have a span to live in this universe for 6000 years, and the earth is only 5993 years old since the eve of creation. The white man can lie to us, and can adjust their time, and date into their liking. Surely the most high “AHAYAH”, knows their plot and the most high has prepared a severe judgement for them.

  15. angel9loveu on said:

    @Mohammed the Redneck Slayer

    Thanks and yes their existence is predestined to come to an end very soon and they know.They’re not just buying guns or obsessed with them because they want a large gun collection or that it’s a hobby.They know somethings happening and they’ll be getting pay back.How could they expect to cause so much destruction,chaos and confusion and not have hell to pay? It’s funny they think guns will help as it’ll only make their situation worse.

    At this point imagining the world without them is not such a bad thing. They are constantly trying to not just imagine the world without us but actually put it into action. We walk around with a target on our backs,front, top etc…They are constantly coming for us and we underestimate them.If you don’t think they are obsessed with us constantly thinking about us think again.Their finding new strategies,diseases, to kill us.So let us use this melanin power and focus in on them.

    They tried to confuse things every minute claiming the world is coming to an end.And they go on edge as if they want to be the first to predict it, like typical sociopaths. Their noting weather patterns and evidence.Now some have come out the wood works proclaiming blacks are the true Israelites and jews etc…Like they’re going to be pardoned for their white guilt.

    We see them going to hell and we don’t want to go there.Can barely stomach them now much less an eternity mixed with them anywhere.
    But we must come out from their systems, by that, all their pagan,ritualistic practices. Their pagan Xmas/christmas,halloween, easter, thanksgiving,school, some their churches etc… anything they do.That is not for us and celebrating those with them won’t let them think anymore of us than what they already do.This obsession black people have with gaining this brainwashing European trashy education, to get a degree has done nothing for us either.They still see us as a ni##@with a piece of paper. Their ways are not our ways and until these other sleeping negroes get this we’ll always be in slavery.

    I wish their were more black owned businesses, which I feel are being affected by the Yurugus.And I’m not surprised they want us dependent on them always.

    I was watching this and while I question some of it which is normal it interesting.

  16. Wow, this documentary is pretty interesting, to say the least. That connection of Israel to the Igbo tribe is even more intriguing to me because when I consider the Biafrian War that took place in Nigeria, this Igbo person I know described it as they were treated like “outsiders”, which she says continues to this day. So the evidence is pretty strong. @angel9loveu But dang, that was pretty depressing to watch. It creates more questions for me.

  17. angel9loveu on said:

    @Cherri F

    Thank you.I felt the same, depressed for a week.To think we were always slaves because of disobedience and a blood covenant. We can’t escape it because we’re chosen.From the outside we don’t seem very chosen but in spirit I do.We are gentle and accepting. While the savage neanderthals degrade us and abuse us.They know meshed with our powerful DNA would prolong their filthy lives while their other full neanderthals died out.They were suppose to as well but are still barbaric. We prolonged their life when Homo Sapiens and neanderthals combined and that’s like DOA said stop sleeping with them and prolonging their lives and seed in the earth. The more we sleep with them we are keeping them alive.We are the ones causing our destruction these so called love IRR are a farce to ensure there survival like Mohammed Redneck Slayer said the clock is ticking on their existence. Now we need to segregate and meditate on the other sleeping in complacency.Those blaming rejection from men of their own race etc for running into gurus arms…
    So far many eyes have been opened and are being opened thanks to DOA,Gazi Sensei etc… They’re coming out of the trance and we need to zone in to save some of these lost ones on the meditation.Pull them out of this sleep.

    I was left thinking well how do we fix this.Do we all or can a few beg pardon? I was all in my feelings. Honestly,I just got it why DOA and the others always said they can’t live without us.We are the carbon to life the originals.Quit mating with them they use the media to sell their agenda and that they are the “savior” and “royalty” but they stole everything from us.Black people should be in the Buckingham Palace.But they know if they can fool us into thinking we’re the subhuman.They know they can manipulate us to use our melanin.And that we’d be happy to receive their scraps or worship them if they looked in our direction.We are kings and queens and we must wake up out of this slumber.So I’m all for a pull together of our rich melanin family to awaken sleeping giants and make Yurugus obsolete.

    The quest for truth about our beautiful people to have as much information is a beautiful thing. They comeout in attack mode when they sense awareness..LOL. But to figure out why is it that Yurugu hates us so much.Why does everything they touch get destroyed.And that it’s just in their DNA.It’s like the hate is in their every being just born to believe we are below them it’s not natural and our people who are so powerful yet powerless to defeat them. That we keep falling over ourselves.How to feel when you realize your race is apart of the problem.We are giving them life.And that’s why I wanted DOA to discuss the poison of IRR and biracials. The melinated white people.There’s more to it than meets the eye and they are the product of mixing our DNA with devils. We live in a society emulating them or putting down our race so they can rise.But the bible clearly said they are our ENEMIES and we are to get out from them.

    When that Rachel Dozelal woman came out with her fraudulence we see all the biracials hopping on her bandwagon offering her pardon.And claiming their white sides.We got a glimpse of white agenda through their mixed offspring. Don’t trust them.

  18. Title of the video: “General Bert: White American Men are Dying”

    Their time is hopefully coming to an end.

  19. I shall post this. Thank you much!

  20. Riviera @Varsity-Lodge on said:

    Good Evening Sister.

    I was wondering if you would like to respond to the below video of this traitor.

    Stay hopeful.

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