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Open Discussion #17

I need to step away from this blog for awhile.

Talk away.

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89 thoughts on “Open Discussion #17

  1. You gotta do what you gotta do.

  2. mstoogood4yall on said:

    so guess this is open discussion 16 part 2 lol. Enjoy ur break ms truth.

  3. They say that the Japanese are some of the smartest people on the planet. They built a nuclear reactor on a faultline, on a beach. Who in the hell signed off on that?

  4. Intelligence is not measured by science, riches or the ability to acquire material wealth. Intelligence is wisdom to know the difference that turning from evil and its devices brings about spiritual and physical health which is true wealth! We are spirit made from the divine which rhetorically speaking we all have an intelligent mind as long as we get up and stand and not sit on our behinds! The mind is a reflection of the spirit within whether it be of the Holy Father or the evil Gin (Satan) who knows his time is soon to come to an end. I challenge my Black brothers and sisters who are the essence of creation to leave the enemy’s temples and build a foundation in their homes with LOVE! Not built on money and things but Truth that is Yeshua a gift from above! In his righteousness and not our own we can have our rightful earthly inheritance and not miss out on our eternal inheritance which is given to us by our Holy Father in LOVE!


  5. mstoogood4yall on said:

    dang I don’t know why abagond allows trolls to continue to comment fk freedom of speech for those derailers. Why in the world did he give the fool a dam post, he should ban his as.

  6. MarcLo on said:

    Anybody here from NYC?

    Im sick and tired of these coons & sellouts everywhere I go. And Im sick and tired of my spirit being drained each and every day from working with & around esau. I have nobody I can speak to on real issues that concern us in real life, and its taking a toll on me because I pretty much cut everybody off, including family.

    Let me know, Im in Crown Heights Brooklyn.

    Oh, and I mean females.

    NO, Im not using this as a dating site. But Im also not into “talking” with brothers. This forum is just fine. I’d just prefer adult female companionship.

  7. Morning folks.

    Last night, I’ve decided that in the near future, I’ll be ending this blog for my own reasons. If anyone has plausible solutions to any issues/ problems that we’ve discussed in the past, it would be great if you could tell us now.

    Time is of the essence and we are running out of time. I’m not sure of when I’ll “hang up my computer” but it will be soon. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  8. It kind of contradicts the email I just sent you, but while I was in the shower I was thinking that the internet, at this specific point in time, is becoming more of a liability to us than an asset.

    Looking at so many of the posts on here – many of us are lonely, talking at each other rather than with each other, using a just political cause as a backdoor to cloak ourselves in anonymity rather than forcing ourselves to resolve issues face to face with both white aggressors, black sellouts and the walking wounded in our communities.

    Regardless of which path you ultimately choose, you’ve done good work here.

  9. MarcLo on said:

    On behalf of the like-minded between us:

    I’d like to send a sincere THANK YOU for what you’ve done to contribute to our peoples’ knowledge.

    I will try to archive as much as I can. I know how this thing is, Im sure you probably feel under-appreciated, or you’re just sick and tired of our people “not getting it”, because I too have cancelled my youtube channel, and other sources of communication with strangers that I have had to try to wake our people up, and they just do no hear.

    But your works have been way above standard, and you can hold your head up high knowing that you served our GOD correctly, and done right by the ancestors. You will be rewarded greatly, sister.

    I love you.

  10. Marc and Bry

    Thanks for the support and love.

    The internet, like any public forum, can be used to our benefit if we wish to use it as so. The problem is as always: We do not have the will to use newspapers, flyers, brochures and email in a constructive manner.

    We are easily distracted, easily bored, childish in always wanting to be entertained while whites are planning and perfecting their DAILY prepping and bartering routines. If you visit any white blog that deals with issues of the coming war, you’ll find article after article, tip after tip, guide after guide on how to SURVIVE. They help each other on:

    How to catch rain water and purify it
    How to seek out other whites and set up a bartering system with them
    How to freeze dry meat, chicken and fish safely
    How to turn lard into heat so you don’t freeze if there’s a power failure
    Ways to keep clean if there’s no water

    The list goes on and on!!!!

    The things that whites discuss when there’s no obvious black audience is mind-blowing!!!! It’s all survival techniques…even how to make your own bullets. I must say, I’m impressed. Not one minute is wasted on Beyonce, obtaining the latest fashion and how to get as much sex as possible. These folks know what time it is and their not going down without a fight.

    Meanwhile, we fuss over Tommy Sotomayor and the vile thing he’s being PAID to say, Jay-Z’s newest album and the vast Satanic symbolism and if Kanye is really a homosexual.

    I’ve done all that I can do. I must focus on more constructive issues now.

  11. anonymous on said:

    I wish I could reveal myself to you. I would love to discuss in-depth some of the issues discussed here. I share something in common with you and Roan. Hopefully one day we. Will find each other. Does anyone have any idea how to archive the post here. I would like to save them for future reference. Doan yes they are preparing very well for any type of emergency. We all myself. Included should really ne following suit.

  12. Courtney H on said:


    I am so sad to that you will soon be ending your blog. I have greatly appreciated (and appreciate) all the information and dialogue that you have provided to us all. This includes information regarding history, health, social/political issues, and especially dealing the racist dominant culture. I have learned a great deal coming to your blog and told my brother about it (he told me that he thinks that you are deep). You blog is the first one that I go to after I check my e-mail, and then I move on to other blogs. Some of those blogs (like abagonds, that mstoogood4yall mentioned above) allow to many racist dogs to make comments and even though people respond to them, they derail the conversation and people spend their energy answering racists instead of intelligently discussing the issue at hand and encouraging one other.

    That is one of the main reasons that I enjoy your blog, because you keep the bigots at bay, whereas other black blogs give them free rein to attack us. I know that other posters have made this comment, but you have provided a safe space for us who wish to converse with black people without white interference that messes up everything.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do and will do in the future! Thank you for telling it like it is and helping us!

    Sorry to see you go, and best blessings for the future!

  13. Courtney H on said:

    @Cece D:

    That sounds almost as wacky as the white preacher at that church in Alabama who allowed he and some of his followers to be bitten by poisonous snakes and to drink strychnine, saying that God would protect them from death. These people are stupid! They are misusing the Bible for their own purposes, and unless they repent, they are going to go to hell!

  14. EyesWideOpen on said:

    “Why in the world did he give the fool a dam post, he should ban his as.”

    The fact that he did and he doesn’t just further confirms my suspicions that he is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Allow me to explain.

    If you take a close look at Abagond’s 337 word comment policy, you will notice two simple words that are conspicuous by their absence: No Trolling. In fact, as I reread it, I asked myself, “Is this really a comment policy or is it actually a surreptitious guide for racists on how to troll Abagond’s blog without getting banned or moderated?”

    IMO, the fact that his comment sections are often dominated by racist, white trolls definitively answers that question. Which brings me to the next point.

    From Abagond’s comment policy: “Imagine that I have invited you to my house for dinner.”

    Umm, why would any sane black man invite whites – aka racists – over to his house to DISCUSS racism? Especially a black man who has been allowing whites trolls on his blog since its inception seven and a half years ago so he’s had more opportunities than most BP to see that 99% of WP do not “discuss” race in good faith. Their intentions are simply to deny, deceive, deflect, disrespect and ultimately to DRAIN your energy like the vampires and parasites they are.

    Abagond knows this and has echoed similar thoughts throughout the years, the latest in a post he devoted to an uber troll which is now at 659 comments – who says trolling doesn’t pay off? (last emphasis mine): “You are not arguing honestly and objectively. You are more concerned with SEEMING right than in BEING right. Which means that deep down you do not care about the truth. WHICH MEANS ARGUING WITH YOU IS POINTLESS.”

    Yeah, that’s how WP roll. With few exceptions, there is no truth in them. They’ve been that way since they first crawled out of their caves.

    So, the question becomes; why does a black man, who is generally very good at perceiving and exposing the flaws and motives in (white) people’s arguments, CONTINUE to allow OBVIOUS racist, white trolls to shit all over his blog for YEARS on end?

    It just doesn’t make any sense. Unless… Unless, (like with whatreallyhappened dot com, rense dot com etc) the REAL and INTENDED purpose of his blog is to distract (from the things that really matter), drain (your spritual and emotional energy) and depress (do you feel uplifted or depressed after exposing yourself to endless negativity and energy sucking vampires?).

    After almost 8 years of blogging, there is NO WAY that Abagond isn’t FULLY AWARE of the negative and detrimental effect that allowing white, racist uber trolls free reign on his blog has on his black readers – he is black after all, isn’t he??? He knows, but he obviously doesn’t care.

    If you focus exclusively on people’s actions you will rarely be fooled in life. What people DO is what they REALLY mean.

    …As long as they’ve been doing it, they’re experts at it, they know what they’re doing.
    Malcolm X

  15. EyesWideOpen on said:

    DOAN said: I’ve done all that I can do.

    Sister, all you can do has been more than good enough. In just ~18 months, you’ve made a wonderful and important contribution to hue-manity that you can and should be very proud of. The signal to noise ratio of your posts has been off the charts and the fact that you ran such a tight ship means that it’s not too hard to find the gold in your comment sections as well.

    Other black bloggers would do well to take a good look at this blog and see how to do it right. You can attract white, racist trolls to your comment sections or you can attract intelligent, black commenters. With few exceptions, you can’t have both. Most wise Africans will not waste their time casting their pearls before white SWINE.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well but I do hope that you don’t plan on deleting this blog. I’d like to eventually go through it one more time to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

    Thank You for starting it and thanks as well to the many fine commenters who I have also learned a lot from.

    I guess I’ll have to start looking for a new online place to call home.

  16. WOw. Truth I wish u the best in everything that u do, thanks for all the info u have provided here, you’ve given us more than enough to start working on. Because of u and the ppl on this blog I have grown a bit more, I’ve learned to make my own toothpaste, eat healthier, catch rainwater, still working on the gardening thing though smh. I’ve learned about what we are up against and how to prepare, but it’s up to us to figure out when we will take what you’ve wrote and put them into practice. Sorry if some of us were not as focused as we should’ve been or argued over minor things. I understand I get frustrated as well when I go to other blogs and some ppl are derailing or talking about none issues. I don’t know how much of it is our mental slavery and how much of it is just us set in our ways. I do have hope that we will figure it out and stop dividing ourselves, even if it is a small group of us that do get it that is good. You’ve done enough its up to us to put in the work. If I could give u an award I would lol.

    what I gather we need to do in the near future in no particular order is:

    become self sufficient
    save money and resources
    support black businesses
    don’t spend money on extra things
    know thyself
    work on ur anti blackness
    read books

  17. darqbeauty on said:

    DOAN, this blog is one of the few respites on the internet for many of us. Though you may feel disappointed in us, this blog has helped my understanding in so many ways. I hope you don’t shut it down completely. We need as much information out there as we can get before the powers that be decide to start gaining momentum for their evil works. When I read the comments from your first couple of posts until now, the changes in attitude are stark and gives me hope. Sister, even if you decide to cancel the blog, know that I am SO grateful for all that you have done and tried to do. I hope to see many of you in New Jerusalem. *Big Hug*

  18. mary burrell on said:

    Negress, God bless you. I thank you for educating me. I hope you prosper in everything you set your hand to.

  19. cheryl on said:

    Even though I’ve just started reading your blogs I have to admit I enjoy every topic. My questions is…why can’t we meet? Why waste time on a computer when we can just meet in person and discuss these topics face to to face? If as you say whites are meeting, proposing etc., then why can’t we? To discuss on the issues on how to survive. I would love to sit with like minds and come up with solutions. I’ve just recently started making my own laundry detergent thanks to Empress Shah from my UTube channel. So would love to discuss topics (face to face) on how to catch and clean rain water, how to plant and sow etc. etc. As one person mentioned on how we’re just lonely…I have to agree. Living a lifestyle that the majority of people view only as lunacy can be very lonely. You care so much for people and their welfare but they don’t seem to care about their own welfare can be frustrating and what looks like a waste of time and energy and for the most part…it is. I have relatives who have been doing drugs for so long they find it very hard to make the necessary changes. It can be mind numbing with exhaustion trying to help them fight their demons but it comes a time when you have to let go just to save yourself. When I was in the christian world it was lonely, now that I’m in this world of trying to find truth rather than religion it’s still lonely. Bobby Hemmitt said it best in one of his lectures that, you can’t save everybody. We just want people to wake up now and for some it just ain’t gonna happen. So I say let’s just meet if only once a year. If whites are planning and meeting so should we. You’ll know face to face who’s serious and who’s not. We can bounce off a lot of ideas from on another. The only thing I say is leave the egos at home and lets get this thing going. I hope I made sense to someone.

  20. Ghostwriter on said:

    Well I want to tell you thanks, and your work was not in vain. We understand! I learned a lot and the site was fun. The blog help me a lot to communicate and express what our communities are going through in this society. Truth, I wish you a fare well and we going to miss you. These white folks can’t live with us, and they show can’t live without us.


    ~ Alex

  21. Negress,

    As a fellow soldier on the front line of our people’s consciousness, never give up……never give up…..I understand that sometimes your wheels seem to be spinning in place….but, that’s just a sign to back up our wagon and go down a different road…..I know, I’ve had to do that many times….Blessings to you on your journeys….may you be blessed beyond blessed on each one of them.

  22. Mickey on said:


    Did you know that someone has taken to Youtube to discuss one of you posts? Namely, the 21 Harsh Truths?

    Btw, as already stated, thank you for this blog for the information that it has given. It will be missed.

  23. I don’t think us meeting face to face will happen as we all live in different parts of the country and some different parts of the world. But skyping would be more realistic. If u have some other ppl in ur area that are like minded u can link up with them, and if u don’t well idk. I think a lot of ppl on here are in the north east or westcoast, i’m in the south. I think its safer to Skype first to see each other and all that then someday meet in person, I don’t want no catfish stuff happening lmbao.

  24. mstoogood4yall on said:

    wow truth is famous now lol. at least we can say we knew her before .thanks for posting.

  25. “Last night, I’ve decided that in the near future, I’ll be ending this blog for my own reasons. If anyone has plausible solutions to any issues/ problems that we’ve discussed in the past, it would be great if you could tell us now.

    Time is of the essence and we are running out of time. I’m not sure of when I’ll “hang up my computer” but it will be soon. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.”

    SIGHHHH! I’m not surprised. Passionate people also have low bs tolerance levels. The ignorance and trolling proved too much for you and I fully understand.
    If you reconsider perhaps find a way to strictly vet all contributors to DOAN,a kind of closed members only cyber club. I wish you reconsider cause frankly you’re the most USEFUL black blogger out there. Who’d have told me the dangers of aspartame,Mickey Dees and junk food or the wonders of melanin and the pineal gland?
    If you do leave just know I’ve nothing but respect for your knowledge,honesty and passion.

  26. Morning folks:

    Thanks to all for the love and kindness. I’ll be putting out a few more posts on what’s currently happening to help us get as prepared as possible. All the info you need is out there to prep and educate yourselves. Use it wisely and try not to get distracted by others that wish to lead you astray.

    I’d like to make a recommendation to everyone here.

    If you haven’t already read this book, please do so now. If money is an issue, you can download the entire thing for free on MANY sites. The book is called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    It is very real and incredibly accurate. If you only read one book this year, please read this one.

  27. @ Negress

    -If you eventually do decide to close your blog, I just want to say thank you. As a black woman, you have a very strong dedication to trying to dismantle white supremacy and making us,people of African ancestry, aware of our capabilities as human beings. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck because your blog has given me a greater understanding of how this evil system(white supremacy) affects my life as a black man in America.


  28. Azazel on said:

    Thanks Negress for this blog. I discovered it late but I’m grateful. Everything has its time and season. If the spirit moves you to move on, I’m sure it’ll be for the best. It takes energy to put stuff out here. And you have to moderate and see all those troll comments that WE don’t have to read. Thought contains energy and words help manifest thought. Naturally, most of the white troll comments, being inimical to us, are negative and energy sapping.

    The ominous character of these times is overwhelming and you’ll need your energy. I wouldn’t call this a prediction and I wouldn’t ask anyone to consider it as such but I’m feeling that America is going to openly join the ongoing proxy war in Syria and it’s going to be a disaster for this country. It might very well be the event that renews open hostility between the West and the Sino-Russian alliance and precipitates the collapse of the already illusory liberty at home (the road has already been paved by the diabolical PATRIOT act).

    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not fought for ‘freedom’. That’s what they sell mindless Americans. They were geopolitical manouevres made politically viable domestically by the 9/11 ‘ terrorist’ attacks. Unlike the mindf-ed citizens of this country, the leaders of Russia know this! The leaders of Iran know this. The leaders of Syria know this. It is inconceivable that the Eurasian powers, native to the continent, are going to forever sit idly by while they are geopolitically surrounded by an expanding American empire. Many wars between the major world powers since Alexander the Great’s Diadochi have been fought over so-called ‘Coele-Syria’.

    Anyway, it’s been strenghtening just to know that I’m not alone in perceiving the things I’ve felt about these times. IMO, in the near future, technologies like the internet are not going to be available without interruption. So an argument could be made that we shouldn’t be too dependent on them. In any case, they’re probably inferior to what our ancestors were capable of. So I believe that if we need to be in touch again, we will be.

    Peace, Hotep, Asante, all blessings to you!

  29. Azazel

    The war in Syria and the coming war in Iran will be the spark the ignites WW3. Of course Isis-Ra-El (Israel) is to blame but they will deflect it and blame:

    The unemployed
    The homeless

    Take your pick….

  30. Amarie on said:

    Hey Negress, can you contact me please?

  31. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi DOAN, are any of my comments in moderation? I submitted 4 but only one in your most recent post seems to have gone through.

  32. EyesWideOpen on said:

    The following two comments are in response to mswanda who asked: “What are we suppose to do and how are we suppose to feel when attacked?”

    There’s enough information just on this blog to help anyone master detachment from and indifference to white people. For those who are serious about doing so, I would suggest starting from the very first post and as you read copy and paste into your own blank document (eg Micro$oft Word) ONLY the paragraphs and preferably sentences that REALLY grab you, especially the ones that do a great job of exposing the true, vile, inferior and evil nature of caucanderthals.

    Once you’ve finished reading all the posts and comments – ignoring of course, the obvious trolls like Imho*** and his alter ego and friends – you should have a document that is hundreds of pages long because there is A LOT of truth and wisdom on this blog. Prune what you have and where necessary, rewrite things in your own words so they speak even louder to you.

    How you organize it from there is up to you. You can first divide your quotes into subcategories (examples in my next comment) and/or split up the long page into bite sized docs. I recommend that each doc be no more than 2 or 3 short paragraphs otherwise I find it gets too tedious to read which defeats the entire purpose of taking notes but your mileage may vary.

    I recommend devoting at least 30 to 60 minutes a day to this, 5 or 6 days a week – you are worth it! Then reward yourself with TV, internet or whatever. If time is extra tight then I recommend DVRing all your TV shows and watching them on your day(s) off as a reward for being disciplined and putting in the work. You don’t’ have to deny yourself, just delay things a little bit.

    Once you have divided all your quotes into bite sized docs (you will probably have hundreds) just review a few of them 5 or 6 days a week either by time (eg. review for 5 – 10 minutes) or by number (eg review 1 to 5 docs a day) whatever suits you best. What you’re doing, of course, is brainwashing yourself with the truth about white people instead of allowing yourself to be brainwashed BY white people and their ridiculous LIES about both themselves and us.

    As with mastering anything other skill, it all boils down to good old fashion grunt work and repetition that most people are unwilling to do which is why improvement is ultimately a strictly individual affair. The more work you put into mastering detachment and indifference, the better your results will be and the more immune you will be to the spirit ciphers.

    The highest code of living is detachment.
    Thick Face, Black Heart

    Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don’t stand a chance against it.
    Joan Vinge

    This is an example of rewriting a quote to suite yourself…
    Outward things should not touch the soul, not in the least degree; nor should they have admission to the soul, nor should they turn or move the soul; but the soul should turn and move itself alone.
    Marcus Aurelius

    This is the original quote…
    Outward things cannot touch the soul, not in the least degree; nor have they admission to the soul, nor can they turn or move the soul; but the soul turns and moves itself alone.
    Marcus Aurelius

    There’s no law that says you can’t rewrite quotes for your own purpose.

    Continued in next comment.

  33. EyesWideOpen on said:

    It’s OK, I figured it out. It’s because I had the troll Imho*** fully spelled out and I think you banned him so filters are set up to pick up his name and junk the comments. I put stars instead and it worked.

  34. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I recommend using subcategories to divide your notes / quotes. It will make it much easier to find things in the future. Also, if you’re really serious about brainwashing yourself with the truth and great quotes, I strongly recommend that you spend at least a week thinking about and experimenting with how to make your system as future proof and user friendly as possible. TRUST ME, that week you spend on the front end will save you weekS on the back end not having to redo everything so many times. If you get there, you’ll see what I mean.

    A few of the subcategories you’ll probably find useful for white people once you’re ready to divide up your quotes are…

    Albinos, Animals, Anti-hue-man, Bestiality Lovers, Brainwashed, Calcified Pineal Glands, Can’t Take Criticism, Cave Dwellers, Deceivers, Deflecters, Demonizers, Drug Abusers, Eternally Damned, Evil*, Freaks Of Nature, Fucked Up, Genociders, Going Extinct, Greedy & Covetous, Haters, Have NOT Changed, Hypocrites, Ignorant (see Stupid), Inferior (which can be subdivided into Genetically, Mentally, Physically etc), Inhumane (see No Compassion), Jealous, Just DON’T Care (see also Psychopaths),

    Learned From Africans (see also Thiefs), Liars, Deniers & (Self) Deceivers, Lost Cause (see Hopelessly Evil), Love Looking Down On Others (see Demonizers), Love Playing Dumb (see Willfully Ignorant), Love Taking Undue Credit (see Thiefs / Credit Thiefs), Love Uncle Toms, Low Lifes, Mean Spirited (see Nasty), Melanin & Melatonin Deficient, Mentally Ill / Insane (which can be further subdivided into They Think They’re Civilized, They Think They’re The Good Guys, They Think They’re Superior, They Think Their Shit Doesn’t Stink etc), Mutants (see Albinos)

    Neanderthals (see Not (Fully) Human), Never Wrong, New Kids On The Block, No Integrity, No Morals, No Remorse, No Self Awareness, No Shame, Not (Fully) Human, NOT Peaceful (see also Shit Disturbers, Warmongers), Obsessed With Skin Color, Parasites, Passive Aggressive, Pedophiles, Perverted (see also No Morals, Sexually Depraved), Projecters (see also Deflecters, Hypocrites), Psychopaths (see also Animals, Christopher Columbus, Just Don’t Care, No Compassion, No Integrity, No Morals, Soulless)

    Racists (many subdivisions), Refuse To Accept ANY Blame (see also Arrogant, Never Wrong), Refuse To Apologize, Refuse To Give Credit (see also Thiefs / Credit Thiefs), Rebublicans (see also Stupid), Revisionists (see also Liars, Deniers & (Self) Deceivers), Savages (see also Cannibals, Uncivilized, Evil > Racist > Violent), Scapegoaters (see Racists > False Accusers), Secrets Of Their Success (see also Liars, Deniers & (Self) Deceivers), Sick (see Fucked Up, Freaks Of Nature, Perverted), Soulless, Spirit Sapping (see Vampires), Suicide Prone, Sun Hates Them (see also Going Extinct)

    Talk Out Of Both Sides Of Their Mouth (see Hypocrites), Treacherous, Truth Haters (see also Can’t Take Criticism), Turn On Each Other (see also NOT Peaceful, Warmongers), Two Faced, Uncivilized, Unknown Origin, Unnatural, Usurpers, Vampires, Vengeful & Vindictive, Violent (see Evil > Destroyers & Murderers), War Against Black Males, War Against Blacks, War Lovers, Weaklings, White Priviledge, White Trash, Will NEVER Change, Willfully Ignorant, Zombies (see Sheep) etc

    *As you will no doubt find, you will be overflowing with quotes and observations about the evil nature of white people so there are plenty of useful subcategories such as Evil Christians (So Called), Evil & Of The Devil, Evil > Lynchings, Evil & Racist (which can be further subdivided), Evil > Violent > Depraved & Barbaric, Evil > Violent > Destroyers & Murderers, Evil > Violent > Genociders, Evil > Violent > Sadistic, etc.

    And those are just SOME of the subcategories. Once you start to fully unravel and ingrain the truth about these creatures, they will become a complete JOKE to you, especially the PREPOSTEROUS notion that the words “Superior” and “White People” have anything to do with each other. And if you ever read their insane, racist ramblings about things like the Zimmerman case, you won’t get upset or depressed anymore, you will just shake your head and say before going on with your day, “What else do you expect from demons in human form who are evil to the core and cursed with a lack of discernment?”

    Also, it becomes patently obvious why they have so much contempt for the truth and why they have to keep an eye on us and deny, deflect, derail and deceive. The rabbit hole goes DEEP with white “folks”. Subconsciously, they KNOW this but they don’t want us to know it.

    Too bad and too late. The TRUTH about white people drilled deep into your being really will set you free from them.

    Hope that helps.

  35. Eyeswideopen

    No. I don’t know what happened.

  36. kowaba on said:


    Thank you so much for sharing the crucial information on this blog. Also thank you for the book recommendation. I looked into the book and apparently “scholars” state that the book is a hoax, but looking at the contents it’s accurate. Of course logically speaking a book with such value they, the mainstream, discredit. I haven’t read the book in its entirety yet though. Oh and also thank you for the heads up on the forums. I discovered online forums after graduating high school and have looked at them to get info that’s hard to come by.

    Please know that you are appreciated for all of your efforts towards the community. There are many things here that I would not have known about if I didn’t read your blog. I’m going to miss your thoughts, reflections, and insights about the world. Your blog has been a safe place for all of us to express our feelings without judgment.

    @ All

    I feel like DOAN has provided so many solutions. I couldn’t think of other solutions, but I’ll share what I’ve been doing.

    1) Gathering info and making a document with survival skills, living off the grid, etc.
    2) Figuring out ways to deprogram myself (Thank you, EyesWideOpen, for your suggestions)
    3)Investing in technologies that don’t need batteries e.g. self winding watches
    4)If anyone has lived in areas that were hit hard by natural disasters for instance, Hurricane Sandy, think of things that you needed, but were unable to get because of power being out etc. That can be used as another starting point for preparing for SHTF

    Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories, comments, insights, and reflections. It has helped me know that I wasn’t going crazy and that others are experiencing the same things throughout the country AND the world.

  37. SugarKiss on said:

    I found it on this site for free…even skimming it is making my skin crawl. This is like…I just have no words…for evil that exists at this level. So many secrets and meeting and social science and understanding and DILIGENCE to make this work. This is why the construct of white supremacy is so important.

    The moment you realize you live in the fluckin’ matrix.


  38. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Kowaba said: Thank you, EyesWideOpen, for your suggestions.

    You’re very welcome Kowaba. I’m glad to know that they may help at least one person.

  39. kowaba on said:

    Yeah. I’ve already finished archiving May 2012. My goal is to get at least 2 months of copy and paste done each day so I’ll be finished archiving in about a week. Reading your comments on this blog have been both thought provoking and has given me hope. And on serious topics you’re able to put a humorous spin on it as well. 🙂

    Every Monday, I plan on learning how to do more mindful meditation to prepare myself for the days ahead. Detachment is for sure the key to think clear in these times and remain grounded. Have you read Blueprint for Black Power by Dr. Amos Wilson? He talks about the psychic violence white people inflict on black people. I haven’t finished reading it yet. Great book so far and a lot of food for thought.

  40. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Kowaba,

    I haven’t read Blueprint for Black Power but it’s in my list of books to get.

    The white need for psychological warfare and psychic violence against black people is just more proof of their fundamental weakness, nastiness, inferiority and cowardice. Strong, good-hearted people would never dream of resorting to such tactics against people who aren’t a threat to them.

    Notice that Muhammad Ali reserved his best trash talking for his greatest competition (Liston, Frazier & Foreman)? You don’t need to resort to psychological warfare against “inferior” adversaries.

    The fact that white supremacy and white people wage their most ruthless and relentless psychological warfare against black people – not “brown,” “yellow” or “red” people – should clue us in to our AWESOME potential which CAN be individually realized IF we remain focused on the things that REALLY matter and IF we put in the WORK required to realize that potential.

    Unfortunately, it seems that too many of us, who should know better, would rather waste precious time arguing with white, racist trolls on the internet.

  41. Azazel on said:


    You’re right. WW3 is basically here. The USA established that the ‘red line’ was chemical weapon use then Syria was framed. Now they’re going to use that to make the transition from proxy war to outright military aggression. It’s the Gulf of Tonkin and Iraq’s invisible ‘nukular’ weapons all over again. Russia already warned that any conflict could go nuclear. I believe this is the war to end America as we know it. But I won’t be weeping. Everyone will soon taste what it’s like to be an ‘N’ and have no ‘constitutional rights’. TPTB think they’re in control but I feel it’s the beginning of the end for all of them. Some people don’t like Bible quotes but I tell you, a brother or sister wrote some of the original scrolls because it hits certain things on the head:

    Revelation 17:16,17:
    “The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God’s words are fulfilled.”

    IMO, supranational dictatorship is coming and with it the end of capitalism.

  42. Eyeswideopen

    Your comment is magnificent!

  43. EyesWideOpen on said:


    Thank you for your kind words.

  44. kowaba on said:

    EyesWide Open,

    You’re on fire with your insights! 😀
    We have to have some supernatural powers or something that is being hindered by the system of white domination. That may be one of the reasons why we pose such a threat.

  45. kowaba on said:

    Here are two websites I’ve found regarding WWIII with Syria and Economic Trends/ Collapse:



  46. all this is crazy, when I read a couple days ago about them saying Syria was using chemicals on their citizens I was thinking ok now they are going to give the whole we are America and we won’t stand for this and we must act now. then Russia and china oppose the us getting involved yep ww3 is coming.

  47. Morning folks:

    The next post will be my last.

    Please know that control of the internet is the next phase for the totalitarian movement. Please do as you must to begin printing out and copying and pasting articles you deem fit. Especially my survival posts…

    10 items needed to make us safer
    dropping out of the system

    And so forth.

    For those of you that are not aware, WW3 has begun but they are downplaying it to keep the hysteria at bay. 2014 will be a true test of faith. Good luck…

  48. samadhi on said:

    I’m sad to know you’re going to stop blogging, you are one the best blogger around, your posts are so unique and insightful i’m already missing it.

    Won’t you at least consider writing an entire book about survivalism/preparedness specifically aimed at PoC? Or maybe selling kits?

    Put your god given talent for writing to fulfil such an important purpose.

    Plus the entire market is cornered by overtly racist white people and I don’t want to give them any money that they will use later to kill all of us.

  49. samadhi

    Thank you for the kind words. I’ll nix the book writing on black survival. What more is there to say regarding our situation?

    Stop fighting?
    Stop hating each other?
    Support our own?

    Haven’t many, many scholars died begging us to do that? What did we do? Ignore them and continue fighting.

    Many will be angry at me for saying this but if we can’t “get it” by now…well…maybe it’s not for some of us “to get.” I know there are forces out there that are controlling us. I’ve seen them. I’ve heard them. And in one dream, a voice told me where “it” came from.

    The only way out of this mess now is:

    1. Admitting we have a monumental problem as black folks

    2. Take responsibility for our individual actions

    3. Act on change.

    What does that mean? Don’t just SAY you’re going to do better. Actually DO it. And mean it. And PRACTICE it.

    The war we face is Spiritual in nature. Why do you think they used to kill us and light our bodies on fire? All that was hidden from us…the rituals using black blood, black flesh, black organs, black phalluses and black vaginas. They want our melanin. And for some reason we can’t seem to SEE that.

  50. Everyone:

    They’ve been telling us what the future holds for our enemies for decades. They’ve also been telling us what is the “Cure” for albinism:

  51. Gwan do yuh ting negress. it was a pleasure.

  52. Negress check the blog an tell me if you like. it’s gonna be raw and filthy so hide yo kids, hide yo wife (just a saying) lol

  53. Soforeal

    So far it look good. Take blogging slow and allow the spirit to guide you. You’ll find the right words and pace as you go along.

  54. Heck no. i`m a man and i`ll go out like one AHMEN dammit. it will get some emotional like it got me. but in time people will see the bigger picture.

  55. samadhi on said:

    I know you’re tired and hurt, I’ve noticed since last year a much bigger surge in trolls, fake PoC & psy-ops on PoC blogs and media comment section.
    You need a well deserved rest to replenish your ka.

    If you weren’t right and influential, they would not be harassing you.
    They are scared of you because you are starting to have an impact. Hence they try to demoralise you, they want to silence you for good because they feel you’re getting somewhere. Or else they would not have tried that hard.

    PoC are blinded and have hard time waking up because there is some sort of spell going on. Their brains and bodies are being messed with thru the tainted water supplies, toxic vaccines & drugs and waves from electronic appliances.

    I think it’s time to go back to the basics, more grassroots, meeting people in real life, because it’s easier to detect phonies in the flesh.

    I suggested a book because only those who are interrested in their own survival will buy it, buying a book takes more effort and committment than reading a blog. Your audience will be more committed and this will be a good opportunity to support black bookshops.

    What if Neely Fuller or Bell Hooks had never written theirs?

  56. samadhi

    Whites are always going to be who they are: Scared. I expect trolls. They wouldn’t be on their job if they weren’t haters.

    I’m just tired and worn out of repeating the same things our elders repeated. Even Amos Wilson took a year off and Dr. Anderson quit all together.

    Right now, black people are at critical mass. Anderson warned us 20 years ago either we get ourselves together by a certain time or we become a permanent underclass.

    In 4 months, 2014 will be here. I suggest getting as much done as possible with your passport. Learning to grow a garden, catch rain water and most importantly:

    Learn a life skill.

    That way, you can take it with you where ever you may go.

  57. soforeal on said:

    It’s up now, and like said it won’t be for the faint of heart
    but walk in the same line with me on this journey and I promise

    things will be a lot more clear. so tell a friend! shit I even do this
    shit and get cussed out on facebook by family members lol
    but it needs to be done before there is a physical evolution
    there must be a mental evolution 2013 and behond I won’t stop
    until I die because just like I’m learning it’s only
    right that I take some of us on this journey back
    to being supermen and superwomen the intelligence of the creator
    is already being recieved by some and that will
    lead us back to the top. anyway let me get my crazy ass
    outta here.

    15 posts max for me and then I’m done. because I asure that will be enough Lol http://thementalevolutionofblackpeople.wordpress.com/

  58. mstoogood4yall on said:

    That is true ms negress and also the new movie with his son they are the only ones on earth, they must know their time will be up and black ppl will be the only ones left ….if there is an earth left. Its interesting how the creatures in that movie were afraid of the sun and could only stay in darkness. But in the end he sacrificed himself for whites, I guess that is why they put all these movies out here showing us dying or saving whites to prepare us to give them what they don’t have.

  59. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I have an announcement to make……….

    I did the big chop today after transitioning for 6 months. Yeah.

  60. Whats a big chop? Like a pork rib?

  61. mstoogood4yall on said:

    rofl. no ms negress its when u get ur relaxed hair cut off and have a teen weeny afro.

  62. kowaba on said:

    Hey Everyone!

    Wanted to share this video I just stumbled upon. It highlights an individual living off the grid. He’s very proactive, disciplined, and intelligent. Originally from NYC. Hope this empowers everyone to prepare and seek out alternative energy sources.

  63. Matari on said:

    Great video Kowaba!!

    Brothaman and I have a few things in common!

    I’m surprised he’s not utilizing WIND generator POWER also, since that region of the country does get some wind from time to time.

    The only flaw that I see in his growing set-up is that he’s alone. He needs a good dog (German Shepard?) a gf/wife/helper, and perhaps a community of nearby like-minded individuals/friends/neighbors for the benefits that come from such associations… like mutual defense for when things go quickly south …. when those have not prepped wish to take from those who have prepped – because they’re now broke, hungry, homeless and fatally desperate.

    Compost toilets are nice, but I might lean more toward a small septic/leech field system to handle the human waste of two people – and use a smaller C toilet for back-up/emergencies.

    All in all he’s got a great off the grid set-up.
    Thanks for posting this.

    All I need is one of those huge steel (live-in-able after remodeling) shipping containers, land in an isolated location, lots of cash and the time to set it all up UNDER GROUND before Obutthead begins the next big world war. : ))

  64. Mstoogood

    Ohhhhh. Ok. hehehehe

  65. kowaba

    Great video! Thanks.

  66. Morning folks:

    Tomorrow is it for me. If anyone wishes to post helpful videos and books please do so now. I’m going to disable the “comments” section to dissuade trolls and in fighting amongst us.

  67. kowaba on said:

    You’re welcome, Matari! I’m glad you enjoyed the video.

    I agree it would be desirable if he had another source of alternative energy. And items that require no form of energy or electricity. I just ordered a food dehydrator that just hangs and doesn’t need any electricity (it’s out of stock at the moment, though, so I’ll have to wait for a bit).

    From viewing the video, it seems his reasons for living off the grid were not for prepping purposes, but to save money. Nonetheless, it is still in his best interest to develop a defense plan, have a helper, and develop a community support network as you mentioned.

    It would be best for him as well to develop additional sources of food. Using different food preservation methods like canning, dehydrating, and freeze drying as well as starting his own garden or implementing hydroponics.

    I thought the way he dealt with his waste was ingenious. I don’t know all of those different types of compost toilet methods you mentioned, but I’ll be looking into those shortly.

    Yes! He made that entire house and system from scratch! That’s pretty awesome.

    Yea! Underground bunkers are the way to go. Here’s a website on it http://www.deepearthbunker.com/survival-pods.html

    “Always be prepared.” -Boy Scout Motto
    “It’s better to have and not need, than it is to need and not have.” -Dr. Kambon
    “There is no such thing as being too prepared.” -Unknown

  68. kowaba on said:

    You’re welcome, DOAN! 🙂

  69. kowaba on said:

    This Prepper Documentary may give everyone some more ideas. They talk about taking drills to the Bug Out Locations, hunting etc.

    Also have been listening to


  70. This is the ONLY way I can find to reach you. I know you are mad about the trolls and all the nonsense. I get like that too, just remember, our G o V tee uses TAXPAYER funds to establish racism trolls against the people of color.

    Think about it, dont pay any mind to these half human android motherfuckers on payroll that do nothing but TROLL our existence. Open your comments section back up, and to piss these a holes off, just weed out the negative comments!

    I read your last entry and I want you to know that there are people that NEED you. Your voice must be heard! Dont stop doing what you are doing on behalf of sad motherfuckers who sit in an office, paid by me and you, and dedicate their life to trolling blacks and other minorities.

    I am into finance and cannot read Zerohedge, Business Insider or Bloomberg as much anymore because of the insane ignorance of the criminal class. However, I remember that the internet is and was run and started by the M.I.C. So….realizing that and researching I found out that there are really people who get PAID to troll us. MIC subcontracts and ALLLLLLLL that.

    I will be a hypocrite and confess to you that I once ran a blog. However, my selfish biz interests ran afoul of my pure thoughts on finance and racism in wall street. I then decided to stop in order to not blacklist myself. What a fool I was. I have since transitioned into another career where I can help others and go back to wall street on my own terms and not have to deal with these psychos.

    Did you hear about FB and their social experiments? So basically the internet is fucking dead and you are one of the few bright spots on my blog roll.

    I hope you are real and not some creation from the MAN in order to gauge black anger.

    Also, I have anger issues with the criminally insane. So you know what I did/do? I try and limit my contact with the bad ones. That simple. There is so much information I want to share with you.

    Remember there are 8 billion people or so on the planet. Some of them, are gonna be a lil odd, some evil and some good. Dont let the nuthouse we live in steer your energy towards anger and hate. It happens to me too. I try and not speak too much and limit my social circle unless its for biz.

    Once we understand history, economics and science, we can understand these hateful myopic idiots. Remember, there ARE good white folk out there the same way there are EVIL black people that sell us out on the regular.

    I know my comments are maaaaaad random, but thats just me. I want you to feel better and continue on your journey. I do not know who you are but identify with …every.single.word you type.

    God/Universe bless you and please keep writing. Perhaps you should expose the Troll entities and the psychological damage they try and inflict on our people.

    quick side note: Why are they obsessed with us? Because in their retard occult religions some interpretations are of us being kept blind because we are the true gods.

    I am not big on religion and believe these losers and their stolen secret sociahtees (typos on purpose) believe in some bullllllshit. These people are sick in the head and must be ignored. Sooooo, an interpretation I have heard is that Hiram is the black man who must be kept asleep. That means they fear our capabilities. Just my thoughts.

    So fuck em, smile, make more products, put your work out there, and if you have to…MOOOOOOOOOOVE.

    Move somewhere you can grow, blossom and learn without the distraction of these sickos.

    Bless you and thanks for being!

  71. Ice

    Thank you much for the kind words but I’ve retired from blogging on a consistent basis. I’m not mad at the trolls…it’s EXPECTED behaviour.

    I’m not mad at all.

    I’m tired. Plain and simple.

    Time for me now. Everything that I’ve said has already been said a thousand times over. It’s up to each individual now to reconnect with the spirit.

    By the way…I’m very real. Not a paid Mossad asshole but a real black woman. Thanks again. By the way, you don’t need me. You already have all of this inside of you.

  72. duppygal29 on said:

    Dear Nubian Empress

    That is a shame, as I was looking forward to giving you my points of view.

    Hopefully I could help to give you a different perspective.

    I wish you luck in the future and hopefully you may start back up again in the future.

    Blessings from Duppygal…in London :0)

  73. Hello Nubian Queen,

    I’m one of your fans from overseas (so sorry for the mispellings) and I’ve been willing to talk to you but I just realized now that I could still comment even though the comments are closed.

    I wanted to say thank because your blog for me has been like a wake-up call. I became aware of so many thingd while reading your blog.
    I’m a West African girl born and raised in Europe and I wanted to share my story.

    I went to the US for a few years to attend college. Everything worked pretty well until I found a job in a school. Of course, it was an all-white school. I also babysat on the side for extra money because where I lived is quite expensive and I wanted to be more independent.

    So I watched one kid for a few months and everything went pretty well. After I babysat and brought the kid home, the (white) father would insist for me to stay over dinner (the mother wasn’t there and got home much later). He even proposed a beer once.
    Most of time, I just wanted to leave because I didn’t drive so I had to take the bus. And usually I waited for the bus for 20 minutes on average and it was late afternoon the I would be stuck in traffic and going home could take forever.
    But I was polite and I usually stayed over dinner. Then, he asked me to bring the kid over his work that was not far from my place so I told myself “Cool, I’ll be home earlier!”, but the father would invite me to stay. The first time I said yes even though I wanted to leave and I wasted at least one hour and a half of my time.

    The second time, I refused and from that moment on, whenever I was supposed to be done working I simply left. It was very embarrassing because I could see he was annoyed. And from that moment on, he saw me as his #1 ennemy. He probably talked about me to other parents at school because I was seen as a materialistic girl that didn’t really care about kids and was here only to earn money. Nevermind that his kid was always safe with me and that I never stole anything at their place. But once one’s job is done, the person is supposed to go home or wherever he/she has to go, am I wrong for that? So he kept going with his fake smile and little by little, I was seen like the black sheep at school. This white father even did things to trick me so that I look bad. I was so naive at that time, I didn’t see it coming.

    About one year ago, a (white) mother I worked for, that I thought was my friend, humiliated me publicly and then later the SAME day, she acted nice and gave a $100 check. I took it. Things went worse and worse at school.
    A few weeks later, there was a fire alarm in my building where I live (I lived alone in a studio). So me and all my neighbors stayed outside the building for about 30 minutes. The firemen came. The building manager (an angry white man that hated me) couldn’t be found that day.
    A couple of days later, I noticed a note in my appartment. I DIDN’T bring it to my appartment, someone put it there. And it was my work schedule for the following week. So now, the fire alarm made sense. The reason why my building manager couldn’t be found made sense. My building manager and the white father (technically my boss) WORKED TOGETHER to get me out of my appartment so that they could break in. I felt like I was raped. My intimacy was violated. And the worst part in this was that I couldn’t do anything about it because I couldn’t prove it. And I always wondered all the hell my boss found out where I lived. He also knew about my student status. He spied on me. I was alone and miles away from my family and true friends.

    A few days later, my friend, a North African arabic girl came to my place and took me to the hospital. I was there for depression. My Dad came from Europe he saw me in that horrible state and a week later, I was allowed to leave hospital to travel back to Europe. The white woman I worked for that humiliated me a couple of weeks earlier visited me at the hospital. Then she sent a text to ask me when I was going back to Europe. I never answered but I sent her her check (that I never used) back by mail. I went back to Europe and never heard of them again. It was very difficult because my family had to see me like that and I felt ashamed. I’m still ashamed as I’m writting because I should have been stronger.

    I spent a few months in Africa with my Mom to visit relatives and I needed that, I had a great time. The food. The people. The culture. This is why I feel sorry for any black person who wouldn’t want to get closer to their African roots.
    Today, one year later, I’ve been relaxer-free for a year and I stopped taking white people’s anti-depressants because it made things even worse. It turns you into an inanimate person that gets fatter and fatter.
    I feel better today and I’m going to start getting an education again. I considered a survivor now but this experience has taught me a lesson: NEVER trust white people. They are heartless and hypocritical. The white woman that humiliated me publicly at work bought a black doll to her daughter when I started working for her. Hypocrit!

    Their (young) social circles suck too, the (white) women hate on you for absolutely no reason and the few women of color around (Asian and Indian in my case) also hate on you to try to win their favours or because you might steal the attention from (white) men.
    The (white) men are no better than the women. They make sexual advances to you as soon as no one (their peers) is around. And when they know they don’t stand a chance, they also start hating on you.

    Your blog helped me open my eyes. What happened to me didn’t happen just because I happened to be around the wrong people, it happened because I was around white people. Now I know that. And it’s thanks to you so I wanted to say thank you. And I hope you’ll post more articles in the future if you have time.

    PS, sorry for the novel.


  74. duppygal29 on said:

    Dear Nubian Empress (I cannot call you a Negress – you deserve a much better title that than).

    Thank you for posting my comments. I would like to express that I am sorry that you have had bad experiences of White people, that have shaped your views.

    All I can offer are my healing positive words. My partner is Black, I have Black people in my family and many Black friends. All I can say is that it is about loving yourself and not hating others. The negativity will only eat away at you.

    But I respect you for speaking out too. Even if you may dislike me for my colour. I wish I could invite you to London, I would treat you as my guest and show you a different society than maybe the one you live in.

    To me your are my equal, my sister and a human being that deserves respect and appreciation. I spend my life challenging people with racist views (not just White) and if you ever decide to come to London, it would be personal mission to befriend you and show you my love.

    If someone took away all the Black people in my life, I would be left with very little. I recently went to Gambia (via the non-tourist route) to Kunte Kinte’s village. I spend hours on a boat, where I was the only White person with my Black friends to travel hours to reach his island. When I got there I cried. I sobbed for hours when the tourist guide told me (of what I had studied) about the awful wickness of what happened.

    All I could do is contribute what I had to the Gambia community. If you want to read more please do: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18h2qSOLQ1VhmcnUI9NufgaLhaimd2qFygkJTW1yU0BQ/edit

    I hope to hear of my replies to your other forums and feel free to question my anytime.

    Blessings, peace and respect from the London Duppy Gal….:)

  75. honeytreebee on said:

    Hi DOAN,

    I hope you are doing well. I just stopped by to say hi. I miss the site sometimes and decided to check in. One of my uncles has had enough of America and is moving to the islands in about 5 years time. He is buying land and all and have invited me out there to visit and think about staying when I get to a place where I can take this place no longer. Hope you are making plans to get out and be happy too. Best of everything to you.

    Honey Tree Bee

  76. Hi HoneyTreeBee

    Thank you for the lovely compliment. I hope you are well too.

  77. James Walker on said:

    Hi diaryofanegress,

    I came across your blog whilst doing some research and have to say I was a little hurt by some of your suggestions towards white people as being completely evil as a population. I understand that in the past incredibly heinous things were done to some of your ancestors. These aren’t things I would have done. I don’t know any of my family or relatives who believe it was remotely ok.

    The simple reality is that these events have passed. The hurt may continue, but deflecting your hatred towards people of any ethnicity associated with those that have wronged your ancestors is racism. It’s hypocritical and it’s the wrong attitude to foster if you really wish to see a world where we are all equal.

    EQUAL. Not a world where we overcompensate for the past. Not a world where we consistently segregate ourselves with ethnicity. Because I have a harsh truth for you; the people putting down black people, the people that say black people have no hope, aren’t worth as much, can’t achieve as much, these people are black people. You aren’t physically or mentally impaired. There isn’t any logical reason a person with African heritage cannot achieve the feats of a person from any other race. Teach your children this, and prosper. Good luck.

  78. Thank you, James for proving my many, many, many points.

  79. lettingyouknow on said:

    To those of you who mentioned abagond, he isn’t black. He doesn’t specify what he is but he says that as a kid he was made fun of for his curly hair and full lips. He also says that when he hit puberty he found himself only interested in black women – as if that’s not the norm for his race. NOT something a black guy would say. I haven’t seen any trolls over at his site yet, just many grateful black women and a very small number of non-sellout black men, most of whom find a way to interject that they like ALL races of women into whatever they’re saying, but if abagond doesn’t bother regulating his posts he really ought to. Who wants to get cheered up because of positive comments and then get brought down due to some crazy fool’s racist spew?

  80. honeytreebee on said:

    If you listen long enough they’ll tell you everything.

    Stay strong and stay safe.

  81. I couldn’t post in the New Years Blog however wanted to say that a great blog piece that was! Sometimes we tend to feel alone in dealing with White Supremacy or any sort of bullying or evil behavior. I also believe in lighting a candle and praying, etc

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  82. Thank you Alicia.

    Please join us on that night.

  83. Sariyah Maya on said:

    Wanted to start out with the fact that I am bi-racial and would like to join the discussion in a positive way. I hope I am welcome here. To the author: I wanted to say that you are very articulate and informed. Full disclosure: My grandfather was African American and he married an Italian American.

    I like the information you write about how to obtain healthy water sources and how to stock pile food. I also agree with your ideas about systemic poisoning that the governments sponsor.

    When I was at the store the other day I started talking to a stranger. She was an elderly white woman who was having trouble walking. I felt the need to say hello to her and we ended up speaking about God. An African-American woman behind me overheard and asked for me to hold hands and pray with her there about her family members. We prayed together. The African-American woman told me that her nephew who was only 25 years old has already suffered a heart attack. Several other family members who are in their 30s we’re getting cancer or heart disease. We prayed and asked Jesus to lift the burden from them.

    Anyhow, I wanted to put the comments about white people aside and share some of my knowledge on how to be healthier. I do a lot of research daily about how to reduce the chemical load in our bodies that has been imposed by all the poisonous chemicals that corporations spew into our environment. Wanted to share some of the things that I’ve come across in terms of what we can do about this so that we can be healthier. It should not be that 25-year-old man should have heart disease.

    So here is what I have learned in terms of how to stay healthy. I believe that most of the food that we eat is poisonous. This is due to the pesticides and also the genetic modification that scientists are carrying out. While it’s true organic food is expensive you can get it at places like Trader Joe’s for the same price as non-organic food. I recommend eating organic when you can.

    High fructose corn syrup is also a poison and please read labels and avoid anything that has High fructose corn syrup. Purchase food that is non-genetically engineered. Also eat fat in your diet but it needs to come from nuts and seeds. It has been shown that low carbohydrate diet’s can actually cause type two diabetes. It has also been shown that eating the right kind of fat cuts the risk and half. Also butter and cheese and milk can be very healthy but it must come from organically grown and grass fed cows. The quality of the butter and it’s healthful qualities is directly linked to how the cow was raised. Has been shown that dairy products from grass fed cows have the same healthy amino acid profile as wild salmon and this can reduce heart disease.

    But then there are the things outside of ourselves such as the chemicals in the environment. Don’t add to them by throwing out all of the toxic cleaning products in your house. You can get recipes online for non-toxic cleaning products that cost pennies on the dollar. The other way we can get poisoned is through the numerous hair care products that we use. A lot of the relaxers for hair contain from formaldehyde and other terrible things. There is a wonderful database that I use to cross chuck all of my hair care and body care and make up products. It is called the skin deep database.


    You can put in the name of every type of product that you use and it will return a number that indicates the safety level of the product. You can also search for thousands of products that are marked as safe and slowly you can replace all of your beauty products with things that are non-toxic.

    Another thing that I like to do is buy raw Shea butter online. Be sure to get the stuff straight from Africa and it will have a natural nutty scent and be a little bit greenish in tint. I buy 100% organic essential oils online and I mix my Shea butter or at home with whatever fragrance I develop. This can be used as a wonderful skin treatment all over your body and especially at night right after you have had a bath or shower. Your skin will be flawless and baby soft in the morning. Also try raw and organic argon oil for your hair. You can add essential oils to that as well.

    Unfortunately we live in a toxic world. But the thing that we can control is what we bring into our homes and our bodies. You can take control of that part and clean out a good deal of the toxins that way.

    Many Blessings to You,

  84. Kombina on said:

    Hi Negress,
    I hope all is well with you.
    I was searching for an email adress so I can have a one on one about spirituality.
    Been having major spiritual changes that I wish someone could try and explain them to me and I see that you are very knowing about these subject.

    I would very much appreciate it.
    English is not my first language so forgive me if I’ve written something strange.

    Have a blessed day 🙂

  85. Hi Kombina

    Thank you for thinking of me. Unfortunately have retired from blogging and only blog when the spirit strikes me.

    The best advice I can offer you is to follow that tiny voice inside you, your inner self, and you shant go wrong.

    Best Always

  86. Thank you for your contributions to this blog, I’m sad to hear that you won’t be updating but understand the need to look after yourself. The posts about working whilst black and strategies to counter the negativity in work spaces from you and others have been immensely helpful. It’s nice to see others who think/feel the same way but don’t often have anyone they can share with.

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