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Have You Been Getting Prepared?



I had yet another dream last week. The Spirit told me…

“Water will be scarce.”

Are you getting prepared, Family? Or are you watching TV, having sex and eating McDonalds? Because if it’s the latter, you’re in some serious trouble. You cannot live without water for more than 3 days. For those of you that have a backyard/ some acreage, you have zero excuses and should begin storing water now. You should also have a filtration and cleaning system handy. For those of you that are apartment-bound…well…that’s a bit more difficult. Car washes have water barrels:



They come in 25, 50, 100 and 250 gallon sizes. If possible, get the biggest size and store it in your closet, kitchen or a space in your room. Make sure you get a siphon pump too:



And have lots of purification tablets/ iodine handy. Remember my post on Water? Revisit it and PRINT it out.

My site is under heavy attack and probably will not be available to you in the future. Remember what happened in Boston when water was short? Remember what happened on the East Coast when Hurricane Sandy blew through town? These PLANNED events were Beta Experiments to carefully study our responses to “stress stimulus.” I’m 100% positive that footage of us tearing down doors and each other to get food, medicine and water was watched over and over and over…


To plan the Big Event.

To further control the population.

And guess what?

Blacks are the most vulnerable because we have no organization, no community, no funds, no survival skills and NO PLAN to survive an attack. Am I scaring you?


You should be scared.

‘Cause this is no goddamn joke. Remember the CIA-planned, HAARP-induced Hurricane Katrina?

Start planning now, Family. As in the minute you finish reading this post. Turn off the damn TV and put your clothes on and get supplies NOW. And please stop writing to me about your “lack of money” to “get it together. ” Last year, we spent one trillion dollars on false hair, designer clothes and electronics from China and Japan.

And if you haven’t been meditating to strengthen your Melanin Power and reconnect with The Ancestors, you need to start NOW. You’re gonna need them to help you get through this.

And if you think the Maafa was some shit, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

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