Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Secret Rising Consciousness of Yurugu

Yes, I’m well aware of the contradiction of Yurugu the Destroyer being “conscious”. However, since The Destroyers of Earth have expertly manufactured and maintained a system that reaps the benefits on the backs of others, I would most certainly describe them as conscious.

Over the summer, I went to various farmer’s markets. Yurugu, needing to vent their rising fears, approached me and begin to chat about the current state of affairs in this country all the while pretending to shop for apple butter. They sensed something is coming, something bad, something terrifying, and it has their name on it.

Random whites spoke with a slight note of trembling fear of not being able to sleep at night, being worried constantly about their future, the future of their children and about God. I listened intently as they (unsuccessfully) skirted around the mystery of injustice, spoke about the many refugees that are coming to the United States and into Europe, the lack of decent jobs that pay a living wage, the rising crime rate in “good neighbourhoods”, the rising rate of suicide amongst “good Christians”, the push for homosexuality in schools, why their beloved guns are under attack and why isn’t “their” government helping them.

I’ve noticed that whites NEVER speak of injustice with other whites, only with certain black people and only in PRIVATE away from the ears of their peers. It’s as if they know intrinsically admitting such things amongst their brethren would cause them to be ostracized. This knowledge solidifies my belief that whites are:

NOT unaware of how their ACTIONS/ INACTIONS have caused a ripple effect worldwide

FULLY aware of how THEY are now being affected by their own crimes and system of injustice

Terrified of their own people and wish to seek solace within the arms of the very people they despise


Remember when I stated that racism is a debilitating mental illness because it causes you to cut off your own nose to spite your face?

I stand by my statement.

All the whites that have come up to me this past summer to tell me how disappointed they were in their government, in their manufactured school system, at their local grocer for jacking up meat prices, at their local congressman for not helping them more seem to cleverly forget one important thing:

In their system of injustice, a system that has been built and nurtured and made fat on hate, a system that was created for the sole purpose of making whites “superior” to all other peoples, a system that they KNOW is unfair but are happy for they reap the benefits, why are they now surprised to learn that that system has turned against them?


Whites, who arrogantly believed that they’ve outsmarted Nature, will have no other choice but to face the depths of their crimes against this planet and HER inhabitants. Nature may be slow but she never misses HER mark.

And whites are marked for extermination…and they know it.

No, this picture of an underwater community was not taken from Hurricane Katrina, a MANUFACTURED storm so whites can “land grab”, it was taken from the recent flooding in Texas that happened a week ago. Funny how Nature NEVER forgets what was done and happily gives it right back.

In the future, there are a few things we should be on the lookout for within the Yurugu community:

  1. Yurugu, in their desperation, will try (and fail) to convince us that race doesn’t matter and we all need to stick together in these perilous times
  2. More of them will try to solicit us for friendship/ sex/ marriage
  3. Expect them to invite us to their churches as a (phony) gesture of Christianhood
  4. Expect them to invite us to their homes as a (phony) gesture of brotherhood/ sisterhood
  5. Expect them to randomly bring up slavery/ prejudice and talk about how unfair/ unjust it was and how something like that must “never happen again”
  6. Expect more of them to convert to Christianity and give random lectures about “God” and salvation


When all these methods FAIL for we are on a path to greater consciousness, Yurugu will TURN and DEVOLVE into a monstrosity that will frighten even them. Whites are NOT going down without a fight and we should fully expect to deal with their full fledged rage. Before they surrender their guns to their government, Yurugu will come after us FIRST.

We must begin to get prepared for what is lurking around the corner.

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11 thoughts on “The Secret Rising Consciousness of Yurugu

  1. The times of the gentiles are being fulfilled & their rule/reign is coming to an end. Many of them are in denial & many of them are scared. In N. CA, they lost their homes during the fires this year & last year they lost their homes in fires in North San Diego County, CA last year. In both places; they were so shocked & dismayed that it hit them; they never thought it would happen to them (in their well-to-do communities). But oh well. Now, we’re supposed to have strong El Ninos, which means, floods & mudslides; homes disintegrating & sliding down hills into backyards; etc. This is a repeat of what happened here in S. CA after the 2003 fires & 2004-2005 rain/mudslides (homes disintegrating/sliding into other people’s homes, backyards, etc.).

    Also, they trying to change history, i.e. McGraw-Hill, equating slavery as migration movements of Blacks; the Black captives are called immigrants & workers; etc., etc. They said something about changing the digital print, but the hard copy book won’t be changed until the next edition.

    With all of these recent shootings/killings showing white-on-white crime; they are complaining/having hissy fits that there is too much coverage on this; & they need to go back reporting about inner city crime, Chicago shootings, etc., etc.

  2. A fascinating perspective! It is–or should be–obvious by now that whites fully understand how racism is practiced and the impact it has on victims–regardless of all denials. They also realize that the majority of damage being done to the planet has been at their hands — from wars to GMOs to contaminated oceans and destroyed plant, insect, and animal life. They are not oblivious to who is responsible and they are not oblivious to the rising evidence that their Karma will deal a mighty blow.

    what blacks and non-whites should NOT take comfort in is the effect of this Karma and how whites will react to it. They will –in fright and rage– seek to share it with non-white people


    the (s)election of President Obama — to fool the Universe into thinking that black people are just as responsible as whites are but the Universe knows the difference between ACTORS and those who are being ACTED UPON.

    President Obama is a puppet whose speech and actions are controlled by others. He is a victimized high profile non-white person who may not be in control of his actions. He is ACTED UPON, not the ACTOR, hence he will NOT share the Karma of his controllers/tormentors.

    that being said

    Blacks and other non-whites will find the planet a much more dangerous place as Karma is heaped upon the white collective. Since we do NOT understand this and choose NOT to believe it OR to UNIFY with each other, we will — unfortunately, have to learn the hard way.

  3. Mohammed the redneck slayer on said:

    The so called europeans, and westerners are descendants of the cursed leprous albino “Canaanites”, and edomites. These canaanites have linked their seed with the Nephilim. This is where freemasonry comes from the so called elite and illuminati obtained this forbidden knowledge known as the “Kabbalah” from their fallen demonic masters, and the pure white race is subservient, and obedient to these fallen demonic “Nephilim”.

    Hence why the story from the Bible of the book Genesis tells us, that “Noah drank a fermented grape juice, and of he became drunk, and he was uncovered, and then came Canaan the progenitor of the Canaanites, albino white race and sodomised his Grandfather Noah! We can tell why the ِwestern european world is obsessed with immorality, alcoholism, obscenity, homosexuality, beastiality, pedophillia etc. They think it is alright to teach toddlers about the aforementioned criterias. It is a stretch to belief that the Canaanites were the original sodomites the Bible spoke of who founded the city of “Soddom& Gommorah” which was destroyed by the the most high the almighty “AHAYAH”.

    Carrying on to what happened in the Bible story of the book Genesis “When Noah woke up and he found out what Canaan his grandson have done to him Noah cursed Canaan his grandson and he said “Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.” The so called white race the modern day europeans, and westerners are still servants to their demonic fallen angels, “The Nephilim” through their freemasonry where they obtain forbidden knowledge to create technology, which makes the white race the most rational race on earth, where they gained strong foothold and dominion in this earth.

    The european western world is a productive society where they invent supplies to simplify the life of other races on this earth, hence why Noah when he cursed Canaan Noah said “a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren”. For instance, the rich oil Arab countries they are heavily religious, and the Arabs are rich they drive vehicles made by the west, the Arabs wear extravagant clothes designed by the west, Arabs eat organic food, made by the west, Arabs purchase weapons for military use made by the west. This is why the west criticizes the rich oil Arab people by calling them “useless eaters, and consumerist society that is worthless”.

    The Arabs and the muslim world who use these supplies that were invented by the so called white man, do not give credit to the white race for providing the Arabs with these expenses, and are ungrateful towards the inventions of the whitman! Only atheist Arabs who embrace the ideologies of the rationalist white man give testimony to white supremacy. This is what the white race want! They want to exalt themselves as a god race, and want everyone in the world to credit them for their inventions that improved the life of other races! While Middle Eastern atheists through their gullibility began to forsook their religious believes, and embrace the ideologies of the so called whitman, not realising Satan choose this race to carry out his diabolical plans against humanity to destroy god’s real chosen people who are the melanin rich family of man “The Negroes, Native americans, Aborigines, and the Pacific islanders”.

    History students worldwide were taught by so called self explanatory whiteman history which is full of lies, that Hitler came to power and wanted to make the pure “Aryan race” as the rulers of this world. This demonic “Aryan race” which are formed by the Nephilim are susceptible to diseases, and their skin gets burned by the sun which benefits the organisms of this earth. The sun increases the risk of the white race being prone to skin cancer, or melanoma. Hitler knew someday the white race which are the source of all evil in this world, will not survive for too long and will be exterminated. The real super powerful beings who posses powers beyond expectations and made by the most high’s image are the melanin rich family of man “The Negroes, Native americans, Aborigines, and the Pacific islanders”. The aforementioned races will be back in dominion and will be rulers of the universe by the aid of the most high “AHAYAH” hallowed his name when Jacob’s trouble ends.

  4. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    I totally get where you’re coming from, I work with and around them everyday, the way they’re all so generous all of a sudden, it baffles even me

  5. @ nidotopianwarrior

    Are they generous to all the blacks where you work or only some? I have seen this DIVISIVE strategy more times than I can count. For example, being “inclusive” to black males and rejecting of black females so the black males will be more open to sex with them, breeding with white females, sexually open to white males (homosexuality), using black male energy and talents to white benefit, and turning against black females.

    Black males are seen as the lynch pin of black destruction and the easiest pin to break. Like pulling the pin on the Black Grenade to effect a Black Holocaust

    I have seen this dynamic play out when it comes to movies and TV shows and commercials where the black male will be the ONLY black person amidst a group of white people, being their “friend” or assisting white people in whatever troubles they have (like most Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Samuel Jackson movies)

    while the black female is largely invisible.

    I would advise black males (and black females) be VERY AWARE of this divide and conquer, we like you but we don’t like ‘them’ TRICK

    At the end of the day, once you have outlived your purpose (Bill Cosby and Ben Carson and President Obama) you will be discarded (destroyed).

    I did a blog post on this media phenomenon at my blog


  6. angel9loveu on said:

    It’s when they’re being nice that they’re up to no good

  7. Janice Adams on said:

    Amen & Amenet!!!A great book as a reference point to your post is titled, “Soverentry & Remeberance by M. Barutti.

    From: diaryofanegress To: jamunsel@yahoo.com Sent: Friday, October 9, 2015 9:21 AM Subject: [New post] The Secret Rising Consciousness of Yurugu #yiv5068785411 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv5068785411 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv5068785411 a.yiv5068785411primaryactionlink:link, #yiv5068785411 a.yiv5068785411primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv5068785411 a.yiv5068785411primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv5068785411 a.yiv5068785411primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv5068785411 WordPress.com | diaryofanegress posted: “Yes, I’m well aware of the contradiction of Yurugu the Destroyer being “conscious”. However, since The Destroyers of Earth have expertly manufactured and maintained a system that reaps the benefits on the backs of others, I would most certainly describe t” | |

  8. Mohammed the redneck slayer on said:


    I totally agree with you someone has to sit with them and examine their behaviours, they are cynical bastards who only think of themselves. They lack the sense of accountability and they don’t care to what happens to you, and even me! When they smile there’s a pseudo image they’re giving to the public, and it’s a sign there’s something unpleasant about to occur after them.

  9. angel9loveu on said:

    @Trojan Pam that’s so interesting they did that in my workplace but they did it by skin color.They used that divisive method and one Yurugu female told a biracial colleague that his white side was his best side.So the more “European” features you had the more they befriended you.They operate like serpents and that’s why I never notice any difference.A leopard never changes it’s spots.

  10. angel9loveu on said:

    @Mohammed the redneck slayer

    I wouldn’t want to sit with them plus if you want to awaken their true ignorance,try as a black person to tell them about themselves.That’s when they’ll release their worse toxins.
    I avoid prolonged contact as I get palpitations and anxieties.Can’t be around them for too long kind of like in church and the pastor points out someone possessed with a demon and all those with the Holy Spirit senses become heightened.A call that pure evil is present so you can’t be easy around them.
    But I enjoyed your comments very informative.

  11. Mohammed the redneck slayer on said:


    Thank you so much for you compliment, I really appreciate whomsoever reads the informative tidbits that I type. I decided to make an exemplar that is like a note that I jot down some observations regarding the behaviour of these pale faced demons in human flesh. If I came across anything that is relevant to what I had written in the exemplar, then that means I should refrain from having a fellowship with these pigmentless swines. I know they are the source of all wickedness that has occurred in this earth.

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