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A Most Heartfelt Thanks

Since our meditation session on the threshold of New Year’s Day, I’ve witnessed the power of Melanin Manifestation. Two weeks after I spent the night and most of the day visualizing, a Yurugu female became the victim of Cosmic Karma and lost her mind in the middle of the supermarket where I shopped. I was busy picking eggplants and squash to roast when I heard the ruckus coming from the meat aisle. At once, I knew it was the power of the Universe that had answered our prayers.

Then my blogger buddies began sending me articles on the vast array of events that began attacking the enemy from mudslides to sinkholes to an article on the increasing amount of suicides from the wealthier Yurugu community.

I’d like to give my deepest and heartfelt thanks to all of my Melanin Rich siblings across the diaspora that read this blog and wish to fight against evil. Thank you for helping us, protecting us and loving us as we fight for freedom and sovereignty against the Spawn of Evil.

There are 2 Blood Moons that will occur this year.

I ask that you get prepared for the one coming soon in April by drinking lots of water and flushing yourself free of toxins. The Blood Moon will give us, the real Illuminated Ones, immeasurable power that we will use to free our people of the Spell of Sleep.

In the meantime, please continue to spend at least 10 minutes daily meditating and tapping into your higher self.

I love you, my family.


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