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The Occult Reason Behind the Rise of Global Anti-Blackness

Demons exist on this planet.

This topic, however controversial, has been discussed and prophesied in every faith system since the dawn of Man. Whatever you call them…devils, djinns, vampires…they are real. They suck the life force out of us and have the ability to put certain thoughts into our heads thusly feeding off of negativity. Have you ever wondered why, for no reason at all, almost without warning, you’ll suddenly think of a past pain, disappointment and brutality even though it occurred many, many years ago?

And the sensation of that past pain is just as strong, if not stronger than when you first experienced it? These moments are not by accident. Demons need the strongest, most reliable, renewable source of energy on this planet. And that energy can only come from one continuous source.


Our plight, pain, tears, anger and suffering, is a food source for the evil that currently resides on this planet. When we’re in constant pain, constant agony, constant fuss, constant disarray, Demons eat and drink and dance and thrive. I’ve sat back and watched over the course of, maybe 3-5 years, the steady but noticeable rise of anti-blackness…especially female anti-blackness, and was dumbfounded at what I witnessed. I saw beautiful, smart black females being debased and utterly sexualized for the world to see, sometimes by our own men, all for fame and money, and I knew that there must be a correlation to this phenomena and the evil that lurks in the distance.

If you’ve been reading the works of Adolf Hitler, Albert Pike, Margaret Sanger and Prescott Bush, you’ll know that His-Story is not new. In fact, whites are shamefully redundant. There’s nothing new under their sun. In fact, all that you see in today’s world has ALREADY been done…they’ve just repackaged it in a pretty, new wrapping to fool the masses. The rise of global anti-blackness is their last and only tool. They’ve run out of ideas and are now scrambling to find a new way to rid the planet of something they cannot control.

The activation of Melanin Power.

Anti-blackness is being propagandized to a new and heightened level so everyone, including our own people, can kill us off to prevent the rise of the Black Messiah. With the changes happening in our solar system and the two suns now being seen and reported, they know that time is running out. Black female contempt is a necessary tool to aid them in their plans. And, sadly, there’s no better way to kill us off than to hire our own kind to do it. That way, it relieves them of all responsibility and keeps the focus solely on the one race propagandized to be the “problem” for all huemanity.

Anti-Blackness is a farce.

The roles of the angry black man lashing out at his woman and the domineering, never satisfied, neck-snapping black woman  is nothing but a carefully planned ballet to aid us in our own destruction. When we watch tel-lie-vison and listen to the music being pushed at us, we absorb their sound waves and their subliminal messages. We pick up on their demonic energies and become enraged, lash out at each other and then, only then, can demons feed. Carbon is the primary life force on all planets. Nothing can exist without carbon. Rocks, trees, water, air,….all forces of carbon. When you become angry, melanin, or what they slyly call “adrenaline” is at its peak. It enables you to “fight or flight.” Keeping you enraged, fighting, cursing and at constant dis-of-ease (disease) is how they eat.

Demons need as much help as possible in order to accomplish their task. That’s why they have secret meetings and discuss how the sun will affect melanin and what it means for them. Black hatred must be pushed on a global scale! When we see that everyone, of all races, of all nationalities despise us, we absorb that negative energy and spiral into a depression. It is that depression that keeps evil alive and functioning.

The end of this year will bring about many changes on this planet. That also means changes for us. The Beta Test with George Zimmerman was just that…a test. Soon, there will be another test on a much more heightened and publicized scale. My dreams tell me it will involve a female. Black men in the public eye will be ordered to mock her and her unfortunate situation causing the gap between black men and women to widen.

Of course, I could be wrong. My dreams are often unclear and the “flashes” I receive are sometimes blurry. I’m telling you this because a false flag is coming. And it will be greater than the Trayvon Martin Scandal.


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49 thoughts on “The Occult Reason Behind the Rise of Global Anti-Blackness

  1. mswanda on said:

    My question is What are we suppose to do and how are we suppose to feel when attacked? We aren’t made of stone. Don’t want to feed into the Demons hands but I don’t want to be one of those weak Negros always waiting on Jesus either. What is the balance ?

  2. mswanda on said:

    Negress I think the Test you are talking about was a white man came to the black school in Atl to kill all those beautiful black babies. I always felt that they would try to do that to us to make us feel like they do every time one of them mass kill their own. See like GZ test this will provoke outrage among us. The ancestors are preventing a lot of these attacks and are turning things against whites. They are exposing them and their game. That cracka could not have hurt those babies if he wanted to. This was a planned attack and it did not succeed. Who knows what next they will cone up with.

  3. amazing as always truth, I see u and ms Trojanpam are on the same page talking about all the anti blackness going on. I’ve noticed it, they put these images of negative, crazy black ppl on tv, movies,and in music videos which is broadcast to the whole world. I do think we have to take the media or create our own or we will not have any allies around the world. Then with the murder of the Australian man by 3 teens they tried to make it like it was 3 black teens when it was 1 black 1 biracial and 1 white. They want to make us look like the bad guys so they can justify our genocide and will feel confident that nobody will come help.
    I do believe they feed off of negativity, I see how they had all these enraging things happening back to back, from Trayvon, to the Harriet Tubman tape, to the butler. It’s all been used to get us more upset and keep us distracted. They are demons, I watch shows dealing with paranormal things and on all the episodes dealing with demons, the family always says I started feeling angry and would argue with my spouse for little to no reason. Then the evil entity would get stronger until it could posses one or hurt someone. I do feel like all this is building up to something but idk what. ms truth I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a female that is the next victim, and u right that would cause further divide as I see how some males act or don’t care when a black female is hurt or killed. I see that if it does happen well I know its going to be some craziness.

  4. mstoogood4yall on said:

    good question, I don’t fully know either. I know that marching don’t work, neither does just praying while doing nothing. I think the best answer I can come up with is, don’t let them see us angry that is what they want, cry if u have to behind closed doors but don’t let them see u keep ur poker face on. yes we are hue man and feel sometimes more than others but we have to be strong. And prepare with what truth has given us. We see the court system here is messed up, and some ppl were saying we should complain to the U.N., but idk if that would work.

  5. Mickey on said:

    I have also heard about complaining to the U.N. because initially that is what some people were planning on doing, but they were stopped by some of the powers-that-be because the knew it spelled bad news for the country. Instead, they were told to fight for civil rights instead of human rights. I think it’s worth a shot.

  6. Everyone:

    Complaining to the U.N., which is run by Zionists, is useless. Marching is useless. Crying is useless. Begging them to stop is useless. Demons have no huemanity. No soul. We cannot expect an entity that lacks the God force (Melanin) to be compassionate.

    I do not have tangible solutions for you. We have zero weapons..the guns that we do have, some of us, will be rendered useless against missiles and tanks made of steel.

    What I can offer is something I’ve been speaking of since day one. Strengthening your Spirituality and preparing yourself for a fight that is not of this realm. The flesh is weak and temporary. The Spirit is strong and eternal.

    This strength is what they fear most.

    By giving into emotions that are placed on TV, in music, in movies…you feed them and weaken yourself. Cut them off. Get sunlight. Stop processing your hair. Drink more water and raw vegetables and less soda and fast foods. Get MORE SUNLIGHT. Get as dark as you can.

    Meditate and grow stronger. Talk to your Creator. Remember when I asked us to meditate on a hotter planet and a few months later we had that heat wave? That was NO coincidence.

    When they come at you with their propaganda filth, you’ll become unaffected by it and they can’t feed off of you. Learn their ways. Look at their actions NOT their words.

  7. Tyrone on said:


    The “Almost Massacre” in Decatur, Georgia at Ronald E. Mcnair Academy was a warning for black folk. God was with with Antoinette Tuff on that fateful day. I’ve always paid attention to “Signs.” As a youngster, i would have dreams about all kinds of ish. The surreal aspect, was that, my dreams turned into real events. Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, volcanos, mass-shootings, and so forth. I believe in the Supernatural…It’s Real! I died and came back to life in the hospital, my soul left my body and went to the other side. Real Talk!…I was dead for real real. All of the chaos that we see is not mere circumstance. 2 opposing forces are battling each other on earth and in the heavens. Depending on which day it is, it may or may not be a good day. The Demons did not win on that day, because, Antoinette Tuff was the right woman at the right place at the right time.

    As for black people, the demon seed has infected us in a major way. Hate and Violence is not natural, unseen forces are always at work.


  8. Azazel on said:

    The female anti-blackness is off the charts! While black men gain attention from being depicted as dangerous and in need of containment, black women are often depicted as undesirable, therefore desperate and almost invisible and inconsequential. None of it is true but with repetition it gets into our heads and some of us start believing and living the lies. Thus the prescriptive becomes the descriptive. Those are your evil spirits right there. A ‘scientific’ study was actually funded to determine why black women are objectively the least attractive women. It’s nonsense, who wants pale skin that withers and burns in sunlight – not even whites do, but it reveals their motives.

    The slanders against black men and women are really two sides of the same coin though; different manifestations of white supremacy. If you think a little about male and female sexuality you’ll see how both forms of propaganda work for the elimination of black people. Black men are seen as predatory, rapist, brutes and black women as unwanted, succubine, sapphires. These are really old stereotypes and stem from white insecurity about their genetic subservience to blackness.

    By nature, we’re the stuff of their nightmares and as long as they refuse to accept their inevitable disappearance from the Earth as ‘white people’ they’ll continue to hate us. It’s going to happen anyway. They come from us by negation of something in us and have a limited shelf life. The clock is ticking! As they continue to inbreed in order to try to remain beyond their time, sterility will begin to rear its head with increasing frequency. Their birth rates are already low in many places and fertility treatments are quite common. Contrast that to Africa where they have been TRYING to annihilate black people yet babies are still being born at a healthy rate.

    Now, Negress, you used the word demon to mean ‘evil spirit’ and this is an accepted meaning. But recently I began to pay more attention to words and where they came from. I learned that the world demon comes from the Greek word ‘daimon’ which meant “deity, divine power; lesser god; guiding spirit, tutelary deity sometimes including the souls of the dead”. So it became clear to me that demon did not ALWAYS mean evil. Later I stumbled on the fact that among the Tswana people of Africa their high god is MoDimo and their ancestors are BaDimo. Is it a coicidence that this word Dimo is so close to Demon, Dios, etc ? Could it be that the ‘demon possession’ that we’ve been taught to fear by Christiany is really the return of our ascended ancestors to teach us? Tracing the so-called n-word way back was also a revelation. This might be an onion within an onion.

  9. Frederick on said:

    I hope our own black people will “WAKE UP” and realize that we cannot do what others are doing? MTV awards is a prime example…. If I was rich, I will “NEVER” go to the awards show unless I was winning an awards….Black people need to stop letting people take advange of us. I hope Marvin Gaye’s family wins the lawsuit against Robin Thicke….

  10. mswanda on said:

    Tyrone, whites are itching to kill us. The only ones that are talking about a race war is them. They want it so bad. Reading other blogs and Alex jones Prison Planet that is all they are talking about. The Ancestors are real and they are coming back and they will take vengeance. This is real and its no fairytale. Negress is right this is a spiritual battle. If the ancestors are on our side we will be victorious. That is how the people of Haiti defeated the devil spawn. Voodun! It’s real and it’s for us. They can have all the guns, nukes, and tanks if they want to but what good will it do if the ancestors deactivate them like they did to the nukes in Russia.

  11. jacinto on said:

    Marching and mourn is useful, because the cry ascends to heaven and the creator listens, the demons can not concervar offspring is no coincidence, this is therefore all the suffering and anguish they cause us. The hatred that motivates them to act the is destroying themselves. We can not believe the lying propaganda they use to control us.

  12. Tyrone on said:


    As you stated, black womanhood is under attack. It’s not just a bunch of angry whitemen in “The Deep South.” I was on Google last night, and i typed (Why Are Blackwomen Blah Blah Blah)? And, what pops up on the screen is a bunch of anti-black female bs…Why are blackwomen rude…Why are blackwomen angry…Why are blackwomen single, and so forth? They’re not hiding their motives anymore, but, the hatred of blackwomen is a mirage. It’s not what it appears to be. I run across all kinds of racial sites and blogs that push the “Blackwomen Are The Least Desirable, Least Attractive, Least Likely To Marry, etc.” Oftentimes, these types of blogs are operated by whitemen and other non-black men. All of us have dealt with the friend who talks smack about our girlfriend or boyfriend, saying how bad they are. The same friend ends up lusting after the significant other of a friend. Paint the other half as undesirable, which creates doubt in the mind of the other partner. Basically, non-black men want blackmen to lust after their women because “The Swirl” is the con of all cons. As has been stated numerous times on this blog, It’s The DNA Stupid! Google is in bed with Hollywood, so, blackwomen should not be shocked that they would partake in pushing blackmen to hate blackwomen on a global scale.


  13. Azazel

    You continue to floor me with your impressive observations.

    We are being geared towards extermination using opposite sides of the same coin. Demon is a word that has been propagandized to mean evil. Much like the word “occult” which simply means “hidden.”

    I use it for simplicity of writing but you are correct. Also, I’d like to point out that every “demon” that has been depicted in cartoons, movies, video games, etc, had red glowing eyes. The exact same red that many religious/ Spiritual texts, including the bible, has stated that the Creator had.

    Could this be yet another brainwashing tool to have us fear and reject On High upon Her/ His return? I don’t know…but it’s interesting. Many more revelations to come I’m sure.

  14. Kushite Prince on said:

    Some of these “people” are definitely not human! Some even hiss like snakes! This is some weird $hit!!!

  15. Tyrone on said:


    It’s sad to see an otherwise, intelligent, attractive, talented mixed-blackwoman allow the white male patriarchy to exploit her for sinister reasons. Paula Patton has no earthly idea that she’s being used by racist whitemen to push a lie to blackwomen. These fools are trying to takeover black music and snatch Sistas at the same time, starting with the mixed ones and moving on down the line. Shame on T.I., Pharelle, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar for punking themselves for this whiteboy. His new video for “Give It 2 U” was filmed at an HBCU out of all places…It’s Surreal!


  16. Tyrone on said:


    They can have all the guns, tanks, missiles, and nukes they want. What they fail to understand, is that, We Are The Chosen People! God will never allow her people to perish in vain. If this was the case, we would not be here today. As you stated, the war that we’re engaged in at this time is Spiritual. They want to kill us, have killed, and aim to kill more. Those among us that are in bed with them…Pray For Them! Blind eyes cannot see, Clogged ears cannot hear the cries that echo across the land…Awareness! Stay On Point Blackwoman…Forever!


  17. Courtney H on said:

    Azazel, Tyrone & all:

    Go to youtube, and type scandalous bed wenches part 1. It is very eye-opening about how the media are trying to divide black men and black women by promoting white male/black female relationships. Also, go to http://www.beyondblackwhite.com, to see how they promote these kinds of relationships (also known as swirling).

  18. mstoogood4yall on said:

    yep and I do think the Harriet tubman tape was their way of testing out the waters to see how ppl would react. I think all this stuff is connected, I mean I remember they did the study about black women being more confident than other women then after that the study came out saying we are ugly. That is no coincidence, they did the first study to see what we thought about ourselves, then the second one was to put us back in our place. They know we as black women have something they don’t, and Antoinette Tuff was imo proof of that. proof that we have humanity, compassion, understanding, love, and strength. I think when our masculine and feminine energy is balanced we can do anything and that is what they are afraid of. That is why they’ve had to either masculinize us or mammify us so we are thrown off balance and can’t do the work we were brought here to do. Now I don’t know 100% what that work is, but maybe when we heal and re balance ourselves we will find out.

  19. mstoogood4yall on said:

    robin slick is a thief, what some call a culture vulture. They’ve been copying us, but a lot of us need to stop helping them copy our stuff. It’s like we are being robbed and instead of fighting back or pressing charges we are like oh no here take this too, oh and take this that is a set, and this matches that take this as well. They will take over and get awards for what we’ve been doing for generations, while the blacks that helped them get there get nothing. I’m glad they are showing their as, miley and robin i’m lmao because now we have something against them, we can be like uhum yeah remember miley trying to twerk and be a ho, yeah remember robin slick stealing marvin gaye’s music and not wanting to pay for it.

  20. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Ingrain the truth about white people so deeply that absolutely NOTHING they write, say or do to you, short of physical violence, has any effect on you whatsover. You want to get to the stage where mentally, emotionally and spiritually, these soulless creatures from hell are COMPLETELY DEAD to you.

    In short, I’m talking about mastering detachment from and indifference to the >95% of WP who are life sucking, energy draining, shit disturbing, evil loving, spawns of Satan.

    If you, or anyone, would like a blue print of one way to do it, please refer comments in Open Discussion 17 which for now, don’t seem to be showing up for some reason.

  21. mstoogood4yall on said:

    wtf. I thought he spit on the guy for a second. Its weird how he tried to re compose himself, he looked like he got shocked lol. they walk among us. we’ve already been told it is a spiritual war, when it becomes physical its because the spiritual has build up and spilled over to where it becomes physical action.

  22. EyesWideOpen on said:

    OK, I figured out and fixed the problem. The two comments are now showing up in Open Discussion 17.

  23. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Also, listen to the way the bimbo says “necessarily” right around when the reptilian hisses.

    WTF is it with all these white American women who talk like this, scratching the ends of words? If you watch movies and shows from the 90s and earlier NOBODY talked like that. It’s like they took an annoying valley girl accent and decide to grate the ending of sentences on top of it. It is so unfeminine and even unhuman.

    It’s like these creatures are devolving right in front of our eyes which is why they’re trying so hard to make us look like the animals that THEY are.

  24. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Also, about the topic they are discussing, Heparin which is a blood thinner made from PIG intestines; I find interesting that pig tissues and organs seem to be used more than chimp tissues and organs in medicine.

    Here are two interesting quotes, written decades apart on the issue of pigs and (white) people. I have to say, Elijah Muhammad was way ahead of his time in an era without the internet (emphasis mine)…

    THE HOG was made out of the cat, rat and dog, so Allah (God) taught me. The hog has not always been on our planet earth. The hog was made for medical purposes, a few years after the making of the White race. He was made to cure the diseases that the White race attracts since they are physically weak.
    Elijah Muhammad

    It has been said that the “domestic pig” was created in ancient times by the elite using human / hog DNA recombining techniques, so that their eating of human flesh could be disguised. The common ancients found out and many taboos / negativity surrounding eating pork exist to this day (well beyond the claim that pork meat has more parasites). This might explain why pig tissues can be incorporated into people with little to no immunological rejection. WE SHOULD SHOW STRONG REJECTION TO A SPECIES SO DISTANT FROM US, BUT WE DON’T, and this has baffled medical science for years. Pigs are also much “smarter” than they should be if explained in Darwinian terms. Why are we much closer to the pig than the chimpanzee in many genetic / biochemical / hormonal ways? Our evolutionary story has been heavily edited, I’m affraid. Food for thought…
    Dr F

    I’m curious as to whether all humans have an affinity for pig tissue or if it’s mainly just white people. After all, which animal’s skin looks most like white people’s? And is PIG short for PIGment which is something that both whites and pigs lack?

    Food for thought, indeed.

  25. Eyeswideopen

    I think you May find Malachi York very interesting.

  26. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Thanks, I’m googling him now.

  27. Azazel on said:

    Thanks for the responses all. The comments are real food for thought.

  28. Azazel on said:

    As you menioned Antionette Tuff, I remembered something else. A little known fact about the Virginia Tech Shooter is that Nikki Giovanni, a black poetry professor, had her intuition so disturbed by Cho’s writings and behavior that she insisted that he be removed from her class out of concern for her other students. She was so resolute that she was ready to leave her job over it. He was eventually removed from her class and tutored privately by someone else. Then he went on the shooting rampage some time later.

    The article mentioned that many people complained about Cho and the higher ups at the University did nothing. Maybe if Giovanni was a ‘higher up’ she would have expelled him and possibly saved lives on cmapus. Black women should never take it to heart when anyone says demeaning things about the lioness power. If those sample people could bottle it and take it as a pill they’d be all over that ****.

  29. wow interesting and I used to watch mythbusters and they’d always use pig skin to conduct tests because they said it was the closest to our skin.

  30. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I knew it was a teacher that had him removed from their class but I didn’t know it was a sista, I tell ya I think we have intuition that others don’t they can say woman’s intuition all they want but there ain’t nothing like a black woman’s intuition that is a whole nother level. When I see the mass shootings of whites like at that theater and they said he left out the exit door and came back, other black ppl were like if that was me I would’ve left, and someone even said when a white person had did something suspicious at a theater, they hurried up and left because u can’t be too cautious. We all have weaknesses, our’s is being too kind and allowing ppl into our circles and culture. Theirs is being to arrogant and not suspecting anything, being oblivious to the obvious.

  31. honeytreebee on said:

    This is even more reason for us to unplug from the system. I have been out and have come back from a long needed break and I see in my absences much has changed. DOAN is said to be ending this adventure, experiment, information blog soon. I would like a way to save these post in archive them. Also, perhaps we should find a way to keep in touch. Allies are a great resource and it is a way to build and get out information.
    Black people must protect themselves as much as possible and when your senses say don’t go down that street or stay away from him do so. Learn to use and listen to your sixth sense and strengthen and enhance it through meditation. If, you don’t know self defense learn take classes. Every black person should have a gun and know how to use it for self defense especially us women.
    There are plenty of great ideas and tips here on this site and they all add up to how to protect yourself to lessen the odds that you are the one that ends up being the next victim. Even things that on the surface that may not seem like they are related may be the very thing that save your life like getting out of debt and getting rid of your cards so there is one less way to track you and keeping what you have private so as not to draw attention.
    However, I think that there will be a black woman victim and I think the apathy that follows will shock some and sadden others. I think that they will pull at the black man woman relationship thing so hard and so much that those that are not grounded and focused will have psychic wounds from the coming events. They will do everything they can to get us to tear at each other. I’ve cautioned before that we need to really watch what we say and how we talk to each other because our words are so powerful.
    When I looked at Dear Truth part four my heart was saddened. It was a golden opportunity to comfort sistas and realize that there are a lot of good brothas that support us and that we are not alone. Instead the charged vibrations from the words and ideas being thrown around show that there is so much left to be done. We really need to focus on healing ourselves and each other. Words matter and are powerful just ask that sista who saved those babies….
    Negress sorry for the long post, but I’m not posting as much as I used to.

  32. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Honeytreebee said: “I would like a way to save these post in archive them.”

    There are programs that claim to be able to archive entire websites but when I evaluated the best ones a couple of years ago I found them all to be very problematic and impractical (if you’re not careful, they will literally try and download the ENTIRE world wide web because they end up following every link but if you don’t set them up to follow links then they usually fail to download the entire blog or website – so they’re tricky).

    Maybe there are new or improved programs but I wouldn’t know. I prefer to just copy and paste the good stuff as I read and then place it later.

    For the times I want to archive an entire web page I use NovaPDF Professional which is a very user friendly program. Once you set it up, you just have to click two buttons and voila! you have a PDF version of the web page you’re looking at.

    You can download it for free at the link above and purchase it later if you like it and want to.

  33. EyesWideOpen on said:

    If you’re not familiar with how to download from sites like PirateBay which I linked to above read this and follow the link. It’s very easy.

  34. Kushite Prince on said:

    I know! He is creepy as hell!lol Is he even human?lol

  35. Kushite Prince on said:

    “It has been said that the “domestic pig” was created in ancient times by the elite using human / hog DNA recombining techniques, so that their eating of human flesh could be disguised. The common ancients found out and many taboos / negativity surrounding eating pork exist to this day (well beyond the claim that pork meat has more parasites). This might explain why pig tissues can be incorporated into people with little to no immunological rejection. WE SHOULD SHOW STRONG REJECTION TO A SPECIES SO DISTANT FROM US, BUT WE DON’T, and this has baffled medical science for years. Pigs are also much “smarter” than they should be if explained in Darwinian terms. Why are we much closer to the pig than the chimpanzee in many genetic / biochemical / hormonal ways? Our evolutionary story has been heavily edited, I’m affraid. Food for thought”
    Thanks for that! That is very deep!

  36. Kushite Prince on said:

    Devolving is the right word.lol

  37. EyesWideOpen on said:

    One of my favorite quotes about (white) people devolving:

    It is truly amazing to me how transparent the lies are and how colossally stupid, genus humanis ordinarius is. There is no question that change is an imperative because the present direction has them dropping down on to all fours within a couple of generations.
    Les Visible

    This guy has such a way with words. He’s possibly a product of CIA MK Ultra Monarch programming (father in the military, abused as a child, someone “accused” him of being jewish – he bashes z jews on his blog – and he didn’t deny it, he met up with a commenter, Michael Astera, who was later exposed as a CIA spook) but that’s another story!

    One can learn a lot from Cointel Pro sites (rense dot com, Alex Jones, whatreallyhappened etc) but most of the info, while very interesting, is ultimately useless, a waste of time and energy draining – exactly as the powers-that-be intended.

    People are not always who they seem to be, especially on the internet, which is why one must be careful about where they hang out, the trails they leave, and who they meet up with from teh interwebz.

  38. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Your welcome Prince.

    Dr F is easily one of the most interesting commenters I’ve ever encountered on the web. He was dropping bombs on Les Visible’s blogs for a couple of months a few years back and then poof, he just disappeared like Keyser Söze.

    He might also have had intelligence community connections because some of info he was dropping with the confirmed spook Michael Astera on clones and other topics was unlike anything I’ve ever read before or since.

  39. This planet has been anti Black ever since Whites practiced colonialism and imperialism and brainwashed non Whites to hate themselves and love Whiteness. Honestly I think anti Blackness is getting worse because we have President Obama in office and many racists coming out of the closet. This country and world is getting out of hand.

  40. everything that was science fiction is now coming true, and surprise surprise, the government is backing it. here’s a link about how they are learning to control ppl’s actions using their mind and a computer. the government funded the brain computer interface programs. http://news.msn.com/science-technology/scientist-controls-colleagues-brain-from-across-campus

  41. decodeSOR on said:

    The anti-Blackness is alive and kicking, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. This is our challenge, to keep our word to ourselves and start doing those things we often talk about. There is strength in numbers, and no one can go through these events all alone. The Creator never meant for us to go it alone, but we must also have a plan, as Mr. Fuller often advises, when we come together as confused, stressed-out and anxious Black people. We are indeed being attacked at every angle, economically, politically ans socially. But with a plan (and sincere intentions) we can counter a lot of the backlash that’s coming from those who are truly more vulnerable than we are in many instances. There have been many prior warnings of the coming of these days, but most might have taken it lightly.

    If the positive images of Harriet Tubman were embedded within your brain computer, then no affect can destroy her remarkable reputation and significance to our history as a people. I can look at that video a million times, but I still will know the true meaning of her time here on Earth.

    The media is a “medium” that is used to distort our way of thinking, if we allow them to do so. Tell-a-lie-vision, the Internet, magazines, books, movies, all are sources of data/information/images that we take into our brains through our senses. Therefore, the instructions given by Dr. Welsing of monitoring what goes into our brains is something that should be a precursor to all media. I’m assuming that all of us here are adults, or have reached a level of maturity where we can practice discretion with what we read, hear and see. When you think about it, there are alternatives for every piece of filth with which we can choose to spend our time gaining constructive information as well as for personal enjoyment and fulfillment. It all breaks down to making a choice.

    I think the time for complaining about whites should end, and more emphasis placed upon how you are going to defend and protect yourself for whatever individual issues to be confronted. Let’s face it: white people are going to be white people, and as a child is expected to act in a certain, irrational yet predictable way, our best defense is doing as DOAN has suggested by working on strengthening one’s Spirituality as a frontline defense. In addiction to the trifling behavior by these creatures, we will also be contending with yet more environmental and weather disasters coming in the not-too-distant future. I can’t predict the future, but I do know what an uncomfortable feeling means.

    As for Black male/female relationships, there’s still a lot of work to be done in that area, with so much anti-sexual deployment being launched at both individuals. It is too complicated to comment on, and only creates controversy. So let’s just hope that enough of us can become wise to the numbers game that being played on us.

  42. anonymous on said:

    Algorithms are also being used to predict human behavior, and they are being used by the government to try and predict behavior. Life in the Matrix.


  43. There is no greater power than that of thought. We are bombarded by negativity continuously. Every thought has a color weight and quality. Mentally and spiritually protect yourself with positive thought and meditation. Fast often and surround yourself with like minded ppl. The universe will respond and this is our weapons unity and a connection to life

  44. priceless21 on said:

    The solution is this, it starts with the each one teach one theory, you start with your family and the people around you, if every positive black person done this, we would slowly build a positive black community.

  45. Hmm. Maybe we created white Pete for consumption too? I remember cartoons of ‘Africans’ putting them in pots… Unaware of the sickness beneath that pink skin.

  46. I think this may clarify the premonitions you’ve been having. It is the (American-)African woman. It is about melanin.


    I am very interested in hearing what you think about this research.

  47. Thank you. It clarifies much.

  48. Perhaps many of you already aware of the divine strength within humanity, and melanin, only fine tune that force on a level of consciousness that requires you to undergo enlightenment. The answer dwell within us and the blueprint have been delivered, yet, much of it was over looked or side step with manipulation. Many avatar came and went, and a handful of apprentice or disciples made it with luck or remain vigilant to their calling….however the not so fortunate remain a prisoner to this three dimensional world, incarcerated to time.

    Macrocosmic, the universe on a much broader scale thats infinite, and microcosmic, a smaller scale, which is us humans. We are a prisoner to this body till you decide to overcome and then become. Your inner being call to you daily for its freedom, but most of us never pay attention, only to continue being a slave to the force that thrive on us.

    Here are the keys: The woman is the center of it all, she’s the doorway to nature and her nurturing ways are proof. She’s the only one experience intense elements when it comes to creation, meaning life. The female needs the male in vice versa, to undergo the positive and negative polarity charge for a higher level of consciousness.

    How its done? Through alchemy “man know thy self and you will know the universe”. The light within must become brighter like the sun. I will deliver a few samples for singles and for married couples…IF YOUR NOT BRAVE ENOUGH TO FACE NATURE, please leave it alone! The higher power will challenge you if you want to handle its power, it must be earned. But, the darker force will try and stop you or even recruit you; never display your gifts or even consider using it for gain, nothing is free in the universe…you will pay the price. The christ force will assist you but the rules must be honored, tremendous changes are coming and you must prepare yourself.

    Chakra activation: I(eeeeee) E(eehhh) O(oooo) U(uuuuu) A(aaaaa) M(mmmm) S(sssss), the addendum of the “M” and “S” amplifies all the chakras.

    These are called mantras, the very tool that Jesus use and game to his disciples. They were kept hidden for centuries, but since its the aquarian era, the bringer of knowledge, meaning time is running out and you must prepare yourself and not confuse yourself with all thats in the world. ONLY USE MANTRAS FROM THE GNOSTICTEACHINGS.ORG, cause these are connected to holy beings and any thats not of this, is connected to DARK-FORCES.

    OM MASI PADME HUM: Just the way it sounds, it delivers christic-force to conquer the egos, purifies the body, the heart, humbling an individual, and control sexuality. It should be utilize 24/7.

    We are ruled by demons daily, and we must get them off our backs.

    Married Couples (Male and Female): Never spill your seminal liquid, do this once every night as long as possible, make sure thats the person you want and truly be with cause once your practice starts, you bound to each other. Only if one of you decides to commit treason; by forcing your partner to release their liquid or commit adultery.

    Failure to honor these will result in becoming a “DEMON”, can always return, but its not easy. When releasing your liquid, all your defects or utmost ugly characteristics will attack you….you may end up dead, in prison or a nut house. You divorce for your own personal reasons, the triple six mark of the beast will bestowed upon you.

    So in the meditation seating, the female merges with the male and together I A O,
    your reconnecting all your 12 senses, as you slowly raise the Kundalini, be responsible with your power as you grow. All of this is for the love of humanity, and your deed speed up your development. Cleanliness is next to godliness, a healthy drug free temple (body) and home. The woman is the one that bestowed your power onto you, so love her in a lust free manner, and thoughts and looks can kill so humble oneself at all times.


    FOR SINGLES: Inhale through the nose and in thought “HAM” and then exhale through the mouth and vocalize “SAH”. It controls your sexual liquid, heighten your chakras, cleans your heart, humble your mind and as a whole.

    We are all gods and goddess, so here you go, literally you are. Humanity birthright.

    Theres much more here….gnosticteaching.org

  49. Excellent! Thank you!

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