Observations of an Invisible Woman

Required Reading for Melanites


Why this one?

Because we need to know how the enemy thinks, feels and OPERATES.

Hint: EVERY one of these “Laws” are conniving, deceitful, underhanded and ignoble. In essence, it’s Edom in all his vainglorious, de-melaninated glory. It’s available on pdf on the internet so there’s no need to spend money. Print it out and study it well. I’ve read this Yurugusonian Manifesto 3 times and learn something new each time.

I’ve even recalled events where I’ve been TRICKED by them using these very plots. Once you morph into the mind of The Children of Set, naught that they do will EVER shock you again. In fact, you’ll learn to expect it and PREPARE for it.

Spring is in the air and this will make a great night time book aaaaand  a fantastic study group book. Yes, my lovelies…study groups where we come up with plans to combat these Demons, defeat them and take back our planet from their Father.

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