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African Meditation Session: Solar Eclipse


March 20th will be a solar eclipse.

This event will enable us to empower our Melanin a hundredfold.

For those of you that wish to join in and help liberate our people and ultimately the entire world, read on.

1. For the next several days, drink lots of water and get as much sunlight as possible.

2. Write down on a piece of paper your desires.

3. Construct your altar as you see fit. Please include a glass of clear, clean water, a small offering and a candle.

4. Meditate often and channel your energy for March 20th.

5. On March 20th, light your candle and speak your desires OUT LOUD. Use the power in your throat chakras. Ask our ancestors for help. Ask the Divine Spirit for help in manifesting your wishes.

6. Then, the most difficult part, remove all conscious thought from your mind and let it go.

As we get stronger, we’ll begin to notice our desires coming forth to power.

Remember my incident at the grocery store witnessing our enemies madness? That was no accident.

If you feel the need to participate, please forward this on to as many Melanin Peoples as possible.



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