Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Unraveling of White America

For those of you that’s wondering “why”, this post is for you.

As America becomes browner, which is inevitable, and the planet heats up, which is prophesied, whites will begin to experience three things:

1. A pulse-pounding, gut-wrenching, bone-chilling, can’t-sleep-without-my-Ambien-Prozac-cocktail-fear.

2. An acceptance that Nature will have HER way and join us in the fight for justice.

3. An utter and total apathy for all things hueman-related as long as the TV works and they can still buy beer.

Was I shocked to see this unfold?


I’ve been in this country now long enough to know that NOTHING America does or says in regards to black people is shocking.

What I am somewhat surprised to see is how our Melanin Power is forcing change to slowly occur. These “officers” that are killing our people are slowly but surely being held accountable for their crimes. Did you know that Texas, the same state that this incident occurred,  just had a massive flood that obliterated a middle-upper class white neighbourhood?

Those of you that practice Metaphysics know that there are no accidents on this planet.

Which brings me to the crux of this post…

When you are accustomed to being the default of humanity, the most revered, the most complimented, the most accepted worldwide and basically told that you are the sole reason for Earth revolving on its axis, just how do you cope when the demographics all around you is changing from a milky white to a brownish, mocha-ish, cappuccino shade of golden yellow?

What do you do when movies depicting “minority” characters bomb because we, the REAL majority, are refusing to see them due to the fact that they are played by white actors?

What do you do when blackish and brownish people are now enjoying economic stability and can move right next door to you in your gated community?

You flip the fuck out.

What good is it to be white in America when blacks have the same luxuries as you?

The only way whites measure themselves is by comparing themselves to black people.

What does that mean for your particular race when your children are CHOOSING to date and marry out of their race?

What does it mean for your race as new immigrants, who are also white, push you out of jobs because they’re better educated and have a stronger work ethic?

Where does that leave you?

This is the silent question that haunts white Americans.

It is this question that drives them to call the police to report a “suspicious” person that looks like they are “up to no good.”

My Dear Melanin Family, as the planet makes HER changes and the sun emits more X-Class rays, white America will continue down a very rocky path. Some will approach you with a timid smile eager to make friends partly out of fear for their future. Some will ignore you as they hurry to catch the liquor store before it closes and sadly, some will grow more violent, mentally disturbed and eager to spill your blood.

You cannot change what is about to come.

You can only prepare for it by strengthening your Spirit Force daily with sunlight, clean food and daily meditation.

May God be with you all.




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17 thoughts on “The Unraveling of White America

  1. Right on. So much truth.

  2. Kushite Prince on said:

    Truth ! 🙂

  3. Profound food for thought

  4. She’s back! I missed you.

  5. I got one of my wishes.You hit the nail on the head.Last night I was thinking and wondered if we prayed or meditated to rid the world of all the sociopaths one race in particular might seize to exist…hmmph.But then again the world is so affected by this secret,incurable mental illness that might not work.
    I’m thinking to leave this country very soon.White America is unraveling and I would prefer to watch from the nosebleeds that have a front row seat.I know the cops aren’t here to protect us,I’ve learned from being in an almost similar job.That we’re fooling ourselves.When they unravel,they’re going to be more monstrous than before and based on what I see now,I can’t imagine it being worse.If they didn’t have there claws in everything it would be easier to figure where to go but as soon as I find a place,I’m out.

  6. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/13/us/rachel-dolezal-naacp-president-accused-of-lying-about-her-race.html?_r=0 Have you seen this on the white woman trying to pass for black and held a prominent role in the black community and NAACP, her parents came forward.It’s said she uses her white privileges card when it suits her.Unravel the plans of white America now they infiltrate our most prominent black organizations no wonder it’s filled with sell outs.

  7. @DOAN
    Great post! Truth! What do you think about the story of the WW that was posing as a BW for years as the leader of the NAACP ?

  8. Indeed, there is beyond the core of Life and experiences, that is going on Asaase Afua, Asaase Yaa, Mother Earth, etc. and in the Cosmos. So thank you diaryofanegress and all, I share with you all as I do earnestly will for homeostasis (balance in Life, body, soul and mind):

    Click to access Amanehunu_Overcoming_Transcarnational_Suffering.pdf


    (What I suffer from BPD )
    Absolute and Relative Love – John Welwood

    Yeda Ase, Q.

  9. bmx1982 on said:

    “What do you do when movies depicting “minority” characters bomb because we, the REAL majority, are refusing to see them due to the fact that they are played by white actors?”

    ^ A million times this . I’m finding myself more and more turned off by the media. Searching Netflix or trying to find a video game to play is increasingly becoming an exercise in futility, the more that I realize the plots, characters, and messages don’t synch up with the world I’d like to see, the easier it becomes to just walk away from.

  10. Thank you quinpar.It seems I too suffer from BPD.I was blown away reading the list.These are very informative links.

  11. Your blog is heaven sent Anegress- This happened not to far from me and you could feel the tension in the air here. What really was amazing was how many black folks here were saying it wasn’t racial and justifying the police officers actions. It’s like a bunch of walking zombies as I like to call them still trying to look for love from white folks. Lately I feel a lot of spiritual attacks on myself and family especially when I’m with my husband white folks cringe and you can feel thier evil spirits and if their bold they’ll try to cause discord and get close to us. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out we’re to go from here and how to protect myself and family.

  12. Once again, you’re telling great wisdom Sister.

  13. 2 Timothy 3: 1-5

    “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.”

    Very evident today and the bible says to avoid them.Why then are we having sex with them,trying to gain acceptance and love? Worse,living amongst them and becoming like them to appease them. I for one sense the tension,it’s evil, blacks and nonwhites becoming like them to fit in.While they plot to kill us.Look at the shooting in North Carolina.Hopeless.I’ve seen blacks jump in to defend whites and their evil motives too many times.This Dozelal woman posing as black.Some people don’t see anything wrong and think it’s a compliment.But foolish people didn’t realize this woman tried to sue Howard University and wielded her white privileges when convenient.She incited NAACP marches claiming she was under attack by the KKK and they sent threatening packages to her post box which was clearly fishy that it wasn’t so.This woman is either off her rockets or on a secret agenda.I think both but every time there’s a march it makes us vulnerable and open to be shot and killed or criticized.And she was using it to her advantage.Fake marches and posing as black,adopting her black brother as her son.Now identifying as white.So she can just go back and forth as she pleases while for us black people we are who we are 24/7,365 days of the week…smh.

  14. I’m white. I want to be honest and upfront about that in case you would rather not have me leaving comments in your space in the future.

    To try to answer some of your questions:

    “When you are accustomed to being the default of humanity, the most revered, the most complimented, the most accepted worldwide and basically told that you are the sole reason for Earth revolving on its axis, just how do you cope when the demographics all around you is changing from a milky white to a brownish, mocha-ish, cappuccino shade of golden yellow?”

    I get excited at how beautiful and diverse everything is starting to look…and then I get sad. Because I didn’t know this isn’t the default. Because I didn’t know that people are still struggling to make this happen. Because until it became more common to see even ONE person of color in a television show I watch I was never aware how many there are that have completely white casts…and I hate what this says about me.

    I admit to coming from a place of racially-privileged ignorance. I watched the news reports of the beatings, shootings, and burnings and thought “this can’t be normal, this can’t be happening still TODAY”, and I realized, from trying to educate myself, that it is. And I can’t even imagine. I have no personal basis for comparison, because even when my ancestors were being killed off by Hitler all it took for us to survive was change our NAME, not our skin color or hair or anything the simple act of marriage wouldn’t have changed anyways.

    “What does that mean for your particular race when your children are CHOOSING to date and marry out of their race?”

    I want to say this means that my race is trying. I want to say that it means that we realize we’re not better than everyone else, and that we see intelligence and beauty and strength and glory in other people that look and act different from us. But I realize that what I say doesn’t amount to much and that it’s actions that have value.

    If it’s alright, I would like to continue to read your blog.

  15. Kowaba,thank you for that video.I watched it several times and feel his passion because we know where he’s coming from but those other straight faced pale faces blank stares are none too familiar.How they are when they are confronted with the truth of their manipulation.Speechless and immovable,very selfish and cold.I read their response to DOA’s blog.And so mean spirited for no reason they put themselves as the best at everything and then the Asians.I’ve tried to accept that maybe all aren’t that way but I believe I’m wrong and anyone else who think that way is dead wrong.
    I feel always if I had a white friend and it was between me and a strange person of their race I would be out of luck.

  16. Frenzhelpfrenz, you’re very welcome. I posted the video because I felt it embodies what we go through as black people and what we observe on this blog, as well as, the message of this blog. So many times when I would try to explain to white people about racism they would respond like in this video or try to argue like what the guy in the video explains. White people don’t care what we have to say because they feel they are superior to us and can dictate how we should live our lives. By the way, the clip is from the film The Color of Fear.

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