Observations of an Invisible Woman

Hueman Accessories: The Secret Reason for Our Kidnapping and Disappearance



I’d like to thank my very good buddy in the U.K. (name withheld)  for alerting me to this GROWING trend that is affecting the black community.


Your child, wife or husband goes out to get some milk.

After a few hours they still haven’t returned.

You, panicked, call the police and pray for them to return safely.

Where are they?


Introducing The Human Leather Company, U.K.


They “Specialize” in creating distinct products for a VERY SPECIAL clientele.  But please don’t try to place your order just yet, folks. They’re FULLY booked with orders and can’t handle any more volume.

Amazing how cruelness runs in their DNA, no? King Leopold used to cut off our breasts, vaginas and penises and make purses.

You can read the rest of the webpage by clicking on the aboved link.


Black Family,

This new revelation has done a few things for me.

  1. It solidifies my belief that whites are simply the most evil, cruel, animalistic race ever created.
  2. It solidifies my theory that all those missing persons that went “to the library/ for milk/ to get some cigarettes were kidnapped for ritualistic and/or  monetary means.
  3. It CONFIRMS that we are being closely watched at ALL TIMES and FOLLOWED.


Since Melanin is proven to be highly sought after for its regenerative purposes, can you surmise which skin is the most VALUED and PURCHASED? When we will begin to understand that these “people” are not our friends, do not like us and wish us real harm?

When we end up holding money as someone’s wallet?

Or maybe as those shoes in the picture above?

Remember my post on 10 things all black people need to TRY and remain safe? I’d like to add one more thing to that list due to a recent incident I had:



It may seem odd but a portable urinal, one for each member of the family, may save your life. Just wash with a little bleach (or vinegar), soap and water after each use. And don’t forget a roll of toilet paper, sanitary napkins and a small container of baby wipes in a zippered bag.

If you must leave your home after dark, after all, some of do work graveyard shift or pick up a family member that does, please remember to:

  1. Look behind you as you walk (Stop talking on your cell phone!!!!!)
  2. Carry your keys IN YOUR HAND so you don’t have to fish it out of your purse
  3. Check the backseat of your car BEFORE you enter your car
  4. LOCK the car door after you and your passengers are in


If you find this post informative, please pass it on to others.

It may save a few lives.

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17 thoughts on “Hueman Accessories: The Secret Reason for Our Kidnapping and Disappearance

  1. Thank you for this information

    MIRTHO LINGUET. 0694 927 571 site : http://www.mirto.fr

    * IN THE PRODUCTION OF JUSTICE. CONSTRUCTIVE VALUE. STILL LEARNING. http://www.produiredelajustice.wordpress.com

  2. Disgusting. But I’m not surprised; nothing they do surprises me anymore.

    Thank you for the info.

  3. I knew they were kidnapping people — especially children and young people — to take their organs and for ritualistic ceremonies and sex slavery but I never knew about this.

    Honestly, though, nothing surprises me anymore.

    We have been brainwashed into thinking brown and dark skin is a sign of inferiority when in reality, it is just the opposite. We have no idea how valuable our melanin makes us — on so many levels.

  4. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    they must be destroyed, all of them

  5. Peace thanks for the information I’ve  never heard this before but I’m not surprised.

  6. Well, it’s not just the skin……the Atlanta Child Murders were for the pituitary glands supposedly (can’t find the article for now) but there was more to it than just murdering black boys….

  7. Most of the non white people just don’t kno with who they are dealing, result is a great climate of confusion. “If you don’t understanc white supreamcy which is racism what it is and how it works evertything else that you inderstand will only confuse you” Dixit Mr Neely Fuller Jr.
    White supremacy is a politcal and ideological ideal based specifically in one form or another on the mistreatment of the non white people based on th color of the s skin, for fun, glory, and material gain. That is all it is about and untill now nothing can match; The most familar mystery cemented by deception and violnece directly or indirectly.

  8. Most of the non white people just don’t know with who they are dealing, result is a great climate of confusion. as mister Neely Fuller repeatedly quote :“If you don’t understand white supremacy which is racism what it is and how it works everything else that you understand will only confuse you” .
    White supremacy is a politcal and ideological ideal global system specifically designed and based in one form or another for the mistreatment of the non white people of the planet and based on the color of the s skin, for fun, glory, and material gain. That is all it is about and untill now unfortunatley nothing can match it. The most familar mystery cemented by deception and violence directly or indirectly. We as non white/black people must have to deal with truth as they deal with deception and non justice.

    Stop pretending and be codified. PRODUCE JUSTICE .

    * JUSTICE = Balance between people.

    * JUSTICE = Guaranteing that no person is mistreated in thought speech and or action and this 24/7.

    * JUSTICE = Guaranteing that the person who needs help the most, receives the most constructive in thought, speech, action and assistance 24/7.

    Thank You.
    Still learning.

  9. It makes me sad that I completely expected something like this from those things. At this point this kind of brutal behavior is so normal im almost unfazed .

    I never let my child out alone.

  10. I just found your blog days ago, and ever since, I’ve been consuming your posts like hotcakes. There is so much food for thought here.

    That being said, reading this post makes me very, very sad on a level I can’t really express to others. Coming into the true knowledge of what we are dealing with as Blacks under RWS makes me sick. Even before I could put my finger on it, I knew there was something ‘off’ about life, in general, as a Black person. So, for years, even though I’m married, I was hellbent against having children and bringing them into this chaos we call life on this planet…I was more content to just adopt a child who was already here and try to show them something better.

    Then, after nearly a decade of being married, I had my first child and, as of very recently, my second. Becoming a mother has produced a very strange effect for me as someone under this system. On one hand, I look at my beautiful little ones and lament, very deeply, that I have borne them into this prison to which they had no say-so and will either find themselves powerless or, more sadly, be blinded to the truth of their reality while actually thinking they are not VORs; when I hear them laugh or see them smile as babies, I am filled with as much guilt as I am love. The guilt, most times, prevents me from truly enjoying the blessings these little ones are in my life. I lament at already knowing what they will be up against. When I watch them sleep at night – so innocently and without a care in the world – I am mad at myself I had brought them here to a place of suffering that even I cannot conquer myself; I can only work on maintaining. Because I purposely conceived them both, I know the guilt is all mine, and, so, there really is nothing to say; I just keep it to myself. A part of me grows enraged that this is not a conversation a White Supremacist female would have to have with herself if she wanted to procreate; she wouldn’t have to worry about what lies ahead for her child like I do, but I digress.

    Through it all, though, one of the only things that keeps me from losing my mind completely is knowing and accepting the responsibility I have now to educate myself for them, so that I can teach and equip them, and myself in the process. They are now soldiers in this war as well (sigh). Though I am sad to be the vehicle thru which they arrived here, they are now my main motivation for living, true catalysts for my living constructively, every step of the way now. Because I’m (seemingly) married to someone and within an extended family of others who do not seem to want to do the same on any consistent or tangible level, I feel the pressure that much more to take on this role alone. Outside of online communities like this, I have no one in real life with whom I can work constructively and exchange ideas. But that’s alright. I owe it to my little ones, since we are all in this hell together, to keep on going. The only comfort I have is in knowing they will have one another, and I can raise them both to be as constructive and logically as possible.

    And after reading this particular blog post, it just makes me that much more scared for them, though. I knew they were kidnapping us for our organs, but I never thought they could sink to this low. Then again, I guess I’m not too surprised, logically speaking. To do some of the things they do now suggests they do not see us as humans anyway, so why treat us any differently than they might treat a tiger they poached for its coat or a alligator they’d kill for his skin, either?

    On that note, if there are any other mothers on here…or fathers for that matter, could you please offer any kind of words on how you ‘cope’ with living in this system. especially as a parent? My children are very young, so I know there might not be too much I can actually ‘teach’ them, other than by my example. However, ever since my 3-year-old told me, just last week, that her White Barbie doll (which I didn’t buy her) was prettier than her Black one and that she liked her blue eyes…even though she has Black parents, has an all- Black extended family, has a Mama who wears a fro, a daddy who has dreads and she even has twists, has never heard me praise the standard of ‘White beauty’ and has never been in daycare or around other children like that in her short life…I recognized, some kind of way, she STILL managed to pick this up in her little mind SOME HOW!

    By the end of the same night, I had been led to this blog and to elders like Mr. Fuller and Dr. Welsing and have been expanding ever since. I am fully dedicated to living constructively, not just for my sake and sanity but for that of my children’s as well. I was just wondering how other parents might have been faring as well.


    Thank you for your contribution. Please, keep it up!

  11. The best advice I can give you, and others, is to HOME SCHOOL your children. That way you are in control of their environment and their learning process.

    Best of luck…

  12. eightbeetles on said:

    @neketa0824 I enjoyed reading your post. Your little one learned this from the Te-lie-vision. Turn off that garbage which was literally created to tell you ‘how’ to feel. Nothing but garbage! So many people like myself, don’t watch the te-lie-vision anymore because it tells lies to your vision. Imagine what it does to our babies? Much love sis-STAR.

  13. @diaryofanegress

    Already with you there. Before I even conceived my first, I already knew I’d be homeschooling all of my babies. The more I learn, so will they.


    You’re absolutely right. It took me a minute to think after the incident with my daughter and it became clear the BS she’d picked up was from the TV. We only have one in the entire house and I’d be over the moon to get rid of it. Until my husband recognizes how truly harmful and useless it is for us, I don’t see it going anywhere, so the compromise now is just to keep it off when the children are awake.

    OAN, does anyone here have insight about how you handle a situation like this, or any others, when one parent is ‘conscious’ and the other isn’t?

  14. I agree they are the most callous animalistic race that has ever existed on planet earth. Back then the king leopold of belgium colonised Congo, he decided to torture the African Congolese population. Through amputating their body parts. as macabre for the rest of the native Congolese, not to protest their freedom. The belgians took the body parts that they amputated from native Congolese Africans, and ontop of that ten million died from the genocide. Surely The Most High won’t let the white race crimes go unpunished.

  15. angel9loveu on said:

    I’d be lying if I said I was surprised.Disgusted but nonetheless expected.Atleast this is proof I’m not crazy when I don’t want to go walking in my neighborhood at night.I’m just trying to get it together to get away,I’m reading DOA cause in a world of crazy it reminds me I’m not alone on many of these issues.I’m about to read when the victimizer becomes the victim.

  16. I am done with white demon/vampire culture and I will study electromagnetism, Afrikan metaphysics and Voudoo to defeat these monsters.

    Negress thank you for your posts. the are invaluable, insightful and hard hitting. We need you; I realize for your own mental heath you cannot blog regularly but I check your website one a week for updates. Please don’t stop!!!!

  17. 25 Black and Alive on said:

    We are dealing with real vampires. They’ve been studying our genes for a long time. They’ve been drinking our blood, injecting their selves with our melanin and doing all kinds of unimaginable things. They put it in the movies and tell us all about it but most of us still refuse to believe that they are our enemies. Keep banging on this beast queen!

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