Observations of an Invisible Woman

Masters of the Universe


One night, after an herbal bath and a meditation session, I had a very vivid dream. I saw myself float out of my body and begin to engage in conversation with a woman who looks like my Grandmother. We spoke in very hushed tones as if not to disturb anyone.

Then she slowly pointed at something hiding in the corner. At first I couldn’t see what she alluded to. I squinted at the dark desperately craning my neck trying to see what was there. Then “it” came into sharp focus. I spied a slender, scaly, lizard-like creature with “flaps” under its arms. It flew gracefully making elegant dips and dives, its tail swaying back and forth.

I watched it for a long time, fascinated and entranced by this mysterious creature before I felt my bedroom vibrate. Suddenly, my eyes focused and there I was lying on my bed again with my eyes wide open. I realized I was awake. I was always awake. It wasn’t a dream…it was a vision.

As usual, I awaited confirmation and received it a few days ago. Of course, by now you know that there are no accidents or coincidences on this planet.



Thank you to my blogger buddy for sending me this video!



Melanin Family,

For those of you that are awake and very aware that there’s a plot on Earth to destroy it and take its inhabitants with it, you’ll see with your third eye that I kid you not. For the rest of you, I await random emails proclaiming my insanity. “Show us the proof of this ridiculous statement.” For the rest of you, now is the time to turn to whatever Deity you call upon and beg for strength. Beg for clarity. Beg for Power magnified because we’re gonna need it. Last night, I spoke to a friend of mine who reiterated that whatever help we’re going to receive will come from “off world.” Perhaps if we, as Magnetic Energy Peoples, concentrated our power and asked our Deity for help, we’ll get it. It’s as simple as that.


To Yurugu and His Relatives, (you know who you are)

I now understand why you do the horrible things that you do with zero conscience. I also understand your desperation and fear. On one hand, you were chosen to be The Destroyers because you are the weakest race on this planet. Your manipulation was easy and very predictable. On the other hand, you allowed yourselves to be blinded by lies and outright deception due to your nonexistent self love and greed. It is this paradigm that enslaves you. It is this paradigm that will exterminate you.

I want you to know that Obama was YOUR LAST TEST.

Let me repeat that again.

Obama was your last test.

You were given one final chance to correct the wrongs, to prove that you are indeed capable of changing for the better, to make amends with us and join the hueman family as best as you could and maybe, just maybe, things could have turned out differently for SOME of you. But you failed.


And now, it’s too late.

Your tiny crevice of redemption has officially slammed shut and there’s no going back.

From now on, not one smile, not one “Have a nice day”, not one gesture, not one superficial humanistic movement you start, not one thing you do will reverse this curse that has been placed on you. Whatever you get in the very near future, and please do believe that it’s coming, you FULLY deserve and more. Perhaps the only thing that you might have to look forward to is a small gesture of mercy from The Great Spirit. And from us. And you’re gonna need it.


I know you’ll read this post and roll your eyes and snort in disgust and talk amongst yourselves about how Truthbetold is indeed an insane nigger. But somewhere deep down, deep within that secret place you keep well hidden, this resonates with you because you know it’s true.

I almost feel sorry for you…



And finally, how many of you have experienced this dream/ vision? Have you always known this? I will allow moderated comments for this post only.

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8 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe

  1. Nice to leave comments again. ūüôā No dreams for me just feeling completely lost in this world and what to really believe in (deity). I do keep seeing the numbers 4 and 20 more often though. Every time I look at the clock it’s that time, I’ll wake up randomly in the middle of the night/morning and look at my phone and its 4:20. Not trying to be funny either. ūüė¶ Current happenings just make me realize that it’s about to get real bad before it gets any better. Your posts do help see things that I can’t see on my own.

  2. For the past two years, I not only see and feel this vision everyday, but in my vision the beautiful lizard is not the Adversary but US, the NGRs. Everything is reversed. We R transmutating from mercury to gold (fire). We are the higher vibrational beings; they have no power other than what we are giving them via manipulation. Why pray to Deities when you are the Creator? What are you meditating to, yourself? Stay in your heart, let go and Be. SeaStar

  3. darqbeauty on said:

    For me the numbers 12:34 are ones I always see. My dreams contain chimera that I am trying to not only evade but destroy. Monstrous creatures. I am also always seeking out military bunkers, busting through pure rock and dragging out generals and scientists. I pop their heads and bodies like grapes. Then leap/fly awa for my next encounter. I also have a feeling that these reptile looking things are tied to the frogs of Revelation which are tied to the “aliens”. It’s a very convoluted planet we live on and the Power That Be seems intent on letting a few of us know what is coming by dream and vision. Just like the Bible states. And other holy books.

  4. eightbeetles on said:

    @darqbeauty. You still follow that book called the Bible? The trickery book given to us by our slave owners? You are still following a ‘religion’ of your oppressor in 2015? Please all Afrikans-Kemites (from all 4 corners of the Earth, turn back (sankofa) to retrieve, relocate, reclaim, reconnect, reorient and re-act your original spirituality, Mother Nature. This is our most potent weapon in our armory to survive and empower ourselves. Get out of their churches and get your ass outside in the SUN, your Creator. Everything you need is INside you. SeaStar

  5. I only had one dream with lizards, but I highly doubt it was from my meditation. When meditating I get tingling sensations on my face and I’m able to feel or sense other people’s emotions. This is going to sound crazy, but one time at work I felt like I was reading a thought of another black coworker.

  6. darqbeauty on said:

    Yes, I believe in the Bible. The book that the slave owners took from US and repackaged. It is OUR history. The oldest Bible is the Ethiopian Coptic Bible. Which they’ve had since King Solomon. A Black man. How can I follow the religion of my oppressors when it is originally my heritage in that book?

    “Oh my skin was black upon me, because of the terrible famine” – Book of Lamentations
    “Feet the color of burned brass and hair like wool” – Book of Revelations
    “Are you not like the children of the Ethiopians to Me?” Book of Amos
    Jesus hid in Egypt. We all know Egypt was Black. How can a white man “hide” in a Black Kingdom?
    Was not Paul mistaken for an Egyptian?

    This was never THEIR book. More lies from them. Like everything else.

  7. eightbeetles on said:

    @darqbeauty. Thanks for your response, as I mean no disrespect. It’s not about ‘BELIEVING’ anything. It’s about ‘KNOWING’ who you are and that doesn’t require a BOOK, as it’s in your DNA and there for your remembrance when you are ready. You don’t need a book unless you are still brainwashed. (Ref: Sonia Barrett, “The Holographic Canvas” a hard, but good read)). Yes, the opposition stole our manual scripts and twisted it to fit their agenda. Get rid of their book please. Mother Nature, Amun-Ray (the SUN) will give you everything you need if only you will spend time with her, your Creator. SeaStar

  8. eightbeetles on said:

    By the way he would behoove US ALL to use our native names once YOU are ‘aware’ of them…..such as Kemet, Egypt is the name given by the Northern invaders once conquered, so why are you still uttering their word? Now that you KNOW, therein lies power and responsibility…..so our native homeland is KEMET, (Khemet, KMT, Khemistry, Alkhemy, Alkebulan, etc.) SeaStar

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