Observations of an Invisible Woman

Jade Helm

Still think they’re just playing with us?




I’ve seen them with my own eyes roaming around in my area…and I live on farmland.

Black Family, are you getting prepared?

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12 thoughts on “Jade Helm

  1. darqbeauty on said:

    These devils are scared. The chickens are coming home to roost. The funny thing is they will continue to try keep stabbing us in the backs, all the while ignoring the knife sheathed between their own blades. They are orchestrators of their own demise, and as they burn the world will cheer and heave a collective sigh of relief. Every day, I feel my power growing. Every day, I wake up expecting….something. Something profound to change within my body at a moments notice or provocation. Some real sci-fi sh*t. Our holy books all speak of us being changed in latter days…in ways we can’t comprehend. “Junk DNA” my ass. Just wait till that “junk” turns on. I know exactly who I’m going after…..


    I know you recessive creatures keep tabs on us. So mark these words. When the time comes, I will find you. I will mete out recompense. Your D.U.M.B.s won’t save you from us. We are coming for you. You cannot stop this. I am ready.

  2. @ Darq

    You said that better than I ever could.

  3. We won’t believe it even while it’s happening.

  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    It’s going to get really ugly very soon. Get ready and stay focused! Stay strong my people.

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    Reblogged this on Black Survival and commented:
    Be sure to check out this video. It’s very eye opening! Stay alert at all times!

  6. I am enlightened by your blogs and have began reading them daily.I wish other black people would wake up.This is no joke.As a darkskinned woman life has been harsh.But it has kept me on my toes and taught me to be vigilant and trust very few people.Great blogs I look forward to them.

  7. Hi DOAN……I nave been reading every post ….at last i find some interesting people

  8. No they are not playing…the tens of millions of us they have erased should be quite obvious….wake up ….personally i think we should heed dr valentines words and stop being re:actors …and become actors…let them fret our next move….the change would stun them.

  9. I’ve noticed this change in the air and spoke with my aunt another enlightened melanite about these changes.This became extremely evident this year.I’m extremely sensitive to my environment and am able to discern people’s aura.To the point now where I avoid contact with many especially, whites and the uncle and Aunty Tom’s.I have family members who I avoid with their stupidity.They only date white men/ women.My cousin’s wife treats him like a dog but he claims he has a “prize”. It’s a harsh reality and I hated him for it and still do.Cause he called me out my name for being dark sinned.And worshipped these evil white women.He was also mistreated by their kind and had to leave their oppressive system but he still thinks the way he does.

    Thes things affect my nature which caused me to become reclusive.Reading your vlogs was like reading my life story.I was the only black besides the other Aunty Tom in my work environment and everyday I was drained,confused and negative.I’m usually energetic and free spirited but something wasn’t right.The Yurugus I worked with were draining my energy and trying to dim my light.They were always suspicious of me and I of them. Needless to say it all went downhill.I was single and they were chasing me like meat. I had one who wasn’t sure he was gay or straight come to my residence when I was at church.And stalk me.Then had the audacity to insinuate that I was promiscuous because I was never home.The truth is I was there I just never wanted to open the door or deal with that.Clearly, I was correct when someone told me what he said.I was shocked then but no more.Now I expect it. They never rejoice with us and even if you think your’re good with them there are those tell tale signs we tend to ignore.Just like an abusive relationship, we’ll overlook these things.I believe it’s called Stockholm syndrome.Anyway, I love your vlogs I’ve noticed they’ve slowed down on the commenting.But look at the fact that the Rothschild are about to bring in the New World Order and their hidden/not so hidden agendas.The Baltimore uproar.Please,need your gift keep blogging.

  10. I was at the weekly meeting last night and told my fellow sons of esau that the melanite brood were becoming aware of our covert efforts to further dehumanize, marginalize and ultimately eradicate them. They said “they’re to dumb to realize what’s happening. Haven’t you read the bell curve”

    Turns out they were wrong. Your on to us. Back to the drawing board, I suppose.

  11. @ whatami

    You’re desperation amuses me.

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